10/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines tonight: Anger as families are told to move elderly


relatives as another care home says it can't afford to stay open.


A complete change of environment is going to have a


I'm not even certain if she would survive that.


Chase Tate was knocked down and left to die -


his family plead with the driver who hit him to come forward.


Brutally attacked on a night out - now drinkers in Hull are told


they can't be trusted with glass or bottles.


I had a white T-shirt on at the time and it was absolutely


A bottle is basically a baton, which is a weapon.


Music fans will have to pay a fortune for a hotel room


A very windy night come with the rest of keels. Deals. --With the


risk of gales. Families say they're shocked


and upset at the closure of another The 24 residents of Molescroft Court


in East Yorkshire need new places to live after the owners said


they couldn't make it pay. It's the fifth home to announce it


will shut in this area in the last 12 months,


with companies blaming poor council funding,


staff shortages and rising wages. Our health correspondent,


Vicky Johnson reports. Behind each closure this heartache


for families forced Twice every week a week,


Chris makes the short journey to visit her mum


at Molescroft Court in Beverley. But Chris fears that


the the upheaval of a move for 85-year-old Mabs will simply be


too much ... she is bed ridden and can do nothing


for herself. -- cannot do anything for herself.


A complete change of environment is going to have a


I'm not even certain if she would survive that.


There are currently 24 residents at Molescroft Court -


and they now have until March to find alternative accommodation.


We have been killed in a statement by the owners that it is not


financially viable. -- we have been told in a statement.


Increasing costs has meant that running a care home has rarely been


more challenging and research carried out for the bbc last year


found that more than a quarter in the uk are in danger of going out


And recently Londesborough Court in Market Weighton


Today's news have come just as health managers


in the East Riding are considering proposals to close some


Community Hospital beds and use care homes instead.


In a statement they've said they're looking at "which care homes


have the capacity and capability to deliver new models


And they add that they believe their "proposals could help


stimulate the sustain the residential care home market


"It is our intention to test the residential care home market


And knew care was being opened in Beverley and to solve some of the


evidence can be moved there in the spring. -- residence.


Earlier I spoke to Nadra Ahmed, the chair of the National Care


Association who represent care homes and nursing staff.


I began by asking her what is going wrong in the industry.


We know about funding and shoes and cuts to local authorities. And


increases in the National living wage which is great news for


everybody. But have those who have run care homes in the past gotten


away with paying low wages? In the last two years the Care Quality


Commission being less stringent in the past and they are now. I would


agree that they getaway with paying low wages. We have got to the stage


where we have equalised with a funding needs to be. -- I would not


agree with you. One of excuses used is that the living wage is causing


these cables to shut and this is being the living wage for a job most


of this could not do. I do not think that is what we're saying. We're


seeing it is compounded. We have had eight years of nor increases to


looking after frail and elderly people who were looked after by the


NHS in long-stay geriatric wards. With very complex health conditions


including dementia. We are not funded to do that. In the NHS that


these people were looked after and even today looked after, costing the


NHS ?2125. The Care Quality Commission charge on safe and


effective kidding. Those three don't actually cost anything. Safe and


effective killing has to be delivered by people who are well


skilled and trained in environments to clean and warm and with


nutritional foods. Love that this course. This is not about us saying


that it is wrong or it shouldn't be done. Actually this is about


delivering quality care and not cutting corners. That is what is


important. If the NHS is putting more patients into Cairngorms to


remove them from hospitals that would be good for the business


rather than treating the system. Of course it would if we could manage


complex conditions were help from the NHS. You have to have a skilled


workforce. People caring for people in care homes have to be really


well-trained and they have to have the appropriate skills. Very


briefly, in one sentence, what is the one thing that would stop these


Cairngorms closing of the radio at the moment? It would be having the


right workforce to deliver the services that are required for the


people that we are caring for. And we are asking people to recognise


that. Are you or your relatives affected


by the problems in care homes? Here's how to get in touch. Have you


had first-hand experience of Aki home? Maybe you have got parents in


there at the moment. -- carehome. We will be talking on


the second look North to the owner of carehome. .


A family's making an urgent appeal for a hit-and-run driver


who killed their son to come forward.


Chase Tate was walking near Alford in Lincolnshire in the early


hours of Saturday morning when he was struck by


Jake Zuckerman's in the Lincoln studio.


You've been talking to police investigating this.


Beside the A1104 at Miles Cross Hill near Alford today,


flowers and tributes mark the spot where a passing motorist


discovered Chase Tate's body, just before 5am on Saturday.


This morning police officers were still checking grass verges


in the area, looking for evidence that might help them identify


walking away from the town when he was struck, but the driver


We have the result of postmortem which tells us he would killed by


injuries consistent with being struck by vehicle. The 15 officers


working on it I'm talking to know. There is now a significant inquiry


inquiry under way with the Serious Investigations Unit,


15 officers working on it -- We now have the result


of the forensic postmortem, which informs us that Chase died


as a result of injuries consistent with having been


struck by a vehicle. There is now a significant inquiry


inquiry under way with the Serious Investigations Unit,


15 officers working on it We are doing a lot of work


systematically with CCTV on either end, looking to narrow down


the vehicles between vehicles who were reported to us


that they passed him walking along the road, and the final vehicle


that we know reported Chase end, looking to narrow down


the vehicles between vehicles who were reported to us


that they passed him walking along the road, and the final vehicle


that we know reported Chase Friends have left


dozens of tributes on His family are said


to be devastated. They've have asked anyone


with information to contact police Police say that at this stage


they're keeping an open mind They say that if you think


you might have been involved without noticing it at the time,


then you should come They're also urging anyone who may


have been in the area between four But for now friends and family


of Chase Tate are left waiting for answers about exactly


how he died. A P ship steward accused


of conspiring to import cocaine into Hull has been described


in court as a liar, "trying Edward Tron maintains he made


up stories about drug smuggling for the benefit


of a known undercover officer. But in court the prosecution said


that was an elaborate story created Both Edward Tron, and P


cook Mark Quilliam deny conspiring to smuggle drugs,


and Mr Tron's wife Susan A Lithuanian couple have been


ordered to repay more than ?400,000 after building up


a fraudulent gangmaster business. The pair - who were jailed in 2015


had lived in Scotter, The Home Office is


considering deportating them. The Coast Guard has been left


without a search and rescue helicopters after the whole fleet


was grounded for a safety test. The helicopter based at Humberside


airport Curry said rescues an east coast. That tests are needed in all


Sikorski 92 helicopters. The Coast Guard said Liz helicopters will be


operational by tomorrow. 50 men and women who guard


the doors at city centre pubs and clubs in Hull are calling


for late night venues to ban They claim there has


been an increase in But the pub trade has


said making people drink There are graphic pictures


of injuries from the start of this 15 stitches and bruises on his face,


nerve damage and a permanent scar. That's what Iain Spivey was left


after he was glassed on a night out I had a white T-shirt


on at the time, it was absolutely covered, and I just you know,


I just couldn't believe it. He's a model, and his


injury's made it difficult Some people think it's only a little


scar, but you hear stories of people getting hit in the head,


and sometimes it proves fatal. On Friday and Saturday nights people


come here to have fun and to have drink but these drinks often come in


glasses and glass bottles and because harm.


It is because of the harm that glass and glass bottles can


cause that the group, Door Staff United, want them banned


from the city's late-night bars and clubs.


A bottle is basically a baton, which is a weapon.


If we stop them from taking knives and guns into a venue,


why do we let them go to the bar and pick up a bottle,


drink out of it, and then it can be used in exactly the same way.


Police say it is rare that people are hit with glasses,


At this bar they say they don't have problems with glassing.


They've not switched to plastic because it's hard to find plastic


versions of some glasses and it's not what customers want.


It is a shame to punish such a large number of the blue do come out and


use these glasses properly because of a small minority of people.


Humberside Police agrees that glass because harm but


but over the past eight years it's been handing out plastic cups


I think the police and the public could do more. Ultimately we might


have to seek sanctions. The British Beer and Pub Association


represents pubs and late night I asked its Chief Executive,


Brigid Simmonds, whether plastic was the answer to stop violence


in pubs and clubs. I think it has to be


on a risk-based basis. In some late-night venues


it is appropriate to use plastic and the British Beer and Pub Association


has very clear guidance on our So you would be happy


for plastic glasses after, say, half past ten at night,


as these guys are calling for? It has to be based on whether it is


the type of premises that people go to late at night, when it's open,


and it's a risk that has to be based place you would say plastic


is fine to have routinely? In many places plastic


is appropriate and police the local authority will work


with the appropriate business If we tried and injuries came down,


would you say let's have plastic? I wouldn't say was appropriate


to all premises because first of all people like drinking


out of proper glass. And we want to encourage people


to go to clubs and nightclubs and we don't want them staying


at home and drinking. Does beer taste different


out of a plastic Actually most drinks taste different


out of plastic than they do out of bottles, but if you're going


to drink, if it is draught ale, you can dispense it directly


into a plastic glass. If it's in a bottle,


pour it before it's taken anywhere. So many people are being attacked


by glass and bottles at the moment, we've got to do


something, haven't we? And that's what we've heard


about in the report. I still think it is a minority


of people who are using The trade would


totally deplore that. And we would urge the


police and the local authorities to take all the action


of the good against those who But it is still a minority


of cases and we need to make sure that it's


appropriaten use. We don't want increased


costs for pubs and clubs. What do you say to the 50 doormen


who are calling for this ban I would say that in the right place


at the right pub and right club it is appropriate and


should be used but it shouldn't be Do you support the door staff


in their call to ban glasses There's beer taste different out of


plastic? ? Does beer taste different?


Music fans will have to pay a fortune for a hotel room


Nigel Dalton took this photograph of Queen Victoria Square.


Thanks for the invite to see the blade. I did not ask. I'm going to


forecast some heavy snow for your part of the world of you're not


careful. We have some winter weather on the way for the next few days and


it is turning cold with bitterly cold wind and we have a warning of a


risk of deals and that warning does lap over into the rush hour tomorrow


morning. If you're travelling further afield particularly on the


A1 there will be disruption through strong winds. On Friday it will


really feel cold along the coasts. At the moment we have a warning for


the potential of snow showers in part of the on Friday. More that as


the week progresses. It a fine evening with clear spells at the


moment. Through this evening will see more cloud spreading the north


and patchy light rain and drizzle and then we will see deals are


developing in excess of 50 mph and they will last into tomorrow


morning. But not as cold night with temperatures down to 6 degrees of 7


degrees. The sun rises at quarter past eight and sets just after four


o'clock. The next high water in Bridlington is just after three in


the morning. A very windy rush-hour. Severe gales forecast for parts of


Yorkshire. Tomorrow after the very windy starter will be a blustery day


but also plenty of dry and bright and fine weather. We will have one


showers blown in a brisk north-westerly breeze but a lot of


dry weather for our part of the world. It will feel chilly not


numerically very cold. On Thursday and Friday and into the weekend it


will feel very cold indeed. A few showers potentially on Thursday but


generally try and bright.? About way into the side. And some snowy


showers on Friday. It's claimed the Lincolnshire flower


town of Spalding is being ruined by people urinating,


spitting and drinking in the street. Local officials are so concerned


they're using Home Office powers to prosecute anyone caught behaving


badly in the town centre. Think of Spalding and your first


thoughts may be Tulip Festival is. Are generally hustling murky town


that sites like this one have no accord under a new scheme. -- signs


like this one. Have things changed? I have seen people urinating inside


of shops and things. It is in public and in front of children. We see a


lot of people walking around with beer cans drinking. I have made


complaints myself in a couple occasions when I have seen people


here drinking in the morning of spitting. The following activities


are now listed as offences within a new public space protection order.


Failing to comply with an officer 's request to stop drinking alcohol and


a public space, spitting saliva or any other product on the ground,


dropping litter or your rating. But the District Council insists things


have not gone worse. I don't think you should see this as a reaction to


something that is negative. It is a very positive effect to give


assurance to our town and visitors of the town that we are going to


keep it at the nice quiet place for people to live and work as it always


has been. Some people have of course questioned the difference urinating


in the street is already illegal. But the difference in the public


spaces protection order is that it groups all the problem specific to


an area under that the umbrella of anti-social behaviour. But how many


people support this proposal, there are as many people questioning how


it can be effectively enforced. It could be any number of towns and


city centres across East Yorkshire or indeed the country. We will


continue to follow that story. The only two Portuguese managers in


their Premier League goal head-to-head.


The first leg trip to Old Trafford is only Marco Silva's second game


Marco Silva enjoyed a winning start as Hull City boss.


This 2-0 win over Premier League rivals


Swansea City sees them drawn against Fulham


First though, a match against a fellow Portuguese,


the unmistakable figure of Jose Mourinho.


Tonight is the first leg of their semifinal tie in the EFL


It is good to see Mourinho, seeing him talk a little bit.


We are opponents and Mourinho tried to win and I will do the same.


He is known in Portugal as one of the good young coaches.


He went to Greece and in Greece I think no-one knows


I don't think they know he was a champion.


Back to the FA Cup, and Lincoln City will face championship leaders


Brighton and Hove Albion if they can beat Ipswich town in


We will have to go and find our levels again if we are going


We are very respectable of them, they have got fantastic managers


and fantastic players, it will be a huge challenge for us,


That replay will be shown on BBC One next Tuesday. Lincoln city


and Hull City this season, but both know they will


be judged ultimately on their League campaigns.


there will be coverage on BBC Radio tonight.


The shortage of hotel rooms in Hull has been a long story. Rooms are


booked for two members of the beautiful South and concept, people


could look at their hotel Bahamian Inspector be about ?42 for the room.


Or they could come to the Gilson hotel and expect to pay ?45. --


people could look at the chain hotel behind me and expect to pay ?42.


Somebody find was only one room available here at the Gilson hotel


for ?801. But she could stay for less money in London. That is no way


we would ever charge some of the ?801 for anything. I don't know if


they are putting up Internet prices. I think it is unfair to people. The


general manager of this hotel has said that the room is newly


refurbished suite with a Jacuzzi and defended the price because


investment being made at this hotel and because of its prominent centre


location. And just a short walk from your work is already under way to


build a brand-new Hilton hotel. The owner said the building it as fast


as they can and hope it will be completed by November. But that


comes as little help for ticket holders who want to stay in the city


centre on June the 3rd for the concert by Paul Heaton and Jackie


Abbott. Would you give a perfect ten to this room? ?801 for just one


night. Let's get a recap of


the national this room? A rise of people with mental health


issues going to accident and emergency. Expertise is the wrong


place for them. The family of a man knocked down a man appealed for


witnesses to come forward. Top temptress tomorrow I best in the


afternoon getting up to around seven Celsius. -- top temperatures


tomorrow I best in the afternoon. Mark says care homes should be all


take an end to government operation. -- should be taken into government


operation. John says the NHS is in meltdown and mental health care and


know they elderly abandoned. We're becoming a third World country.


Chantelle says I am a care assistant and have experienced by these care


homes are closing. That is not enough staff because owners do not


want to pay for them. When our home is filled to capacity the carers


that there are run into the ground. I will be talking to the owner of a


care home on the late programme tonight which is at half past ten.


It's back... Let's get ready to grumble. ..with more belligerence...


Can you imagine anything more diabolical? ..moaning...


..and nonsensical items... Don't send me a curve-ball, Nigel.