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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Communities try to protect their homes from flooding


as the East Coast prepares for a tidal surge.


I'm upset and I'm frightened. After the last flood, I had a couple of


strokes. I'm alive at the foreshore where residents have been putting up


flood defences and the council has water ponds on stand-by.


Tributes are paid to the the Lincoln City boss


who became England manager - Graham Taylor dies aged 72.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn say he understands people's concerns


about immigration and has policies to deal with it.


I want to end undercutting, I want to end the levels


That indeed will give a fair and reasonable chance to everyone


Ferens art gallery shows off its multi million


pound refurbishment ahead of tomorrow's public reopening.


A stormy 24 hours expected for the coastline, a warning


in place, wind speeds could reach 70 mph.


People living on the East Coast are tonight being warned to expect


flooding tomorrow as high tides coincide with strong winds.


It's the same conditions that led to the tidal surge of 2013


where more than 1000 properties were damaged


At the moment the Environment Agency says there's nothing to suggest this


will be as bad but that people do need to be prepared.


We're live tonight in both East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


but first let's look in detail at the areas at risk.


There are 27 flood warnings across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire, covering high tide tomorrow morning


A warning means that flooding is expected.


There are two warnings covering the sea defences


at Humberston and Cleethorpes, another warning for Immingham.


Then if we look at the Humber Estuary on the North Bank


A further two cover the coast at Bridlington and then


the Easington and Kilnsea area is also at risk.


The River Ouse is covered by four warnings and then there's one


at Grimsby and three covering the South Bank at Winteringham,


South Ferriby, New Holland and Barton to Immingham Dock.


There are a further seven flood warnings in Lincolnshire, six


for the sea defences at north and south of Mablethorpe


Jill Archbold is at Hessle foreshore.


Jill, what's being done there to prepare?


A familiar drill is happening here tonight, because this very team and


the kid that they are using is the exact machinery that was down here


-- the kit, in 2013. They are enrolling this pipe. Should it be


needed, it will suck water through and then spit it back through


Internet Humber it using the blue one. -- through into the Humber. It


should be reassurance for residence behind me who were flooded in 2013.


Speaking tried, there was nervous anticipation.


But now that the weather's settle down, I don't feel as though


Because when it was really windy, it whips the waves up.


I think they are being overcautious now.


But then, part of me is saying, "are they"?


You know, is it going to be really bad?


Of course, this isn't the only vulnerable spot in the East Riding,


and the council has scouts and spotters this evening at several


areas, including Bridlington. There is more equipment on stand-by should


it be needed. Those living in errors could be concerned tonight, the


message from Humberside Police is simple, and that is be prepared. --


those living in areas. We are doing everything


that we can to make sure that we are prepared,


and that the local We ask that people are aware


and remain vigilant We want people to look


after the vulnerable I think at the moment,


it is very much, "Let's get everything in place,


and if we don't need it All this kit is just here as a


precaution at the moment, and there is a similar pump just down the


foreshore. The moment to hold your breath is when the high tide comes,


tomorrow morning at 6am and again at 6pm tomorrow evening. There are


three more pumps on stand-by across the East Riding should they be


needed. Thank you very much indeed. With seven flood warnings in


Lincolnshire. The Emergency services


in Lincolnshire have spent the day Our Environment correspondent


Paul Murphy is in Skegness for us tonight, what's been happening


in the County? With in the last hour or so, some


extraordinary scenes. There are hundreds of army and police officers


based in the town, going out into coastal communities, visiting more


than 3000 households to offer advice and reassurance. In the option, if


need be, of evacuation to rest centres. While that is taking place,


there are experts trying to predict the shape and potency of his tidal


surge, which is due sometime tomorrow. There is high time at six


o'clock in the morning and 6pm. A lot of activity in Skegness as


people are trying to reassure those in this committee that there will be


safe, and that there are options for them.


The deployment of soldiers along the Lincolnshire coast has begun


The appearance of the Army is an indication of just how


seriously the threat of a storm surge is being taken.


Working with the police, they're going to offer advice


to thousands of residents along the coast, who have been given


the option to be evacuated to an inland rest centre.


We'll be talking to householders and helping them make decisions


about what is the best course of action for them.


Quite honestly, if you're in a single story dwelling,


a caravan or a chalet, and you're very close


to the sea defences, you might want to think


about spending the evening or perhaps the next couple


But this is a community that lives with the threat of flooding,


All I know is that it's possible tidal surge, sometime this week.


But apart from that, looking where things are,


On the Humber Bank at South Ferriby, the Environment Agency were putting


up temporary defences, and local residents were moving


After the last flood, I had a couple of strokes.


It's stuff that we've got a lot of memories about,


and we saved a lot of it last time, and we like to save it again.


A storm surge requires a complex combination of tide,


It's believed a high tide of tomorrow evening, currently


There are specific concerns about the coastal communities in this part


of the world tonight, because many of them are older people, they live


in retirement communities, some live in bungalows with just one story,


others in static caravans. A lot of vulnerability should the waters


overtop. The floods minister has said tonight it's the government's


absolute priority to protect people here, and that's why the Army has


been deployed. Indeed. Thank you very much indeed.


The emergency services say they don't expect the situation


to be as bad as December 2013 even though it's essentially


the same combination of weather conditions.


Paul is in our weather studio as usual tonight.


These are rare events, what causes them and why can


In the instance tomorrow, we've got exceptionally strong winds


coinciding with a high tide. I will show tomorrow's chart. The wind is


coming in from the north, a storm forced ten, 60- 70 mph. It comes on


the Atlantic and pushes to the North Sea. The two things are adding


together. There are two tides tomorrow -- Times tomorrow. There is


another tide at tea-time, the second tide which may well be the biggest


because the wind will be running all day long. Paul will have the full


forecast in five or ten minutes. Earlier I spoke to James Bevan


who's the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency


and asked him how concerned he was about the next


twenty four hours. What we are looking at tomorrow


is a combination of high tides and high winds,


which are going to produce very high waves, and that does


carry a risk of flooding, possibly significant flooding up


and down the east coast. We're giving advice to people


in the area to follow our flood warnings, to be prepared


and to take care. We're moving up and down


the country, our people into locations where they are ensuring


that flood defence assets are operating to protect communities


up and down the country. The Hull barrier near here will be


operating this evening. Here in South Ferriby,


we're erecting temporary defences and we're doing that in one or two


other places up I suppose people will be worrying


as they watch the telly tonight, that we could see a repeat


of the flooding in 2013. Can you confirm that


that is certainly not the case? Well, no flood is


ever quite the same. There was bad flooding here and up


and down the coast in 2013, I can't confirm exactly what we're


looking at tomorrow. That will depend very much


on the wind speed and wind direction, and we won't know that


until tomorrow morning. Our best estimates are that we're


not looking at an event that is as significant


as what happened in 2013. As I say, we want to be cautious,


we want to take care. So we're operating on the basis


of worst-case scenario and doing everything we can to protect


communities up and down the country. But you are obviously expecting


flooding, otherwise you wouldn't be spending the time and money doing


what you're doing behind you, that we can see there now,


unless you weren't There's often minor coastal flooding


when you get this combination What we're looking at tomorrow


though is a particularly unusual combination of particularly high


tides, potentially very high winds, and that could produce in certain


locations, significant flooding. We don't know where that


will be, we don't know But we think the right thing to do


is to make sure that communities like this one up and down


the country are properly protected In a very brief sentence, your best


advice for people tonight is what? Check your own flood risk


on gov.uk, and check Very good to talk to you tonight,


I wish you well, thank you. The chief executive of the


Environment Agency. We'll have more later in the programme on the


possibility of flooding tomorrow, and a detailed forecast.


Stars from across the world of football have been paying tribute


to the former Lincoln City and England manager Graham Taylor,


He grew up in Scunthorpe and then spent his whole playing


career in Lincolnshire - with Grimsby Town and then


Lincoln City - before going into management at


And that was a path that took him all the way to the biggest job


Our sports reporter Simon Clark has this.


When after his playing career at Lincoln city, he accepted a manager


's career, had changed his life 28. He led them to promotion at a record


points scorer. The pop star Elton John Soros and encouraged him to


join his club, Watford -- Elton John saw this. You have to have a reality


about looking at situations with Scunthorpe. Would we want to see


them again in the championship? Of course we would. Would we expect


them to be doing much more than having to fight relegation? That


their big league for them. Taylor is very much a son of Scunthorpe. This


is Henderson Avenue. He went to the local primary school, just a stone's


away from the pace that would have his biggest impact on young Graham's


mound, -- Graham's mind. A club which would later make him a vice


president. We were so fortunate to have an ambassador like him. The


last time he was here was in October, and he was always telling


us what we're doing right and wrong, very enthusiastic about our


promotion push. He came back in July 20 16th to attend a grand opening of


our new building. We thought it was very reported -- July 2000 16. It


marked the transition from old school to new school, and it was


just lovely because he was so pleased to see the new building.


Graham Taylor's servers earned him an OBE, but here it's the


transformation of Lincoln city that is best remembered. What he did was


connect the football club with the community, more than any other


manager was doing at the time for a long time afterwards. Graham Taylor


used to joke that he was the only man I've revered by all three big


Lincolnshire rivals. And revered he was.


Paying tribute to Graham Taylor, who has died at age 70 two. -- 72. Thank


you for being there. Still ahead on the programme...


Still ahead tonight: Unveiling the most expensive painting ever


shown at Ferens Art Gallery as it prepares to reopen.


It feels amazing and brilliant to have finally reached this point.


It's been a really long journey, it had lots of ups and downs.


Don't miss that in a few minutes' time. Keep pictures coming in,


tonight's photograph is the centre of hole. Nice picture, thank you for


that. Keep photos coming in. Another one on tomorrow night at about the


same time. It's nice to see a man earning his money. A weather


forecast. It will be a wild 24 hours, as we


have already discovered. There were two mornings tonight, one is for


wind and the other is for ice. -- two warnings. Ice could be quite a


problem if you're not in coastal areas. I showed this child, but it


is worth showing again. The run of unusual strong northerly winds. We


have a storm forced ten tomorrow, on a scale which runs from one to 12.


Harry Kane storms are right at the top end. The weather front sliding


southwards -- hurricane storms. That could exacerbate icy roads towards


the end of the night. There could be quite a difficult commute first


thing. The main weather system today has been tracking across the South,


snow currently across the south-east, but it is beginning to


pull its cloud away southwards, and I think fairly shortly ice will be


forming, first across parts of East Yorkshire and then eventually across


Lincolnshire, as skies turn player. Then we look to the north towards


the end of the night, and narrow band of rain, sleet and potentially


a bit of 's note -- the skies turn PDF. The all-important high water


times... The second high tide, which could be bigger than the first one,


is at tea-time tomorrow. Weather-wise, first light, we should


be shot of this narrow band of rain, sleet and slow, watch out for ice in


its wake. When severe gales, storm force winds, all day long. Inland,


it just looks set to be gold Gill cold and mainly sunny. Fairly


academic, significant wind-chill, highs of three or four matter


degrees as of Saturday looks fairly sunny, Sunday looks cloudy with a


risk of patchy rain. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has


told BBC Look North he understands why many voters are concerned


about immigration in Mr Corbyn has responded to criticism


about his leadership following Labour's poor performance


in last month's Sleaford He's been speaking to our


Political Editor Tim Iredale. Some say it's a relaunch of his


leadership. This week, Jeremy Corbyn has been trying to set out where he


stands on a number of issues, including immigration, traditionally


a weak area for Labour. Those that have come from the European Union to


make their homes in Britain have also made a great contribution here.


Our hospitals rely on them. Indeed, the NHS is at this very moment


desperately trying to recruit doctors from other parts of Europe.


The issue in many parts of Lincolnshire is about unskilled


workers. Are you saying you want to see fewer unskilled migrant workers?


The point making is that an skilled migration, where people are brought


in by agencies, forced to live in poor conditions, even pay of their


wages is read to the same employer. That is wrong, that is gang master's


operation. His leadership divides opinion. Just ask these voters. His


principles are his principles. As 60, 70% of the Labour ticket holders


have said, we want you. Everyone else should be behind him. He


doesn't come across as a new vote for to be pro-minister, he doesn't


seem to have that strength. Labour were not serious contenders in last


month's by-election -- to be Prime Minister. They fell to fourth place.


Whether it is in Lincolnshire putting two fingers up to you in


your party? Are not pretending it was a good result. It's at a party


we have been strong in in the past, I hope to have done better. Do you


expect more results like that? Surely you can't stay on as Labour


leader. We want better results, we're ready for the elections in May


and the mayoral elections in various parts of England. Jeremy Corbyn is


hoping to appeal to the voters he believes have been ignored by the


main committee will judge whether political parties. He'll be judged


by results, which surely must improve if he is to continue leading


his party. Keen to get your views on this one. Do you think Mr Corbyn has


it right on migration? Here is how to be in touch...


If you are in the area with the election, do you think he is right


on immigration? Tweet me on the subject of Jeremy


Corbyn and his views on immigration and migrant workers.


After more than a year of work, at a cost of ?4.5 million,


Inside the Ferens' will be new lights, new air conditioning


and the most expensive painting the gallery has ever bought.


Our culture correspondent Anne-Marie Tasker has


Unveiled after years of renovation, a painting by the Italian


At ?1.6 million it's the Ferens gallery's most expensive purchase.


And for art experts - it's a truly significant work.


He is a painter that works in Tuscany around 1300. That is the


very beginnings of the Renaissance, which is so important for the


development of art throughout Europe. It really does look very


wonderful. It's an important picture, the only picture by that


artist in this country. And this is where the painting was brought back


to its former glory. At the conservation Department at the


National Gallery. It has undergone hundreds of hours of work air. When


it arrived, it looked like this, but the team have transformed it was


scientific study and robe moving centuries of varnish, even a calcium


compound found in gallstones. You're always managing the changes that are


inevitable, consequences of time and agency, and all I can say is that I


think you are closer. The biggest change, colours have faded, things


have happened that can't be reversed. Certainly less between you


and the artist than there was. But it is just one new feature at


holed's Ferens. -- at Hull's. It has undergone several changes, but now


it is ready to host the world's finest artworks. We have had some


exhibitions, and it is work of that kind and calibre, the very best for


Hull. So we very much hope to continue in the same vein. Having


had the investment in the building was absolutely critical to being


able to go on and do that. The Gallery reopens to the public


tomorrow at noon, another big moment in Hull's year as city of culture.


From fireworks to light shows to wind turbines and drawings -


it has been a busy start to Hull's year as City of Culture.


Kofi Smiles has been looking at what's coming up over


Last week was made in Hull, this week there's a blade in Hull!


The first of the series of billboards are on show


as local artists get showcased through REDboard.


As you can see behind me, it's pretty spiffing.


These pieces of work are going to be changed every four weeks for Hull's


You have until the 24th of February to come down to the Hull


History Centre to witness the free Charters exhibition.


It is a closer look at some of the documents that have allowed


Hull to become the great city that it is today.


If you've got kids between the ages of eight and 11, there


is a creative workshop happening at Hull Central library.


Now, it's going to be taking place over the next three Saturdays,


and if they attend all three, they can have earned


themselves and official arts award qualification.


Contact the Central Library and book your free place.


And making its City of Culture debut, the Bridlington Contemporary


Gallery opens its doors for the very first time.


This week's Challenge Hull is called the Hull hoedown.


Now, all we have to do is dance to your favourite song


in your favourite place, and share it using the hashtag.


Now, here's how mine played out with a local band.


And there are plenty more clips and articles


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


A former MI6 spy, Christopher Steele, is at the centre


of the latest allegations against Donald Trump.


27 flood warnings are in place across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire as the area prepares for a predicted


Tomorrow's weather: Most places cold, windy and mainly sunny,


coastal areas at risk from wintry showers, with severe


Back to our main story tonight, preparations in the East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire for the tidal surge tomorrow. Our environment


correspondent is in Skegness. How concerned should people actually


beat tonight? Looking at the map with all those flood alerts and


warnings, it is looking pretty grim. The Environment Agency has pointed


out that at this stage at least, it does not think this tidal surge will


be as potent as the one we saw in December 20 13. It is also seem to


remember that they have spent millions of pounds on flood


defences, particularly in the Humber area since that tidal surge. For


people who want to keep up to the speed with what is going on


overnight, the breakfast show starts an hour earlier tomorrow morning at


5am. Radio Lincolnshire is on the air throughout the night with advice


and information for all from the Army and police HQ here in Skegness,


back to you. Thank you very much. Just a reminder that tomorrow


morning in Hull, high tide is at 6:34am, and high time tomorrow night


is at 640 9p. Those are the crucial tides. Does Mr Corbyn can write


about immigration? Someone says he doesn't think there is another


immigration yet, hypocrite, Labour is unelectable. Louis says she


doubts many Brits will get up at stupid o'clock to pick fruit if they


can get more in benefits. One says Corbyn is wrong to promote


immigration, we voted Brexit to tighten up. So many unskilled jobs


in Lincolnshire, not enough workers to fill them. Have a nice evening.


Join us later if you can attempt to be, if not I was yet 6:30am


tomorrow. ..and keep telling yourself


over and over, "This will end." Ladies and gentlemen,


the bride and groom. So what if I forgot


our poxy anniversary? Er, I think this year


was copper. 14th is poxy. Marriage is a marathon,


not a sprint. Like a marathon,


you have to keep on going... ..drink as much as you can... Please


tell me you can see them, too. ..and keep telling yourself


over and over, "This will end."


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