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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Flooding hits East Yorkshire. Three people have been rescued from a car


and some homes have been evacuated. Hull's tidal barrier is down -


up and down the coast people have I'm in Skegness were high tide is


approaching but there is confidence that the defences will do their


jobs. And I'm down here where the tension is rising as high as the


water levels. It was flooded just three years ago. Up and down the


cows, people are preparing for the worst. I am concerned, very much so.


-- coast. Very worried. In the news on the programme tonight...


65 jobs at risk as one of Hull's oldest building firms goes


He broke his neck on his stag do - now a Boston firefighter has


stood for the first time since the accident that


I've dreamt of being able to stand, but I didn't think I'd get here in


six or seven months, so I'm really pleased.


79 miles of Yorkshire beauty - Hockney country as you've


And as the winds eased down, I'll have the latest forecast through the


course of the weekend. I'll be back later in the programme.


Good evening. Flooding has tonight hit parts of East Yorkshire as homes


have been evacuated. Elsewhere, people are again preparing for


flooding with warnings in force all along the east coast. The same


damage as three years ago is not expected. Today, high tide at with


minimal problems. Tonight we will hear


from our correspondents on the banks of the Humber in South Ferriby


and on the Lincolnshire There are 34 flood warnings in place


with the biggest concern in the south of our area,


including in Boston and around They are also in place further up


the coast in around Mablethorpe. Around the Humber warnings


are in place in Humberston, Cleethorpes, Grimsby dock


and Immingham as well as Barton On the North Bank, flood warnings


are in place for Goole, Broomfleet, Earlier, high tide passed


Bridlington and Hornsea Where three people have been rescued


from a car on the seafront and some homes have been evacuated. These


pictures show what it has been a light tonight. -- it has been a


life. Paul, people are bracing themselves


for the second time in twelve hours, Well, three people were rescued from


a citron caso. Fortunately, one of our crew members was nearby and got


the car against a wall and got the family out. The family are safe but


I don't know about the car. -- Citroen Picasso. How much flooding


has there been there in Hornsea? Well, it has been bad enough that


people have been evacuated. One gentleman with diabetes was


evacuated and they are still evacuating. Thank you very much. The


very latest in there from Hornsea. Let's go live to our environment


correspondent Paul Murphy who is live in Skegness. What is the


situation there? Ahead of high side? Listening to what Glenn in Hornsea


were saying there, a very different experience. We are 20 minutes away


from high side. If the camera zooms in, you can see the ID believes that


the water is just starting to shall, lack on usual. -- is starting to lap


onshore. Unlike December 13, there is confidence tonight that the


barriers will do their job. -- 2013. Our experiences, though. -- other.


Bringing down Hull's tidal barrier - to protect thousands of homes again.


This morning's high tide passed without problem.


But the next 30 minutes are crucial with another high tide imminent.


Tonight, those living close to the water's edge on the Hessle


I'm just hoping it holds until we get home and can get everything


upstairs. We did so this morning but we still have staff to whose


upstairs. We will just sit it out and see what happens.


It will be a tense evening for some residents -


who were flooded just three years ago in the last tidal surge.


We didn't get much sleep last night. Went to bed late obviously.


Finishing off. Up at 4am as well and we just have to wait and see now.


In Skegness, more than 100 army officers have been


working through the night to advise and reassure.


The offer of evacuation to an inland rest centre last night was taken up


The effort has shifted now from warning and involving people of the


potential for the high tide at you now being reactive underneath the


Fire Service, supporting them, to evacuate personnel should be


situation deteriorate to the point that more hands are needed.


The East Coast surge is being monitored and assessed


from a dedicated command centre in Lincoln.


This is an incredibly serious situation. That's why we've got the


army, air support, the fire and police service working together but


it's also bad saying to people that the support is there to be


proportionate and we need to make sure people take these risks


seriously. If you look around, people are not panicking, they


understand the risks and that is the right response.


Tonight, the tide is higher than this mornings and will have


been energised by a day of strong wind.


But its precise potency will not be fully known unti


So, even though there doesn't appear to be that big of a threat to homes


or businesses in Skegness, Peter, tonight, there has been a warning


from Lincolnshire Police to people turning up to watch the waves along


this cows that they are still very strong, very dangerous. -- coast. We


saw a very gradually site of a man setting the tidal wave on Skegness.


He was there for about 40 minutes. There is a warning from the


authorities. The Army are coming down later, we believe, to God and


of certain areas of the beach because there is concern that far


too many people, as you can see here, are turning up to watch the


tidal wave. -- cordon. Paul with good words there for those who want


to get and sightsee. Let's go to our correspondence in cell therapy at


the moment. -- South Ferriby. How is looking there? It looks a bit


generic. If you would down the road, the Environment Agency are down


there stopping people from travelling through South Ferriby


village for their safety. -- look. There are barriers right along this


road to stop any potential water from coming over the cause is just


your these barriers, that hedge, that is manly flood plain is. The


reason they are placed there is because this is where people live.


There are 1400 properties which flooded three years ago and, as the


water levels are rising, sell our people's anxiety because they were


flooded very recently. Just down the road, there is a pub which acquired


its rise as well. They said they had sandbags around them and now those


have disappeared under the water a day is rising. What is blatantly


clear is, as Paul says, people are ignoring warnings to with their


cameras. The Environment Agency say it is very dangerous and you please


is away. Thank you. High does vary a bit. Between six 40 7pm and 6:49pm.


-- high tide. A little earlier, I spoke


to Emma Howard Boyd, the chair of the Environment Agency,


and asked her how concerned I think it's key that people take


precautionary measures as we are indicating in the warning


and informing that we've been What do you actually expect


in our part of the world Well, we have to wait and see


but what we are doing in Hull today is putting down the barrier


because we want to make sure that the community


in Hull is protected. We have something like 17,000


properties behind the Hull barrier that will be protected


through lowering the The Environment Agency appears much


more visible in many What lessons have you learned


from three years ago? It's really key that we are out


warning and informing the communities that we are


active in today. We have had this east coast tidal


surge coming down the country, We want to make sure that people


remain safe and protected. We've got lots of defences in place,


but they are also out there with barriers,


we've put our barriers, we are making sure that we also have


pumps available to remove water, But it's important that people


respond to the sort of messages The chair of the Environment Agency.


We just want to say BBC radio Humberside will be on air until 7pm


while BBC radio Lincolnshire will have coverage until later. Those


staying on air to get us through high tide. Frequently are on the


screen. -- frequencies. You might want to be in touch


with us about this story, how do you think the emergency


services and the Environment Agency have dealt with


the bad weather so far? If you live in a flood risk


area we would like to How effective do you think the


Environment Agency or emergency services have been? Let is no. The


details are on the screen. Your views... We will have some before we


finish at seven o'clock. -- let us know.


It's been confirmed that the Hull-based building firm,


Hall Construction Group has entered into administration.


The business which built the C4DI building near The Deep last year


held a meeting this morning with staff and potential creditors.


They'll be remembered for building one of Hull's most iconic sights -


But tonight, after 130 years, the Hall Construction Group


The company employed 65 staff, and many more subcontractors


who, at a meeting earlier, heard that the business was


Our managing director has put his own money and you try and keep it


afloat but doing that, people won't and money. The board has decided to


get into administration. I work Trevor 20 years on and off. They


kept me in work and I feel very sorry everybody else in the company.


I was highlighting for the company on a contract from the council. -- I


have worked there. -- I was tarmacking. Fixed prices contributed


to the trouble is that the company found itself in.


Accounts from 2015 show that despite business returning


to pre-recession levels, the company posted a loss of ?2.25m,


Today, it's emerged that two out of town fixed developments


which were built for a fixed price were to blame for the


Hall Construction Group was still in the process


of completing works, including this ?5m pound


St Nicholas Primary School project for the East Riding


But in a statement, the council told us that:


Although the impact is expected to be minimal as most ongoing


Tonight, administrators say that with its strong reputation


and public sectors clients within both Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire, they're hopeful a buyer can be found for Hall


But for now, staff and subcontractors are


I'll let you know what happened on that story.


A man has been released on police bail after being questioned


in connection with the death of a man in Lincolnshire.


23-year-old Chase Tate was found dead on the A1104


A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder,


but has now been released until March while


Millions of pounds will be spent on repairing potholes on our roads.


The Transport Secretary says the government will improve local


roads and has set aside almost ?2.5 million for Lincolnshire.


And just over a million has been made available


Making public transport more appealing and providing improved


cycle paths are part of a plan to help ease congestion in Boston.


Lincolnshire County Council has set out a new strategy


to improve traffic flow over the next 20 years.


The council says ?10 million has already been


The plans will go to a scrutiny committee later this month.


Council tax payers in Hull could see their bills go up


The authority is investigating the possibility of increasing tax


by 1% to cover what they have described as increased costs


Consultation is currently ongoing and a final decision


It is 17 minutes to seven o'clock this Friday night. Thank you for


watching. Still a what is to come on the show tonight. The firefighter


who has stood after the accident which could have killed him. And 75


miles of Yorkshire beauty. As you've never seen it before.


Pictures are coming in. We have this one of Bridlington. The weather a


bit different to this picture tonight. Thank you for that picture.


Let's get the forecast in detail. Thank you. Still the risk of some


coastal flooding as you can see. It is worth noting that the tide at the


moment is at the highest and the solemn surge way through the


evening. The wind will also gradually eased down. -- storm


surge. Moving forward with the forecast, a warning of ice on


untreated roads and pavements, namely four areas close to the C4DI


where we have had someone three showers to day. A very cold day but


on Sunday, the milder air comes in from the Atlantic with a number of


weather systems as well. A mineral wool Day on Sunday, Saturday is the


today if you can bear the cold. Act-mac miserable day. The drought


continues to be in some shallows. Very windy a long weekend. That will


gradually eased down overnight. -- showers. A final night with clear


spells and widespread frost. Temperatures quite a view degrees


below freezing. These songwriters in morning at 12 minutes past eight.


Setting at five minutes past four. -- nine. For tomorrow, starting the


day with some IT strategies. -- sunrises. Plenty of sunshine. Still


quite breezy along the journey but not as bad as it has been to day.


Like an ecological particularly along the coastline. Inland,


temperatures getting to 2-3 C. A very cold day to come. More cloud in


from the west. It will certainly be a cloudy day on Sunday with


outbreaks of rain and drizzle. Write a miserable day but that does


introduce milder air, Silas Gold as the ghetto through Sunday and the


early part of this week. -- so quite cold as we head through. Thank you.


A firefighter from Boston has managed to stand-up with assistance,


for the first time since breaking his neck last year.


James Thorpe was paralysed from the chest down in a freak


This week, he's been in Watford for rehabilitation sessions


Chest down. Good work. I dreamt of being able to stand, so I didn't


think I'd get here in six months. Really pleased.


since breaking his neck, James has managed to stand-up with


Laying in a hospital bed, you think the worst and you think, how, God,


is this going to be it for the rest of my life? Seen the improvement


gives you a bit of hope. James was left paralysed


from the chest down after falling while in the sea on his


stag do last summer. He spent what should have


been his wedding day in hospital. But now, seven months on,


James has been at Neurokinex - a specialist rehab centre in


Watford. The exercises James has been doing


it happy at increasing his strength and mobility to help increases range


of movements. Good. Better. Good. James has a really good foundation


to work on. He has a really good attitude and he also has some really


good strength in as well as banks. What we're trying to do is control


his spasms and the Eno as the strength he does have. -- get the


measures Before James arrived in Watford -


we caught up with him and his fiancee in Boston -


as the couple look forward to their re-arranged


wedding this summer. inode James would do the best to me.


It's almost like we're willing out our wedding vows before they get


married. -- I know. Back in Watford - James


has been working hard - with the aim of being able to stand


at his wedding. And remains hopeful that one


day he'll walk again. It goes without saying that we wish


James all the best. Songs of Praise presenter Aled Jones


was in Hull today as they filmed Aled was chatting with the BBC's


Face of Hull Kofi Smiles The show will feature Trinity


church and Hull's role It is vitally important but you're


very lucky that... I'm interested in the arts and Hull has always been a


vibrant place for music. Especially where they starting now. A lot of


orchestras come here to perform. A lot of great soloists. It is vital.


We look forward to seeing that edition of songs of praise bridging


poll on a truly... On the map. -- bridging Hull.


Hull City has confirmed today it's signed two new players


Striker Oumar Niasse and midfielder Evandro join the squad.


26-year-old Niasse is on loan until the end of the season


from Everton, while 30-year-old Evandro is reunited with boss


Marco Silva, who was his manager at Portuguese side Estoril.


However Silva isn't sure if he'll be able to pick both players at home


Until this moment, I don't know if they are available or not


It is possible, but we'll see tomorrow.


Of course, these are two players who have come to improve our squad


Graham Taylor will be remembered with a minute's applause at football


The former England manager who grew up in Scunthorpe and whose career


included spells at Grimsby Town and Lincoln City died


All 35 games in the Football League will pay tribute.


Lincoln have also confirmed a minute's applause will also be


held at their FA Trophy match at Gateshead tomorrow.


It has inspired artists and is described as a hidden gem


and now a two-part series on BBC One will show everyone the wonder


Paul Rose started off his Yorkshire adventure


He also had a go at riding a penny farthing as he trekked the 79 miles


from the Hessle to Filey on the East Coast.


I spoke with Paul earlier and asked him how the what makes


They are so beautiful. There's something about them. I go to


exciting places I'm going to the last exciting places on the planet.


That takes a lot of effort. With Wolds, it is easy. It's a joyous


experience. Can you see the integration? Absolutely. The big


skies, the overlapping redlined in the valleys. The colours, the


shades. It's a beautiful centre in those valleys that blows me away.


Life you read about the Humber. We wanted to feature the Humber Bridge.


-- you read about -- wrote. Yes, you do it by becoming an expert relo.


Possibly wider. Every bit as challenging. I rode along it. That's


how I started the programme. It was a great start. Exciting,


challenging, very enthusiastic and there is the bridge. I gather


there's a big Penny Farthing enthusiast in Cambridge I didn't


know about. Are they hard to write? Yes, Cheney and his family are the


expert on them. -- Tony -- ride.. I was sat upright again, I'm going to


ride a Penny Farthing to day. The wheel is up to year and the thing


is, it's a committing move. You have to scoot them along and make a jump


for the seat. Once you are on... A bit uncomfortable on the old...? It


is. A dangerous job. You just have to make it work once you're on. I


went to complete fair to complete while and I've now got one. You what


one? -- You can take that in the Lake District, can you? Now, I but


ride it for about two hours and is great. Now, back to Wolds Way. Is it


a stroll? It's a stroll. We are drawn to gist Oslo and fuelled


adrenaline adventures but thankfully the Wolds, you can do it in a week.


-- testosterone fuelled. We will watch the programme tonight. Yes,


thank you. You will it. Thank you. That'll be fun. Business that in 30


minutes. -- don't miss that. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The NHS struggling to cope. Major


alert in almost half of all trusts in England in the first week of the


year. Flooding hits East Yorkshire. Three people rescued from a car and


many homes evacuated. The weather, mainly girls with top temperatures


at best ever night at around three Celsius, that is 37 Fahrenheit.


Let's go back to our main story then. The flooding which was caused


by the high tide as they saw earlier. Paul Murphy is in Skegness


at the moment. It's just about high tide there, how is it looking? You


are bang on time, actually. I tried here and there it is blindly in


Skegness. Skegness has escaped above it, of course. The full Moon has


been creating all these bring tides. A huge emergency response to the


threat of the tidal surge over the past 24 hours. That is been seen as


something that is welcomed by the community. These really emergency


services have learned their lesson from December 2013 when some aspect


of their response were criticised. Just a freak snow tonight from


Humberside Police, they have told us this is the last -- in the last 20


minutes, some homes have been evacuated as a precaution. Not


everybody is out of the woods quite yet. Thank you very much indeed,


Paul, for the latest. Interesting there. Responses coming in, John


said as a resident of a place at high risk, all he got was a full


colour with a recorded message. No sandbags, no members of the


Environment Agency. Another said the Environment Agency did a great job,


acting swiftly to enjoy DVDs are prepared. Natalie set a very well


done to the emergency services and the Army for preparing the people of


the cows for the web. -- communities. -- east coast. We had


what Paul was saying there that is being evacuated. Humberside and


regulations are on the be for the next colour. As a peaceful, they


weekend and have a great weekend until Monday. See you later.


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