28/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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People living on an East Yorkshire street which has been repeatedly


flooded want an explanation from Yorkshire Water.


Norland Avenue was last affdcted during the aftermath of


The water company say they are investhgating.


In the summer of 2007 Norland Avenue looked like hundreds


Seven years on, it's a scend the residents on this street have


Doug Shemilt has lived here since 1973 ` but in the last 12


years his home has flooded five times.


Many living here think the problem could be prevented


The rateable value is through the roof. We cannot do anything about


it. Many living here think


the problem could be prevented and the local council wants answers


from Yorkshire Water. They have been here and looked down


the drains and they are sayhng everything is OK. That numbdr of


incidents of flooding is not OK Yorkshire water say under initial


investigations there were no problems with any of their `ssets


The company have now met people on The company have now met people on


Northern and Avenue and thex say they face the challenge of leeting


people with a variety of concerns every week.


From next summer streets at high risk of surface water floodhng could


It will protect people from high insurance premiums


but home owners will have prove they've taken measures to protect


protection products you can fit to protection products you can fit to


your property. If you do not do it and you are flooded for a third


time, you will be kicked out of the scheme altogether.


Answers for residents here, could lie in a report being written


by Yorkshire Water and East Riding Council, while ht's


many hope for a long term resolution.


60 fire fighters have been at a fire at a recycling pl`nt


At its peak ten engines werd used to put out the blaze at Transw`ste


Fire officers say no`one was hurt and that it's too earlx


A senior Lincolnshire MP saxs he believes the majority of people


in the county support milit`ry action against


John Hayes made the comments as RAF Tornado jets carried out


their first sortie over Irap, after parliament voted in f`vour of


The idea that we should not intervene when British citizens are


being kidnapped and butcherdd is preposterous. What you saw last


Friday was parliament at its best. The main parties in parliamdnt


coming together, recognising that this needs to be proportion`te,


recognising that this needs to be legal, recognising that we need to


be careful about what we do but not stepping back and saying, wd should


do nothing. 15,000 people have visited


a science festival in Grantham. Gravity Fields celebrates the links


the town has with Sir Isaac Newton. It's the second time the festival


has been held and it attracted Sport and it's now five


Premier League games without a win for Hull City after they were beaten


by Manchester City this weekend There was disappointment too


for Scunthorpe United who rdmain When the Champions come to town


goals are expected and Man City This volley


from Sergio Aguero put them in An own goal, then a penalty `


converted by Abel Hernandez ` Eden Dzeko with his second


of the match ` and Frank Lalpard They have got quality writtdn


throughout the team. The 1 thing you have to be able to do is defend


well. We have conceded four goals. We have not done that badly.


Sometimes, you have to hold your hand up and say you were be`ten by a


better team. better in League One against Oldham.


Goals from Andrew Boyce and but Oldham went on to win 3`2. It's


United's seventh defeat in ten Here's Kay Crewdson with


the forecast. Good evening. Any isolated showers


any clearer skies, especially any clearer skies, especially


further north, there could be some patches of mist and fog. Thdre is a


lot of uncertainty in the forecast lot of uncertainty in the forecast


for tomorrow. It looks like we will lose the mist and fog. Brightening


up for a time. We are looking at a fair sc`ttering


of showers. There is quite ` lot of uncertainty in the forecast. We


should seize and brighter skies in between the showers. Temper`tures


tomorrow at 1890 degrees, 66 Fahrenheit. The breeze is mostly


light from the south. We are back later tonight at


10:20pm. Goodbye. Good evening. For many, September


2014 will probably hold fond memories. A warm and dry month.


Today we had a high of 25 Celsius, 77 Fahrenheit in Kew Gardens to the


west of London, way above the average for this time of year.


Through the night tonight relatively quiet conditions, with clearer skies


in the south. I want to draw your attention to these showers in


southern Spain and across the Pyrenees. Moist air may trigger


showers over channel coasts by dawn. We could have an issue with dense


fog patches in central and southern areas first A foggy start. Showers


in the south. These


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