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Good evening, and welcome to BBC Look North.


Jessica Danby died when she was hit by a car trying to overtake


Today her mother tells us the driver's jail


two years is nothing. At the end of the day he is spending one year in


prison one year on licence for killing somebody. That's disgusting.


Also on the programme tonight. Radio 1's Big Weekend


is going to be in... It's official - Radio 1's


Big Weekend will come to the area, as part of City


of Culture celebrations. 50,000 music fans are


expected to attend. It's really exciting. It'll be good


for Hull. Music connects people and it will be awesome that people are


there enjoying the music. "They saved his life" -


tributes to medical staff at Hull City's game against Chelsea,


after midfielder Ryan Mason The memorial wall to a friendly deer


which died after a dog attack And find out how a man in a wheel


is helping to preserve And we start the week's weather


forecast with a warning of fog. The latest coming up shortly.


Teenager Jessica Danby was on her way to work at a coffee


shop in Lincolnshire, when she was involved


The 19-year-old was driving her moped on the A52 wearing


high-visibility clothing, when she was hit by a car coming


The driver - who was trying to overtake a lorry in thick fog -


But today Jessica's mother told Look North that the two-year jail


term he was given just isn't long enough.


Our correspondent Vicky Johnson has more.


She was a very bubbly character. Very determined. She had an


infectious laugh. You always knew where she was. Her mother and


stepfather try to remember the good times but it is hard. It's


devastating. There is a big hole missing. It's never going to get


replaced. Remember when I was in reception we had show and tell. She


was in a sub wiring actress and had just completed her first show real.


She would have done it. It might have taken her awhile but I know for


a fact you would have done it. If she watched you anything she did it.


It was a foggy morning much like today when Jess was making her way


to her job along the A50 two. She had done all the right things, she


was wearing a high viz jacket and her mobile lights were on. But then


a driver crashed head on into her in dense fog after overtaking a lorry


tractor unit. He had admitted causing date death by dangerous


driving and was jailed for two years. At the end the day he has


killed somebody. It is as bad as manslaughter in my eyes. He has gone


out and made decision to overtake, he knew he couldn't see, and is


dangerous. And he should be punished properly for that. At present in the


UK, death by dangerous driving has a maximum sentence of 14 years. The


Government is currently looking to increase this to life. In 2015 the


average length of sentence given was just under four years. A judge has


had to take into account the background of the driver, has he got


a previous record, what he does for a living, his own family, is he


remorseful, and then he has to look at the victim's statement, what are


the consequences of the death on the deceased's family. He has to put all


that into a balance. The family say everyone should take more


responsibility and drive with more care. People go to jail regularly


and then still commit the same offences. It is just a lack of


concentration for a single second that can be avoided. Who's you think


I am? It's 15 months since Jess was killed. Her family say a two-year


sentence is simply not enough for a life cut so tragically short.


This is one we'd like to hear your thoughts on.


Do you think careless and dangerous driving sentences are long enough?


Do you think they do enough to reflect the impact it


It's one of the biggest free music festivals in Europe,


attracting 50,000 fans every year to see the world's biggest


And today, it was announced that Radio One's Big Weekend would be


coming to this area as part of City Of Culture celebrations.


The first major headline acts are confirmed - Kings


Of Leon and Little Mix - with more to be announced


And this is where they'll be coming to at the end of May.


Burton Constable, a normally sleepy rural village just ten


Our correspondent Leanne Brown is at Burton Constable Hall now,


chosen as the venue for the two day festival.


This grade one listed Elizabethan country house is surrounded by 300


acres of parkland, so size played a huge part. The city of culture team


and Radio 1 did look at other venues in Hull but in terms of logistics,


transport and safety, this was seen as the best option. And of course


those a list music stars might need somewhere to land their helicopters,


and they might want a BIP area. Our whole 2017 reporter has been looking


at the line-up. It's the biggest free


ticketed event in Europe. BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend attracts


headline acts and music lovers from around the world and just


before eight o'clock this morning And this is where it is going to be


whole held. Burton Constable Hall. Right now I am still in the exact


location where Kings of Leon and little mix will be performing on the


main stage. In the background you concede Burton Constable Hall


standing tall and proud. Organisers say this was the only location that


was big enough locally to cater for the 50,000 people that will be


descending on the area in May. We are going to be using roughly 50


acres of this and then we have got the main grounds,


the riding school block and then What are the logistics for the


preparation? It's already started, planning where the fencing will be,


whether roadway will be. That will take about eight days to put into


place. The two-day music event is coming as part of the city of


culture celebrations and for those who hope to get tickets it will be


their first experience of on this scale. It's really exciting. I think


it'll be good for hole. He's convenient for in hell because we


won't have to travel. Music definitely connects people. How good


you think this is the city of culture? I think it will be really


influential because a lot of artists are coming and a lot of people who


see them in the media will want to be a part of that. There is four


months to get Burton Constable ready for what will be another top event


coming to Yorkshire in 2017. So how will the area cope with


thousands of music fans? Around 100 people live in Burton Constable and


I've been getting reactions from the local community.


Surrounded by meadows and lakes, Burton Constable is the place


to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of rural East Yorkshire.


Is a real jewel in the crown of East Riding. Probably hidden away to a


lot of people in the world. This is opportunity to really showcase what


we have in East Riding. But is it ready for


an influx of people? It's going to bring a lot of trade


to the village. City of culture in Hull is brilliant. A lot of new


people coming to see what Yorkshire is all about. It will bring


everybody together and it is massive. One local is hoping for


some extra trade. There's going to be a lot of mess left afterwards


which is good for us. Basically that is what we do.


And the stately home isn't new to large events -


for the last few years it's hosted the Cornucopia Music


They do well they get a good crowd. It's time to go to the next level.


In the 60s there were rock festivals. In the main grounds.


They've had some big famous brands. They've had big crowds therefore


stop It's not unusual for a music


The annual Leeds Festival is at Bramham Park is held 12


it's no more than an extension of the city. We are as one really. And


I don't understand how people sometimes see barriers by S sign on


the road saying East Riding or hole. Wirral one big family.


As work continues on the logistics, it's hoped that this huge musical


event will bring a boost to Hull and the east.


More details will be released in coming weeks as to how to get


tickets. They are highly sought-after so people are looking


forward to aim mention of Burton Constable. It was described as the


area's best kept secret. Not any more.


One of the organisers of the Big Weekend was asked why they chose to


bring it to hole. We've been looking at it for about five or six years.


Burton Constable is a fantastic site. There's a huge population of


young people in Harlem. We felt they needed access to events such as


this. It's not often you see major events such as this in the area. The


site and also that factor as well as the fact that there is the city of


culture was an obvious reason to look at it. Some people are saying


in social media why not actually in Hull? Maybe at the football stadium?


We looked at the various sites around the city itself and actually


there's a kind of templated if you like of the site that we take to


whichever city we go to. And we simply could not fit it into some of


the parks that were on offer. The infrastructure at Burton Constable


is really spot on. It's a bit out of town but we need to make sure we can


replicate the model we take year-on-year. So when will the


tickets be available and how do people get them? Were not ready to


announce those dates just yet but if they listen to radio one they will


find that information. It will be basically going online and


purchasing tickets on a first-come first-served basis. And the local


people will get the lion's share of the tickets? That is correct. The


proportion of the tickets available to the local area is higher than


ever you. We always like to give the lion's share to the local community.


Exciting times. I am a man of a certain age. Would I enjoy this


music? You would love it. You would love it. But we have three artists


already announced today, but the other artists on the line-up after


nominal. We have some really big... But you won't have me tonight? No.


We wish you well with it. We would like your thoughts on this.


Is it good news for the area? Are you hoping to get tickets? What you


think it will mean the businesses and people in the area? Here's a


reminder of the e-mail address and text number.


Lincolnshire County Council say they could save ?150 million


over five years if they were to become


They intend to put the option to a public referendum


The County Council leader says it would be more


We have confusion over the roads - the county council maintains


the road, the council sweeps it -sSo there's all this confusion.


Now, frankly, the public don't really care.


And we work as best we can together, the county and district


We wouldn't need eight chief executives, you


wouldn't need eight management teams, you wouldn't need eight of


The Government's announced it's going to spend just under


?160 million across Yorkshire and the Humber,


Flood defences around the Humber will be strengthened, meaning more


sites can be used to build houses, offices and factories.


Parts of Bridlington, Goole and Grimsby will


I'm also announcing ?2.1 million of funding for Goole,


which is going to be to create an intermodal terminal,


so that's going to bring the sea, the river, the


canal, the rail and the road network together, to make it


And ?3.5 million to unlock development in Grimsby as


Praise the Hull city medical staff after one of the team's players


fractured his skull during a game. And calls for dog owners


to keep their pets on leads, after a fiendly deer is killed


at a nature reserve. Here was tonight's photograph. It's


very atmospheric, isn't it? Will you be going to watch the


bands? I've never even heard of them. Have you managed to blag any


free tickets? Let's look at the next 24 hours. We have a warning of fog


and that could be particularly dense later in the night. Extra time will


be needed for the commute at the weekend. The weekend looks dry and


cold with frost and fog. The fog is largely a problem during the first


half of the week. High pressure is dominating yet again. Just noticed


the isobars veering round to the South East and that will drag in


some very cold air. Temperatures on Thursday might not be higher than


one or 2 degrees by the day. Some fog is slow to clear. Just in the


last couple of hours thicker cloud has brought the odd spot of rain.


That has tended to lift the fog that had not cleared through the course


of this afternoon. That band of cloud and the odd spot of rain will


clear and we will see Mr and fog becoming widespread later. Because


we've had some rain ice could be an issue as well. Watch out on the


roads. Lowest rural temperatures down to minus three Celsius. 27


Fahrenheit. Here are the sunrises. Some dense freezing fog patches to


contenders in the morning. It could be really slow to clear. Eventually


most of the fog will clear and we will cease hazy sunshine just like


today. That fog will thicken up against tomorrow evening's commute.


There will be a warning in place I'm sure by tomorrow evening.


Temperatures will come in at 4 degrees where Falkirk persists.


Brightening later, very cold wind on Thursday. That is the forecast.


The sunrises or sets? You only had one job! Whatever.


Prompt action from Hull City's medical team


That's the opinion of one leading surgeon, after the Tigers midfielder


was stretchered off with a fractured skull during yesterday's game


Here's our Sports Reporter, Simon Clark.


This is the moment in the first half when Ryan Mason suffered


The referee, Neil Swarbrick, recognised the seriousness instantly


It was eight minutes before Mason was stretchered


from the field and taken to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington.


Today a leading neurosurgeon said this saved Ryan Mason from serious


injury. We are seen changes in recognising when this serious injury


has occurred. If he had been allowed to carry on possibly a worse outcome


might have followed. In their latest bulletin, the club's say:


The severity of the injury is not common in football and this


was the reaction of one former professional on Match Of The Day.


I think they realised straightaway how bad this was and our thoughts


It's a terrible thing to see on a football pitch.


Of course Gary Cahill was just innocently going for the ball.


It was a sickening challenge and let's hope he gets back


Since Mason was carried from the field, the football world


has taken to social media to express concern.


Former team-mate Gareth Bale said get well soon, mate, our thoughts


We would like to send our best wishes to Ryan Mason


And Tigers team-mate Curtis Davies added,


thinking of you Ryan Mason, get well soon, mate.


Last night Gary Cahill, the Chelsea player involved


Mason can expect to make a full recovery from his injury but that


could take weeks, even months. Simon is with me now -


what's the latest on Ryan Now we know he's talking that is a


welcome relief. He's also been able to see her visitors, one of which


was the man he crashed into. His family say they've been overwhelmed


by the support that they've had in these difficult 24 hours. And now of


course everybody hopes he makes a speedy recovery. The long road to


recovery starts now and we'll keep you posted all


the way through. Hull city have added to their squad


with signing of Liverpool midfielder on loan to the end of the season.


The Serbian midfielder cost and ?20 million in 2014. He's been on loan


to a Portuguese side the first half of the season.


People working at a nature reserve in North Lincolnshire say they've


been left heartbroken, after a much loved deer had to be


Daphne the Deer, as she was nicknamed, had become a popular


attraction at the Water's Edge centre in Barton, and was one


of the few wild deer there tame enough to interact with people.


Daphne was a wild roe deer, but chose to stay close


to the visitors' centre at Water's Edge after people


Rob is one of the volunteers at the country park who got to


It's not very often you can get that close to a deer that is


She was our best kept secret round here, because we didn't like


A memorial wall in the visitors' centre


is filled with tributes from young and old.


It's an unusual sight but a measure of this animal's


She used to pop her head over the fence and watch us warm up


She was unique - I called her "our little lady",


I think it's disgraceful and I think people with dogs should be


Today vets confirmed that Daphne died


This country park prides itself on its open


access to dog walkers, but they are being reminded


to keep their pets on a lead or under tight control.


Most visitors do understand that and appreciate that.


But, you know, you get the occasional visitor with


their dog who thinks, "my dog's not going to hurt anyone".


You never know - when the dog comes face-to-face with an animal out


As tributes to Daphne continue tocome in, a ?200 reward is


being offered for information that leads to the successful prosecution


We'll let you know if there are any developments.


It's one of East Yorkshire's best known landmarks,


but the materials which make up Beverley Minster require


And as Jill Archbold reports, one man has just been given the task


of preserving the building for generations to come.


We we have one of the main wing doze during the whole of Beverley and on


the pains you can see where people over history have decided to leave


their mark. The plumber in 1878, some of the past vergers that way


here till 1982. This man is just starting to learn about some of


Beverley Minster's hidden secrets. We have everything from original


tree trunks that they used... The materials which make up this


building, ancient stone, timber, glass and led, have now become his


responsible at it. The immensity of it was scary. But I live in


Beverley, I have done for a while and it is the biggest, most


prominent building. I couldn't say no. This working tread wheel is the


oldest in the country. Preservation of such medieval features started


nearly 800 years ago. The responsibility falls not with the


church but with an ancient charity called the Old Fund. Most clergy


would tell you they didn't become ordained to become the curator of an


ancient building, but in the Church of England that is what we have. Ask


anyone about their local church and then tell you how much they love it,


even if they don't feel like part of the worshipping community. Looking


after a building like this is part of our mission. Hundreds of years


ago when it was first built, the only way to get materials up to them


roof was left them using the tread wheel. Modern methods may make


fixing roofs easier but the challenge of the 21st century is


finding the money to do it. More than ?5 million is needed to replace


the high roofs. The nearly three decades one man has been doing his


best to patch them up. Some of this lead where I'm stood now is over 200


years old. It's a full-time job, keeping on top of the leaks on the


roof. Obviously, if we get a very heavy rainfall, will go around and


inspect on the inside, monitor the leaks. It may be high maintenance,


but those who call it their place of work say they are proud to help


preserve it for the future. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. The Government refuses to say


whether the last test of the Trident missile system went wrong. Labour


says it is a cover-up. The teenager killed


by a dangerous driver - tonight there are calls for tougher


sentences after the driver Tomorrow's weather -


Mist and fog patches Most places brightening up


later with sunny spells. Cold again with highs


around 4C (39F). The subject of tougher sentences the


dangerous driving. Nigel says there is no need for the offence of


causing death by dangerous driving. It is manslaughter and defendants


should be judged as such. Helen says a driver over taking in thick fog


should be banned for life. Stephen says I've moved to Lincoln 80s ago


and your roads are not the best but the best is driving -- the driving


is reckless. And, just briefly, Mary says, it doesn't matter what


lifestyle that driver has, nobody in their right mind should overtake in


the fog. Thank you for your responses.


And thank you for watching all our stories. Have a nice evening. - out.


To break someone physically... Agh! ..is not a problem.


Nectar of the gods, I'm telling you. Thank you, Colonel.


He's definitely battling some demons.


If they have a fear of water, God help them.


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