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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


A giant wind turbine blade is displayed in the centre of Hull


for City of Culture - but is it art?


It is interesting. Wow. Absolutely amazing.


Hundreds of thousands of people come to see Made in Hull and events


Hull was outperforming and more popular than the Golden Globes,


Meryl Streep and Donald Trump on social week the -- social media this


week. The ambulance trust that serves


Lincolnshire says it's had its busiest start


to January ever. After Saturday's FA Cup heroics,


Lincoln City hope to face one of the country's top clubs


in the next round. And with news of much colder weather


under way later this week, join me for the weekend forecast.


It started its journey from Alexandra Dock


in Hull in the early hours of Sunday morning.


By late in the afternoon, the wind turbine blade had


completed its journey from the Siemens factory


and was on display in Hull's Victoria Square.


Today, shoppers and visitors to the city centre have been


admiring the latest display which is part of City


The blade is 75 metres or 250 feet long -


that's around the length of seven double-decker buses.


It weighs 28 tonnes, the equivalent of around


It took almost four hours to move the huge blade just two miles


through the streets of the city centre and in the process more


than 50 items of street furniture such as signs and traffic lights had


It's been described as a stunning work of art and will be in place


Our arts correspondent Anne Marie Tasker is in


What has been the reaction to the blade today?


We have been here forever day and there have been hundreds of people


jumping up to try to touch it, knocking on it, taking photos of it.


Even some people milling around this evening having a close look. The


blade coming into the centre of Hull has caused quite a commotion.


It's only been in place for a day, but already Hull's new artwork


No-one except the workers and visitors to the Siemens turbine


blade factory in Hull have ever seen one this close up.


I went, Wow, absolutely amazing. It is different. A lot of sculptors


are out there and it is definitely out there. It is about culture,


isn't it? Leaving just


before 2am, getting it from the factory at Hull's docks


to display took more than 20 hours, with lamp posts and traffic lights


taken down as it squeezed And as it reached the city centre,


the artist who thought up the idea said it stopped being a blade


and started being a sculpture - as carefully handmade


as any art work. Talking about what material and


objects have a kind of symbolic or metaphorical relation to the idea of


Hull as a city. One of the things that is made is clearly a


spectacular, handmade, astonishing form.


Once in the square, it took two huge cranes and more than four hours


The whole project's been paid for by Siemens,


though they won't disclose exactly how much it's cost.


I can tell you it is hundreds of thousands of pounds in terms of


labour and material costs. Yesterday, we had 70 people involved


in the logistics. We're giving something back to the city. We


always wanted to be a good resident in the city and work with it and


this is the way we're giving back. Dominating the square


for the next ten weeks, the blade is part of a series


of sculptures for City of Culture called Look Up,


and it's certainly got People have been asking, is this


art? The artist told me he thinks it is a beautiful, handmade sculpture


and that by taking it out the fact and bringing it here, he hopes to


get people asking questions about Hull's place in the world and its


future. It is also part of a long artistic tradition. Although


hundreds of Siemens workers made this, Michelangelo had dozens of


helpers to make the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I suppose the question will


rage about this place next ten weeks that it is here. You can have your


say on this and whether it is art with the contact details coming up


in just a few minutes. This latest installation comes


at the end of a week which has seen more than 300,000 visits


to the city. Hull 2017 began with


spectacular fireworks, light displays and theatrical


performances - all of which combined to bring the city to the attention


of people all over the world. Laura Foster's been looking


at the global impact This map gives you a sense of just


how often Hull has been talked about around the world over


the past week. People's perceptions of the city are


changing. The Norwegian people, when I mention, Hull, they say very


positive things. They know the colour of the football team shot,


they know what is famous for its fishing as well. In Norway, people


been very positive about Hull being the City of Culture. It is because


of events like Made In Hull, Which Made Audiences Spellbound. People


who have come to visit say it has been wonderful for the city.


Gobsmacked. I really am. Everyone is excited about what is going on and


checking the website to see what is up next. Gully-mac you can feel that


bus. -- buzz. At this fish and chip restaurant,


staff have been working so hard, His business is normally closed


in the evenings but then he decided to open when he saw many people


were coming in to the city centre. Hundreds, probably thousands. He


kept going until we got rid of the queue. Do you wish you had open?


Yes, I do! 342,000 people came to Hull


during its first week That sounds like a lot,


but how does it compare to other Well, Hull 2017 is so far proving


more popular than the UK's The National Gallery in London


attracts on average around But it's also attracting more


visitors than the UK's most-visited tourist attraction,


the British Museum, which sees an average of 123,000 visitors come


through its doors every week. Hull was outperforming and more


popular than the Golden Globes, Donald Trump and Meryl Streep and


social media this weekend. That is seismic. If Hull continues at this


pace, we will see a very different Hull by the end of the year.


Earlier, I went to Queen Victoria Square and met with Martin Green,


It has been the most extraordinary week of my life.


Of course they make work they think people want to see.


But there is a reaction and then there is a reaction.


Made in Hull, and not just good reaction, but a phenomenon.


What it was about was because the audiences


are from this place and the work was of this place.


So you get this alchemy. But forget all that.


Did you expect that number of people?


Never. We had high hopes, of course we did.


This has certainly caused some controversy today.


Is it art? I think it is.


Because it is a beautiful, handmade object that involves great


creativity and ingenuity, and by putting it into this space,


Tim, it is not a sculpture, it is a 75-metre-long wind turbine.


Mike, I am trying to understand how this turbine blade


And that is the brilliant thing. What are we doing here?


We're having a conversation about, what is art?


For every person that thinks it is, someone will think it is not.


If it had been made by machine rather than the men and women


I think that would take the edge off it.


I still think it is a beautiful object but I think the fact


that it is handmade, for me, really makes it.


And also in this space and what it means for the city


Well, they are obviously talking, but will it get


The same numbers? Well, time will tell.


You make something and you see how people respond to it.


I am really pleased people are having this debate.


How do you keep the momentum going? Well, there is much more to come.


We are standing by the art gallery which reopens


At the beginning of February, our new contemporary art gallery


So there are things happening every week.


They are tapping the wind turbine blade.


You better go down there and frighten them off, I think!


Martin Green talking to me around an hour ago. If you have already been


to visit the blade, what do you think? Is it a stunning piece of art


do you have a different view? Tunis Air to get in touch. Is it in the


right place and do you see it as a piece of art? Maybe you made that


piece of art if you work at Siemens and EU actually like it. Your views


on the blade. Is it art? It herself got people talking. -- and you


actually like it. Like it, love it or maybe you do not


think it is right. Look forward to hearing from you. We will have some


reactions before we finish at seven. A jury has heard how a husband


and wife accused of being connected with smuggling cocaine into Hull


gave different details about where money in their bank


accounts came from. Former P ship steward Edward Tron


told investigators he'd made ?100,000 from gambling -


a figure rejected by his wife Susan The pair are on trial alongside cook


Mark Quilliam at Hull Crown Court. Crispin Rolfe has


sent us this report. The court has heard


that over four years, Edward and Susan Tron deposited


?138,000 into their bank account, money which prosecutors say came


from illegally importing class A drugs into the country


via the Pride of Hull P Well, in statements to officers,


both gave accounts of their versions Susan Tron said it came


from her husband, her inheritance But she did not back up Mr Tron's


assertion that he had made The couple's statements also


differed on how they had come a spare high visibility jacket,


which the prosecution alleged was to be used


for future drug smuggling. Mrs Tron said she had bought them


as Christmas presents. Mr Tron told officers, however,


that he had bought them as gifts Tomorrow, though, 51-year-old


Edward Tron will speak for the first time to the court in person


as the case for the defence begins. He along with Mark Quilliam


is charged with conspiring to import His wife, Susan, is charged


with money laundering. All three deny those charges


and the case continues. The Humberside Police Federation


is calling for all front line It's being claimed the use of


Tasers, which use an electric shock to instantly immobilise an offender,


is less harmful than using a baton. The Police Federation also claims


they help keep police officers safe. From violent domestic incidents


in the home to people on the street carrying weapons,


they are a real useful deterrent. We go out to protect


the public every day, 24/7, and so I am calling


for the introduction of Tasers to all front line officers


to adequately protect themselves Hospital bosses in Hull say they're


having to postpone dozens of operations and clinics


because they've been They've seen a big increase


in the number of seriously ill people being admitted


through accident and emergency. And the East Midlands Ambulance has


had its busiest ever New Year. Our health correspondent


Vicky Johnson reports. Ambulances queueing up outside Hull


Royal and for me, just one sign of a very busy hospital. -- Royal


Infirmary. Managers admit they are struggling to find beds for


patients. Normally, we would have spare capacity, but by the end of


last week, we were up to 95% fill. It is not leave lots of room for


patients to come in. We have to get patients out that safely discharged


so we can manage patients that really need to be here. Doctors say


that the very high number of very ill patients being emitted just


could not have been predicted and so they have had to take drastic


action. Management here say they have had to postpone at least 60


operations last week and they are also looking to delay some


outpatient appointments and procedures or consultants can be


kept free to deal with patients who need urgent attention. Lincoln


County Hospital has also been very busy. Union leaders say that this


has put members under serious pressure. We asked our members


today, what did they think would help the situation? Do we need more


nurses? The response we got was, we need more of everything within the


NHS. This afternoon, the Health Secretary told the House of Commons


work is already under way to dissuade people from using A


unnecessarily. NHS England will continue to explore ways to ensure


that at least some of the patients who do not need to be in our A


can be given good alternative options. With temperatures forecast


to top this week, it is unlikely they will be any easing of pressure


on the NHS as people fall victim to breathing problems and flew. -- flu.


Hospital managers in guilty that the shortage of doctors let to the


closure of the town's minor injuries unit over the weekend. It was forced


to close for almost eight hours on Saturday. Officials say that they


believe it is the first time that they have ever had to close.


You for your company this Monday night on BBC One.


They scared the life out of a Championship side,


now Lincoln City wait to see who they could meet in the fourth


The dream would be drawing Man United at Old Trafford. Or


Liverpool. If you go somewhere to -- like Manchester United, you'll make


many thousands of pounds. Tonight's photograph was taken by


Jim. Thank you for that. We will have a picture at the same time


tomorrow. Good evening, young man. Jim says the funny tweet this week.


He said, I saw the picture of Peter as 007. Zero we his favourite Bond


film is Old Finger. No-one is laughing!


Less a look at the headline for the next 24 hours. The rest of the week,


actually. It is a bit of a treat tonight. It is coming or called on


Thursday and Friday. Lots of sunshine in the north and north-west


and any showers will be sleet and show. -- snow. The isobars here,


producing an Arctic blast from the north-west. We will see the first


snow showers of the season. If you like the cold stuff, it will not


last long because the westerlies will come back by the end of the


weekend and into next week. That is the active cold front that brought


the rain today. It has cleared away and we had brighter skies for a time


before the sunset. This evening and overnight, it is a stroke clear with


one or two showers. The main theme of the weather is a strength of the


wind. Strong gusty westerly winds, temperatures down to three Celsius.


37 Fahrenheit. The sun rises tomorrow at around 8:15 a.m.. Here


are your times of high water. It is a windy day tomorrow but mostly dry


and bright. Sunny spells through the course of the morning. It might well


cloud over from the West. Clouds big enough to produce pure delight


shower and spot of rain. Essentially, we are looking at a dry


day. Let's look at the top temperatures, coming in at around


eight or nine Celsius. That is the mid-40s in Fahrenheit with a strong


and gusty westerly wind. Not so bad on Wednesday but the cold air on


Thursday and Friday. Look at the drop in temperatures with sunshine.


Plenty of sunshine and a scattering of sleet and snow showers. Peter,


that is the forecast. See you tomorrow.


It's been part of Scarborough's coastline for almost 100 years,


but today it's been decided that the town's Futurist Theatre


It comes despite strong protests in the town.


Our reporter Phil Bodmer is in Scarborough tonight.


Well, for 96 years, the Futurist Theatre in Scarborough has laid


hosted a good and great of the showbiz world, including Shirley


Bassey, the Beatles and even Ken Dodd. Today, councils voted narrowly


to demolish this famous old theatre and stabilise the cliff behind it,


cleaning the site potentially for a new development. -- clearing. The


days of the theatre seem numbered. The Conservative Party run council


here say it is not sustainable as a theatrical venue going forward. This


was the reaction today after the historic decision. It has gone on


for 20 years. People have come forward with ideas that have not


backed up with a proper business case to show that after any


refurbishment had been done and any reconfiguration carried out that it


would provide a sustainable theatre. Campaigners hoping to retain the


theatre staged a march today through the railway station over to the town


hall, hoping to persuade councillors for more time to debate the issue


and look at possible alternatives. In the end, they were unsuccessful


in their quest to retain the theatre. We are not likely to see


any action until at least after the summer but there is a distinct


possibility we could see bulldozers on-site at the Futurist Theatre by


the autumn of 2017. And he knows what will take its place? -- who


knows. Always sad to see the loss of a


theatre. The Futurist Theatre in Scarborough.


Drivers are being warned about disruption in Hull


as the Park Street Bridge closes to traffic for the next


The route near St Stephen's Shopping Centre and the Paragon train station


is being closed while strengthening work takes place on the bridge


to allow more traffic on it in the future.


It's really important - it is part of our railway upgrade plan.


What it will do, though, it means that heavier vehicles


can use that bridge, meaning that it eases congestion


in Hull, particularly on Ferensway and to allow traffic to flow around


the city centre a lot better than it does now.


That will cause some problems. We will be across it with regular


traffic reports in the morning in the Carmack breakfast programme. --


in the Breakfast programme. The Hull Aquarium, The Deep,


is looking to recruit Current chief exec Colin Brown


is set to retire this year. The visitor attraction


says its looking for an effective leader who carry out day to day


operations and bring the world class aquarium through the next


phase of development. The role comes with an attractive


salary of ?100,000. In just a few minutes' time,


Lincoln City and Hull City will be drawn out of the hat in the fourth


round of the FA Cup. Hull City are straight


through after a win over Swansea City but the Imps


have a money-spinning replay over Our sports reporter Simon Clark


is in Lincoln to see how the Imps The feel-good factor is back at


Lincoln City. Fans have heard all day for the hottest ticket around.


The FA Cup Third Round replay against Ipswich Town. It was


disappointing that we did not hang on and win but it was a very good


game and the players really did the club proud and the supporters. Let's


all we can finish the job one week on Tuesday and draw at least a


Premiership club, like Man United away from home. I am a Hull City


fan, so I would rather be there. This is the game that got everyone


excited. The Imps took the lead. City are 1-0 up! Robinson has scored


four Lincoln City! After Ipswich equalised, the Imps lead again in


the second half. Your header! Ipswich equalised four minutes from


time. It is back here next week, presenting a problem for this man.


The chairman has to delay holiday plans and he is delighted. We are


bringing back lapsed fans that had probably fallen out of love with


Lincoln City in the last ten years, if you like, and decided, oh, let's


do something else on a Saturday afternoon. They are the ones I am


really happy we are attracting back and they are loving it. They are


loving it again. Long may it continue. Hull City are through to


round four. Hernandez returned from injury to score the first. This


teenager scored the second. His first full club and a winning start


for the new head coach, Marco Silva. We changed many things in the club


also and it is the perfect start with one game. Only 6600 watch The


Tigers owing to a fan boycott. Quite a different sense from hi-vis


Lincoln City fancy about their club. -- from how Lincoln City fans feel


about their club. The draw is about 20 minutes, about


ten pass, quarter past seven. Of course, we will let you know on


social media tonight, on Twitter and Facebook, what happens with that


one. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines... Political turmoil


in Northern Ireland. It's heading for a snap election


after Deputy First Minister The head of Hull 2017 says a turbine


blade which is being displayed for the City of Culture celebrations


is an example of art. Tomorrow's weather -


mostly dry and bright with a little I was talking earlier about the


Humberside Police Federation column for all front line officers to be


armed with Kaiser -- Tasers. It is claimed they are less harmful than


using a bat. We will talk about that in the late news tonight at half


past ten. The subject of Tasers one you might want to comment on at half


past ten, as usual. When I was talking to Mark green, it


was an amazing sight to look at the blade. 250 feet long. If you haven't


been into town yet, you must come and have a look at the centre of


Hull. It is amazing. You wonder, like I did, how they can bolt that


laid on to the middle bit. We must do a film about it some time, and


that is the thing that fascinates us all, when you see the size of it.


But is it art? That is what I asked earlier. It is interesting, watching


the number of people tapping the blade and trying to make a sound


underneath it. Is it art or not? Henry is an engineer and says, it is


not. It is an engineering artefact carefully and intensely designed to


meet the specification. Forget art and celebrate engineering


achievement and celebrate the fact that Hull can make it. Interesting


one near. Andrew says, it is symbolic, athletic and inspires


discussion. What more do you want? This one says, it is amazing. We are


told we cannot afford money to repair the roads but somehow we find


enough money to dig up working lamp posts and traffic lights to move a


pointless I saw into the city centre. As you now from the report,


quite a lot of street movement to get the blade into the city centre.


This says, what a load of twaddle. It is a wind turbines blade that you


can see all over the country. Sue says, as an outsider, I was looking


forward to visiting Victoria Square with the new statue, paving and


lovely buildings. A cultural scene if ever there was one. I am, says


Sue, a -- standard and dismayed to see a giant white monstrosity.


Finally, Marton says, I will definitely be going to Hull to see


that magnificent sculpture of engineer Bart, -- art, whereas I


would not walk as far as Mike garden gate to see anything by the likes of


Damien Hirst! Thank you for that. Job-related you


can at half past ten. If not, I will see you tomorrow at half past six.


-- joined me later if you cannot have past ten.


Panorama investigates the deadly terrorist attack


and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?


but it's not always the right thing for one person.


we've run at almost completely 100% capacity.


We've got lots of patients now competing. There's no beds.


I do the right thing all the time in this job,


but it's not always the right thing for one person.


I do the right thing for the hospital.


Sometimes I stop things happening, yeah.


This winter, in a ground-breaking new series,


At some point somebody will be telling us


whether we're allowed to do any work.


..to reveal how they make the toughest decisions of all.