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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Hull City appoint a man described as the new Mourinho


Hopefully he can bring some new talent in and ideas. Let's hope he


can wait for us. Protecting workers' rights -


a local MP demands The rights we have in this country


as working people are pretty scant, for those who have been made


redundant or fired, they realise the ability to access rights are


difficult. The court trial of ferry workers


accused of drug smuggling hears After winning Strictly Come Dancing,


Grimsby's Joanne Clifton tells us A cold night to come but changes are


on the way. Join me for the detailed forecast.


Hull City have turned to Portugal for the man they hope will keep them


Marco Silva has barely played or managed outside his homeland


but today took over at the Premier League's bottom club.


He's been labelled the "New Mourinho" by some


commentators and has 18 games to save his new side.


Amanda White has spent much of the day at Hull


If you are not an expert on European football then you've probably never


He's Marco Silva, and he's swapped the Mediterranean Sun for a chilly


I think it is good, the blueprint for teams, young going forward.


Let's hope it can wait press. Hopefully some new talent in and new


ideas to help brighten the team up, good attacking style playing that we


can win. Hopefully we will be OK. So what do we know


about Marco Silva. He was a right back and played his


whole career in Portugal. He got his first club - Estoril -


promoted to the top league and won the Portugese cup


with Sporting Lisbon but was sacked for not wearing the club's


official suit at that final. Last season his side Olympiakos


set a European record as they won 17 games in a row -


on their way to the Greek title. I think it is an appointment that


shows ambition and vision. I think it should energise the players. I


feel confident he can improve the players collectively and


individually in the short term. So Marco Silva and his coaching team


took their first training session today with a weighty task


ahead of them. Hull City sit bottom of the table


and have won just one The club's owners will be


hoping they've picked The new manager and his tactics have


been kept under wraps here today. He does have a couple of cup games


coming up in the next week but surely Marco Silva s biggest task is


keeping Hull city in the Premier league.


Danny Mills is a former England international who has played


What do you make of this appointment? Well, it was almost


inevitable. Mike Phelan was going to get sacked at some point, bottom of


the table, difficult. At this time of year, many owners and chairmen


think about getting a new manager and that will improve their


fortunes. It is not always the case and it rarely happens. It seems


left-field, silver-macro coming in, not much is known about him but you


could say the same about Pochettino and clawed pre-old. Clearly, they


have done their homework. He was a man that means there was no


compensation to pay to any other club which is attractive. Young,


good coach working under Mourinho so clearly has a good grounding. It is


a gamble but any new manager is at this time of the season. If the job


at Hull given a team they have an position, is it a poisoned chalice?


Not really, I think the fact the new manager comes in, he has nothing to


lose. Everyone expects them to go down, they played against Everton


and realistically Snodgrass is their only real player of any note and


quality. If they lose him, they are in big big trouble. He signed a new


contract but that does not make much difference in this day and age. They


are struggling. I feel sorry for Mike Phelan who took the job


temporarily, no transfer window or kitty to spend. And that makes it


hard. Will Marco have guaranteed money in his pockets to spend


immediately? I would be surprised if he hadn't. Must be some players


coming in, on loan deals or permanent but his contract for 18


months but with a caveat after six months if they do not survive the


Premier league, it could be ended. I'd have they had it? It will be


very difficult for them. I do not see them scoring enough goals unless


the new manager can bring in a couple of goal-scorers I get them


1015 goals between now and the end of the season. Thank you for your


time. Marco Silva may be the most famous Portuguese man in Hull, he is


not the only one. Around two thousand Portugese


people have swapped scenes Despite this, there's only one


Portugese restaurant in the city - and today's news about Marco Silva


arriving - has got them all reminiscing about


when they moved here. Confused! I saw everything different


than Portugal when I came here. Oh, my God. Really confusing. Definitely


the weather. It is nothing compared. The summer term is quite sure. The


Hull people are nice, you walk on the street and people wave. Smiling


for you. In Portugal, people... The football is always on here -


and staff say Mr Silva would be I think he will do well. Visionary.


How would you treat him? Like a VIP. He is well-known person and I would


be over the moon if he came here. It might not hurt to learn a bit of


Portuguese yourself. Hull City bottom of the Premier


league table. That has not stopped them joking about what a title


winning party would look like. Fish, Portuguese tap us but they would be


Portuguese drinks behind the bar, liqueurs, wine and port.


But the Tigers need a few more goals before that can happen.


The first parts for wind turbines have left


The company's Green Port officially opened last month.


More than ?300 million have been invested in the site


The Sea Challenger left this morning heading for a wind farm


which is being built off the Norfolk coast.


First sail out, culmination of three or four years of hard work, not just


to build blades but to construct the site, plan it and three assembly and


load take place. Superb. History in Hull this morning.


Health bosses say they will try to keep some care services


in Wainfleet in Lincolnshire after the town's GP surgery closed.


Wainfleet Surgery, which was used by more than two thousand patients,


shut down last November because of safety concerns.


Today the local Clinical Commissioning Group said GP


shortages mean the surgery cannot be replaced, but neighbouring practices


will be asked to run a reduced service in the town.


We have heard about the distance people have to travel and the issues


around local transport so what we would want to do is make sure they


have access to the right services in Wainfleet, it does not mean they


have to travel for some services but primarily we would like to provide


services as locally as possible. We have followed that story from the


start and will continue to do so. The trial of a former P+O crew


member accused of conspiring to smuggle cocaine into Hull


on a ferry has today heard how The jury were shown secret filming


from an undercover officer's car in which Edward Tron allegedly


confesses to repeatedly Caroline Bilton was in court


and sent this report. Edward Tron worked as a steward on


board the P and a very to Rotterdam. It takes passengers to Holland.


Today, the jury was shown more secret filming taken from inside a


car of an undercover police officer in which he allegedly confesses to


earning thousands of pounds a trip smuggling cocaine through the port.


We can be seen telling the undercover officer known as Bill how


we need the money to pay off debts and today that undercover officer


was questioned by the defence. The jury heard staff on the family were


suspicious of this undercover officer, they thought he was a spy


sent from headquarters in Dover. It was unusually turned up for work out


of the blue. Edward Tron can be seen telling the officer about the


Liverpool drug dealers he was working with but defending today, it


was put to the officer, this was all an elaborate hoax to which the


officer replied, absolutely not. The defendant was enthusiastic and


knowledgeable about how much money he made and what it did with the


drugs and it was a detailed account from a man who was dreaming, he


said. Edward Tron is on trial with another employee named Mark Quilley


and both are accused of conspiracy to import cocaine and also the wife


accused of laundering money. They deny the charges and the trial


continues. The government should commit


to protecting existing workers' rights after Britain leaves


the European Union. That's the demand from


Grimsby MP Melanie Onn. She wants EU rules written


into UK law to protect against changes to paid holiday,


rest breaks and redundancies. Businesses argue it is a chance to


free Britain from too much red tape. One of Britain's biggest decisions -


which EU laws to keep? The Great Grimsby MP Melanie Onn has


already chosen some - People deserve to know their rights


will not be detrimental it. Melanie Onn's


pushing ahead with a bill to adopt EU employment


legislation into UK law ... In an attempt to stop the government


weakening worker's rights I am trying to make sure this stays


at the top of the agenda and provides a bill that ensures the


right people currently enjoy while at work are continued going forward.


A significant amount of UK employment law


So the UK government needs to decide which EU laws


That means anything - including holiday pay,


agency worker rights, paternity and maternity pay -


But trade unions, the Labour Party and many Conservatives say they're


But others like Hull Haulier Dominic Yeardley


see leaving the EU as a chance for change.


People would not have voted to leave the EU without major consideration


of reviewing the laws, it is time for people to be taking a look and


thinking, this is a good opportunity to review what is in place.


employment lawyer Mary Walker says no one should worry.


She says little will change legally with or without Melanie Onn's bill.


When it comes to family friendly policies come body are maternity,


leave and pay is higher than in Europe, holiday leave is larger than


Europe, there are huge swathes of protection laws greater in the UK


than the EU. But with Brexit creating


an uncertain future for many Melanie Onn insists parliament


would do well to agree her plans to ensure workers'


rights aren't eroded. Do you think ALL workers' rights


should be protected after Brexit - or is it up to the UK government


to decide which rules Perhaps you are an employer -


do you think there Does the government need to make it


easier to employ workers? Still ahead tonight: We look


at the next steps for Grimsby's strictly dance champion Joanne


Clifton. Sunset at Risby Lake,


Walkington by Carolyn Murray. My favourite text... Good evening.


You like the fishermen don't you peter! My favourite text, we love


Owen, can we have him more often? I might get that framed. Owen is on at


10:30pm with a new hairdo. Three cases of hairspray as usual. The


headline... A frosty start, some rain coming through in the course of


tomorrow afternoon and milder air from the West. You can see on the


sequence high-pressure gives way, weather front is coming raw


afternoon and over the weekend high-pressure to the south, a run of


westerly air from the near Atlantic so it will be milder. Fine weather


this weekend, cloud but some sunshine. You can see on the


satellite picture, it has been largely clear but the sun has set


and temperatures dropping away. We all ready have a frost in the


sunspots. Dry and clear, a straightforward forecast tonight,


the breeze will pick up from the south-west later but not before


temperatures drop back to minus three Celsius. A frosty night on the


cards. A cold if bright start with sunshine


first thing, cloud will push in from the West through the morning. It


turns out to be fairly miserable by the end of the day, cloudy, rain,


and it will feel pretty cold out of doors. A wind chill, top


temperatures of four or 5 degrees. Milder over the weekend, quite


cloudy but mostly dry and with any luck some sunshine developing in


places. Peter, that is the forecast. Fans of the Welsh windbag will be


pleased at that prospect. You should see how much hairspray he uses. He


is worse than a woman. There is a hole in the ozone layer when he


walks around. You do not have to wear hairspray, for some reason,


peter! She was the winner of the biggest


show on television - taking home the Glitterball


alongside her partner sports But now Grimsby dancer


Joanne Clifton is moving on from Phillip Norton has interrupted


rehearsals to have a chat with her. 80 weeks ago it was strictly Come


Dancing crowning glory for Joanne Clifton and she is finding her feet


again. Normally I do not sing or speak like dancing wise you are just


there and technique and perform. This time you have to perform at 360


degrees with the acting, singing and dancing. It is quite difference and


manic. But it has been a childhood dream of mine. 13 million watched as


Joanne and Ore Oduba were awarded the glitter ball before Christmas.


She beat her big brother Kevin in the final. Everyone sawed-off


reaction, the moment your names were announced. How did you feel? We


didn't expect it in the slightest. She read our names out quickly, and


I was like, what? I could not remember anything after that apart


from my brother picked me up, spun me around and then I went towards


the glitter ball with Tess and Claudia and I remember nearly


fainting and all I was thinking was I did not hear what he said. I


thought I was fainting on live TV. Keep calm and breed. She was cast in


a musical, the story of a girl who goes to New York to follow their


dreams, similar to how she left Grimsby to move to Italy for a


career in dancing. I can relate to the character because the musical


stars -- starts with me turning around and arriving off the train in


New York and looking around and being excited but nervous. I


remember that moment getting off the plane in Italy on my own without


anyone and going, OK. What now? Following the dancing dream. Yeah.


Her busy schedule mean she has not been back to Grimsby as much as she


would like but is determined to do her hometown crowd in her new role.


I cannot thank the people of Grimsby enough, we get so much support.


Thank you to everyone who supported me and Kevin and Louise and Karen


and those who voted for us. I cannot thank you enough. You have changed


everything for me. Joanne hopes to defend her strictly crown later in


the year but for now it is milli on her mind but if the curtain up later


this month. Good luck to Joanne. Lincoln City's Chairman says


the club is in the black The Imps' future was cast in doubt


because of their debts - but they've gradually


improved their financial They're currently top


of the National League and face Ipswich Town in the third


round of the FA Cup on Saturday. The Rugby League Challenge Cup first


round draw will take place Hull FC coach Lee Radford


will conduct the draw following his side's victory


in the cup last year. 32 amateur sides, including five


from Hull and East Yorkshire, From Tom Hanks Toulalan Hardy, some


of the most famous icons in Hollywood.


What have people made of this? The event has got off to an outstanding


start. Hundreds of people have flocked through the town, word of


mouth is spreading about the city of Culture. I understood outside this


building. It's day five of the opening event


for Hull 2017 'made in Hull' and I'm here at the C4DI building


which is where you can see the good people of the city posing


as their favourite Hullywood Icons. You can see them all being projected


onto the building behind me. The images of Hollywood, people of


the city posing in their favourite film roles, it is captured the


attention of Hollywood and castaway... Found himself a national


news. You have seen the Hollywood legends but surely there is room for


another, perhaps shaken not stirred. As a joke on Twitter, I challenged


Peter Levy to choose his Hollywood icon and to my surprise he


responded. And then the choice of who he would be was down to Peter.


As it is with all icons. The next thing I heard was I have a car and


the gun. So, who would have thought, Peter Levy turns Sean Connery in 00


heaven. Manage expectations. There is that one. But that is the shot


you are talking about. You're standing right but he looks down.


That mod night annex in your legs. Fantastic. It is the first time I


have held a gun. It is a toy one. I think it went all right. He is


working limited material. Sean Connery come he has got me. We


showed one of the finishing results to one of the Bond girls. Peter has


got off too lightly. You needs a bigger challenge,... More of a


Daniel Craig? Absolutely. And if you are pretending you're James Bond, it


can help to tell the police first. We had reports of a man coming along


with a gun in his hand. I am innocent! There were no arrests.


Time for the big reveal as one of these will make it into the Hall of


Fame. That was brilliant. My money is on you to pay the next Bond. If


you want to see more of Peter Levy and Tinseltown heroes, head over to


the website. Peter, from me, do not give up the day job. No intention!


Thank you. If you want to see those pictures again, should you want it,


we'll put them on Twitter and Facebook.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines The woman


who helped change the way we deal with rape - Jill Saward -


has died aged fifty one. Hull City appoint a man


described as the new Mourinho as their head coach.


Tomorrow's weather: Mostly cloudy but dry in the morning.


Workers' rights earlier, David says we have plenty of protection before


the EU and we do not need them to continue after we leave. Bring back


the sensible UK laws which were used to have and abolish the ludicrous EU


laws and red tape. Allen says the government stated months ago all EU


law would be incorporated into UK law as part of the Brexit process.


Les says it is a shame other MPs and ministers are not doing the same.


Sean says a good way of stripping employees of their rights under the


guise of getting rid of red tape. Chris says correctly if I am wrong


but didn't the government say all EU laws would be adopted into UK law?


Thank you for those and for watching. Join me later. I will see


you tomorrow night. Take care.