16/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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removed from the scene of a helicopter crash in East Yorkshire.


A major emergency operation started this afternoon when members of the


public reported the crash. The Jet Ranger aircraft started its flight


near Edinburgh, apparently following the coast, but never made its refuel


point at Humberside airport and final destination at Retford ``


point at Humberside airport and final destination at Retford,


going into the sea at Flamborough at 1.44 PM. Our correspondent Paul


Murphy is at Flamborough. What happens now, Paul?


Officers will be looking at the possible causes of this crash


tomorrow. Before that, the helicopter has to be hoisted to a


safer area before examination. They will be speaking to a number of


people that watch this tragddy unfold. The call came just `fter


half past one and it became clear that a helicopter flying just a few


hundred yards off this causdd was in serious difficulty. Eyewitndsses


reported hearing a change in its engine torn. Others said it was much


more automatic. We had a cr`ck and be looked up and saw the helicopter


descending almost like an ahrcraft descending down. At the nearby


Flamborough golf club the crash was witnessed by several players, many


of whom ran to the edge of the cliff to see if they could help. Xou hear


the change of an engine and wonder if it is turning round are coming


back but then I could see it was banking Britain slipping and then


went down below the cleft. From what we understand it would've bden under


water for a period of time that has now effectively lying on thd beach.


The Coast Guard used winch `nd ropes to get down. The helicopter is now


approximately 200 yards frol the cleft to the Mac `` clef. `cliff.


The men have not been named but it is very probable they have been


identified by the various rdcords of the flight.


who reports a crime should dxpect a police officer to turn up at their


home. The force says it needs to save ?31 million and that


many cases can be dealt this over the phone. Our political edhtor Tim


Long gone are the days when a family doctor would turn up at our homes to


treat the mildest of ailments. So should we expect the polhce to


guarantee a home response for every call they receive?


That's the question being posed by Humberside's Chief Constabld Justine


Scunthorpe's Westcliff Estate feel about not being guaranteed ` home


I'd rather someone came out to reassure me. There's no good


speaking over the phone. I would rather have an actual policd officer


there is a sign of reassurance. The report on the future of


Humberside Police published in full today, says we're ringing the police


for the wrong reasons, like parking According to the report, out of


600,000 calls to the switchboard There are 160,000 staff turn outs.


But only 86,000 are necessary. You want to deal with crime at the


end of a telephone. Whilst the public's being asked to


change its expectations, thd force says it needs to reorganise to go


where the demand and not have officers stationed by geogr`phy


Police and Crime Commissiondr, Matthew Grove, has defended


redesigning the force. Tonight I spoke to Humberside's


Police Commissioner, I asked him if police have previously made home


visits that weren't actuallx needed. Community to make sure that we


respond in a way that meets the needs of the victims. But you want


to have the number of visits, don't you? Give me a crime or you do not


want to call. We do not want to have the visits. We want to make sure


that we send officers only when the public need them. Our farmer police


superintendent of your own force says that the public is being conned


and this should not be deprhved of us visit by police. The public were


being conned when somebody was pretending every crime was being


investigated under the reign of that former police superintendent. He sat


in a chair and told me. Then he was accepting something that was not


true because I have sat in that chair and checked and that was not


the case. But the main demand for policing in the East Riding is in


Bedlington but most of the police officers whether Beverley. Why does


that make sense for anybody in the East Riding?


In tonight's football Scunthorpe United beat Coventry 2`1 and in the


conference Grimsby Town's trip to Halifax ended in a draw. Lincoln


Who will have a lot of cloud over the next few days. There will be


some rest and flogging placds, particularly over the hills. It will


be very mild, though, from mid`September. Extensible code


tomorrow and sky spouting a little bit better and will keep a lot of


cloud with the rest of the shower. Highs around 18 degrees.


Thanks for watching. We're back tomorrow night at the same time


you now with Darren Bett and the national weather.


This cloud looks worse than it is. Glitching the extreme south-west


overnight. Ahead of it we've got an easterly air flow. That low cloud


that never cleared the North Sea coasts is pushing through the gaps,


running on to high ground. We'll have clearer skies further west but


the low cloud is more extensive leading to mist and fog over hills


and coasts in the east, where


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