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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


A review finds missed opportunities to protect a four-year-old who died


after being given drugs by her mother.


Poultry farmers in Lincolnshire say they're losing millions of pounds


from the recent outbreak of bird flu.


We must limit all movement on and off farm that isn't essential


and we must try and tackle this disease.


The junction near Grimsby that caught out three car drivers


The shops making spending a penny a bit easier in Boston.


The classical composer from Hull who filled the Hollywood Bowl.


With more disturbed weather on the way join me for a detailed weather


forecast. She was only four years


old and she was fed drugs by her own mother, who was supposed


to be looking after her. Now a new report out today shows


there were several missed opportunities by social services,


health services and the police, to protect Poppy Widdison


from Grimsby before she died. Laura Foster's been


following this case. Three and a half years ago Poppy


was found at her home What caused her death is still not


known, but tests showed Poppy had ingested a cocktail of drugs for up


to six months before her death - including heroin, sedatives,


methadone and ketamine. Last month Poppy's mother


Michala Pyke and Pyke's ex partner John Ritting were found guilty


of child cruelty after feeding Poppy illicit drugs


at Ritting's home in Grimsby. Poppy's grandmother


spoke outside court. She was just beautiful, she really


was. You couldn't wish for a better little girl. She was beautiful.


Toulouse are so suddenly and so cruelly, I hope they get a long


sentence. She is everything to us. She really was. That is a big hole


that nobody can fail. -- fill. Today the Serious Case Review


into Poppy's death's been released. These happen whenever a child's died


and it's thought there's some degree This report criticises


services designed to protect Poppy and help her mother


with her drug use. It uses phrases like 'ineffective',


'lacked clarity and focus', history of drug use'.


for the entrenched Proper assessments weren't carried


out putting Poppy at 'serious risk of harm' and that professionals


were often 'misled' Rtting's drug abuse was known


about but noone knew Pyke and Rytting were in a relationship


and that Poppy live with both Despite the evidence,


no-one knew what Poppy's life was like or the harm and risk


she was exposed to every day. Dr Peter Sidebotham says


Serious Case Reviews mean lessons can be learned from what happened -


but there are no guarantees something similar


won't happen again. Some children are harmed by their


appearance and that will continue to be the case. There is no way we can


accurately predict this in severe cases and therefore we have to


costly carry a difficult balance between supporting families and not


wanting to intervene too much and yet at the same time recognising


when there are risks. Tonight the charity,


NSPCC has called the review deeply worrying and say that effective


oversight and improved intervention Meanwhile, Pyke and Rytting are both


due to be sentenced next week. Last month the judge told them


to expect substantial prison are still combing through this


report and trying to and how so many people could have


let down this little girl. We wanted to interview


North East Lincolnshire Local But we were told that no one


would speak to us on camera. It has said that it accepts


the reports findings but says significant changes have already


been made since Poppy's death. It goes on to say all agencies


in North East Lincolnshire are doing their best to continually


improve to keep children safe. In a moment: Protestors celebrate


as councillors turn down plans to drill for oil in North


Lincolnshire. A flood warning is in place


on the north bank of the Humber this evening, meaning


flooding is expected. The Environment Agency says a high


tide and strong winds could cause some overtopping at Hessle Foreshore


with more warnings over Precautions are also


being taken by the emergency Jo Makel is live on the banks


of the Humber Estuary for us, That is that combination of strong


winds and high tides. You can see the water levels behind me here are


quite high. But they are not expecting the same repeat of 2013


weather was a tidal surge almost weekly and the banks of the Humber


will breach. A flood warning is in place


on the North Bank of the Humber this evening, meaning


flooding is expected. They are expecting trouble over the


next two to three days. They have been checking tidal defences and


floodgates across cross-linked of course.


Precautions are also being taken along the Lincolnshire Coast,


where flood defences have been checked and tidal gates have been


closed ahead of another high tide on Friday morning.


Emergency services say they are monitoring the situation,


closed ahead of another high tide on Friday morning.


For the latest flooding information, visit the Environment Agency website


Or keep listening to your local BBC Radio station for updates.


Not just tonight but tomorrow and Friday as well.


A P ship steward accused of conspiring to smuggle cocaine


into Hull has been told he was lucky to have had a "disastrous meeting"


with Liverpudlian criminals in Rotterdam.


two years ago Edward Tron was hoping to channel drugs back into the UK,


for the first time since the arrest of another crew member.


But jurors heard the meeting fell through when he was


The 51-year-old from Gateshead told the court that if "I've


got no drugs, then I've done nothing wrong.".


Mr Tron, along with P cook Mark Quilliam and Mr Tron's wife


Susan deny the charges against them, and the case continues.


An East Yorkshire councillor who made offensive remarks


about the late MP Jo Cox has been told to step down by fellow


Dominic Peacock was thrown out of the East Riding's


ruling Conservative group and cautioned by the police


A motion by the council calling for his immediate resignation


Council Peacock had previously stated his intent to stay


Poultry farmers in Lincolnshire say they are losing millions of pounds


due to the recent outbreak of bird flu.


Restrictions mean they are banned from exporting products to some


countries including China - where the sale of chickens


feet for use in soups is particularly lucrative.


Our Rural Affairs Correspondent Linsey Smith reports.


From Lincolnshire to Lanzhou, where chicken feet are a common delicacy.


Many are bought from the 19 million birds raised


But with exports to China banned due to bird flu -


Charles has 16,000 free range chickens.


His flock doesn't have bird flu, but we had


to meet him away from them - due to biosecurity rules.


It is a worry but unfortunately it is going to be a constant issue for


the industry. And so we must respond by being positive.


We must limit all movement on and off farm that isn't essential


and we must try and tackle this disease head-on.


5,000 turkeys died in December after catching the H5N8


strain of Avian Flu on this farm in Louth.


Since then, there has been an outbreak in a backyard


The big producers are following strict guidelines set


But the fear is, if people who have just a few birds as pets


don't follow the advice - particularly keeping them housed -


At Bishop Burton College, birds are being fed indoors.


But experts warn wild birds are not solely to blame.


We need to make sure that if you have pet birds at home and a wild


bird comes into the garden, like a sparrow, that we


don't suddenly think, those birds have bird flu and we need to get our


birds in. At the end of the day, we need to be careful,


rather than making wild birds scapegoats, when it only


While the risk to people is very low, this is


a disease that is deadly to birds and highly contagious


One reason why there's a ?5,000 fine for anyone who fails


Linsey Smith, BBC Look North, South Cave.


Toilets inside shops and businesses could be opened up


A number of locations including St Botolphs Church say they'll


make their facilities available for people to use.


Councillors say it will make it more attractive for people


Boston has three public toilets at Kirkham Park entry and into other


places. But they missed to double this number by using automated


teller skin. If the plan goes ahead businesses such as the new shopping


centre will all have public use of their tireless with council


providing cleaning until the two supplies. One of the best ways is if


there can be in agreement with shops etc. If shops want our business why


can't we use their facilities? Irrespective if we spend any money


in the shop are not. It is a good idea businesses open their doors. A


lot better. Is that not a danger the public toilets can not be -- can be


closed because of her love tireless Christmas that is not a risk at all.


What we're looking for its community toddlers that anybody can use that


will be identified and signposted. According to a BBC investigation


last year almost 1800 public toilets close across the UK in the last


decade. But it is also not always that easy to get a community scheme


alternative to work. Any tales and so when you need to have the floors


cleaned and have baby change beds waiting cleaned. It is management.


Running tireless is like running another part of your business and


has to be cared for looked after audible become messy and smelly and


that is not what we want. We have no concerns about people coming into


years of silence at all and we have people on here all the times we


believe we can monitor those facilities and them nice and clean.


Boston town area committee members have been discussing whether the


community pilot scheme will go ahead as we speak.


We want to hear from you on this story?


Do you think more places should do what Boston are trying to do?


How important do you think public toilets are, we've heard 1800 have


Here is how to be in touch. Experiences where you are. If you


want to e-mail and we will have some before the end of the programme.


A family are calling for safety improvements to a junction


in Healing near Grimsby following three accidents


Three vehicles skidded on ice outside their home -


one crashed through a fence and another hit a tree.


North East Lincolnshire Council say they are investigating the issue.


This is a quiet residential road in the healing area of Grimsby.


This is Oak Road and the junction here


joined with the Avenue and disjunction has become notorious


because the last six years, this house has been crashed into six


times and last week, it happened three times in the space of 20


This family says more needs to be done to


The fact we come out here in the morning to get


the car and my parents visit and park in this tightly, it could


easily have been one of them that got hit.


I could have come out the front door and got head.


It is the fact they happened so close together.


The impact is on the wider community to use this


stretch of road and it needs addressing.


We're going to look at this and see if we can come up with


There is possibly a problem with the service.


There are remedial measures we can put in place to hopefully address


Serious damage was prevented by this tree.


You can see where one of the vehicles crashed


This metal fence was damaged and this gatepost will cost


The family says that's nothing compared to what


could have happened because this road is


often used by children on


their way to school and the family often play


in the Strand carton and


they say if anyone had been passing at the time of these crashes, it


The classical composer from Hull who filled the Hollywood Bowl.


Mervyn Page took this photo from the North Bank looking


at the contrails at sunset at the Bridge.


I was just going to make the point that we've only had to wait four


days since the last Humber Bridge picture. The headline for the next


two hours is a fairly wild one. Let me show you what will happen because


the coast will bear the brunt of very strong winds on Friday. That is


tomorrow's headline. That is the risk of a little bit of rain in the


far side of our region. We have had very strong winds today courtesy of


this pressure. Watch the system which might get into the extreme


south of Lincolnshire tomorrow afternoon Bridlington reign of


potentially some snow. Look at the number of Isa buyers. We could well


see stomp forced ten winds across Yorkshire and literature course on


Friday morning. The high water time in Holland will be half past six in


the morning which will coincide with an extremely strong wind. -- Hull.


The is wind moderating as we speak after some high gusts today. --


Hull. Eyes expect many of us will be dry tonight with clear periods. Very


windy with that wind, just easing off a little later and still gusts


of 40 miles an hour later night. Icy patches and tinges of two Celsius.


The sun rises at about 40 minutes past eight and next high water time


at Burlington is at three Minister for the morning. A bright start with


some sunshine and will be some showers getting into the West. For


many of us it will be dry until this feature edges in and pushes


eastwards. You can see there could be some rain and a bit of snow in


the extreme south of Lincolnshire into North Norfolk. By north and


look set to be was the driver just one to be mostly dry which is


moderately wintry showers for -- said to be dry. Stormy winds coming


in from the coast on Friday. A company that wants to recover


millions of barrels of oil in North Lincolnshire has


had its plans rejected Councillors voted against the plans


put forward by Egdon Resources because they felt they had


'insufficient information The company has previously carried


out tests at its well in Wressle - I thought it would go the other way


and I'm delighted how has gone. We give our heartfelt thanks to


planning committee for making a sane decision on behalf of local


amenities and that planet as a whole. The concerns expressed are


those about the impact of the local infrastructure and their impact on


the water courses known locally particularly the one that would


impact on British Steel which is a major employee virus in -- a major


employer for us in North Lincolnshire.


A cancer patient from North Lincolnshire has said


he was all ready for surgery and outside the operating


theatre when his procedure was cancelled at the last minute.


63-year-old Martin Bagshall was due to have his prostate removed


He's one of dozens of patients who've had their operations


postponed because of a shortage of beds at Hull and East


Thanks to everyone who's been in touch about our coverage


It is in some respects like torture. If you get to the hospital and the


ward and then they tell you it is bad enough but when you're actually


real down to theatre that was the really hard part for me. -- wheeled


down. Thanks to everyone who's been


in touch about our coverage of the closure of another care home


for elderly people. in East Yorkshire need new places


to live after the owners said It's the fifth home to announce it


will shut in this area in the last 12 months,


with companies blaming poor council funding,


staff shortages and rising wages. You will remember we talked about it


last night in detail. Liz in Hull says "Who picks up


the pieces when private When local authorities used to run


them people who lived there felt like they were part of a family,


but austerity cuts Tessa says, "I visit my gran


in a care home every week and I am in awe of the staff that provide


wonderful care for a minimum wage. The government need to pay far more


for these care places." And Daniel says: 'My mum


works in a care home and she often has to do triple,


even quadruple, shifts The result of overworked staff


is poorer care for the clients." Thank you very much indeed for all


of those. I'm sure it is a subject we will return to at a later date.


There was heartbreak for Hull City in the first leg


The Tigers were hoping to return to Hull just one goal down


after Juan Mata scored for Manchester United.


But with seconds left, Marrowan Fellar-knee made it two.


The second leg is played in Hull two-weeks tomorrow.


Lincoln City has sold out of home tickets for their FA Cup replay


Some supporters were at Sincil Bank from four o'clock this morning


hoping to buy tickets for the Imps' match.


Scunthorpe United are out of the Checkatrade trophy.


The Iron went down 4-1 at Oxford United despite taking


From David Whitfield to the Housemartins,


Hull has a rich musical heritage - but there's one woman from the city


who made big waves in the world of classical music you've probably


Ethel Leginska was famed as a pianist, composer and conductor


from the late 19th century until the 1930s.


Now, her success is being celebrated in a special concert


Our culture correspondent Anne-Marie Tasker has the story.


In her heyday Ethel Leginska was a multi-talented musician.


The first woman to ever conduct and compose her own opera.


As the first woman conductor, she packed out US concert halls -


30,000 people came to this venue - the Hollywood Bowl, to see her.


And she founded America's first women's orchestras.


But she was born in Hull as Ethel Liggins.


This was the first proper recital that she did when she was ten years


old. It is dated from 1897. Terry Broadbent spent decades


studying Leginska's life. Celebrated as Hull's little prodigy


- Ethel changed her name and moved to London,


then Europe, then America to train with the best and perform


to the biggest audiences. Until about 1930 she was regarded as


one of the top in the United States. It is such a shame that she dropped


out of history in the songs forgotten. When you came to look at


all other exploits is difficult to see why that was. But it was partly


antifemale prejudice. It was so difficult to get things put on.


Leginska's playing was captured on these reproducing piano rolls -


which recreate how she struck each note.


Now work's taking place at the University of Hull to be able


to play these recordings at concerts in March.


He lives this list of files. -- he lives this list.


Her piano rolls were recorded digitally -


The keys are not going down like they should.


So the University's technicians have re-programmed the keys


to be struck faster - to create a true Leginska experience


- without the drawbacks of using the original piano rolls.


In order to create the action this need for a better pump which sounds


a bit like an action cleaner. You're trying to fight against that. That


is also the sound of the paper as it rose to and that mechanical action


can grate a little bit and you get this rather squeaky scrapie sound


which sounds like the paper is going to tear.


Leginska's own compositions will also be perfomed at the concert -


hoping to reignite interest in an accomplished musician


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Donald Trump says claims Russian intelligence has compromising


information about him are entirely fake.


A review finds missed opportunities to protect a four-year-old who died


after being given drugs by her mother.


Tomorrow's weather: Cold with bright or sunny


spells and occasional showers, possible wintry.


Bauer says we live in Spain and there are no public toilets. You can


go to any establishment and you're welcome to use them which are always


clean and functioning. Alan says Holderness Road is a good hike but


if you need the toilet you can sneak into McDonald's. Another


correspondent says we should encourage businesses to open the


tireless during the City of Culture. Another correspondent says it is on


a place in South Wales for shops to open their facilities in exchange


for a rate reduction. Join us if you can at half past ten.


I think my political beliefs are really quite straightforward.


I believe that our country needs to work for everyone.


Not just for the rich, not just for the privileged,


not just for those who know the right people or who've got