02/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Now on BBC1, its time for the news where you are.


The team behind Hull's year as UK City of Culture say it's


going to welcome "more visitors than ever" - after 60,000


people came into the city centre on its first day.


As well as those watching the week-long light and sound


spectacular, organisers estimate tens of thousands more also watched


the huge fireworks show from points along the north and south banks


Here's our culture correspondent Anne-Marie Tasker.


Hull's reign as UK City of Culture came in with a bang,


as 15,000 fireworks exploded across the city's sky.


25,000 people packed in, to see a show organisers promised


would be bigger than London's on New Year's Eve.


I thought the show was amazing. It was good to hear the. I can't wait


to see all the other events and I will certainly be going to a lot of


them, great for the city. A lot of work must have gone into that and it


is very impressive and good to see something so spectacular in Hull.


But before the fireworks, another spectacle had


For a week, Made in Hull will look back at a century


of the city's history - the blitz, the dozens


of trawlermen lost at sea and happier times like


Hull City's Premier League promotion.


There are lots of people and apparently there will be 8000 people


coming and going in the next couple of days and hopefully even more. I


can't wait to hear and see how the audience respond. It is the story of


Hull. Elsewhere, crowds experienced


what it would be like to walk out onto the pitch at the Kcom stadium -


experienced installations - and watched other films on some


of the city's iconic buildings. When Hull won the City of Culture


title three years ago, the City Council said it would bring


an extra ?60 million into the city. Organisers hope an extra million


visitors will come during 2017 - this opening event's got them off


to a good start. The reaction has been hugely


positive and it'll will come more visitors than ever and it will


change the city for the better as we look towards what we want the city


to be in the future. Three and a half tonnes of fireworks


got city of culture off to an explosive start -


one organisers hope to maintain You've been sending us your pictures


of the fireworks last night. Thanks to Bob Carter,


for this image captured behind the Deep aquarium -


and this photo taken by Andrew Smith, which shows both


fireworks barges on the Humber in last night's display -


and thanks also to Sarah Sharpe who captured this image


of the city's Maritime Museum And if you want to see the fireworks


display again then just go to Facebook and search for BBC


Look North and you can In other news - The East Midlands


Ambulance Service which covers Lincolnshire says it's


experienced its busiest Staff had to cut meal breaks last


night to help cope with what's been described as an exceptional


number of calls. EMAS says it received


around 50% more 999 calls In the Lincolnshire derby


at Gainsborough Trinity yesterday an injured Boston United player


waited for two hours in the first aid room before being taken by car


to hospital because no For him to be just laid in a room


for two hours in his football kept with his ankle like that with no


painkillers or anything, that could have had serious implications on his


future, not just his footballing career but his normal life. We


actually have more staff on than we normally would have. Over the last


few days we have been receiving an unprecedented demand for the service


and we have actually been receiving a 999 call every few seconds.


One of Lincolnshire's biggest planned new housing developments


is to get "garden village" status from the government.


The site to the south west of Grantham known


as Spitalgate Heath will see almost 4,000 new homes built


as well as schools, offices and a retail developments.


Government money will go towards developing the new community


These fields, at Spitalgate Heath just outside Grantham,


have been earmarked as the site for a new type of development -


It would see a brand new community, complete with facilities


like a school and shops, built in open countryside.


But in Grantham today, the announcement received


We haven't quite seen anything quite like garden villages before, only


garden tones but I don't think they are overambitious and if anything


they add little to housing supply. They are good step in a new concept


but they want alone solve the housing supply problem. I think the


tone can grow and get a bit larger and attract new shops to the town


centres and that is all good. It is probably going to get congested and


affect everyone coming into the town from that end. If you are building


new villages are not prevailing amenities then places are closed.


Plans to build 3700 new homes on this site have been on the table for


a number of years, but today's announcement that the project has


been given garden village status means along with 13 other sites, it


will be able to access government expertise and a ?6 million fund over


the next two years to help accelerate the project and overcome


delays. a new village here will still need


planning permission before it any building can start,


and it may be many years Hull City were beaten 3-1


by West Bromwich Albion despite taking the lead


in the first half. Robert Snodgrass put the Tigers


ahead but West Brom came back Scunthorpe Utd led until the 84th


minute when Peterborough equalised but Grimsby Town had a happier


afternoon winning 3-1 It looks like much of this week will


be dry but with some rain spreading from the West and through Friday. At


the moment clear as a bell with the temperature dropping away fairly


smartly. A cold night with widespread frost rurally and the


temperature down to -1 so take care on untreated surfaces. Tuesday look


set to be fine and dry with probably more in the way of cloud but never


the less it should be bright with spells of sunshine. Numerically, the


temperature should be high compared with today but a fresh west when


should take the edge of the temperature, so HLA-DR and Wednesday


back to the sunny skies. A fine day on Thursday but the risk of rain


spreading from the West. That is the forecast.


We are back later tonight, goodbye for now.


Good evening. It has been turning colder and clearer and


Good evening. It has been turning colder and clearer and our weather


watchers have been capturing the sunshine. Here is the scene in


Derbyshire and where we have had the clear skies by day, we are in for a


cold night tonight. Temperatures already plummeting, particularly


towards the south with some icy stretches across parts of central


and southern England, and into