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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The family of a 16-year-old girl who died in a car crash on Tuesday


urge other young people to think before they get in a car.


I think she could come in on the darkest of days


Siemens in Hull takes on trainees with special educational


needs and disabilities, with the chance of full employment.


Cheap phone chargers that explode - a company is taken to


And why the royal couple couldn't leave Hull without buying


And a cold weekend to come, even when tree weather as well. I'll be


back later in the programme with the details.


The family of a teenage girl who died in a car crash


in Howden on Tuesday have described her as funny and caring.


16-year-old Levi Dickinson from Selby was killed alongside


The 19-year-old driver was arrested and released on police bail.


Kate Sweeting is outside Howden police station tonight.


You'd spoken to Levi's Dickinson's family, what have they had to say?


A family going through a terrible time.


They wanted to speak out as a warning to any young people who


might be thinking about getting in a car at this weekend to take extra


care. By Tuesday night, Levi's father lived every parent's worst


fear when his daughter didn't come home from work. Someone else was


bringing our home, he got in his own car and went to look for her, and


came across the crash. He says he doesn't want any other father to go


through that. 17-year-old Rhogan Jones from Goole


and 16-year-old Levi Dickenson from Selby were passengers in a car


when it hit a tree. The world came crashing down then,


because I knew, I knew. Because she never, never,


doesn't answer her phone. Today, Levi's family told me


she was a special girl. I think she could come


in on the darkest of days She never saw bad in


anybody, no matter... It didn't matter who they was,


whether they'd said anything bad to her, she would never say anything


bad about them. Tonight, they had a stark warning


for young drivers and passengers. If they're a new driver,


don't risk it. Stay safe, where is he built, make


sure you know the driver and stay safe.


Both teenagers have been described as popular,


and mourners have left floral tributes at the crash scene.


But today, Humberside Police warned that that is dangerous.


It's not the safest bit of roads, especially if it's dark.


Really, it's advisable not to do that, or if you're going to it,


try and arrange something with the police, if possible,


People are descending, I wouldn't say en masse,


but there were quite a few people there, it did cause safety concerns.


Tonight, Levi's church in Selby will hold a remembrance service for her.


But her family say they hope their warning will encourage other


teenagers to think before they get in a car.


The service and sell better light is a chance Levi's friends and family


to come together to grieve and remember her. Both community in


Goole and Selby are both teenagers are said to be deeply shocked about


what has happened. The police still want information on the crash. The


19-year-old driver was arrested on suspicion of causing death by


digestion arriving, he has now been released on bail.


Our thoughts are with the families tonight.


The engineering company Siemens is one of the first in the country


to offer training to young people with special educational needs


and disabilities, with the prospect of full employment.


Seven teenagers will take up work placements at the wind turbine


Nationally, fewer than one in ten people with learning disabilities


managed to find work. Siemens has become one of the first companies in


the country to offer specific work placements for people with special


educational needs. This blade will be going


to the North Sea somewhere. Getting their first tour of the site


and the world of work. This group of young people


with severe learning difficulies are at the beginning


of their journey towards employment. We're seeing them coming


out of their shells. One of our young people,


Leah, the first time I met her she would not even make


eye contact with me. Today, she actually


called me by my name. She was laughing and that is


a huge step forward. Hello, Siemens reception,


Salim speaking. The new intake get the opportunity


to try different roles within the company to see


what suits them best. I tried security for


the last few weeks. You get to see the first people


before they get in and make And they are supported by mentors


from the University of Hull. He's so good, it is


really surprising. He has already made an impression


on a lot of people. His personality


reflects on everybody. As soon as he walks in the room,


that's it, everybody is smiling. Those leading the project say


with the right support They've got a wide range


of different needs, ranging It's almost impossible


for young people with special When I talk to employers,


one of the things they most want is reliable employees


who want to work and enjoy coming Only one other company in the UK


offers this type of training. Ann has been trying out some office


duties, but eventually wants I've been sorting out


letters, writing the names. It helps you to find a job,


to get some good reference. Siemens are now hoping that other


businesses will come and see What makes this different from other


companies who may offer work experience to people with learning


disabilities? Of course, other companies to employ


people with learning difficulties, but not on this scale. This is a


long-term, structured programme, supported by volunteers from the


University of Hull, they mentor them to add their training, they're


studying for future career in social care. Siemens also have workplace


champions in place who are specially trained to help youngsters on their


journey, and they will be offered full-time employment at the end of


the projects, either with Siemens or one of their suppliers. Of course,


it's hoped they will get the skills apply for jobs elsewhere in that's


what they want to do. The employment rate for people with learning


difficulties at the moment is very low, only around 7%or people with


learning difficulties have a job. Set a job like this is really


needed. The only other country doing something like this on this scale is


the National Grid in Leicestershire. Siemens did go and look to what they


were doing there, they hope now that companies, especially in Hull, will


come to Siemens, look at what they're doing, and take a on boards


they can increase the impact of this project.


Let's hope so, make it very much indeed, and we wish everyone the


very best of luck. Trading Standards officers in Hull


are warning businesses to carry out proper safety checks


on all their products. It's after a charger bought


at a branch of Home Bargains The retailer's been fined in court


after it continued to sell the chargers for months


before recalling them. It looks handy - a charger that can


take two cables at once. This own-brand product


was sold by Home Bargains, until one ended up like this


the first time it was used. It overheated and it couldn't


retain its shape, basically. It was bought at this store in Hull,


and the shopper took it straight to Trading Standards,


who say it's lucky no-one was hurt. Most homes are protected


by circuit breakers. However, those that aren't


may have overheated, Trading Standards told


Home Bargains that a charger bought here had exploded


in the same month it was bought There were about 38,000 of them


on the shelves of Home Bargains stores across the country,


but the company didn't stop selling them until January 2016,


after further tests by Hull Trading Standards confirmed


the chargers were unsafe. They had a safety certificate


from China, but tests showed the chargers didn't meet


UK safety standards. They were recalled,


and earlier this month, Home Bargains admitted three


electrical safety offences at In the last few years,


there has been a lot of similar cases of these sort


of charger products failing. Which means that companies should


take greater precautions and carry out a greater number of checks


to prevent these sort of things TJ Morris, trading as Home Bargains


turned down our interview request, Anyone who still has one of these


chargers is advised to send it Does that story but you off buying


cheap political goods? Here's how to get an search, do you use one from


one of the tube shops, we stop using we've heard our story tonight? Maybe


this has happened to you before? Who've some of your thoughts at 7pm.


Here's how to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you on that


subject. Two teenagers convicted of murdering


a Lincolnshire mother and her daughter will not


have their sentences increased. Elizabeth Edwards and her daughter


Katie were found dead at their home on Dawson Avenue


in Spalding in April. The boy and girl - who were 14


at the time of the killings - were given 20-year custodial


sentences. The Attorney General has today said


those sentences were not unduly lenient and he will not be referring


the case to the Court of Appeal. Education experts, politicians


and Government representatives have met in Hull today to discuss why


children growing up in the city face bigger challenges


than those in the South. It's the first in a series


of meetings which will look at why there are fewer opportunities


for young people in the North. They've also taking been advice


from school children. We did find quite a disparity


between boys and girls, actually. Boys were much more positive,


they thought that things were getting better


and the future was bright. A lot of the girls were talking


about things stagnating and looking to other areas,


especially Leeds and London Ministers say not enough homes


are being built across The Government says it wants


to fix what it calls The East Riding of Yorkshire is one


of the few areas that is on track to meet house-building targets,


but councillors say there's a limit to how many new homes can


be built in the area. Over the past three years,


we've approved some 8000 But roughly, current rate


of development is about 1000 a year. So it's not the planning


system that's holding up development in this patch,


it's other factors. Most of those are completely outside


the control of the council. You can see more on that


story with Tim Iredale Police want to speak to two men


who may have been the intended targets of a petrol bomb


attack in Scunthorpe. The incident happened


on Frodingham Road in the town A woman is being treated


for burns in hospital. Simon Spark is at the


scene for us tonight. The alarm was raised here at about


10:25pm on Wednesday night in what police are describing as a targeted


attack. Excel in order petrol has been found on the premises, and from


further investigations, police believe a petrol bomb may have been


thrown from the rear of the building. Police have also told me


that despite the Fire Service being here very quickly, it was actually


members of the public walking by that managed to save a woman who was


still inside the building during the fire. They smashed a window and


dragged her to safety. She is now recovering at Hull Royal Infirmary


with non-life threatening injuries. Earlier, I spoke to a detective


inspector from Humberside Police. There's no apparent risk


to the wider community, We're looking for two males


who exited the front of the premises It was those males who were targeted


in this attack, and we're very concerned for their safety


and would like to get in touch with them as soon as possible


so they can reassure us As briefly described there, there's


not thought to be any further danger to the public here, but there has


been a stronger police presence in the area to reassure people. They're


asking people for assistance, if they have caught anything on their


own personal CCTV, the police would like to hear from them. They're


treating this very seriously, because this outcome could have been


so much worse. Thank you very much indeed.


A man has been charged with stealing a cash machine.


Why the Duchess of Cornwall couldn't leave Hull


This photograph is of a river near Boston. Thank you for that.


Lets get the forecast now with Keely.


I know you like to comment on what I wear, so I would like your advice on


these. What do you think these would look like on?


Oh, my word! I think the graphics people have


made a mistake on this, because your face is on these leggings. The joke


has fallen flat on its face! People out there, there are leggings out


there with Peter's face on. They've got the wrong side.


I'll posted online. Will get you in them for Children In


Need. I'll hold you to that! The weather


looks cold and wintry. The potential of snow tonight and overnight. This


weekend is cold, and a lot of cloud around. It grabbed weekend, wintry


showers by day, some of them heavy by night. A couple of centimetres


across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Tonight and also Saturday night into


Sunday too. The cold weather continuing into next week, Burke


Breitling for Monday. Still very chilly out there. And there we have


a lot of clouds, some showers around. They will bring a measure of


rain, sleet and snow. Snow likely across higher ground. It won't be a


blanket right across the reason, because they are showers.


Temperatures down to around freezing. Some slippery surfaces


into tomorrow morning. The sun will arrive tomorrow morning at 7:30am,


setting at 5:03pm. Slippery surfaces, a couple centimetres of


snow across higher regions, but turning back to mainly rain and


sleet. A cold day to come, temperatures a little higher, but


still feeling cool. Am a story for Saturday as well.


If anyone was confused, they're leggings were my picture on the


front, that's basically it. You can't get the staff!


They got the wrong side! Have a nice weekend. One job.


Hull FC kick-off this season's Super League


hoping to improve on last season's third-placed finish.


The Challenge Cup holders have made slight changes


to their squad in a bid to win the Super League title.


But it could be the last time the competition is played


in its present format, as our sports reporter


These were the scenes that announced that Hull FC


After years in the doldrums, here they were, winning their first


Challenge Cup for 11 years and a first at Wembley.


The cup success and a good league finish has brought the fans


There's no doubt that, spectator-wise, rugby league


Hull Kingston Rovers had more than 8000 for their Championship


game last week, and when Hull start their home campaign


at the KCOM Stadium next week, it should be in front


But that's not being replicated everywhere in the country.


And that's why the new head of Super League wants


One of the things we're looking at the moment is the calendar,


is it optimised to get more growth for fans as well?


Whether that's Thursday nights, whether that's the Challenge Cup,


whether that's the League Leader's Shield, is the Super 8s working?


So we're having a debate to look at how we grow that,


what changes we need to make for the 2018 season.


With them bucking the trend on attendances, for Hull FC


the target looks simple - improve on last season's


Here they are, beating Sunday's opponents Wakefield last year.


But the 2016 campaign was, according to the coach, no accident.


Have a plan and stick to it and it's probably not 24


Stick to it when it gets a bit tricky, as well.


People will want come and knock us off that perch.


So it's about having that level of consistency and making sure


we keep our house in order and not worry about anything else.


Ideally then, for this club, the 2016 cup holders will be


And here's how you can enjoy your sport this weekend:


Hull's game at Wakefield is on Radio Humberside


In the Championship, it's London against Hull KR on AM.


Tomorrow, Hull City are at Arsenal for the lunchtime


Scunthorpe United's match against Shrewsbury is at 3pm AM,


while on FM it's Grimsby's trip to Crewe.


And Radio Lincolnshire follow National League leaders


Yesterday on the programme, we reported on a cash machine


that had been stolen from a shop in Thorngumbold.


Many people had views on security be improved.


A full scale model of the plane that carried Amy Johnson to Australia


The model was made by inmates at Hull Prison and took


It's gone on show at the city's Railway Station.


I'm trying to think how she went across and something


I was expecting something larger but, yeah, great.


I wouldn't even sit up there in that!


Well done to the prisoners, it looks good.


Final preparations are being made for a world famous photography


exhibition which opens in Beverley tomorrow.


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition features


100 images of animals and landscapes from around the globe.


They can be viewed at the Treasure House in the town until April.


Its the first major East Riding event in Hull's City Of Culture


programme, and the BBC Springwatch presenter Lindsay Chapman,


who's from Beverley, has helped with the launch.


When you're in the room, standing with the images you can


The focus of these pictures is unbelievable.


Sometimes, with one maybe quite big wild animal compared


with a small insect, they're both


And they all tell stories, that's what's really


It's come from London, the Natural History Museum, it goes on tour


But to have it here as part of City Of Culture,


This weekend, a documentary by the Hull-born comedian


Lucy Beaumont will be shown on BBC Two.


In it, Lucy comes back to her home city, and talks to other


celebrities from Hull, including the actress Maureen Lipman


and writer Richard Bean about what's changed since it became


When the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall visited Hull


on Wednesday, they saw paintings and sculptures by some


But the piece that really caught the eye of the Duchess was a small


painting by a Yorkshire artist who only started selling her


Our culture correspondent Anne-Marie Tasker reports.


It sits among hundreds of other works of art. This tiny painting,


cold heart avocado, is getting plenty of attention. When the Duke


and Duchess of Cornwall visited the gallery on Wednesday, they both


looked at the opening position, competition for amateur artists.


While Charles was filmed, Camilla were shopping. There are many works


of art in the show, but this is the one that caught the Dutch as coral's


alive. It may be small, but has loads of interest from members of


the public. A royal Highness snapped it up. This is the artist who


painted it, Helen Brayshaw. She only started selling her work a few years


ago. There was particular reason why she was so surprised by the sale.


I still can't take it in. Accurately surprised and thrilled. It was the


only painting I had left, about a couple on my wall at home, because


they sold everything. I was down to one, and I entered it. Luckily, it


got accepted for the exhibition. I didn't think anyone would even buy


it, let alone the Duchess of Cornwall.


The painting wasn't the Duchess' first choice though. Other items she


had her eye on warrant for sale. July 20 a few of the works, but in


the end she had a definite favourite that you wanted to take home with


her. It was just an initial response, love at first sight.


Colleagues have wanted it and had people calling up about it, so she


really does have taste. The gallery wouldn't say it the


Duchess paid the ?350 for the painting in cash, and we can only


guess what she will put it on show. This tiny cameras has definitely got


the royal seal of approval. Beautifully painted.


The Health Secretary admits waiting times in A in hospitals in England


The family of a 16-year-old girl who died in a car crash on Tuesday


urge teenagers to think before they get in a car.


Another cold and mainly cloudy day with rain,


sleet and snow showers during the morning.


We were talking about cheap phone chargers, has it put you off buying


them? Big phone companies continue to sell high-priced items. My dad


loses you get would you for. My concern is how diverse chargers get


into the UK in the first place if they do not have a safety


certificate? Polley says she would rather pay a few more pounds of a


safe device than risk her house. Thank you for those. Thank you for


all your messages, we're very grateful, more next week, have a


good weekend. Bye-bye.