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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines from us this Wednesday night.


Lincoln City's FA Cup shocker - their historic win over Championship


side Ipswich is watched by an audience of millions.


All the chaos around me. There was 10,000 fans screaming down the back


of my neck. Can I join my honourable friend


in congratulating Lincoln City on their victory last night


and so I think it was a fitting tribute to Graham


Taylor that they won that match. A man is charged with murdering


a fellow patient at this mental The council spending thousands


to clean up after travellers - but STILL unable to provide a site


for them to stay on. There should be a site where they


can go because the police say that they never the manpower to move them


that is the way to move them to. Plagued by vandals -


the owners of Pleasure Island step up security to stop


people breaking in. I'll be live later in the show,


as this block of flats is transformed into a City


of Culture lights display. And how Hull's Bee Lady


crashed a photo and became The fine and settle the weather


looks like continuing into the weekend. Join me later for that


detailed forecast. More than four million more watched


on television in this country. 100 million more watched


across the world. And they saw Lincoln City secure


a famous FA Cup upset. The Imps beat Championship side


Ipswich on one of the biggest After years of despair it


has been a remarkable In a moment I'll be speaking


to the man behind it all - But first Simon Clark


has this report. It's a long, long time since


Sincil Bank was as packed as this. 9,000 fans watching a game being


beamed across Britain and the globe. A game where former Lincoln


manager Graham Taylor was remembered after his untimely


passing last week. Lincoln dominated the game,


belying their non-league status but the dramatic breakthrough didn't


come until moments from the end. There was 10,000 fans screaming down


the back of my neck and, you know, I had to stay composed


in them moments. Them moments come from every day


on the training ground, working hard and, you know,


what an atmosphere it was tonight. A great result for Lincoln. They


just seem to pull it out the baggage really went for it. Really proud.


Every one of those players deserve plaudits of the 9000 who have been


here. They go on to the fourth round and play West Bromwich are being


that beating the side will take some doing. That's like Albion.


The result is further endorsement of the board's decision


to employ two schoolteachers as manager and assistant.


Danny and Nicky Cowley have transformed this club


This cup run has so far earned the Imps ?125,000 in prize money.


They've made ?144,000 from TV rights.


They've sold tickets worth ?70,000 so


with other revenues the club estimate total earnings


The fact that last night we had 9000 people today and we are looking at


6000 for the next game. It even reached the highest house in the


land. Can I join my honourable friend


in congratulating Lincoln City on their victory last night


and so I think it was a fitting tribute to Graham


Taylor that they won that match. 9,000 fans last night


and around 6,000 expected for the next home game -


the league match against Dover. These are good times


indeed at Sincil Bank. Earlier on I spoke with Lincoln City


manager Danny Cowley. I asked him how it felt to put


the Imps in the national spotlight. It was fantastic TV audience and a


great crowd and a night everyone will remember for a long time.


Despite having a big crowd there and be on BBC One they did not seem in


the least bit nervous. Two games we have now played against Ipswich, a


champion team and have gone toe to toe with them and for me we have


deservedly come out on top and I am delighted for the players that they


have got to the levels they have got to in front of such a big audience.


What was going through your mind in the end? That you assume there would


be extra time? We were expecting extra time and you are getting ready


to prepare your team talk for that moment but thankfully we did not


need it. He certainly didn't. You're a schoolteacher who moved to


football manager. Unorthodox in itself. Why did you make the switch


because this is a precarious old profession? Yes. People often said


to me that it's a gamble that Nikki and I both believe in the work ethic


and believe in our skill set and when the opportunity come around it


was one of you love football like we do it was one we turn down. Does


being a schoolteacher help when you're dealing with not a football


players Bismarck football players and naughty schoolchildren have some


luxuries so I think it is transferable skills that definitely.


But we are people's people and enjoy working with people and trying to


get the best out of people and will both jobs, have to say that. Think


carefully before use and to this question. You split the week between


Essex and Lincoln. Which do you like best? I love both. I live in


Chelmsford and love link. I have to say since we have moved to Lincoln


the people of been fantastic with this and it is a lovely place to


live and one that myself and my family we enjoy. Brighton next. Can


you do it? We've got confidence from the tee and switch games and have


also been inspired by those games and vacations. As Matt the two


Ipswich games. And a sureness that in the FA Cup anything is possible.


-- it shows in the FA Cup that anything is possible.


Were you at the game last night - what did you make of it?


How impressed have you been with Lincoln City and


If you want to comment or send a message we will have a few before we


end at seven o'clock. Two men have been told to spend 16


years each in prison for their role in smuggling millions of pounds


worth of Class A drugs Edward Tron from Gateshead


and Mark Quilliam from Liverpool Tron's wife Susan was also


jailed for nine months Thousands of turkeys have been


destroyed at a farm hit by a bird Government vets are carrying out


routine tests on farms nearby. 15 homes in Scunthorpe


were evacuated earlier for the bomb squad to examine


an unidentifed object. It was found during a planned


arrest in the town. Two branches of The Yorkshire Bank


in our area are to close - The bank says it is reacting to a


changing the way customers deal with them.


A man has appeared in court accused of murdering a fellow


patient at a mental health unit in Scunthorpe.


26-year-old Jamie Reid was not asked to enter a plea.


60-year-old Robert McNeil died at the Great Oaks Hospital on Monday.


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson reports.


In a brief appearance at Grimsby Magistrates' Court


26-year-old Jamie Reed only confirmed his name, date of birth


and address in Crowle, North Lincolnshire.


He is charged with murdering Robert McNeil in the early hours


of Monday morning at Great Oaks, here in Scunthorpe.


Both Jamie Reed and Robert McNeil were patients on the Mulberry Ward


This unit can look after up to 32 people suffering from acute


Some have been detained under the Mental Health Act.


A spokeman from the Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber trust


that runs the site said it had begun an enquiry into what happened


and is co-operating fully with the police investigation.


Jamie Reed has been remanded in custody and will appear


A man who was treated in hospital following an arson attack


The 67-year-old's home on Stanage Walk in the town was set


A postmortem examination will now take place.


A 13-year-old has been released on police bail.


A council says it's having to spend thousands of pounds each year


clearing up after travellers but admits it still can't find


Authorities have a legal duty to provide temporary stopping places


but despite looking at more than 1200 sites North East


Lincolnshire Council says it hasn't got anywhere suitable.


It's now been told to hurry up and get on with finding somewhere.


Some of the 300 tonnes of rubbish it was claimed was left by a group of


travellers in three weeks. Then they just dumped their rubbish


mainly in that corner at the finish. For farmer Brian Holden


from Tetney near Grimsby, Based at ?10,000 bill to clean up


this fell the Matfield. I didn't sleep at night,


I was always worried about what was going to happen


and how I was going In 2015 the group spent three weeks


in his field leaving Part of the problem, Brian says,


is there are currently no designated sites for travellers in East Lindsey


or North East Lincolnshire. I think there definitely ought to be


a site where they could go because the police complained


even if they had the manpower to move them, there is


nowhere to move them to. The sooner they get


a site, the better. In the last four years unauthorised


traveller sites have been set up 80 The council says it cost it more


than ?43,000 to clear them up. It's been told a minimum of five


temporary pitches are needed but after looking at more than 1,200


possible locations to build them, The issue will be discussed by


North East Lincolnshire Council this afternoon and while the travelling


community says it hasn't been At a meeting this afternoon North


East Lancashire council said they may have defined smaller fields


rather than a larger one defined designated stopping sites for the


travelling community. If it does not so that's a requirement it rests


going against government strategy. The Traveller group says it has


obligations it is not fulfilling. There are laws in place saying we


must be included when provision for housing is needed. While the


travelling committee says it is to be better consulted landowners like


Brian say they need to be better protected.


Earlier I spoke to Councillor Matthew Patrick from


North East Lincolnshire Council, and I asked him if the council


No, I don't accept that, Peter. What I accept as this is a very important


decision and it is important we make an evidence -based choice and do


what is right for the borough. You have looked at 1200 potential sites


and out of those you said I'd have those not won a suitable. That can't


be right. Those were individual sites. There were a number of sites


which were deemed as being too small and that is what the going back to


this process to look at a number of individual smaller size as opposed


to one bigger site. What about those who say you don't want to find


somewhere fined five places are three places because you know the


local committee nearby will be unhappy. In other words all you're


doing is ducking the issue and kicking it into the long grass. Far


from it. There has been a lot of hard work done this over the last


two years and when we actually do identify a site we want


straightforward as it has to go through the planning process and


will be a public consultation. We have spoken to the Traveller


community have said you have not spoken to them about what they


actually want. That would be the best thing to do, wouldn't it? It


would be once we're fat advice on sites going forward. There are a lot


of sites to look at so we have some prepared sites based on


accessibility and flood risk and also the sensitivities of the local


community and can then come forward and take their input on it. In the


process ?45,000 has been spent cleaning up unauthorised sites. How


long will Traveller site be? I would talk about this year, can you


confirm that? The of the process we would hope to have it ready for this


year but as you know local land will not necessarily be signed off till


December stood as a very long-term process. As far as a traveller


committee is concerned and the ball be watching this and be very


concerned about the outcome, do you accept you have been drugging


inhalers and made a big job out of this? As I said I don't accept that


and I think it is very important we get this decision done correctly. We


did make a snap decision of where we decide on the site in the next few


weeks and then somebody sees a traveller site just across the back


garden but I'm not willing to do that is because Peter Leavey tells


me off camera. Eyes-mac Peter Levy. Do you think the council


are stalling on this one - should they just get


on and sort this out? Where should they put


the sites though? Would you be happy if it


was near your house? On the programme at half past ten


tonight we will be talking to a representative of the Traveller


community. The block of flats that's being


given a City of Culture face-lift. And how Hull's Bee Lady


crashed a photo and became Janet took this picture looking


towards the River Humber from the Bridge across the River


Hull. John says it rained today but we


were promised would be dry today by the Welsh weather Wizard at


lunchtime. I can't be all things to all people, Peter. It is the fog of


the Welsh windbag? Yes. -- fog. It looks calm and settled in all parts


will be dry. Look what is happening. Very little. I pressure to is what


is today and Friday and Saturday into Sunday. Some changes might


introduce just a few breaks in the course of study which means a little


bit of sunshine. All the bad weather not for the first time the last


romances don't over the Mediterranean. You can see the


extent of the cloud. You can the have been. We have had a few breaks


across Lincolnshire today and it was a brightness of brightness over


North West Norfolk. The many other cities are dry and cloudy and quiet


night. There might be the odd spot of light rain and drizzle in places


but essentially it is dry and cloudy. Lowest temperatures ranging


from actually two Celsius across The Wash. Elsewhere it'll be five or six


or seven. For most of us it will be frost free. Sun rises at seven


minutes past eight and high water is at 40 minutes past ten in Hull.


Boring and nondescript day tomorrow. Some drizzle in places basically


drive. You will be lucky to see blue sky because essentially will be


cloudy and fairly benign stuff. A light wind and we will see top


temperatures ranging from 8 degrees across East Yorkshire and the call


of five Celsius around the finance and the Was. Spot the difference.


Friday looks grey and Saturday brightening a little later. Sunday


looks dry and bright with some sunshine. That's the accurate


forecast tonight. I am sure somebody will drop you in


with the Welsh windbag on Twitter tonight. You have not told me,


Peter, what is going on. Just go away.


It was a fixture on the East Coast - entertaining millions


But bit by bit Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes is being taken apart.


The park closed last year, now some of the rides


are being dismantled and sold off overseas.


Others are becoming targets for vandals.


Where once the sound of laughter and families having fun filled the air


that is now an EV silence. Pleasure Island closed at the end of last


year and many of the rights will be sold and taken away. It is sad for


the owner but she says the company was left with no other option. It


would have cost ?2 million and that is the kind of money we did not


have. While we have been small expectations are big and that is the


kind of thing we could not meet. We have been battling with that for


many years and unfortunately we have found ourselves in the position that


we have been today. Pleasure Island opened in 1993 and became a huge to


this attraction for Cleethorpes. Next week work to dismantle the


boomerang, its star attraction will begin. It has been sold to another


theme park in Asia. Some of the workers started and this right has


been partially dismantled and shipped off to the Czech Republic


with it will be refurbished and sold on. It is sad to see the park like


this but the majority of the rights here this time next year will be


someone else giving someone else fun and entertainment. It just goes


round in the cycle. Bonnie is just really friendly. But in one product


the park oblivious to the changes at the resident sea lions are being


cared for as normal by that trainer before moving to a new home. I was


14 when I started and never left so about ten years I have been working


here. It is such a shame but I'm happy as well to be the one with


them up until the last days at Pleasure Island. That is quite a


nice thing to know in the back of my mind. Recently there has been a


daily battle with vandals and managers are appealing for those


responsible to stop. It is not yet known what will happen to the site


when it is clear that Melanie hopes it will have a sustainable future


that will provide more jobs in the result. -- resort.


A Hull council estate has been turned into a light show


for the latest public display as part of City of Culture.


Hundreds of filters have been put on the lights of the Thornton Estate


Katy Austin is there, what's the thinking behind this?


This eight story block of flats is like a riot of colour. They have


been transformed by putting colour filters or the outside lights. The


message is all about communication. The idea is this this estate will


get to weave a big positive hello to the rest of the city. Residents have


had a say over what they wanted and said Air France


doors. As tenants we choose our own colours and actually meet tenants.


When we first got the first City of Culture I that was going to be


answered anything else but with makes you feel part of it. This is


one of 60 community projects being funded by Hull 2017. The idea is


again fan out to people who Dodgers live in city centre but live in


other parts of the city. -- don't just live in the centre.


The story of how 94-year-old Jean dresses up as the Bee Lady to raise


money Jean Bishop has been fundraising


for a very long time. In fact you could have a child,


raise them and sent them through school and university


and Jean Bishop will still be able to say that she's spent more time


dressed as a bee raising The amount of money I raise I put it


in a bank which I've done for all these years. When it got too


?107,000 I thought I will try to get my 200,000.


In the last few days a BBC News video of Jean has gone


Never. I hope live up to it. I don't want to disappoint anybody.


and is now even managing to upstage celebrities such as Aled Jones.


Her friends say what you see with Jean is what you get.


She has a terrific sense of humour. She gives us all an orderly and have


a great time. I think she should be honoured in some way.


Jean says that though she's getting older


she's no plans to give up fundraising and is even


She is just wonderful. Good evening to Jean if she is tuned in.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warns EU leaders not to give the UK


what he calls "punishment beatings" for Brexit, saying "escape"


And more than four million people tune in to see Lincoln City's


historic FA Cup win over Championship side Ipswich Town.


Tomorrow's weather: The odd spot of drizzle is possible,


otherwise a largely dry but cloudy day is expected again.


A light wind around, and a maximum temperature of 8 Celsius.


Messages on Lincoln city. Terry says well done. The Southerners will


learn over Lincoln is. Angie says well done and Nathan is sadly Mr


Grimsby town. Norman says well done, bring on Brighton. At the results


coming from Scunthorpe United fan. Here's hoping the coming to the


parabolic along with Grimsby town who are doing well. Things are


really looking for linkage of the ball says Paul. Ivan says


congratulations to Lincoln city, you deserve to win the game. Good luck


for the next round. Jordan says I am 14 years old and have been following


Lincoln city since I was a toddler. Last night 's match was amazing. It


was great football. Thank you very much for that. That's it for me. The


second Blue North at a past ten. Jonas if you can.


Hello. I hope you're well. I really do.


Because if you're not, then chances are the NHS won't be able to


look after you as well as it should. And that's wrong.


Because the Labour Party created the NHS 70 years ago on


the founding principles of it being comprehensive, universal and free.


The NHS was created to care for us but now the NHS needs our care.


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