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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


A warning about elderly people losing their life savings


to a growing army of scammers in Lincolnshire and the


It's become an addiction, he's now in the state where every day,


he's out at the front of the house, three or four times


After the sacking of Mike Phelan, the search for a new head coach


The crew accused of running a cocaine smuggling operation


They refused to pay for permits, now residents in Grimsby


complain they can't park outside their own homes.


If you move, you can't come back in the street.


And the new pilots who say they're living their childhood dream


I called 24-hour to convert all change on Friday, join me for the --


a cold 24 hours to come but all change on Friday, join me for the


forecast. There are warnings that thousands


of people in Lincolnshire, many of them elderly,


could lose their savings and even their homes because they're


being targeted by postal The number of people in the County


who've fallen victim has risen by almost 50% to more than 2,000


in the last year alone. Trading Standards say it's


becoming a huge problem, especially for the elderly,


the vulnerable and the lonely. Our Political reporter


Sharon Edwards has more. Bogus lotteries, fake psychics,


Kate Cifildi from Spalding says her You fill in an order form


and you send them money. Then they tell you that


you are going to go into a draw. He is now in the state


where every day he is out at the front of the house,


three or four times The gentleman in receipt of this


mail has been known to get up He like many others has


found himself on a list being passed between fraudsters,


a list of people particularly vulnerable and it just results


in more and more mail. Over the past year Trading Standards


in Lincolnshire has been working to a list of 1,500 identified


victims of mail marketing scams. But during that time the list has


grown to more than 2,000. That includes those targeted over


the Internet and telephone. Some are spending up


to ?700 a month. But they say these figures


are the tip of the iceberg and are visiting victims to try


and get them to stop. Ultimately, people can end


up without any money, without their home, in care and it


does happen in Lincolnshire. This man's mother, also


living in Lincolnshire, has been scammed and he is calling


for a bigger police response. The police have got to accept


that this is a major crime. Each ?15, ?20, ?30 cheque


is a tiny amount of money in the police's terms,


I understand that. Actually when you add all this lot


together this is happening 9.4 billion going out


of the country. That's going towards trafficking,


towards drugs, towards terrorism. These scams are orchestrated


by gangs of criminals often working abroad but the individual


impact is huge. Joining me now is Marilyn Baldwin,


whose mother Jessica She is joining us now, good evening.


Good evening. You have had first-hand experience about this,


how dangerous is it? It is very dangerous and very serious and very


endemic. My mother was picked him and was targeted by postal fraud 15


years ago, -- she was a victim, she spent the last five years of her


life reading, writing and responding to scams. She became so brainwashed


that the family could not make a see reason. She was not diagnosed with


having any mental incapacity and she continued to be scammed until she


died. Is it unfair to call this almost an addiction? It is not an


addiction because what these criminals are doing is they are


posing as a whole host of additional characters, some of the scams are


clairvoyant scams, they are threatening harm to the family. It


is not an addiction if someone is sending them money every week to


protect themselves. So why do you think so many people are falling


prey to these? The old saying is, if it looks too good to be true, it


probably is, and I'm surprised that people do not pick up on that.


Modern technology has made mailing lists readily available to


everybody, and these criminals will work from mailing lists that


categorise people as being elderly or vulnerable in some way, living on


their own breed, so they know exactly who they are going for. They


are -- living on their own or bereaved, they know they are going


to people who are overly trusting or who are in the early stage of


dementia. These crimes are silent because most people do not recognise


they are being scammed. Advice of people who think they are being


scammed, or think their parents may be being scammed, is what? The first


point of call is trading standards, they are doing some fantastic work


around scams, but in the long-term, the government needs to recognise


the scale of the problem that it is, and get help for victims who, like


my mother, cannot recognise they are being scammed even though they are


accessing all the help available to them.


Less than 24 hours after sacking Head Coach Mike Phelan, Hull City


could be about to replace him with their first


The club say they hope to have the new man in place


Phelan was dismissed after almost three months in the job,


following a dismal set of results which has seen them fall


Our Sports Reporter Matt Dean is at the KCOM Stadium.


Good evening, well, given that table position of Hull city and the fact


they have gone eight games without a win, probably not. But performances


have been good recently, but the team's inability to match the


performances with points of Medlycott Mike Phelan his job last


night. -- ultimately cost Mike Phelan his job.


Nobody has won in this, nobody has won whatsoever.


Everyone in the city of Hull has had a feeling


Including the club's greatest ever captain.


They've made a decision on results, and it's a results business.


I think he had the backing of the changing room


I think the lads liked him, I think morale was pretty good,


even though they'd been struggling for results.


So a difficult one to take, really, for all the fans.


But ultimately he's been sacked, he's got to move forward.


The signings he got at the end of August weren't earth-shattering.


He spent the budget, none of those players have


So the decision to sack him now just reflects badly on the owners,


because they appointed him in the first place and


they haven't backed him in the transfer market at all.


In almost two years at the club, Mike Phelan's time


Appointing in February 2015, as Steve Bruce's assistant,


he was placed in temporary charge in July after Bruce resigned


after the club's return to the Premier League.


In August, a shock start with three wins in league and cup saw Phelan


Before he was eventually confirmed as head coach in October.


But their winless run by the turn of the year brought his time


at the club to an end, sparking speculation today


The former Olympiakos boss Marco Silva has emerged


as a strong favourite, whilst the firm former Birmingham


city manager Gary Rowett had been linked earlier today,


but there has been no approach for his services.


One football expert thinks it'll take more than a change of head


coach to keep Hull City in the Premier League.


Managerial change tends not to really make too


much of a difference, particularly when they have


the control of the dressing room which I think is the case


So they need to make some really smart decisions about how they might


strengthen the squad in January, probably need to be gambling


a little bit and spending 30, maybe even ?40 million to strengthen


the squad because the benefit of retaining your Premier League


It remains to be seen if any money is made available


The club says they hope to make an appointment ahead of the weekend.


In the last hour and a half, the vice-chairman of Hull city has


issued a statement by the club's website, saying that after a great


amount of consideration, they took the decision to part company with


Mike Phelan. He says, we sit bottom of the Premier League table and I


thought now was the right time to give this club and squad of players


fresh approach and a chance to retain its Premier League status.


BBC radio Humberside are debating this right now.


Let us know what you think of this story.


Have the owners of Hull City made the right decision


Marco Silva is already installed as the bookies'


A court has heard how a former P crew member bragged to an undercover


officer that he'd earned ?100,000 from smuggling cocaine


The jury was told how Edward Tron planned to adapt a high visibility


Kate Sweeting has been at Hull crown court.


The court heard how 51-year-old Edward Tron described his life as a


dream when he was earning more than ?100,000 allegedly smuggling cocaine


into the UK on the pride of Hull from Rotterdam. The jury was played


in secret filming from inside and undercover officer's car in which


Edward Tron allegedly confesses to repeatedly smuggling drugs. The


court heard that he was earning ?30,000 as ship steward, but that he


banked ?138,000 in four years, and it is claimed these were the


proceeds of smuggling cocaine which he simply walked off the ferry with,


unchecked by customs officers. He is on trial along with another former


P employee, Mark Quilliam, seen here covering his face. The two are


at queues to conspiring to import cocaine. Edward Tron's wife, Susan,


is also a on trial for laundering her husband's money. All three deny


the charges and the trial continues. Northern train staff are to vote


on taking strike action Rail union the RMT says


they received a lower pay offer than those working in other areas


of the rail industry. Northern, which runs


services through our area, says it's offered workers


a guaranteed, above inflation, pay rise over the next


three or four years, and is disappointed


by the union's reaction. An order to house poultry


indoors has been extended It came into force last month


following an outbreak of bird flu Last month, thousands of turkeys


either died or had to be culled after the disease was found


at Austen Fen Farm near Louth. People living in Grimsby say parking


on the streets where they live has A group of householders in Grimsby


has said ?80 to pay for parking is too much. They claim there is


nowhere for them to park and the opening of a new office development


will make things worse. Christine has lived in this


street near Grimsby town She's now got a problem,


though, parking. The problem started after the cost


of residence permits was hiked from ?15 to ?80 in 2013,


so streets like these rejected them. Since we lost our permits,


when the ?80 increase If you move, you can't


come back in the street. You can't park, people


won't want to come and live here. It's difficult for elderly people,


it's difficult for young families, difficult to bring your shopping


home. That ?80 price tag in


North East Lincolnshire is more than the ?52 charged


for a residents' permit in Lincoln, Some in Grimsby now feel


priced out of permits, just as local business developments


like the prominent Cartergate People are deciding, well,


we don't want to pay for car parking spaces,


we'll park in residence areas, that means residents have


problems getting in and out, I would like to see people get


back their parking space scheme, but only pay a reduced rate similar


to what it was in the past. North East Lincolnshire Council sent


us a statement saying the Cartergate development is very important


for Lincoln's economy, and saying there is plenty


of parking available in the area. It told us, though, that nobody


has the right to park outside their own home,


although there is still a residence only parking permit scheme available


if people want to apply for it. It says the old scheme, though,


had become unaffordable as it was highly subsidised,


which is why the pricing These residents say


that's not good enough. They want a cheap rate


for parking where they live. This is another story


we'd like your views on. Do you have sympathy


with the people who live around They want the right to park


on their own street but they say ?85 There is the e-mail and the text


number, and if you have a story that you think we should know about, let


us know. Still ahead tonight:


Could beavers make a return And the pilots who say they're


living their childhood dream Keep your photos coming in,


tonight's is from messing. Another photo tomorrow night. Even you


should not show a weather graphics with a picture of Christmas Eve when


it is not Christmas Eve, even you are not that bad. I saw that and I


thought, I bet you would not to a have a go at Keeley like you would


at me! Cold and frosty tonight, a few


showers in coastal areas, a bit of a wintry flavour. It is says they's


chart, a ridge of high pressure, for many of us, it looks like a fine and


sunny day. All change on Friday as the Atlantic winds come through and


we see cloud and rain and wind coming in from the West. The latest


satellite picture shows you where the wind is coming from, it is


northerly, pulling the clouds down from the north, and I think the


skies in eastern parts will be quite cloudy at first night. That is thick


enough to produce a few showers. A little bit of wintry mess if those


showers clip into Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, the main problem in


eastern parts will be that of ice. Further west, widespread frost,


rural temperatures down to minus three degrees.


Tomorrow morning, one or two showers possible along the coast, running


into Norfolk. Elsewhere a lovely start, the wind will become light


and variable so many of us will see clear blue skies, especially as we


head through the course of the afternoon. Temperatures struggling,


maximum temperatures tomorrow around for Celsius, 39 Fahrenheit. We will


quickly go back into our frost tomorrow night evening. It turns wet


and windy from the West over Friday, mildly at the weekend, cloudy and


dry, nine or mildly at the weekend, cloudy and


dry, nine or 10 degrees. Lots of people told me that you were filming


around the corner from my flat but you never said hello. I think you


had another appointment. The line has gone dead! See you tomorrow.


Centuries ago they were a common site in the British countryside,


but the beaver was hunted to extinction.


Now it's being reintroduced in parts of Scotland,


But could it ever return to Yorkshire and to Beverley


which gets its name from the furry mammal?


Our Environment Correspondent Paul Murphy has been to investigate.


New projects in Devon and Scotland have reintroduced this


The beaver was once a familiar sight on the lakes and rivers


of East Yorkshire, thriving in their thousands


By the 16th century they had been hunted to extinction,


This was a commercial fish farm, it had 90 ponds across the site.


East Yorkshire wildlife expert Jon Traill has his doubts


that the creature would survive if it was returned to the county


East Yorkshire, indeed, did have beavers but you need


When they were here, we are talking a long, long time ago.


The landscape of East Yorkshire was vastly different to today.


There are still some areas of East Yorkshire that


have that relic habitat, and we're here on our nature


reserve, and we're trying to recreate habitats like this


wetland, but the big thing that would be a limiting factor


for beavers in East Yorkshire is the lack of woodland.


This wooded corner called Burton Bushes is all that is left


of a woodland that once surrounded Beverley.


The trees were used for shipbuilding and for housing and so the beaver


lost its habitat, even here in the town which


Beverley-based historian Barbara English says hunting


also played a big part in the beavers' demise.


All through the Middle Ages they used some sort


of special scent gland stuff that they got from beavers.


They used it for medicine and later on for cosmetics and also beaver


fur was very desirable because it was a large


The reintroduced beaver continues to thrive in parts of the country


But after a 500-year absence, it's return


A stranded seal pup's been rescued on the banks of the Humber.


The underweight seal was rescued from Victoria Dock with help


from Humberside Fire and Rescue and the RSPCA.


Works from some of the world's most prominent artists are on display


at the University of Hull as part of the City of Culture year.


Lines of Thought, in partnership with the British Museum,


will feature 70 drawings spanning 500 years.


The exhibition can be seen free of charge until the end of February.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch after we told


you about the disappointment expressed after Johnny Johnson,


the last surviving British veteran of the Dambusters was ignored


There have been calls for him to be knighted for his role in the raids


which flew out of RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire and


Campaigners have written to the Prime Minister


I shall feel honoured if I do get it.


It won't be just for me, it won't be for me at all.


It will be for the squadron, and for the, those who gave


We had a lots of comments on this, here are just a few.


We will continue to follow that story and if there are any


developers, we will let you know. The two newest Red Arrows pilots say


that flying the famous jets Flight Lieutenants Toby Keeley


and Dan Lowes have just started their winter training at RAF


Scampton, alongside Flight Lieutenant Chris Lyndon-Smith


who has re-joined the team. The Red Arrows, back training in the


skies above Lincolnshire. And flying the famous jets, two new pilots, and


one who has been here before. I have always wanted to come back but


normally that is not possible. But with the red arrows doing a tour to


the Far East, and promoting British industry, they have cut short the


training period that it made sense to help out the training. The team


is known for its breathtaking stunts at high speed, as this footage from


their recent overseas tour shows. How do the newest recruits feel


about learning to do this? This is the first time we have had a go at


it, if today was our first time and today was our first time as a four


so you have got the wake of spontaneity making sure you were in


a right place at the other aircraft. It is fantastic, to see the aircraft


next see with smoke on comedy dream come true. Flying my first will be


incredible, and then getting my red suit and getting to the British


public, I cannot wait to be on the road during the summer. They appear


at the country's biggest events, like last summer's National Armed


Forces Day in Cleethorpes. 2017 is inspected to be another busy year.


As well as a packed schedule of displayed, it is hoped they are


performing here at RAF 's captain, home to Lincolnshire's new airshow


which are taking place in September. But first the team will go through


months of training before they earn the right to wear their red suits


ready for summer shows. Good luck for their new season and


we will get plenty of pictures during the course of the year. When


it was announced, it seemed like a long time ago, but the airshow is


actually this year in Lincolnshire, looking forward to that.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Britain's top EU diplomat launches a stinging attack on government


A warning about elderly people losing their life


savings to a growing army of scammers in Lincolnshire.


Tomorrow's weather, any coastal showers soon dying out,


We were talking about the sacking of Mike Phelan, as the head coach of


Hull city, and the response coming in, Simon says, I am gutted, he was


a legend, I will always be a Hull city supporter. And Elliott says,


why do clubs sack managers? It is not the manager playing on the


pitch, it is the players, and this one says, they should have sorted


this out before Mike Phelan was left with a skeleton squad. He tried his


best for the club without much support. This is only going to make


the anti-donor protest stronger now. I have heard that -- anti-- owner


protest stronger. This one says, Hull city have no chance of


remaining in the Premier League unless some serious money is spent


on players immediately. But then again, no quality play would place a


Hull city as they would be relegated this year. A slightly depressing one


there from David. Finally, Robin is in West Hull, she says, if they


purport Jose Mourinho or Jurgen Klopp, we would still be in trouble.


The owners need to buy themselves out of trouble. The squad is not


good enough, just spend, spend, spend. That is it from me, join me


at 10:30pm. as he explores Naples,


Venice and Florence. It's like we're walking through


a giant's armpit. We can follow the escape route


of Michelangelo.