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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The gamble that paid off - thousands of steel workers


who agreed to a wage cut will return to full pay after helping


I have made massive sacrifices and I don't just mean in the pay. It was


certainly worth it. A ambulance on the way


to an emergency crashes, A murderous and divided town -


how quoting national newspaper stories has put this vicar


in the headlines. More than ?100,000 could be spent


on a special machine to blast chewing gum


from Hull's new paving. I have literally walked around for


two minutes and found nearly 100 pieces of chewing gum on the ground


in Victoria Square. Some bitterly cold air on the way tomorrow.


Probably the coldest day of the winter season so far. Join me later


for the forecast. A gamble has paid off for hundreds


of Scunthorpe steelworkers, who last year agreed to take a pay


cut in order to ensure the long term That's according to new owners


British Steel, who today announced that not only are they in profit,


but soon they'll reverse the three per cent pay cut


as fortunes improve. It comes as the company,


who only took over seven months ago, announced dozens more jobs


at the plant. Our Business Correspondent Leanne


Brown is at the steelworks now - It doesn't seem long ago since I was


here talking about job losses but British still managed to turn it


around. -- British steel. It was a misty murky start,


but there was nothing gloomy about today for workers


at British steel. It was a gamble for the unions to


agree a pay cut but it paid off... There is pride in wearing


the British Steel logo. There is pride working


for British Steel. Everybody is in an upbeat mood


and I don't just mean on the works, in the town,


in the communities, everybody's upbeat about the success story of


British Steel. It's their cost saving measures and


Panther is one still far Hinkley point that the cell to turn things


around. There are also making steel for Algeria.


We thought that was just one central commercial


organisation and it was just one approach, yes.


As you know we have been splitting it inbetween


the four major products, the rail business, the rough


The more bridges, the more skyscrapers, or whatever,


It's their cost saving measures and contracts like this one -


providing steel for accommodation at Hinckley point power station


in Somerset that's helping to turn things around.


-- They're also making rail track for projects in Algeria and Italy.


It doesn't seem long ago since I was here


There's been concern about the future of the Scunthorpe steel


In October 2015 owners TATA announced 900 job losses.


In April 2016 Uk-based investment firm Greybull Capital began


negotiations to take over the company with a promise to invest


Then In June they officially took over - naming


And today came announcements of positive financial results,


with plans to reverse pay cuts and create more jobs.


With trainee and admin roles available the company


It's their cost saving measures and Panther is one still far Hinkley


Coming from a customer service background that could help me. I'm


looking for a practical way of getting an apprenticeship here next


year. The company still has a long way


to go but it's a promising start The industry still faces many


challenges and as well as continuing to fund new projects around the


world -- secure new projects the company needs support the Government


and says it wants assurances that British Steel will be used and UK


projects. But they say they are continuing to top of the Government


and the fact they were down in London yesterday and they are on the


right track. Senior health officials say


they can give people in Lincolnshire much better care -


but only if big changes are made. small group of protesters


were outside a meeting in Sleaford this morning where all proposals


were being looked at -- this morning where all proposals


were being looked at - I have asked if we can go and.


services in Lincoln. I've been in and asked


if we could go in and They are discussing the options


for our health care, You know, they're not actually


allowing us to listen in on what those options may


or may not be. A "murderous, divided city -


and the least integrated That's how a VICAR from


St Botolph's Church in Boston The comments came to light


after a freedom of information request from a member of public,


who says he was outraged. The vicar - Reverend Alyson Buxton -


has been defended by her diocese, who says she and her team work hard


to celebrate and serve Buxton showing the Princess


Royal around Boston But an e-mail about the Princess


agreeing to continue her role as the Restoration Trust's


patron has shocked a member of contacts I did say we were the most


murderous and least integrated in the UK


and needed her gravitas, support, I could not believe my


eyes when I saw that. The e-mail was discovered


by Andrew Hoyle in response to a freedom


of information request. This sort of rash


accusation that Boston is a murderous nonintegrated town could


do a lot of damage in the country But Reverend Buxton could've been


referring to newspaper So what do people in


the town think about her Over the years it has been borne out


that we are, with murders and trouble we have had


over the last ten years. I have never had such


rubbish in my life. If you go to other


towns things happen. When I used to live in Derbyshire


we had murders occasionly. But I don't think it's


the most murderous town. In a statement the Diocese


of Lincoln says, of Boston was making a serious point


when pointing to the fact that Boston had already received much


negative media attention for some However there is a long


association between the Princess Royal and Boston


and a good understanding of issues facing the town and the parish


is vitally I've never really taken a great


deal of note about what people write in e-mails


because the normal population of the town


Boston are proud of the Rector and proud


of the town and know they are


But Andrew is concerned about the impact


that Reverend Buxton's e-mail could have.


And he's worried that a negative image of Boston has been


We'd like to hear your thoughts on this one.


Do you think it's unfair for the vicar to face criticism


Do you think the words "murderous and least integrated" should have


ever been used in correspondence with the Royal Family -


Five people have been injured after an ambulance responding


to an emergency call was involved in a crash with two cars.The


ambulance had its blue lights on when the crash happened,


on the A607 at Waddington - at about one O'clock this


Our reporter Jill Archbold is live for us now.


The A607 has been closed following a serious collision


at Waddington with the junction of Vanwall Road.


The ambulance was answering 909 call. And was travelling south to


the village when it had a collision of two other cars. Four people were


taken to the hospital for their injuries and one person predicted


the Queens medical Centre in Nottingham at what was described as


serious injuries. Four people including the two crew


from the Ambulance have been taken A passenger from one of the other


vehicles has been taken to the Queens Medical Centre


with serious injuries. One of the ambulances was travelling


right. When it had a collision. The ambulance was travelling right. If


anybody has seen the incident please Collison Silicon find out what


happened. This evening the East Midlands Ambulance Service has said


it will support the investigation by the police in any way you can. But


there has been some good news the last hour and a Lincolnshire Police


say that the people involved have not got a serious injuries as was


first thought. -- as serious injuries.


More than ?100,000 could be spent on a machine


to remove chewing gum from the new pavements in Hull.


The Hull Daily Mail reports that several methods to get rid


of the gum are being trialled by the City Council.


Millions of pounds have spent repaving Hull


for its culture celebrations - but already it's dotted with gum.


They've spent millions on trying to make Hull City centre more


attractive with new paving and street furniture.


But efforts are being blighted by an old problem - chewing gum.


Look down and you'll see sticky white and grey splodges dotted


I can't believe we have spent all that money and it's like that.


It spoils all the good work that everybody has put into it,


There are bins close by, rather than spitting it on the floor,


To see how bad the problem is I'm going to do a very unscientific


scout around and count the number of chewing gum pieces on the ground


As I said, not a scientific approach but I've literally walked around


for two minutes and found nearly 100 pieces of chewing gum on the ground


And what about the cost of clearing it up?


The regeneration of the city centre is costing ?25 million.


The average price of a piece of gum is 3p.


But every time it ends up on the floor it costs around ?1.50,


Normal street cleaning doesn't shift it.


So Hull City Council is trialling new machines in the hope


A small machine like this one, specifically for gum


But one, like this, which will steam clean much larger


The council is able to issue ?80 on the spot fines


And there's always what Singapore did in the 1990s.


And in a statement, Hull City Council said while it's


trialling these machines to get rid of gum, it's reiterating its plea


to people not to drop it at all - asking them to "take pride


Another one I'm sure you'll have an opinion on.


Do you think the council should be spending money on this new machine?


What do you think when you walk around Hull and see all this chewing


Many manufacturers have a part to play with biodegradable gum. -- may


be manufacturers. Still ahead on the programme


Skegness hits back as it is label what the North Korea -- as it is


labelled worse than North Korea in a travel guide.


This picture of Boynton village near Bridlington


Several e-mails a day telling me that yesterday you were seen eating


fish and chips in the sunshine and Bedlington, allegedly working but


that does not appear to be. Take that smug look off your face. I was


working very hard and the usual questions from everybody. Where is


your mates? Reply as it hears no mate of mine. -- he has no mate of


mine. It is bitterly cold. The coldest day of winter so far with


biting south east winds and there might even be at lead very light


slow follies. -- a few very light slow laddies. Into the weekend we


get near normal temperatures are back. -- a few light snow flurries.


It is pretty grim across Lincolnshire and Northbrook. Skies


to the north and largely clear. This cloud will push northwards to the


next few hours and envelop all of us with Mr Ness and fog at lower


levels. There will be ice. -- envelops all with Mr. Despite all of


the cloud 02 minus two Celsius. -- mist. The sun will rise at eight


o'clock and the next high water time in Cleethorpes at 41 minutes past


four in the morning. Grey and depressing tomorrow with leaden


skies. With that cloud the maybe some light snow and the odd spot of


drizzle. I can't see there being any brightness at all. You will really


notice that south-easterly breeze brings a significant wind chill to


come. Top afternoon temperatures are one Celsius for Harle and Grimsby


and zero for the West. -- Hull. Looking into Friday it looks dull


but a little less cold for the end of the week. Saturday looks dry with


some sunshine. I want to do more. Labour MPs from East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire say they WON'T try to stop Britain


leaving the EU. It comes on the day


the Prime Minister pledged to set-out the government's plans


for Brexit in a formal document - All the Labour MPs in our area say


they WILL back Brexit when it comes to a vote in parliament -


subject to certain guarantees - such as the protection


of workers' rights. More from our Political


Editor Tim Iredale. Will British workers


will enjoy the same rights That question has played a big part


in the debate over Brexit. The Government says workers


will be protected - Talking down my friend the member


for Grimsby 's bill to protect European workers' rights that have


been obtained in this country is the real agenda of the Tory party.


That's a reference to a bill proposed by the Great Grimsby MP


Melanie Onn who wants ensure things like paid maternity leave


and protection for agency and part-time workers are guaranteed


Here's what voters in her constituency have


I am not really thinking they will all disappear. I was all for leaving


the EU. I'm actually a director. Actually I am for fool Brexit. --


full Brexit. All five Labour MPs in our


area say they will vote to trigger Article 50 -


that's the mechanism that will formally lead


to Britain leaving the EU. But they want certain guarantees


from the Government. I will be pressing the Government to


get the very best deal possible for my constituents.


Conservatives say there's no question of British workers


We are increasing people's wages they have more money in the pocket


and what we need to do is to not have the Labour Party playing


politics with this. The highest court in the land -


the Supreme Court - has said parliament must rubber


stamp the result of last year's referendum, but none


of our MPs look set to vote And Tim is live at


Westminster tonight. Are you surprised that


all our Labour MPs say they'll vote in favour of Brexit,


given the fact that all of them You only have to look at the


breakdown of results in the EU referendum. 66% of people in


Scunthorpe, a Labour voting area, voted for Brexit and 67% in Harle


and 70% in Grimsby. -- Hull. I think it would be a huge error of judgment


for any Labour MP to defy the will of their constituents and it seems


all MPs from all sizeable boat in favour of Brexit when it comes to a


crucial vote on Brexit and House of Commons in a couple of weeks' time


and that will help Theresa May go to the rest of Europe with a clear


mandate and finally say to them that we are out.


We've had a big response to our story about Martin Hill, the leader


of Lincolnshire County Council, who wants to hold a referendum


to scrap seven district councils - and replace them with a unitary


authority for the whole area.Brian says: "The County Council has been


promising to repair footpaths in our area for over


What would they do to the rest of the county if they were in


This from Karen: "Why don't we get rid of Lincolnshire


County Council and give powers to local councils?


It could reduce taxes, increase wages for council workers,


We will return to it again in a few weeks' time.


The Hull City coach says he and his entire team will visit


Ryan Mason in hospital in London at the weekend as the player


continues his recovery from a fractured skull.


The midfielder was injured during the game against Chelsea on Sunday.


Ahead of their EFL Cup semifinal match with Manchester United,


Head Coach Marco Silva refused to be drawn on weather Burnley had


bid ?10 million for Robert Snodgrass.


He said the team was focusing on other things:


At this moment, the most important we need to support the player,


support his family is the most important at this moment.


Of course, it is not an easy moment for us, like a team but you need to


be strong, to be together and to keep together all the players and


support Ryan is the most important at this moment.


People in Skegness have reacted angrily to national


newspaper coverage linking the seaside resort


to North Korea and Syria on a list of the world's WORST


It refers to an article written by holiday website,


Destination Tips, which describes the town as "a pile of dirt".


Those living there have cold it an out of date


Improvements are under way in Skegness but they won't come quickly


enough to impress one website. That is because Skegness has been listed


as one of the worst holiday destinations in the world. But what


is particularly stinging is that it has been listed amongst places in


countries accused of systematic human rights abuses and others which


are war zones and currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis.


The website cold Destination Tips says it has compiled its 11 West


places based on high crime rates, or high elements of pollution or


political corruption. It includes Damascus and Syria. At number nine


between Bangladesh and Papa New Guinea is Skegness which are


described as a pile of dirt bordering the North Sea with the


rundown amusement park. It continues that this is one of the worst travel


destinations in the world not for a safety standpoint but you will be


let down if you visit. The Leicester was published in 2014 that is only


now being grabbed by many national newspapers. The mere Skegness has


reacted. -- mayor. The comparisons are ludicrous and it is mainly to


create generate interest in the website by making ridiculous


comparisons were some of the worst places on the planet. It also


surprised people in the tourist information. It is totally the


opposite of what people say to us. Outside people are passionate. Who


is doing the packing? Have the newspapers nothing to write this


week? When it is summertime and it all those people can't be wrong.


This is how East Lindsey District Council like to murky Skegness.


Destination Tips have not got back to our request to top. If you're in


Skegness and you might like to comment on that.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Rough sleeping described as a national scandal -


as latest figures show it's doubled in England since 2010.


Thousands of Scunthorpe steel workers who took a pay


cut to save their jobs are told their gamble paid off -


Tomorrow's weather: Mostly grey and bitterly cold,


with a few light snow flurries possible and patchy hill fog.


Maximum temperature around 1 Celsius.


The wind chill will make it much colder mad. Talking about chewing


gum in Hull. Frank says full-time litter wardens with a fixed penalty


powers. That will soon cure them. Treasurer says -- Trevor says these


lowlife animals who threw chewing gum and pavements are on a par with


dog owners who do not clean up mess from their pets. And he says it is


not only Hull. You should take a look at the new pavements are the


for in Grimsby. It is disgusting, chewing gum everywhere. Several


people all saying the police should get CCTV to identify and prosecute


and fine heavily whenever they can. Thank you for watching and have a


nice evening. Moderate P seven Brundle will be talking about the


good news from British Steel. -- more at half past seven.


RADIO: 'The UK has voted to leave the European Union by 52% to 48.


'Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrated the result, declaring that


'dawn was breaking on an independent nation.' Ugh!


'is expected to resign later this morning.'


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