20/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel, we are back


Hello and welcome to Look North Armed robbers tied up and threatened


the staff of an East Yorkshhre bank as they prepared to open it for


business this morning. The two men who were wearing masks demanded cash


from the four members of st`ff at the TSB bank on Manor Street,


Bridlington. The suspects m`de off in a white hatchback car. The staff


There were lots of police. We are not used to that sort of thhng.


Campaigners says unless we cut down on litter, we risk causing


significant damage to the local marine environment. Bags of rubbish


were cleared from the beach at Hessle today ` one of a number of


beach cleans being held along the East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


coastline. The Marine Conservation Society says our living habhts mean


we're throwing away more rubbish than ever. Jake Zuckerman rdports.


At first sight, the Hessle Foreshore might seem clean.


But with 65 local volunteers all on the lookout for litter, it wasn t


long before the bin bags began to fill up.


We have collected about 120 pieces of glass. We find cranks and


plastics. The beach clean was been organised


by the Marine Conservation Society, which says the problem is gdtting


worse. We see the effects of what happens


to the letter which can be fishing better and a variety of things that


can be caused in different ways Over the years volunteers h`ve


picked up everything from c`ssette recorders, to deckchairs and even


car bumpers. Here to take a look at the problem


was Labour's Shadow Environlent It never ceases to surprise me how


much that people leave the high end when they visit wonderful places


like best. 320 kilograms of waste have been taken out of the local


environment. There are beach cleans taking place


up and down the coast this weekend. The Marine Conservation Sochety says


we have to do more to protect our environment if we want to c`rry on


enjoying it. Jake Zuckerman, BBC Look North,


Hessle. Wreckage from a helicopter, which


crashed off the East Yorkshhre coast is being examined by the Air


Accident Investigation Branch. The Jet Ranger crashed into the sea at


Flamborough on Tuesday killhng the two people on board. Yesterday the


helicopter was winched up the 200`feet cliffs. The wreckage has


been taken to Farnborough where investigators will try to ddtermine


the cause of the accident. Part of a caravan park in Skegness


will remain closed until thd new year after fire swept through the


site's leisure complex. At hts height, eight fire engines were


needed to tackle the blaze `t the Southview Leisure Park in Skegness


on Thursday. Three`quarters of the complex was damaged by the fire An


investigation into the causd is A derelict factory in Grimsby is as


historically significant as a seventh`century cathedral and should


be preserved, according to campaigners. The Ice Factorx has


been added the World Monuments Fund which lists significant buildings at


risk across many different countries. The building opened in


1901 and was the largest in the world. It closed in 1990 and has


been disused since. Hull City could only take a draw a


Newcastle today in spite of leading by two goals for more than 70


minutes. The black and whitds twice late in the second half. Final


score 2`2. Elsewhere, Scunthorpe third from bottom in League One and


in the Football Conference Lincoln City went down to an early goal from


Aldershot, while it was better news for Grimsby Town. The Marindrs won 1


nil away at Kidderminster. Let's get a look at the weather now.


Here's Clare Nasir with Some clued us guys just comhng in


from the North and it will be little bit chilly. ``clearer skies. There


is a small chance of a showdr have a lovely evening.


That's all from Look North. We're back at quarter to seven tolorrow


Good evening. I think tomorrow should be a good day for getting out


and about wherever you are. Sunny spells becoming more widespread for


Sunday. You will notice a different feel to things, particularly across


England and Wales where it has been on the multisite hence the


thunderstorms. -- where it has been on the muggy side. There is a cold


front coming in so it is introducing cooler air which will be fresher.


But only just about reaching the south coast by the end of the night.


As you go further north, certainly rural areas will have a chilly end


to the night. Tomorrow, looking fair for pretty much all of us. A bit of


a breeze blowing in through the East


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