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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines from us this Tuesday night.


Guilty - the P and O staff who used ferries to smuggle drugs into Hull


A fresh outbreak of bird flu is confirmed at


a farm in Lincolnshire - thousands of birds are affected.


I live a farmer with a third case of bird flu has been detected in


Yorkshire and literature. Recruiting from abroad


to solve the GP shortage - the doctors trained in Poland,


on their way to our area. Pictures show a bin man in Hull


taking rubbish under the car. They tell us to report fly-tipping and go


do it themselves. And Lincoln City's big night -


the non-league side will be beamed into millions of homes,


as their FA Cup adventure continues. In that first match it ended 2-2,


so now they've got them A quiet but cloudy week of whether


to come. I will be back later with the details.


A 1.8-mile exclusion zone has been put in place around


Low Farm in Fulstow with a six-mile surveillance zone.


It is five miles from Austen Fen Farm, where another case


Some restrictions were lifted there last week but it's not though


It's 20 hours since bird flu was confirmed in this farm behind me. It


is not a disease that is dangerous to humans but it is highly


contagious and deadly when it gets not then a flock and today when vets


and Democrat officials alive they spent most of the time securing the


site. -- Defra. They are trying to make sure it does not spread


farther. It's a sight farmers dread,


your land being sealed off Bird flu has found its way


into a flock of 6000 turkeys housed Earlier vets prepared


to cull the birds which the It is devastating news for the


farmer involved in. It is 6000 turkeys last in this outbreak and it


means that his farm and his poultry units have to be disinfected and


they have to be cleared and he will be closed down for some time.


This outbreak is just a few yards from Austen Fen Farm


With the same strain of bird flu, H5N8, was found


in a flock of 5000 turkeys in


It was also detected earlier this month in a backyard


Poultry farming is the livelihood of many


We've got a number of those sort of places around the area so


although the one that happened before is not that far away was only


a matter of time before we expected that there would be another break


People seem to be keeping their chickens in the area


Tomorrow efforts will move from securing the site to


A grim day for the farmer and those who tried so


So why does this keep happening? This is a highly contagious disease


and Defra insist it is wild bisect harried the disease of the mingle


with flocks outdoors only take the same food trays with the droppings


that can cause the disease to spread but the birds here will be housed


indoors ever since the recent outbreak a few miles away. So why it


has happened here is a question that Defra plan to looking the next two


weeks at. There will be doing what they call seek and trace and will


see what anything from this site has moved to, not just bias but also


staff movements and vehicles going between farms because it is very


important that this disease is stopped from spreading further


because poultry farming is big business in Lincolnshire. The Rover


300 poultry farms employing hundreds of people and 90 million birds are


raised here every year and as this disease is in the area it is


affecting exports and could be affecting people's jobs which is why


so much effort is going into making sure it does not spread further.


Nigel Gibbens is the government's Chief Veterinary Office.


I asked him what farmers in Lincolnshire were doing wrong.


We're looking at this case. We confirmed that only yesterday. This


is a very infectious bird flu virus. I think you would wrong to leap to


the conclusion that anybody is done anything wrong. It is very difficult


to stop farms from becoming infected which is why we Irish farmers and


bird keepers to do anything they can. Something is going wrong. These


birds have been housed since the zebra so we cannot blame wild birds


for this infection. What other farmers doing wrong? What more do


they need to do? Farmers need to do everything they can to protect their


birds, even when they are housed. The issue with wild birds is the


birds don't have to contact the kept birds directly. The virus is highly


infectious and it can be spread on people's shoes and peoples clothing


and equipment that may go in to housing or on food. There are lots


of ways that infection may enter our house. Farmers need to do everything


they can to prevent that and as I have said before this can be really


difficult of farmers need to do everything they can but be given a


degree of challenge which is essentially from wild birds farms


are at threat. What would be a message tonight to farmers who are


watching the county and beyond? Two important things. One, do everything


you can. Make sure that wild birds cannot access your birds and keep


them housed if you can't. Whatever you do, make sure that when you go


to your birds, you are clean and are not carrying anything to your birds


on your feet are in any other way. Also recognise that once disease


gets into a flock it can move from one flock to another. Being a for


signs of disease and reporting quickly to us which farmers are


doing so that if the worst does happen and infection occurs we can


do with it quickly and it does not spread quickly. I know you say


there's nothing to worry about but the public will be. Would you eat a


Lincolnshire turkey tonight without a thought? Absolutely without a


second thought. Public of England is very clear that the risk to public


health is very low and the Food Standards Agency has confirmed many


times they do not consider this a risk in the food chain. We will have


more at how past ten tonight on the programme. I will be talking to the


National Farmers Union. Two former P ferry workers have


been found guilty of conspiring to smuggle class A drugs into Hull


from the Netherlands. Edward Tron from Gateshead


and Mark Quilliam from Liverpool were arrested after the conviction


of one of their former It follows an investigation


in which Edward Tron outlined plans to import cocaine


to an undercover officer. Officers boarding P's Pride


of Hull in 2015 after of the ferry's ship steward Edward


Tron. This is the moment they came


to arrest him in his cabin. You are under arrest on suspicion of


importing class a drugs. The arrest led to the 51-year-old,


and Pride of York cook Mark Quilliam being arrested for conspiring


to import cocaine into the UK. Mr Tron's wife Susan was also


arrested for money laundering. However in Hull Crown Court


the jury heard that Edward Susan Tron deposited


?140,000 in cash into three separate bank accounts between 2009 and 2014


- money which they claimed came The pair and Mark Quilliam were only


caught following the 2013 arrest of another P employee


who was found carrying ?60,000. His conviction leading


to an investigation in 2015 They put an undercover officer


onboard to whom Edward Tron confessed his whole smuggling


operation. Later in court he said he'd


made those stories up, but the jury heard that Edward Tron


was a "very skilful and adept liar", who in his own words said: "I can


lie when I need to." The court also heard that telephone


kiosks such as at Victoria Dock as well as disposable mobile phones


were part of a multi-million pound smuggling operation which involved a


one-man bringing drugs on board in Rotterdam and bringing them off in


Hull. A P Ferries spokesman said:


"P Ferries operates a zero tolerance policy


towards illegal substances. We cooperated fully


with the police investigation." The three will be sentenced


tomorrow, when Edward There was a police chase outside a


pub in Rotterdam and a partner in Hull the three have all been found


guilty. All three will be sentenced tomorrow and Edward Tron and Mark


Quilliam had been told to expect substantial sentences.


A fourth man has been unsuccessful in his bid to sue


the Catholic Church, over alleged historical abuse at


249 men are carrying out the litigation


against the Diocese of Middlesbrough and the De La Salle order over


allegations of decades of abuse at the St William's children's home


Of the five test cases for compensation only one


has been successful - receiving a ?14,000 pay-out.


Those acting on behalf of the men say today's judgment has no


The Brexit minister David Davis has told a Lincolnshire MP


the government will support the county's farming


industry after Britain leaves the European Union.


His comments came on the day Theresa May delivered


The Prime Minister said the UK will pull out


of the European Single Market when Britain leaves the EU.


Can my right honourable friend assure the house that agriculture


will be central in any trade negotiations and that the


high-quality food standards for which British farming is famed will


be a key principle in those negotiations? The answer very simply


is yes. We are a large market for European agricultural food


production that they are a large market for us and we will keep that


in mind. The Brexit secretary, David Davies.


"Completely unacceptable" - a council says it'll investigate,


after a bin man is filmed dropping litter and kicking it beneath a car.


And Lincoln City prepares to be beamed into millions


of homes, in their FA Cup match against Ipswich.


Kris Lake took this photo of the Humber Bridge.


It is a stunning photographs. Another picture tomorrow night. How


are you? How are you? I hear your insomnia must be really bad as I


noticed you said you'd been listening to Paul is a weather sure.


-- show. It will help. Don't be cruel about it. The weather. It will


be a lot less eventful than last week, you will be pleased to know


that quite boring and say me day on Dave. Lot of dry weather to come but


it will be fairly cloudy. A lot of cloud in the sky. It will be high


pressure dominating the weather so a lot of settled weather to come but


unfortunately it will be a fairly cloudy high and over the next 24


hours and very weak when a fan stuck underneath the high summer could be


gapping places. Much colder and clear the area trying to enter from


the new continent and we might start to see some effects of that around


Lincolnshire and around The Wash. It will was be a little bit cooler.


Some drizzle and places tonight and it will be a green light to come


with temperatures was to list the further you are to the south-eastern


corner and further North Down to 4 degrees or 5 degrees. That blanket


of Clyde will not matter much heat. The sun rises just after eight


o'clock in the morning and set just at quarter but asked for. Next high


water will be at one minutes past nine this evening. -- quarter past


four. The odd spot of light rain and drizzle throughout the course of the


day tomorrow but generally a lot of dry weather to come but it will be


fairly cloudy and it will always be cooler the further you are towards


The Wash. Not much breeze over the next few days and nothing much to


blow the cloud around provide decent breaks. The further you are towards


The Wash it will be that bit cooler. Groundhog Day this week. On Thursday


this week it will be the same for Clyde. A few breaks as read head


towards the weekend and temperatures tentacle down a bit. If we do get


any breaks by night we might just get a bit of frost. -- temperatures


tend to be Pauls weather show is on Mondays


on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. A dozen GPs who have been recruited


from Europe to work in Lincolnshire are undergoing their final training


before starting work The county's currently short


of about seventy GPs, and it's hoped the new recruits


who are getting their last bit of training in Poland, will help


ease the strain on surgeries. Here's our Health Correspondent,


Vicky Johnson. The shortage of GPs has


been well documented, it's even led to the closure of some


surgeries across Lincolnshire. Dr Graham Parker tried retiring two


years ago but was persuaded to take up a part-time job at this


surgery in Wragby. He's one of only two GPs working


here, other shifts are filled by locums and he admits


it can be difficult. It is stressful and sometimes


if you want to pass, or get some advice from your colleagues


and they are not here, The situation here at Wragby


is like many other surgeries There are currently 70 GP vacancies


in the county with another 75 doctors expected to retire here over


the next five years. But 25 GPs are now being recruited


from abroad, with the first 12 due For the Wragby practice that


can't arrive soon enough. It will just be the consistency


of having a regular GP, full-time, It will be better for the patients,


better for the staff. The new GPs come from places like


Greece, Lithuania and Poland. We will support them with dedication


and providing the social activities and integrate them with the


practices so they feel part of the community and part of the practice


committee and part of the NHS Trinity.


Health watch says it will improve matters. It will let a lot more


people get implement with the doctor when they want to. -- to get an


appointment. The new doctors from Europe


are being given three-year contracts and will each receive a bonus


if they stay on longer. Vicky Johnson, BBC


Look North, Wragby. Last night Gainsborough MP


Edward Leigh came on to talk about starting a debate


about whether we should pay We had a big response,


here's just a few of your messages. Gary from Lincoln has texted,


he says, paying upfront to see a doctor or paying for your bed


in hospital, doesn't sound a bad idea, providing you stop paying


National Insurance contributions Joan from Hull called,


she says, I'm so angry, why not charge all the foreigners


who come into this country agree with Edward Leigh,


but he is quite right to try and break the taboo of finding


an improved model for use No system can cope with unlimited


demand with no limits on use. Thank you for those, I am sure it is


one which we will be returning to at a later date.


A bin man has been caught on CCTV spilling rubbish


over a street in Hull - and then kicking it all beneath


The footage has been shared with BBC Look North by a shocked


The regular refuse collection on a Hull Street.


When one of the wheelie bins topples of the kerb spilling dirty nappies


and litter onto the road, the first reaction


Instead, it was promptly kicked under a parked car.


They're complaining at people fly-tipping and telling us


to report fly-tipping and they do it themselves.


Like I say, we would have been fined if we'd have done it.


It is their job to keep places clean and they kicked it under the car.


Today some of the dirty nappies and litter are still in the road.


Jill says she took the issue up with another bin man


to clean up some of the waste but not all of it.


The bin belongs to another resident. That is disgusting. Other residents


say it is not the first time this has happened. They don't do it


properly. I think they are trying to get the job over with.


Hull City Council said it aims to provide the highest level


of service and will be investigating this matter thoroughly.


The council said it is completely unacceptable behaviour


and the appropriate action will be taken.


Phillip Norton, BBC Look North, Hull.


We would like to hear from you on this story,


what's your experience of bin collection teams where you live?


Do you have praise for your local teams and have you ever experienced


anything like this, occasionally regularly? Your thoughts on the


server should get. Humberside Fire and Rescue have


revealed a new look for one The usual red paint has been


swapped for pink and orange as they take on the Hull City


of Culture 2017 branding. It was on display in


Trinity Square earlier today. East Yorkshire tennis player


Kyle Edmund has made it through to the second


round of the Australian Open. He beat Colombia's Santiago


Giraldo in three sets - despite the temperature reaching 35


Celcius. He says training with


Andy Murray has helped his I've been training with an day for


some four years now through pre-seasons and staff and definitely


the first ones, it was a step up for me because I'm not used to that but


the more you train with them, the more time you spend on to a level,


you have to get better. You have no choice.


Lincoln City are preparing for a live performance


on national television in front of an audience of millions.


The Imps take on Ipswich Town in their FA Cup third


Our sports reporter Simon Clark is at Sincil Bank.


I think they are more than ready. This has been a logistical challenge


for both Lincoln city with the full house ear and the BBC who are taking


over the airwaves sear on BBC One tonight. And we have been taking a


look behind the scenes. It has been a frantic day of activity here


today. TV cameras have been installed and outside the ground


lorry loads of equipment are needed to bring the skin to your home and a


worldwide audience of many millions. -- this game. Every angle discovered


that the manager is bringing the Mack playing down scrutiny his team


is under from international pundits and an expectant crowd. When you're


playing against bigger and better clubs and top player should get


instant feedback and is something we've enjoyed. We felt we'd learned


a lot from the old game in the first Ipswich game and we're hopeful we


will learn a lot again that we're able to use a campaign. I thought I


would show you the match of the Day studio. It is a bit of a glorified


Gazebo that it will do the job. Fans have been coming from far and wide


to see this game but nobody has racked up their mouths like the club


director and investor. Yesterday I was in sunny South Africa and now I


am absolutely freezing but I will be dressed warm when I get to the tail


and get a proper court. There is no doubt that both these teams learned


a lot about each other in the original tie, and switch may be more


as they will need to make a plan to deal with 2-goal striker Robins.


Trevor Sinclair has played in the World Cup and also played here in


1989 and this is his view of the game. I have got a good relationship


with them after interviewing him a few weeks ago and love what is the


-- what he is doing here. His attention to detail is second to


none in this league and they are governed themselves to the club and


the community and I think they are fantastic since they got here and


let's hope they can get a good showing tonight. He was playing for


Blackpool, by the way, not Lincoln city. This the first match, big


national match, that the former Lincoln city manager Graham Taylor


will be remembered. There will be an minutes applause before the game and


in the second half these advertising hoardings will prompt the Lincoln


city fans to remember Graham again. It'll be a special, if sad, evening


tonight. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Britain will leave the EU single


market. Theresa May sets out a core demands for Brexit negotiations.


Guilty - the two P and O staff who conspired to smuggle drugs


into Hull from mainland Europe using ferries.


Tomorrow's weather: A largely cloudy day -


There'll be highs of 9 Celsius, although the air could feel a lot


We would talk by the Ben man. Emma says you were picking on the


hard-working man. -- Ben man. John says the Ben looked like overflowing


to me. Adrian says 'The bin men who come


to our village wouldn't This is completely unacceptable


and I'm glad that it was caught on CCTV so the appropriate action


can be taken.' Linda, 'The men who empty our black


bin always return it to the place they collected it from,


the men who empty our blue bin just Mary, 'My husband has to sweep


up after our binmen ( Let's give this binman a written


warning and a littering fine.' More on the bird story. -- bird flu


later. That I will faithfully execute


the Office... And will to the best


of my ability... The Constitution


of the United States... TV: He's not your father.




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