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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The plan to have only one large council for


Lincolnshire is criticised by District Council leaders.


It is the County Council acted like a rogue council it seems to me


because it is not the way we have been doing things recently.


The husband of a woman killed in a terrorist attack in Tunisia


Kept off school - the girl who says she's being bullied


The Korean guide to speaking Hull that's become an internet sensation.


Some dense fog expected over southern parts of Lincolnshire


tonight. I will be back later with all the details.


A war of words has erupted tonight over a move to scrap the seven


district councils in Lincolnshire and replace then with a unitary


The leader of Lincolnshire County Council wants to hold


a referendum on the proposal - which he claims would save 150


I'll be speaking to Martin Hill in a moment.


But first, our Political Editor Tim Iredale finds out why some


in the county are fiercely opposed to the idea.


There are currently seven district councils covering Lincolnshire


plus the county council, so is it time to merge


The leader of Lincolnshire County Council wants


I think the reason we are doing it is because we keep having these


conversations all the time about the difficult financial


situation all councils are in and having to find ways


of saving money, which means difficult decisions.


This is a way you can save a good amount of money without affecting


At present the district council's provide localised services


such as bin collections, housing and planning.


The county council is responsible for big budget services such


The idea of abolishing district councils in Lincolnshire is likely


You know, it is the county council acting like a rogue council,


it seems to me because it is not the way we have been


We have done it on a collaborative basis.


This is a unilateral move by the county council.


I think it's the start of their campaign for what they have


sought for a long time, which is a county unitary


Lincolnshire County Council is highlighting other areas


which have abolished their district councils in favour of


It's estimated that Cornwall saved ?16 million a year.


Durham made ?21 million of annual savings.


And it's estimated that Lincolnshire would save around


North Hykeham is part of the North Kesteven district


so how do people here feel about having all their services


delivered by one so-called super council for the


I think you would have less say in what goes on locally


You know, I think the smaller councils are more geared up


to the smaller districts, sort of thing.


If we want the council tax down, yes.


If the proposal is approved by the county council next month,


then a referendum would take place in May on the same day


However, the result wouldn't be binding and any final decision


on scrapping Lincolnshire's district councils would rest


Tim Iredale, BBC Look North, Lincoln.


You can have your say in just a moment.


I spoke to the leader of Lincolnshire County


I asked him why he thought getting rid of the seven district councils


If we talk about losing all the councils we all deliver services. It


is all about how they are delivered so the front-line people will still


be there delivering on the gritters will still be there in the bin


collectors and all the rest of it. It is all about reducing the


management back-office costs which is what we could do away with it


with your councils. The leader of Lincoln County Council has accused


the Caddick is an ongoing role because he says you're in a


furniture crisis and this is a money driven. -- enough financial crisis.


If it can save ?30 million a year without having a financial crisis


outed as a responsible not to consider that. How much will it cost


for something that is not legally binding? It will be minimal costs


because it is held in the same day as County Council elections are no


extra cost. It will be a question of the ballot papers and some of the


people counting the ballot papers will have to wait for an hour or so


longer but that will be at. Even if the referendum voted in favour it is


not legally binding. The Government like devolved powers but it is never


going to happen. There is a debate going on across the country and in


Dorset they are considering going for a unitary status so I think the


Government 's position as if there is an local willingness to go for


unitary status they will support it. If somebody else were leader of the


County Council and you were leader of say North Kesteven you would not


say it was a good idea. If we can save 30 million pounds a year and


not affect council services at all that is a good idea. John says in an


e-mail we are well served by a district councils and we know our


councillors. -- Jordan. The only time a seat Councillor Hell is when


he is on the door. They're not going to vote in favour. -- the only time


I see councillor Martin Hill. We need to at least consider a


situation where it can save a lot of money at the same time is not


affecting front line services. We want to hear from you on this


story, do you think there should be Would you like there to be won


unitary authority or to keep the seven councils? Can you say no to


saving per year? Would you welcome the idea of a referendum even


although it is not legally binding? You have had what he thinks it will


cost. -- you have heard. Should we get rid of the seven district


councils Lincolnshire and have one authority? Thank you for watching


this Tuesday night. Boom time for local toy companies,


but there's concern A man from Hull, whose wife


was killed in a terror attack in Tunisia, has described the moment


he tried to save her by pulling her Jim Windass' wife Claire


was shot when a gunman Bruce Wilkinson from Goole


and Carly Lovett from Gainsborough were also among the 22 people killed


in June 2015. Our reporter Emily Unia has been


at the inquest in London today. Emily, what else did Claire's


husband Jim say today? He described her as a beautiful and


kind-hearted person who always had time for everyone. Jim Windass


Described how on the morning of the 26th of June which was his birthday


he and his wife had gone to the beach and reliance on loungers when


he had wanted that were firecrackers and he then realised it was gunfire


and he needed to act. He knew that player was not a runner 's only


tried to drag of the sunbed and sometime during that action hitting


a stand a bullet had struck. When the gunmen had gone he checked out


and you realise was no pulse so he said I close the rise. -- I closed


her eyes. Did we learn any more


about what travel advice had been Jim Windass Described a booking is


holidays at Thomsons and hulls and 70 in player had been to Tunisia


before. He said at no time staff mentioned the security situation in


Tunisia are at the Foreign Office website and he said that if the


enormity would have gone somewhere else. Without any doubt of somebody


at Albany was a chance of a terrorist situation I would not have


gone there,. -- if somebody had told me. When asked by the barrister if


he had seen documents with travel advice he said he had not. And so


they booked again. The trial is expected to last another six weeks.


The parents of a 12-year-old girl who could bleed to death


from a bruise say they've had to remove her from school in Hull


It's claimed Crystal Pugh, who's a haemophiliac,


was repeatedly hit by pupils at Kingswood Academy


The school says it has procedures in place to deal with incidents


of bullying and a health plan to support Crystal


But her parents say the school has let her down.


For the family the kitchen now doubles as a classroom. Until


yesterday 12-year-old Crystal Pugh and her sister were pupils at


Kingswood Academy in Hull but now her parents have decided is not safe


for Crystal to stay. We have taken out of school because she is getting


physically and verbally and emotionally bullied. They said it


for years now but nobody 's done anything about it. I guess we just


get worse every day. Crystal Has haemophilia A, a potentially fatal


disease that prevents blood from clotting. She could die. If they are


punching in her robes and her kidneys we do not know they have


damaged her kidneys and her spleen. There are too many bodies at school


and are giving the same punishment that they get for a lesser offence.


It is ridiculous. The headmaster Dale Jackson did not want to be


interviewed Betty sent a statement saying the school has zero tolerance


of bullying and incidents dealt with effectively. He also said that he


and other members of staff have met with the honour of various occasions


and they have a support plan. -- met with the Pugh family. Crystal Says


her life is much better than she has left. I used to have stressed there


are now since I have left it as mean much better. Crystal 's parents say


the system let her down. A man has been jailed for life


for murdering a woman in Skegness. Casey Scott stabbed and strangled


Lenuta Haidemac last summer The judge ordered that he serve


at least 19 years in prison. Campaigners fighting to stop beagles


being bred for animal experiments at a site in East Yorkshire have


lost their fight. A judge has denied protesters leave


to Appeal the decision to allow B K Universal


to expand their site at Grimston. Cruelty Free International say


they're disappointed by the ruling. toys in our area say they've seen


huge demand over the last year. Figures released today show


the industry grew with sales reaching a record ?3.5 billion


making it the largest Hundreds of companies will be


showing off their latest products at the Toy Fair in London this week


including Lincolnshire based Plum Products who designed


and made the trampoline Our Business Correspondent


Leanne Brown reports. It's a chance for toy makers to show


off their latest designs. The fair in London is the UK's only


dedicated trade show and Lincolnshire firm,


Plum Products, will be showcasing We have got some examples here


of a new range that we are looking An example here is


a mud pie kitchen. It starts life quite open and some


of the scribbles and sketches you can see around us here,


we literally could go through 50/60 sketches and end up


with perhaps two out of those. The company was responsible


for the trampoline in the John Lewis Christmas advert,


which they say had It changed the landscape


significantly. I think it very much put trampolines


on kids' Christmas present lists. We saw a halo effect across all our


resellers and sold many, many more times the volume


than we would ever Figures released today show


that toy sales in the UK increased by 6.3% last year -


making the market value rise But despite growth in the industry


61% of toy makers are concerned about Brexit and today


the Supreme Court ruled that can't This company in Brigg market sells


wooden toys from Germany. They say they might have to modify


and a change in the future. Wooden toys have become very popular


now, especially because people For us, the biggest


problem with Brexit Will there be a free trade


agreement straight away, All those things affect


business dramatically. The industry faces a difficult


year ahead but companies are confident their innovation can


keep children interested. HSBC have announced


the closure of three banks in our area, in Horncastle,


Hedon, and Brigg. The Korean expert in Hull


speak helping people to know their twagging


from their tenfoots. This pictture of the Humber Bridge


was taken by Dean Vannucci. My new series starts on the 13th of


February and it is on at 915 every morning. We started the forecast was


a warning. We have some dense fog developing across parts of


Lincolnshire, southern parts of Lincolnshire to be specific.


Probably a bit of mist and fog but it is the size of Lincolnshire where


most concerned about. Then the into big up over the next few days.


Doubts about a little bit more tightly packed so I don't think


there will be as many problems with fog and when directions the site


that will get very chilly to the next few days until the temperatures


creep up with an Atlantic influencer weather over the weekend. Clear


skies at the moment and a little more cloud creeping into parts of


East Yorkshire. We will have some is developing and already have some


around The Wash. We expecting there to default to develop and shuttle


problems of the remit density into the morning here. Not as cold as


last night here. The sun will rise in the morning just before eight


o'clock and set again just before half past four. The next high water


in Skegness will be a quarter past Ford in the morning. We start the


morning of the grey note and some problems with visibility during the


rush hour per parts of Lincolnshire. Cloud spread over the top of that


little grey all day. Further north some sunshine for a time even here


we will see a of crowd spreading across the course of the day. We


will still have a bit of a difference in the temperature.


Always Calista for the site you are because the era is coming and off


much call the continent and that was settle do the theme over the next


few days. Temperatures are generally suppressed around at The Wash. On


Thursday we start the day with frost and temperatures really struggled to


lift through Thursday. A lot of pride which will tend to break up


through the day and then temperatures on the rise for Friday


the weekend. Went to country dial -- winter


country file diaries and the 13th. It's been announced that three HSBC


branches in our area will close because of the growth of internet


and mobile banking. The company will shut


branches in Horncastle, Brigg and Hedon in East Yorkshire


where our reporter Victoria Holland is for us now - what does this mean


for people in Hedon? This HSBC branch in the marketplace


is one of only two banks of soul when this shatters store the Lloyds


bank which is a tourist and will be the last bank in time. This is part


of a national UK trend. In the past two years they've closed


a quarter of their UK branches. Today it announced


the closure of three banks in our area, in Horncastle,


Hedon, and Brigg. Last week Yorkshire Bank


announced it would close 39 branches across the UK,


including those in Goole and Hull. And last year the last bank


in Howden left town, I suppose it is reality. It is the


personal touch that will go. My partner uses it twice a week.


The company says that 90% of their transactions


on the digital channels and closing these branches will insurer more


But many of the branches they're closing


in small towns and rural areas and many elderly people


A petition to knight the last surviving member


of the Dambusters has reached more than 200,000 signatures.


Veteran Jonny Johnson was a bomb aimer in the World War Two raid.


He was not named in the new year's honours list.


It prompted TV presenter Carol Vorderman to start an online


petition, calling for him to be knighted for his charity work.


We talked about it on the programme and Carol Vorderman will be on radio


Humberside just after seven o'clock. You've been getting in touch with us


about jail sentences for motorists Jessica Danby died after her moped


was hit by a car trying The driver pleaded guilty


to dangerous driving and was sentenced to two


years in jail. Jessica's mother says


that's not enough. Trevor called, he says,


I don't think two years is enough. These judges don't live in the real


world, he should have got He's cut her life short and he's


going to be out in no time. Mary from Sutton-in-Ashfield


texted us, she says, Nobody in their right mind


would overtake in fog. If the boot was on the other foot


and his own daughter had been killed I am sure he would also think that


two years imprisonment Hull City say midfield player


Ryan Mason is making 'excellent progress' as he recovers


from a fractured skull. Mason was injured during the game


against Chelsea at the weekend. The player remains at


St Mary's hospital in London Lincoln City fans were queuing


from the early hours of today for FA Hundreds of supporters spent


the morning trying to buy tickets for Saturday's game


against Championship side Until some legends brought a little


fire, kept everyone warm. You know, to get tickets for this


game is a pretty big deal. We are going up, mate,


we are going up. Beverley tennis player Kyle Edmund


has been selected for Britain's Edmund is likely to play


in the singles against Canada because Andy Murray will probably be


rested. The RNLI lifeboat


station at Spurn Point have a new crew member -


Basil, the fox. The wild animal has befriended


the team and has become a regular As you can see, he is


certainly not camera shy. The internet can be a great way


to learn another language, but a young man from South Korea has


been taking it upon himself to teach people different


versions of British Dialect. Korean Billy has been


using social media to help people speak Mancunian,


Liverpudlian, even Geordie, but because of the City of Culture,


his attention has now turned to help One thing about this City of Culture


experience is the fact that it continues to grab world-wide


attention and not just for big turbine blades in the city centre,


now it seems people want to understand the very soul of this


city, to understand the people but to understand the people


you need to understand Meet Korean Billy an internet


sensation because of his amazing ability to teach the wonders


of the British dialect. He's taught liverpudlian,


Geordie and now one of his latest First of all you need to remember


that Hull is cold Hull by local people. --Called. The H It is not


normally pronounced. Within his three-minute video


are five key phrases that you may need and you can


practise with him... To be fair they don't


look like a bad attempt, but it's not for me to judge -


it's for the people. It's good. Not bad actually, it was


pretty funny. Fair reviews, but surely now,


it's time for the ultimate comparison, Billy's tuition,


versus the real thing. Thanks to Billy and the people


here, the world is now Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines The Supreme Court say Parliament


rather than Ministers should have the power to decide


when to trigger Brexit talks. There's anger over plans that


could see district councils Lincolnshire County Council


say the move could save Tomorrow's weather: Dense fog slow


to clear across parts of Lincolnshire where it will stay


grey and cold. There should be brighter


spells further North. The idea of losing the seven


district councils ligature. Christine says in West Lindsey we're


very good services including waste collection. John said the proposals


for ligature should be copied by Yorkshire. John says close libraries


and collapsing roads and fields also an elderly clear in a competent road


planning, that's ligature County Council, why wouldn't want to give


it even more powers? Jerry says why not get rid of the County Council


and let the district councils run Lincolnshire? There are many more


where those came from. Keep them coming in and thank you for


watching. And back with the second Blue North that the past ten. Join


me if you can. -- Luke North.


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