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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The death of a four-year-old from Grimsby leads to an investigation


into the safety of children around the country.


Money to help Hornsea attract more visitors,


but some have concerns about flood protection.


It is just about making sure that all those procedures are followed so


no children are left in danger. The government's communities minister


says there is cash for flood And it looks like it will be a cold


and frosty week. It will continue into next week. I will be back later


in the programme. There's going to be an investigation


into how children will be protected across the country,


following the death of a four year Poppy Widdison died


after being fed drugs Yesterday they were both jailed


for thirteen years for child But there's concern that social


services in North East Lincolnshire aren't doing enough to protect


vulnerable children like Poppy. She was only a little girl


but she was born addicted to drugs, and during her short life


was let down by many people. Today, the family court concluded


Poppy died after being shaken. The report also showed that she had


eaten and been exposed to drugs such as heroin, methadone, cat in and


sedatives. -- Ghetto mean. Yesterday, her mother Michala Pyke


and her former boyfriend John Rytting were each told they'll


spend 13 years in prison for child But now questions are being asked


as to how Pyke and Rytting - both heavy drug users -


could have been so cruel to Poppy without health and social services


in North East Lincolnshire knowing. Yesterday Poppy's family


on her father's side said services should have spoken


to them more. Whilst we as a family do not blame


social services will Poppy's death, we acknowledge there were failings


on her part -- their part. One failing was a lack of engagement


with Poppy's father and asked, the extended family. We had read the


service Case review, and a lot of information is new to us.


Poppy was born addicted to heroin because of her mother's addiction.


No robust protection plan nor parenting assessments were made.


There were "meetings" concerning Poppy, but drugs services


Her parents separated and Poppy lived mostly with her mother.


When she was three, a relative said Pyke was smoking


But social workers weren't concerned.


In fact, they never even asked Pyke if this was happening.


They didn't know Pyke and Rytting were in a relationship or that


A week before she died, Poppy stopped going to nursery.


The staff wanted to talk to Pyke about it but


Poppy died before another one could be made.


So what confidence can we have in services


I have met with social services this week, and I know that there is a


really strong commitment to making sure that tragedies like this do not


happen, and over the last two years, there have been significant changes


in the local authority in the way that things are done, and it is just


about making sure that all of those procedures are followed all the time


so that no children are left in danger.


Today, the Childen's Commissioner for England said:


Over the past two weeks, the BBC has made repeated


requests for an interview with North East Lincolnshire


Safeguarding Children's Board for an interview.


So far they've refused all our approaches but they insist


they'll keep working to try to ensure something like this


A man from Cleethorpes has been sentenced to 14 years in prison


after admitting sexual offences against a girl under the age of two


Twenty-eight-year-old Callum Bedford from Lairgate Place in Cleethorpes


admitted a number of offences last year including taking part


in adult sexual activity with an 18-month-old girl.


He was identified as part of an international operation


against people making and distributing indecent images


A court has heard that blood matching that of a murder victim


was found on clothing recovered from the home of the man


60-year-old Fiona Southwell was stabbed 19 times at Grange Farm


Today the jury at Hull Crown Court heard that her DNA matched


bloodstains on a pair of jeans discovered in the bedroom of


Mr Edwards denies murder and the case continues.


Parents in Hedon have been advised to accompany their children


to school today or get them to walk in groups after an attempted attack


The 11-year-old was pushed over by a man


on George Street while on the way to Hedon Primary yesterday morning.


She ran away and police say she wasn't harmed.


The school and another local primary say they contacted parents


Well, I just feel that obviously the children, if you can't walk on your


own, it's a bit of a sad situation. My grandchildren are all accompanied


there by their grandma or dad. There is anyone that goes by herself


up to Preston, and I told her not to go by herself, and try to metres on


the way home from school. An East Yorkshire MP,


who's also a communities minister, says the town of Hornsea can only


benefit from a government grant which is aimed at revitalising


the British coastline. Andrew Percy, who's the MP


for Brigg and Goole, says the ten thousand pound grant


will help draw up a plan for economic growth and job


creation in the area. It comes just a week after part


of the town's flood defences were breached by the tidal surge


and some businesses suffered How well has the town recovered


since the tidal surge? Well, Peter, the sea is relatively


calm this evening. Well behind the town's sea defences tonight, and it


is hard to believe it was just a week ago that where I am standing


with absolutely covered in sea water. Today, government minister is


here in the town, talking about the future and jobs and what is next for


Hornsea, but here on the seafront, many businesses are just trying to


get back to profits. The water came all the way into the


front takeaway, all the way through, it came into the restaurant at the


front... A week since the waves washed


into this fish and chip shop, its owners are still


accessing the damage. And, you know, we have never ever


shut down. We are a seven day a week family, working. And it is just


devastating to us. It wasn't just businesses but homes


that were flooded as the towns sea Today, by much calmer seas,


the government's communities minister announced money to help


this town regenerate, and offered reassurances that


there's cash to protect the town You have to look at it as not one or


another. We are very capable. There is plenty of money to do both, as I


have said, because we have put this funding together for coastal


defences and we are also spending record amounts of money on flood


defences. Ten thousand pounds will


help to create a coastal community team who will develop a plan


for Hornsea's economic growth. We need to think outside the box, so


that when you visit Hornsea with your children and they are playing


on a grassed area, they need to have something to do and to interest


them, and for you to say, when you leave Hornsea, my, we have enjoyed


the day. And other business owners say people


need to be encouraged I think every small market town or


seaside town, regeneration is essential to keep is all going,


really. All the small traders, we need all the help we can get.


Whilst some in this town will start making plans to create


jobs and increase trade, the Environment Agency continue


to make it their job to investigate how and why Hornsea fell


Well, just because Hornsea now has a coastal community team, and that


?10,000, as a town, it has not been promised any more money. They just


came up with a plan of how they would like to spend extra government


funding. They now go up against the coastal towns, the likes of


Bridlington and Cleethorpes, and make kids to get money from a much


bigger part, and they will of course have much competition even just here


in the east coast. -- make bids. But today, it was promised that there


are millions of pounds of funding available in a pot.


When he very much. -- thank you very much.


And of course, we wish the Coastal Communities Team the best with their


work. We will follow that story and bring you any ideas or plans.


Network Rail has admitted it should have consulted with disability


groups before submitting plans for a new footbridge over a level


Campaigners have criticised the company after a lift wasn't


included in the bridge over a railway line.


A public consultation is now underway and a decision will be made


Some people might not want to go up in a lift and crossover. But when it


is cold like today, and the sun is out, you want to get to your


destination as quick as possible. So again, it is about having a choice.


I don't think is acceptable in this day and age for disabled people to


be forgotten. It is disappointing and similar levels, first, that they


are not doing anything to make it accessible, but the second and


probably most important thing is that disabled people have just been


forgotten. I know people will have a view on


this one. We will be asking for your comments and just a moment.


Earlier I spoke to Nick Sandham from Network Rail.


I started by asking whether he thought this


was an own goal for Network Rail - planning a bridge


We do, and firstly, I would like to apologise to the disability groups


in Lincoln for not contacting them properly as we should have done. It


was not the right thing to do. We have learned from that and we'll do


that better in the future. But why did you get in touch, and


why did you actually need to tee why did you think planning a bridge


without disability access in 2017 was acceptable?


We did try to get in touch with the disability group.


No, you try to get in touch with one group and none of the others. They


didn't hear from you. We did try to get in touch with a


group in Lincoln, as you said. We did not get a response, but...


You did not get a response, because they were defunct. It took as 30


minutes to find that out. You did not bother.


That is right. We should have done better, we learned from that and


will apologise for that. So, my original question, why didn't


he was acceptable to build a bridge in 2017 without a lift you macro we


have worked with our partners in Lincoln and two bridges.


I am not talking about the others. Enter about this one. What you are


really saying is, if you are disabled, you are going to have to


stand and wait at the level crossing. It is as simple as that.


On this bridge in particular, we have worked with our partners on it.


The level crossing and footpath alongside it will remain open, that


is true. We think there is a footpath going to be built between


the footbridge and the other one on the High Street, which will allow


flat access across both the railway and by footpath to the bridge would


lift. Many people will not see that is


good enough. Tanni Grey-Thompson said things like this should be


excessive or from the start. Not waiting for an add-on of money. --


accessibility on the start. The problem in this case was that


there were no funds available to build the iconic bridge that the


city of Lincoln wanted. We presented that if you want to go, and this is


a solution we have come up with, but we're waiting for the planning


hearing to that and will take forward many steps with our partners


in Lincoln. So what we're saying is, disabled


access with a live district Spencer? For this bridge, it is, but the


level crossing remains open, and the footbridge will be built between the


two bridges. Do you think the city of Lincoln


council will say yes to those plans? We will see what the planning


hearing says, but we will take forward the outcome of that with our


partners alike we do. Thank you very much indeed.


Let us know what you think of this story.


Should Network Rail have installed facilities for disabled people


as a matter of course? Should it matter how much it costs?


As I hinted there, it is not just disabled people, but those who are


in firm also, and those with prams and pushchairs.


The e-mail is It is 6:43 p.m.. Thank you for


watching. Still ahead tonight: As Donald Trump


is sworn in as US President, opinion is divided on the impact


he might have on people And he was the first Englishman


to dance with one of Russia's top ballet companies -


now he returns home to be honoured I hope you had a good day. It has


been beautiful. Heather Baross took this today


of the City Hall bathed in Sunshine Thank you very much indeed for that.


Keep your pictures coming in. Another one on Monday about the same


time. Kiva Donovan is here, fresh from, my spies understand, filming


down a sewer! Don't laugh at me!


Did you come across any rats? I don't need to go down a sewer to


come across that! I wasn't referring to you! When I


was on a shoot, the researchers looked at my Twitter page with all


those pictures of you and he didn't know who you were, and he said, here


is that weird man you got all over your Twitter page? Thank you, let's


have the forecast. I defended you,


have the forecast. I defended you, obviously.


A cold weekend, chilly, a couple of frosty nights succumb. Some


sunshine, but particularly tomorrow afternoon, a lot more cloud around,


which could produce a lot more light rain or drizzle in one or two spots.


A lot of settled weather to come. I pressure still dominate and it could


hang on in there until probably the middle of next week. So a lot of


settled weather, but cool weather to come. The return to overnight frost,


and perhaps some font to start next week. This is the satellite picture


from earlier. You can see how that cloud burnt away from the south.


Plenty of sunshine this afternoon, but clear skies this evening the


last overnight lead to a bit patchy fog in some prone locations and also


widespread frost. A chilly night, particularly in the countryside,


where temperatures will be a few degrees below freezing. The sun will


rise in the morning had just gone eight o'clock. Setting again at


around 1620. These are your high water times for this evening.


Tomorrow, cold, frosty start. Some mist and fog might linger, but the


best of the sunshine first thing. Cloud already piling in from the


east, so it will become more great through the afternoon and there


could even be a bit of drizzle and the odd light shower during the


afternoon. It will feel chilly, particularly once the cloud has


pushed across us. Temperatures struggling up to around 5-6. Feeling


chilly out there, and then quite cloudy overnight into Sunday, but


some breaks in the cloud, so we could start the day once again with


a frost. Sunday doesn't look too bad at all. Dry and bright with broken


cloud and some spells of sunshine. Feeling chilly, foggy to start the


day is on Monday and Tuesday, but a lot of dry, cool weather.


Thank you very much, Keely. Now, opinion is divided tonight on the


question of how President Trump will affect our lives here in East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Leading figures in the Muslim


community have accused Donald Trump of spreading hate with some


of the language he used But others say the new US President


will boost business for local firms More from our Political


Editor Tim Iredale. I will faithfully execute the office


of president of the United States. Grimsby -based journalist Nadia


Hussain has followed Donald Trump's wrote to the White House with


interest. As a woman and a Muslim, she says she was shocked by some of


Mr Trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail.


The already sexist people are thinking, that's great, I can say


these things because he has just said them. And people who are


already homophobic or afraid of the other are now feeling, oh, that is


wonderful. If the most powerful man in the world can say it, I can say


it too. Donald J Trump is calling for a


total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.


It was that pledge to ban Muslims from entering the United States that


led to a petition over here calling for Mr Trump himself to be banned


from entering the UK. There was even a debate in Parliament, where a


Lincolnshire MP used a word rarely heard in the corridors of power.


And if he met one or two of my constituents in one of the many


excellent pubs in my constituency, then they mail their they may well


tell him he is a wazzock. So is that really have the good


people of Louth would describe the new US president? Just like the rest


of the world, Donald Trump divides opinion here.


I don't know too much about him, but from what I know, I think he is


sexist and racist. I think he will cause a lot of chaos.


I am easy with it. The people going round in a panic saying, Brexit,


Trump, the world has come to an end, no it hasn't. It has taken a rather


amusing turn. Many politicians and pro-Brexit


Lincolnshire C Donald Trump's presidency as a good thing.


We have a good relationship as a country with the US. I think our


relationship will strengthen, particularly in the Prime Minister's


statement this week around Brexit. Trump was a big supporter of that,


and helping us to get the right deal for the future for global trade is


going to be incredibly important. So, it is fair to say the jury is


out and President Trump. But love him or loathe him, this is a man


that will dominate global politics for the sealable future. --


foreseeable future. People of a certain age may have


spotted Robert Wyatt from Soft Machine there. Minding his own


business when Tim met him. And Tim will be discussing how


Donald Trump's presidency could affect people here on this


weekend's Sunday Politics. Guests include the Northern


Powerhouse minister Andrew Percy. Thanks to everyone who got


in touch after we told you that the Humberside Police


and Crime Commissioner was concerned by a sharp rise in the level


of crime in the area. Keith Hunter says he wants more


officers out on the beat as figures show violent crime has


increased by a quarter. You will remember the crime


commission was in the studio with me last night and had some strong


words. Thanks for the comments after the programme snipe. Here are a few


of them. Howard in Waltham blames


the cuts in police numbers. Thank you very much indeed for


those. A father and son have won compensation from Humberside Police


after being unlawfully turned away from attending a football match at


Grimsby town last year. They were on board a coach of Wrexham supporters


travelling to a league game in March, but were told to return to


Wales amid concerns of disorder. Our sports reporter Matt Dean is here


with us in the studio now. What happened?


Well, this coach was stopped by Humberside Police at a service area


on the A180, about half an hour away from Cleethorpes, where they were


heading to Grimsby to see their team in action. They were held for about


an hour. No arrests were made, but they were ordered to turn around and


head back to Wrexham. One supporter on board the bus had recently


undergone hip replacement surgery. I got on the coach because I


couldn't have sat in a cramped car. The lads were helping me on and off


the bus with my crutches after being cooped up in the house for two


weeks. I thought it was a day out. I didn't think I was any threat or any


danger. How many fans were involved in this


incident? Mark, who we heard from there, was one of around 60


supporters on the bus, around 35 of whom were issued with dispersal


order notices. They were given by police when they think people will


behave in an anti-social way. Compensation has been given to two


supporters who don't wish to be identified or say how much they have


been awarded, but it is hoped that football fans everywhere will now be


treated differently because of this. We are still seeing too many


examples of harsh treatment of fans, and unfortunately, this is


indicative of just that. To us, it was more or less immediately obvious


that the police had overreached their powers and effectively had


treated a whole group of people as a problem.


The spokesperson for Humberside Police has told us they are except


the claimant should do not have been issued with the notices, and say


they have put additional training in place for the commanders who make


decisions around dispersal orders. Thank you very much indeed for that.


Hull City have confirmed that they've sold midfielder


Jake Livermore to West Bromwich Albion.


The two clubs are understood to have agreed a ten million pound


fee for the 27-year-old after previous offers were rejected.


Livermore joined the club from Tottenham in 2014.


Very good proposal for him. And a very good proposal also when the


deal closes. Were we need in these moments is to find one quick price


for the player, and we need to find this in the next days, because he is


an important player. Hull's pavement fish trail


is being relaid after more Sections of the trail


were removed last year ahead The trail, which was first laid out


in 1992, features life-size fish, A ballet dancer from Hull who has


become an international star has received an honorary degree today


from the city's university. Xander Parish started


dancing at the age of 8 at the Skelton Hooper School


of dance in Hull - he's now performing


with Russia's Mariinsky ballet. The mesmerising moves of Xander


Parish. He is a dancer who has become internationally renowned in


the ballet world, becoming the first ever Britain to dance for Russia's


Mariinsky ballet company. And he grew up in East Yorkshire. His role


takes into stages all over the world. Today, ketamine to this stage


in hole to receive an honorary degree from the city's University.


-- whole. I am absolutely delighted and


honoured to receive this degree. Particularly in the year of City of


Culture here in hell, it is a great privilege and wonderful to be


acknowledged for what I'm doing in the arts. -- here in Hull. I really


very honoured indeed. This is where it all started for


Xander. At the age of eight, he joined this dance school in Hull. He


went from here to the Royal Ballet before being invited to join the


Mariinsky Theatre. As a ballet dance are working in


Russia from Hull, I think I'm only whole's only cultural export to


Russia! And they want to fly the flag for my city and country as


well. Today's ceremony provided a brief


break from dancing. Tomorrow, he'll be back performing at the Coliseum


in London, before flying back to London on Sunday continue flying the


flag for Hull. Well done to him. Tonight, the


second part of the programme showcasing the best of the Yorkshire


Wolds is on BBC One. The adventurer Paul Rosas exploring a 79 mile


walking trail. Tonight, he'll be covering the stretch between market


waiting in the North Sea coast. That is in just over half an hour's time.


Half past seven here on BBC One. Let's have a reminder of the main


national and regional headlines tonight.


Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States


and promises to put America first. The death of four-year-old Poppy


Widdison from Grimsby leaves to an investigation into the safety of


children across the country. Tomorrow's whether, after some


initial Sun sign, slowly coming over. Temperatures, 5-6.


Talking about that planned bridge with no lift, David says, it is


quicker for people with or without disabilities to wake the crossing to


open than it is to use lifts on the bridge.


Alan says, there are stations without disabled access, struggling


to fund lifts and ramps, so why are we discussing level crossings with


lifts? Karl says, people don't use the


bridge on the High Street. I use it, but too many able-bodied people are


just too lazy. And finally, Barry says, this is not


just an issue affecting those with disability. What about mums and dads


with prams? Or the elderly who may not be able to climb stairs? I did


mention that when I was talking a few minutes ago. Thank


you for all the messages, not just a night, but throughout the week.


Have a peaceful weekend and look after yourself. I will see you on


Monday. Good night.


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