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Martin McGuinness is stepping down from politics for good.


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


4-year-old Poppy Widdison died from neglect.


Today those responsible are jailed for a total of 26 years.


The judge described Michala Pyke as "unfit to be a mother",


after she and her partner fed the girl sedatives.


Knowing they will be behind bars is some consolation and justice for


Poppy, but no amount of time will ever be justice for what they did.


Also on the programme this evening:


A rise in crime across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


with violent crime in the Humberside area up by a quarter.


People are trying to help us where they can, but you feel that they are


limited with what they can do and we feel hopeless.


The giant art work in Hull city centre that doesn't have


When I hear that the entire defences everybody wanted to be a surprise,


that is not good enough. We are enforcing the rules and they should


be applied. They raised money to get her flying


again but now the last airworthy Vulcan bomber


is being put into storage. And will the sunshine this weekend?


Join me for that detailed forecast. A woman who fed drugs


to her four year old daughter, because she was "inconveniencing"


her relationship has been Poppy Widdison collapsed at her home


in Grimsby in June three Today, her mother Michala Pyke


and ex partner John Ritting, were told they subdued and sedated


Poppy so they could indulge Laura Foster reports


from Hull Crown Court. This is how Poppy's father,


uncle and grandparents remember her. As a child who loved playing


with the family dog, eating roast dinners,


the sort of child who'd run into a room and give


everyone hugs and kisses. The last time we saw Poppy


was on her birthday. Pleased to see us


and excited about her We as a family could not have


foreseen what would have Hull Crown Court heard


how Pyke and Rytting had fed Poppy sedatives


because they considered her an incovenience


to their relationship. Pyke also used to abuse


Poppy emotionally, shouting at her, calling her it


and treating her badly. Pyke and Ritting let her live


in a house in Grimsby where drugs It's not yet known exactly


what killed her, but toxicology reports show Poppy had been exposed


and ingested significant amounts of drugs such as heroin, methadone,


ketamine and sedatives for a period of up to six months


before her death. Today, Pyke was sentenced


to a total of 13 years in prison for three counts of child


cruelty and two drug offences. Rytting's also been jailed for 13


years for two counts of child cruelty and


four drug offences. Passing sentence, His Honour


Judge Jeremy Richardson Today, Poppy's uncle, father,


and grandparents left the court, We have waited over three and a half


years for this day and although it does not get any easier


as nothing can bring back the little girl that filled our lives for four


years with joy and a purpose, knowing they will be


behind bars is some consolation


and justice for Poppy. But no amount of time will ever be


justice for what they did. Questions have been asked


of social and health services in North East Lincolnshire


after a review found they'd missed several


opportunities to protect Poppy. Since her death, practices


and processes have been changed. Poppy's mother and her partner


were able to pull the wool it seems So, with the benefit


of hindsight, Poppy And if Poppy wasn't with her mother


and her partner, she would of course But the Widdison family doesn't


blame the professionals, they say the cruelty Poppy suffered


was down to two people's despicable Laura Foster BBC Look North


at Hull Crown Court. The Humberside Police


and Crime Commissioner says he is concerned by a sharp rise


in the level of crime in the area. Keith Hunter says he wants more


officers out on the beat as new figures show violent crime


has increased by a quarter. In Lincolnshire overall crime


has increase slightly. In a moment I will be


talking to Keith Hunter, but first Caroline Bilton


has this report. Dell climb on top of here. You can


see whether footmarks were they look up the cameras. He is a end of his


tether, gangs of youths have made his Laundrette their playground. His


CCTV system being the focus of his attention to track their attention.


One boy can be seen trying to break the camera with a chair while his


friend captures it on the phone. This petty crime is damaging his


business. We're trading 20% down on the year. We know another of regular


customers and users for a long time are too afraid to come in now.


Businesses all along this stretch of being targeted. Even last year, we


have seen a spike in instances from petty crime and vandalism to serious


theft and damage. So, you would say on the ground, yeah, we are feeling


it. The police are trying to help is where they can, but you feel that


they are limited with what they can do. And we feel helpless. We can't


defend ourselves. The Humberside force has seen


the highest rise in crime levels. Figures have risen in north


Lincolnshire, Hull and the east Only north-east Lincolnshire


has seen a fall of 4%. There has been a 2%


rise in crime in the The biggest increases


in the Humberside force region were in violent


crime, a right of 26%. This has been blamed partly


on the way the figures Violent crime now includes


offences committed over the There has been a significant


drop in drug offences, both in the Humberside force area


and in Lincolnshire. I don't think anyone should be


scared by numbers on a Where people should feel rightly


concerned is what their experience ease in


their day-to-day life. . And, this is the reality. One


which for the time being they feel they are stuck with. Well, we saw


him very briefly bear in Caroline's report and this afternoon I spoke to


the Humberside and the policing crime Commissioner. I asked if he


excepts whether there is a worrying upward trend in most crime. Yes, in


certain categories, I certainly do believe there is an upward trend and


I am very concerned by that, yes. Concerned in what way? There is a


big increase in violent crime, it's in there? Violent crime is one of


them where practices have changed. That can affect the numbers on that.


Even in that area, there is an upwards trend and so I am concerned


about anything which affects the people who live in this area and


crime is. Bye drug offences is down. People won't feel that were


watching. Even you don't see this as a success, why? Drug offences are


generally found by police officers when they are investigating drugs.


If the number of recorded drug offences go down it is because the


police's attention is on other things. So they are not reducing


activity in drugs? If there is a reduction of the amount of... Bye


that is a criticism of the police? . No, the police have not been finding


those offensive. One Mac the police need to do more? We need to


prioritise the areas that most affect the people. There is a


growing fashion by police officers and Home Office people to be sniffy


wanting more boots on the ground saying it is old-fashioned. Is this


wrong? Yes, it is wrong. In my view. I'm here to represent the public.


The public tell me all of the time that they want to see boots on the


ground. I support that. I believe it works. The thing is that people feel


with a gut reaction that crime is there on the streets at the moment.


What do you say to those people tonight? I understand their view. I


represent them to get Humberside Police focusing on the issues that


actually affect them in their communities on a day-to-day basis.


Will be singers be better next year? I hope so. We are going to try to


work with partners in different ways to attack this. I hope we can have a


good effect. Buck the trend nationally. Time will tell. Thank


you for coming. We want to hear from you on this


story, are you worried about the crime figures


which we have been talking about? Do you agree with the commissioner


that we should have more Here is how to get in touch. What do


think the problems are in your area? Do you think boots on the ground are


an issue? Not just on but also Lincolnshire. The e-mail address is


just the same. A court has heard that a Hornsea man


accused of murdering a woman who replaced him as a stable hand


hoped that "he might get his job 60-year-old Fiona Southwell


was stabbed 19 times Today the stepmother of 22-year-old


Daniel Edwards told the jury that she told him not to "talk


like that about a woman Daniel Edwards denies murder


and the case continues. A major farming organisation


is calling for the Government to make clear how it will support


farmers after Britain leaves the EU. It comes after delays handing out


European subsidies last year, meant more farmers in Lincolnshire


sought hand-outs from charity - Last year, Richard planned to expand


the pig sheds, on his small mixed ?10,000 in EU subsidy didn't arrive


on time in December 2015, We kept getting letters saying it


will be paid in January or February. We thank God a partial payment and


then another partial payment in June that fact we got a partial payment.


It caused a cash flow crisis. The stress level is very high.


Unnecessary because we had not had our payment. Only a hand-out from a


charity stopped richer from getting badly into debt. The money helps


farmers with their running costs and it is distributed more than 85,000


of them over the last year. The amount given berries on the amount


of farm, but it often runs into tens of thousands of pounds. It must meet


conditions such as farming sustainably, such as with hedgerows.


The RA BIA charity in the Kuchar gave out more than nine to ?1000 to


farmers last year. That is a big rise. Last year was the pinnacle of


a few bad years, I think. Everything was just coming together to create a


time where people were really struggling. What about the future?


The British people voted for change. The Prime Minister's exits speech on


Tuesday did not shed any more light on whether EU subsidies will


continue after 2020. Clarity is needed on this and other issues


according to this person. Planning ahead. Investing in machinery, very


expensive machinery. Two or three years from here. We need to make


sure that with the Government we know where we are, what is coming


and we can invest in our businesses and make sure the industry goes


forward and we can go forward in a profitable manner. Most subsidies in


the latest round of payments have been paid more promptly. Richard is


still catching up on his bills from last year though. Here's hoping that


after Brexit, it will still be possible to make farming pay.


You will be able to follow this every night every week. They keep


watching and for your company. Still ahead on the programme for seven.


The cold-war bomber which will go into storage as there's nowhere


This is just another step along the long history of XH558 and I am


determined at the end of the day we will be open to the public.


Yeah, Vulcan Howl fans don't miss that coming up in about ten minutes.


Tom took this of Bishop Wilton in East Yorkshire.


Now, let's have a look at the weather.


He spends a lot of time in Spain. Good weather. If you look at my


Twitter feed and I know you like Twitter, there it extraordinary


pictures of snow in Murcia and Almeria. Have a look, Peter. I


mention that because we have a lot of viewers in southern Spain who


watched on Saturday every night. Good morning southern Spain.


It is looking fairly quiet. Just subtle hints that skies may well


start to Brighton. Link and you might brighten up quite nicely as we


slowly had through the course of tomorrow. Uprightness moving towards


Yorkshire. Very persistent area of high pressure. A hint that that


cloud might break at times. Look at the high pressure re-establishing


itself early next week. I think there will be changes by the second


half of next week. Eventually, we should get rain bearing weather


fronts in from the west. Of course, that is all a long way off and these


things as you well know can change. There is the satellite picture. All


very boring at the moment. The best breaks again have been North West


Norfolk with some brightness here. The clouds have been thick enough to


produce drizzle across parts of Lincolnshire. That is the way of it.


Largely overcast. Drizzle and mist in paces. Ground frost in a southern


end. The sun rises in the morning at five past eight. It is a cloudy,


damp start in places. Some fogging southern Lincolnshire. Watch the


back edge of the cloud. If this is right, it brightens up in Grantham,


Lincoln, eventually Louth. It could get all the way up to Grimsby and


Scunthorpe. Always cloudy to the north of the Humber. Let's have a


look at that afternoon temperature. No great shakes. Seven Celsius is


the high. Over the weekend, grey starts. There will be some sunshine


particularly on the early afternoon. Difficult to get right. Just grab


your back, why don't you? You know me, I've done it for 20 years. You


know all the stock phrases. See you whenever. Not tomorrow. Not


tomorrow. It's been revealed that


the iconic Blade sculpture, which has been put up as part


of Hull's City of Culture celebrations hasn't got


planning permission. The story was reported


by the Hull Daily Mail this morning. Now, City of Culture organisers


are applying for retrospective permission for the 75-metre


long wind turbine blade. It's the biggest work of the city


has ever seen and it's arrival at Queen Victoria Square was arranged


to be a surprise. Ten days ago it was transported in darkness to


protect the secret, that since its arrival a second surprise, the play


does not have planning permission. One city councillor says the local


authority should have insisted on planning approval. The rules are the


rules. I didn't right them I didn't rules. I didn't right them I didn't


make them. They've been in place for 30 or 40 years. It is a good


installation. I don't know a single one of my colleagues who would have


voted against it because for the short period of time that it will be


up. The fact is, we can't then apply this to others and then say, oh, it


doesn't matter, it was a surprise. Hull City Council says it was aware


of the project and the process will be followed. Most admiring the blade


today hoped for a quick resolution. I hope they work together and can


sort it out because of the end of the day, that is just a tick in the


box as far as I'm concerned. I think for something like this, it is just


worth bending the rules of bed probably. It is going to take so


long to go into an application as to weather it should or shouldn't of


been. Yet they will be taking it away by then anyway. Moving this


blade into the city centre required meticulous planning. The whole 2016


team -- whole 2017. So is the plan to apply after the presentation so


it was a big surprise. Either way, the blade is there until March.


Thanks to everyone who's been in touch on our story last night


about North East Lincolnshire Council who say they've had to spend


thousands of pounds clearing up after travellers and still can't


Local authorities have a legal duty to provide temporary stopping places


for travellers but despite looking at more than 12,000 sites,


North East Lincolnshire Council says it hasn't got anywhere suitable.


Many of you have been in touch on this one.


Not surprisingly, every time we talk about travellers, we get a big


response. Thank you everyone. East Yorkshire tennis


players Kyle Edmund is out The British number two lost in three


sets to Spain's Pablo Carreno Busta, and says he's disappointed not


to have been able to repeat the form I can always look for positives


and at the same time I have to be realistic and I am


disappointed at myself. Yeah, I want to do


better all the time. Hull City midfielder Jake Livermore


is having a medical at West Brom The two clubs are understood to have


agreed a ?10 million fee for the 27-year-old after previous


offers were rejected. Livermore joined the club


from Tottenham in 2014. Despite the cold this week has seen


queues outside Museums in Hull And there is even more


on the way in the coming week So, we're three weeks in


and the city of culture is on fire. An art attraction to shout


about as Francis Bacon's screaming Popes exhibition finds itself


a new home here at the Ferens Hull inspired photography


from George Norris is on show at the Hull Central library


from the 23rd of January Dorchester Primary School will be


taking over a pop-up shop this Friday and Saturday in Princes Quay


where they will be filling it with their artistic


responses to made in Hull From the 24th to the 26th


of January, the first festival of 2017 kicks off as Oscar-winning


director, playwright, producer Anthony Minghella will be


honoured and remembered with Q, script readings,


screenings of films, Cold Mountain, The Talented Mr Ripley


and the English Patient here at Milton Hall


the University of Hull. Lisa Ronson, singer, songwriter,


multi-instrumentalist returns to her father's Mick Ronson's home


city on the 25th of January. She'll be filling Fruit


with her electro-pop This week's challenge Hull


is all about sending empowering Now, I'm hiding five of these around


the city and they all come A lot more from him as well as well


as from the brightly coloured flats on the font in a state. Just go to


our website. You might be able to buy


a Red Arrows Lego set in the future, Red 10, Squadron Leader Mike Ling


and his engineer Flight Lieutenant Marcus Ramsden came up with the idea


and have now built a prototype. It will now appear on the Lego Ideas


website where it needs 10,000 votes The Vulcan Bomber is to go


into storage and public since it was grounded


for the final time 15 months ago. But the lease has now


expired on the hangar. When when Vulcan Howl XH558 flew


over the last time,... They wanted back for the growing cargo business.


The trust that looks after the aircraft is appealing for another


?200,000 to put her into storage. It is a huge blow actually. The


revenues that will we bring in to look after the Balkan have been


slashed. I sadly this week had to give a number of rain and colleagues


there notice, but the point is to put the trust now onto a bases where


we can survive. All events held at this hanger and public visits will


stop. Former navigator Andy Marson worked with the Vulcan Howl one with


the sky trust. He says the announcement has come as a shock and


risks losing the goodwill of the supporters. If you keep asking for


more and more money without a tangible result, it is a fact of


life that people will stop giving. People need to see a positive


concrete result early Mac result coming out of it. Many years, Vulcan


Howl bombers were a tear. It marks an anniversary of the Falklands


conflict. The only time Vulcan Howl was used in conflict. That is why


the supporters aid is important to keep history alive. Supporters were


disappointed and angry. It is a shame that it is as got to the point


that it has. The public is not so much money towards and I think they


are now fed up. You just wonder whether they are just can put it


outside and left to rot like a lot of other Vulcans have been. It is


still hope that the visitor centre will still become a result of tea.


But with jobs and the home lost, it is important now to save the


aircraft. Dozens feared dead in Italy as an


avalanche crosses a hotel. Rescuers searching for survivors.


4-year-old Poppy Widdison, died after being fed drugs.


The girl's mother and her partner are jailed for 13 years each.


Tomorrow's weather: Staying grey but largely dry,


but again with a risk of a little drizzle particularly at first.


Brighter skies possible across parts of Lincolnshire later.


We will talk about those crime figures out today. Talk about the


crime commission there. Neal says is talking of streetlights at midnight


partly to blame for this? I think so. It is an ongoing argument, but


the police also have enough stars available to monitor the roads.


Maybe this is why is raising in areas. Don't play the police, what


are the parents doing? Finally, Brian says police want the public to


help them, but then they take no action when they are given


information. So, why should we bother? Plenty of response coming in


on the subject of the crime figures out today. Thank you for watching.


Have a nice evening. Enjoy it. Join me later at half ten, if not,


goodbye for now. When unlocking the secrets of


your past... ..you never know what


the future holds. It's such a rush of history and


walking back in time. How incredible,


to have something like this? I feel he was the kind of guy


I could have got on with. I can't tell you how much


he looks like my dad. Seeing how these things all


fit together.


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