21/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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At least 20 dogs have been killed in a fire in Hornsea.


Humberside Fire and Rescue service say the animals, which belonged to


a private breeder, were in cages in the house and couldn't escape.


By the time firefighters arrived at 7:00pm last night the buildhng was


The day after fire ripped through this wooden framed bungalow


in Hornsea, very little of the structure remains.


Those who saw it say the fire took hold rapidly.


There was a lot of smoke whdn we were on the caravan site, so we took


a walk down and there were loads of people at the car park at the back.


It was a really bad fire with loads of flames and smoke.


The smoke was billowing all over the place.


I thought it was sea fret to start with and as I passed it all cleared,


The building was owned a brdeder of Staffordshire


The family were out when the fire started and rdturned


20 dogs were inside at the time none survived.


I've spoken to the owners and, although they did not want to


appear on camera, they told me their son tried to


re`enter the burning building to save the dogs but the intense heat


The owners are said to be devastated by what's happendd.


The owner turned up after I arrived and underst`ndably


We pulled him away for his own safety and told him anything in that


`` be dead. Fire investigathon officers have been at the scene this


morning. The cause of the blaze has yet to be detdrmined.


Two men have been arrested `fter an armed robbery in Bridlington


Four members of staff were threatened and tied up


as they were opening the TSB branch in the town just after 9:00`m


The police are appealing for witnesses.


A war of words has erupted between East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire MPs over how much power should be devolved to


England, following Scotland's decision to reject independdnce


Some Conservatives are callhng for an English Parliament,


where Scottish MPs would be excluded from voting


More from our political editor Tim Iredale.


The people of Beverley were treated to a history lesson today.


This was a re`enactment of the proclamation of George H as King


Scotland may have voted to remain part of the UK but questions remain


about how England is governdd in future with some Tory MPs


We can't allow Scottish MPs to continue coming and voting on


matters that affect Yorkshire and England and Lincolnshire th`t don't


It's not acceptable to the people I represent and, I think,


This English force for English laws was dreamt up


by David Cameron, written on the back of a fag packet, and it's


a dishonourable, cynical attempt by David Cameron to settle his


And some say power should bd devolved to a Yorkshire and Humber


They can argue for as long `s they like about what happens in London.


Frankly, I don't care, but I want an honest discussion


about what the people of Yorkshire want for Yorkshire.


The Government says details on how the political balancd can be


redressed in England will bd delivered by January.


Hull City manager Steve Bruce says the Tigers' 2`2 draw at Newcastle


Nikicha Jelavic opened the scoring with this strikd,


And soon after a second camd from new signing Mohammed Dhame


But Hull could not hold on letting in two goals


It feels as if we've lost it, to be honest.


Coming in front of the cameras and deep down we're gutted.


We've made two or three mistakes and it's cost us.


If you make mistakes at this level, you get punished and we've found


Scunthorpe United are now third from bottom in league One after


The visitors took the lead after just three minutes


before Matt Sparrow equalisdd with this after the half time brdak.


The world's last two airworthy Lancaster bombers have flown


together over Derwent Dam in Derbyshire, the same place 6`1`7


Squadron, the Dambusters, practised with their bouncing bombs


It was their final public dhsplay together as the Canadian pl`ne Vera


Here's Kay Crewson with the forecast.


Hope you can join me then. Bye for now.


Good evening. After a fine day, a fine night in prospect. And with


clearing skies, a chilly night at that. The satellite tells the story,


how cloud has built during the course of the day. Particularly on


into the afternoon. But we run the sequence and you can see it thinning


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