27/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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ended. And that


A father from Hull who was trapped in Iraq for months


Kristian Nicholson had his passport confiscated after he


He received a suspended jail sentence in August but his passport


He's now been reunited with his family.


It's the morning they have waited for for months,


Last night, they had an emotional reunion at Hull's train station


I saw a couple of people from my family.


I thought, oh, they've come to meet me.


But then as it actually pulled in, I saw a big banner and


about 20 people and all the people behind me on the train must have


Kristian had been in Iraq for work, but was jailed in January


after a car accident in which one person was killed.


After his release in March, he had a long wait


for a court hearing and another for the return of his passport.


He's been trapped in Ibril, the oil capital of northern Iraq


which has faced attack from IS troops and with a background in


military intelligence, Kristian has, at times, worried for his s`fety.


If they consider an aid worker a big prize, what is an ex`lilitary


intelligence analyst who has worked for various organisations


In the end, he says, influential friends got him


his passport back this week, not the British government.


Within 48 hours, he was deported and told never to re`enter Hraq


And with parliament here voting to back air strikes, for Michelle,


It is getting scary over thd and we just wanted him home


Now, I don't want him to go back there.


For the next few weeks, the family say they want to spend


Kristian was taking the children to watch Hull City play today, making


A man from Grimsby is one of four people charged with


conspiracy to import cocaind after ?100 million`worth


28`year`old Thomas Britteon of Convamore Road in the town was


arrested on board a yacht off the Irish coast on Thursday


The National Crime Agency s`ys a tonne of cocaine was found on board.


Hundreds of people are expected to attend a farewell servicd this


The Right Reverend Richard Frith says it's been a privilege to serve


After serving in the city for 16 years, he leaves to become


There's a lot happening and a lot that is really positive


and I think that the whole looking forward to the City of Culttre is


great and that does make me have very mixed feelings about ldaving.


I'm excited about a new job and a new challenge, but I'l not


Hull City lost a dramatic Premier League match this afternoon against


The visitors went two`up early in the game,


But two goals in the second half gave Manchester City a 4`2 win.


You can see all the gaols on Match Of The Day tonight at 10: 0.


They nearly blew us away in the first ten minutes.


I think we had a bit too much respect for them but


they have quality from back to front and caused us some huge problems.


But we stuck at it and nearly achieved something, which


pleased me, because it was ` very difficult beginning to the start


In League One, it was a disappointing day


The Iron led 2`1 at half time against Oldham,


But there were wins for both our Conference sidds.


Grimsby Town were comfortable winners over Chester.


And Lincoln City ended a run of three defeats with a 2`0 win


Thousands of people are visiting a schence


The Gravity Fields event is dedicated to Sir Isaac Newton


It's a five`day festival th`t's partly funded by ?90,000


The festival has gone brillhantly and we still have another d`y to go,


Let's get a look at the weather now. Here's Lisa Gallagher.


It is going to stay fine as we go through this evening


and overnight, with long cldar spells and light winds,


though we will see patches of mist and fog forming and then we will see


some low cloud pushing up from the sout as we head towards Sunday.


So temperatures will drop down to 11 or 12 degrees.


For tomorrow, we're going to see variable amounts of cloud and


at times it may squeeze out one or two showers especially throtgh the


afternoon, but staying dry for most, with the best of the bright sunny


spells in the afternoon, temperatures


Until then, have a very good weekend.


Good evening. A stagnant September weather story continues. Today has


been no exception. Rather quiet but fairly cloudy. There have been some


breaks across East Anglia with temperatures up to 22 this


afternoon. We could see some clearer skies down into the south-east


through this evening. Predominantly cloudy and breezy into the North


West with a weak weather front pushing in. There could be brain in


Western slopes of Scotland. -- there could be rain. Temperatures holding


start tomorrow with a could be rain. Temperatures holding


murky start in the south-east. Things will be quite quiet yet again


with sunny spells coming through and temperature is responding quite


favourably. More cloud further north and west. The weather front sitting


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