06/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Vigilante farmers declare war on gangs with dogs terrifying people


They came at me because my vehicle was blocking their exit.


There are people who are afraid to leave their own home.


They would, um, kill us if they could, I think.


The city of lights - organisers claim more than 100,000


people have flocked to night-time events in Hull since it became


There are just two more evenings left to see this spectacle


that has stirred the emotions of the people of Hull.


There is a buzz in Lincoln as the city's football team head off


And the campaign for a knighthood for the last


living British Dambuster gets celebrity backing.


He's one of the most charming people you could ever wish to meet,


and if anybody has given a public service to this country,


And a quiet and largely dry weekend to come. I will be back later with


the details. Farmers in Lincolnshire say


they are having to take the law into their own hands in order


to stop hare coursing. They claim criminal gangs


are trespassing on their land on an almost daily basis to take


part in the illegal blood sport, and are becoming increasingly


violent when confronted. The latest figures show that 19


people have been arrested or reported so far this season


for hare coursing in Lincolnshire. Seven dogs have been seized


and two vehicles taken. Police say dealing with


the activity, which sees dogs used to chase hares through fields,


is at the top of their agenda. Here's our rural affairs


correspondent, Paul Murphy. Chasing and killing hares


with dogs has been banned But you wouldn't know it


from looking at social media. It is awash with footage of those


who continue to break the law. What is changing, though,


is the level of violence that hare coursers mete out to those


who try to stop them. They came at me because my vehicle


was blocking their exit and they immediately started


to throw rocks at me, with me in the vehicle,


and hammered the side of my vehicle so that they could get


past and escape. These hare coursers escaped,


leaving their vehicle behind. They came back later to set it


alight, possibly to destroy any These actions are creating


fear in this community. This woman would only talk


if we didn't show her face. They have become aggressive, nasty,


uncontrollable and intimidating. There are people who are afraid


to leave their own home. I've spoken to several farmers


here on the Lincolnshire fens today, and although a lot of them have very


strong opinions, none of them wanted to appear on camera,


or to be identified, and that's simply because they are


afraid, they are afraid of the consequences for them


and for their families, the reprisals that could come


from the hare coursers. We know, as a police service,


we've got to up our game and make best use of our resources,


but the farming community needs to work with us,


it needs to keep itself safe and it needs to assist proactively


when we can prosecute. But hare coursing posts on social


media make a mockery of the law. In fact, some coursers take a thrill


from being chased themselves. The vehicle in pursuit


is being driven by a landowner. It's thought the injured hare


in the footwell was being taken away because it might have been


used as evidence. This is a stinger,


we put it in a gateway... This farmer says he's done


with relying on the police. He is making police style stingers


to puncture the tyres Other landowners are using drones


to monitor the fields. This farmer can only


watch as two cars drive Fields across this area show


signs of car damage. They would, um, kill us


if they could, I think. They've got no scruples, they have


got no respect for anybody. What we'd like to do is help


the police catch the culprits, but the police seem very reluctant


to talk to us and to work with us. It was in this same community


that Lincolnshire Police launched its anti-hare coursing


strategy last September. But the hare coursers,


like the ones seen here speeding through a farm shop car park,


are continuing to blight local life. I can see the lengths that farmers


have gone to, with trenches dug, with bollards in place,


massive rocks to try and deter them. It's not the farmers that


need to try and do more, As a resident, what I would like to


see is a greater police presence. But the hare coursers


are undeterred, even filming In a police force where resources


are stretched, these criminal gangs know they currently


have the upper hand. Some strong feelings from people in


South Lincolnshire. What have the police had to say? This is at the


top of the Lincolnshire Police agenda, the question is whether they


are capable of dealing with. They say they are facing two judges,


firstly the geography of linkage, and the second is the difficulty of


bringing prosecutions against hare coursers because you have to catch


them in the act and find witnesses who are courageous enough to stand


up and testify against them and that is proving challenging. The


Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner has button to us and


says he will be meeting with the new Chief Constable when he starts work


in the coming weeks but certainly the force has a long way to go to


win back the confidence of those people in South Lincolnshire who are


being terrorised on a daily basis. As I say, we would like to hear your


views on this. Are the police doing enough to protect immunities? Here


are the details. -- protect communities.


I look forward to hearing from you on that subject and we will have


some before we finish. The new boss at Hull City,


Marco Silva, says it would be a miracle if they avoid relegation


from the Premier League. The Tigers sit bottom of the table,


and Silva also admits there isn't After arriving from Portugal,


he'll take charge of his first game As first meetings go, it was a short


debut from Marco Silva, who was introducing himself to supporters


after Mike Phelan's sacking. Many needed the introduction and most had


not even heard of the Portuguese when he was appointed, but the


39-year-old, who has coached in Greece and in his man, feels he is


the man to point Hull City in the right direction. -- in his homeland.


When you get a question about working in the Premier League or


working in Hull, it is not an easy decision. But it is a good club. The


Premier League is a fantastic step. Mourinho is Mourinho. He is a


friend, also. He is a great ambassador for the Portuguese


people. We want a lot of money to spend, but we have had to do what is


the best weather team, and for sure, we need to improve our team. We need


to do what is possible. How do you rate your prospects of surviving in


the Premier League? We need a miracle to remain in the Premier


League. Sometimes they happen. Maybe in May, it might happen. We will


see. But not everyone will see his first game against Swansea tomorrow


as some are planning to boycott it input -- in protest at the club's


owners. A big day for Hull City,


and we will be hearing about Lincoln City's big day


in the FA Cup tomorrow A man has admitted murdering a woman


whose body was found at a house in Lincolnshire.


Casey Scott, who is 29 and from Skegness, pleaded guilty


at Lincoln Crown Court to killing 28-year-old


Lenuta Ioana Haidemac in July. Her body was found at a house


in Drummond Road in Skegness. A jury's heard how two men accused


of smuggling Class A drugs into the UK by ferry were secretly


filmed talking in a Hull pub. A team of undercover officers


targeted P ship steward Edward Tron and cook Mark Quilliam


in June 2015. The pair deny charges


of conspiring to import cocaine, and Mr Tron's wife, Susan,


denies money laundering. The number of people attending A


departments in Lincolnshire rose by 11% in the week


between Boxing Day Just over 2800 people went


into hospitals in Lincoln, That's 300 more


than the week before. More than 150,000 people have been


to visit Hull during the first week A giant light show called


Made in Hull has drawn visitors to the city centre


every night this weekend. Organisers say they are delighted


with how it's been received. Caroline Bilton is live in Queen


Victoria Square for us tonight. Did they expect this many people?


Well, it is state they have been pleasantly surprised. Just take a


look at these cries this evening. The bad weather has not put people


off. This amazing spectacle is what they are here to see. It has been


like this every night of this week. To see this many people in the


centre of Hull on a series of weekday evenings is unprecedented.


It is not just here in Queen Victoria Square. Over at The Deep


just five minutes away from where I am, crowds are gathering to watch


more amazing projections that tell the story of Hull. We know from


talking to local businesses that there has been an increase in


footfall, they have been telling us it has been the busiest ever start


to a year. Today we got the official figures that confront that. 150,000


people have been coming to the city from Sunday to Wednesday and of


course, that figure will increase when we get the final figure on


Monday. It has been amazing, people have been in tears here tonight,


Peter. This is what they have been telling me.


Just everything, really. Absolutely brilliant. It was brilliant. I have


come all the way from Nottingham to see it because I come from Hull. My


mum is very into theatre things in placement. It is so amazing, I have


never seen anything like it. I have heard about it but I am gobsmacked.


Wonderful. All of this has helped to catapult


the city into the spotlight. Not all of it has been positive media


coverage. Earlier this week, the Sun paper faced criticism for running an


article referring to the city as the "Scrapital of Culture", alluding to


the violence in the city on New Year's Eve. But today, the paper has


published a more positive article in response to that criticism. On the


invite of Apprentice star Michelle Dewberry, they have to at the city


and they have delivered a report that gives a more fair


representation of the city's culture. So, there are just two more


nights to see this spectacle, this most amazing spectacle here in Hull.


Tonight and tomorrow are expected to be incredibly busy, the advice is to


come early if you can or indeed later. It runs from 4pm until nine


p.m.. And traffic is a lot busier than normal. Questions are being


asked as to whether or not this could run later in the year and I'm


afraid the organisers have told us that the answer is no, but they do


say that there are a lot more exciting things coming our way over


the next year and if this is anything to go by, beta, we have got


an awful lot to look forward to. -- Peter.


There's a buzz in Lincoln as the city's football team head off


And the campaign for a knighthood for the last British Dambuster


BBC One, tonight's photograph and keep those coming in. This was taken


by Nick Hedges of Beverley. Lots of people took photos of the contrails


yesterday. It would be nice if we could have a forecast for Christmas


night or Christmas Day. You are very cheeky! I suppose I


should be pleased you are listening and watching me!


I was watching the graphics very carefully. I wouldn't mind, but you


made the big mistake and I get all the grief of highlighting it, so I


can't win. Thanks a bunch! Lots going on this


weekend. The weather does not look too bad. There is not to be lots of


sunshine, there will be quite a lot of cloud, but at least it will be


generally dry. The best of any sunshine should be tomorrow. High


pressure dominating, but it is quite cloudy. Underneath the cloud it will


feel chilly. But we are frost free. A lot of cloud across our part of


the world and it has been producing rain through the afternoon. That


rain is now starting to move away. Followed by a few showers and quite


a lot of cloud. A bit of a grey night to come but I think it will


become dry overnight and temperatures will fall around -- to


around three four Celsius. The sun will rise at 17 minutes past eight,


setting again just before four p.m.. Here are the times of high water.


Tomorrow, there will be a lot of cloud, particularly to start. But we


should see an improvement. We will keep quite a lot of cloud but we


should get some break if not sunny spells. Across parts of East


Yorkshire, north-eastern part of Lincolnshire, we get the best of the


brightness later on in the afternoon. And it will be a dry


afternoon, like south-westerly breeze, temperatures getting up to


around eight Celsius. On Sunday, there will still be a lot of cloud,


so another fairly cloudy day to come. Rather blustery on Monday. On


Monday, a band of rain will sink southwards, perhaps some heavy


spells and blustery winds. Sunshine and blustery showers later in the


day. The rest of the week will be quite unsettled.


You can do no wrong, you make no mistake, I highlight it and I have


the deal with the grief! There were a lot of people who


highlighted it to me as well. Although Paul said it was an easy


mistake to make because he makes quite a few as well.


Have a nice weekend. Almost 5000 supporters will be


backing Lincoln City tomorrow as the Imps aim to cause a shock


in the FA Cup. They will play at Ipswich,


a team three divisions above them, and City are one of just five


non-league sides left If they were feeling nervous,


they didn't show it as they boarded the bus to Ipswich this morning


for one of their It was a surprise win over


League One team Oldham last month But they are feeling good


about the next round. There's definitely a buzz


about the lads and they're looking We're the underdogs


at the end of the day, So I think there's been a good


feeling about the place. The Imps' FA Cup run


comes as they sit top of the National League,


so with their current success, there's plenty of support


in the city, with around 5,000 fans expected to make the trip to Ipswich


for the match tomorrow. That's more than normally attend


a Lincoln City home game, which average crowds


of just 3,500 people. And in the morning, at least


25 coaches will carry those fans the 150 miles


from Lincoln to Ipswich. But there, they will


face tough opposition. Ipswich Town are three


divisions above, So, the manager says


they will need their fans. The connection between the players


and supporters is really strong. I think the reason why is


because there is natural chemistry. Lincoln as a city is full of honest,


hard-working, down-to-earth we would like to think our group


has similar traits. And even non football fans here say


they are backing the local team. You do feel that


it's something good. I think sport in general makes


a difference to people, and when you're on the winning side,


it lifts the spirit. Well, I would have thought the whole


city is feeling good about it. I can remember when I was a boy


and supported Lincoln City, it was a good football club,


the feeling was good and I think A win against Ipswich tomorrow


could take Lincoln's cup earnings to well over ?250,000,


but for the fans heading to the game, it is worth


so much more than money. Sarah Walton,


BBC Look North, in Lincoln. There are also games


for Scunthorpe United The Iron will move up to second


place in League One if they win Grimsby Town will be out


to extend their unbeaten run In rugby league,


Hull Kingston Rovers will be looking to get revenge over Hull FC


when the sides meet in Last January, Hull won by 60 points


to 20 on the eve of the season. The two sides face each other


this weekend in what could be A petition to get the last


British Dambuster a knighthood has been signed by more


than 160,000 people. George "Johnny" Johnson


was part of 617 Squadron, which was formed at


RAF Scampton near Lincoln. TV presenter Carol Vorderman


is backing the campaign and I will be talking


to her in a moment, but first, The campaign surrounding a


knighthood for George "Johnny" Johnson, the last remaining British


Dambuster, continues to gather momentum like a bouncing bomb


itself. With campaigns and thinning he has been snubbed from this year's


honours list. But what evidence is there to show he could have been


snubbed, and is it that simple to be awarded a knighthood for being a


last remaining Dambuster? It was Wing Commander Guy Gibson who led


the raid. He was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1943 and died in


the war a year later. Aviation engineer Barnes Wallis was the


inventor of the bouncing bomb. He did receive a knighthood for work


and services to his country in 1968, 11 years before his death. Johnny


Johnson ain't and dropped the bombs. It was one of 34 awarded the


distinguished flying medal for his part in the race. -- and was one.


But there are rules which make things more complicated for today.


The rules state you have to be active in the areas for which you


are being nominated, so Strictly speaking, Johnny's achievements,


certainly with regard to the Dambusters, happened many years ago.


But he is still active within the community and doing charity work, so


it just depends house straight the Cabinet Office want to enforce that.


The nomination can take up to two years. One campaigner we spoke to


officially nominated Mr Johnson in November of 2015. An application


that does not expire until June. But it did not make this new years list.


Size ambassador for the RAF Air Cadets, Carol Vorderman, who has


also met Johnny Johnson, has also submitted a nomination and started a


petition which has gained over 150,000 signatures so far. But if he


got it, what then? If it comes off, I shall ask with due humility and


majesty, if I can dedicate it to the 55,000 Bomber Command aircrews who


gave their lives to their countries during the war. I think she would


agree and that is the way I think it should go.


I asked Carol Vorderman if she was surprised by the reaction


to Mr Johnson being overlooked for an honour since we first talked


I'm not so much surprised as absolutely overjoyed, really. The


response has been tremendous, because he is such an incredible


man. Do you know what the latest figure is the number of people that


have been signing this petition this week? It is phenomenal. I only


launched its two days ago, and within 48 hours, there were 150,000.


It is now over 160,000 by this evening, I don't know how many. He


has been recognised for his military achievements. Why do think he needs


and deserves a knighthood? Johnny Johnson is quite an incredible


person. That only was he part of 617 Squadron and the Dambusters crew,


which is remarkable in itself, he has worked tirelessly with and for


children and charities ever since. He is one of the most charming


people you could ever wish to meet and if anybody has given of public


service to this country, it is Johnny Johnson. What do you think


about the system generally? One thing that has want people up is


that civil servants on 106 to ?5,000 a year or Victoria Beckham --


Beckham getting awards are people like Johnny. I think it is


reasonable for people like Victoria Beckham to get an award, or Andy


Murray, they are people who are part of the National culture. But I have


a problem with David Cameron's spin doctor been given a knighthood, or


certain civil servants, and they are given it for public service. Johnny


Johnson has given of himself and of public service more, I believe, than


they have, and he absolutely deserves a knighthood. So, do you


think now we have got their names on this petition and they are handed to


Theresa May or the Cabinet, do you think this decision can be reversed?


I am doing a fresh official nomination and within the next two


weeks, I want as many people as possible to carry on signing the


petition so the number can grow to the highest peak, and then I will


take that petition and the official nomination to Downing Street and if


they do not let me in, I will go to the Cabinet Office next door and


leave it there. We wish you well with that. Carroll, thank you for


your time. Thank you. Keep signing! Thank you for all the e-mails and


texts. We will follow the story and let you know if there are any


developments. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. A new legal challenge to allow


the terminally ill the right to die Vigilante farmers declare war


on gangs with dogs terrifying people Tomorrow's weather -


cloudy, but some bright or sunny spells possible,


especially across East Yorkshire. A response on the subject of hare


coursing after the report at the start of the problem. Martin says,


police should deploy resources to stop these thugs taking their --


take their cars and dogs and children. Rural communities do not


get the resources they should. Ian says, hare coursing is a despicable


pastime that is against the law. The police have to prioritise resources


and their priority is quietly -- quite rightly the protection of the


public. And this one, we had hare coursers on our fields at one


o'clock in the afternoon on Wednesday. My son rang the police,


we watched them for an hour as one retrieved his dog and walked past


me. David says, the police can only do so much. Would it be an idea to


seek temporary resources from a neighbouring authority? A big


response on the subject of hare coursing from serving as you. Thank


you for watching. Have a nice weekend, enjoy Made in Hull if


you're going. I will see you on Monday, take care. Good night.


Panorama investigates the deadly terrorist attack


and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?