09/02/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening, and welcome to BBC Look North.


The cash machine ripped from the side of a shop.


It's the latest in a string of attacks in East Yorkshire


Tonight, a man's been arrested as the police continue


Egg producers could lose their free-range status after the bird flu


as key to Hull City's new found success.


And the model of the country's most important planes, made by prisoners.


Staying cloudy and cold over the next few days, wintry showers as


well. Join me for all the details in 15 minutes.


Another community in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is without a cash


machine after one was stolen from a convenience


A 22-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident


which is the latest in a series of thefts in our area.


You can see the devastation in the mess that has been left. It happened


at 2:20am when a forklift truck was driven into this wall to get the


cash machine out. Structural engineers have been working all day


to make the building safe and block that part the -- of the store. When


I arrived, the JCB had been abandoned in the car park. This


community has lost its only cashpoint, it is not the first time


these have used this technique. -- thieves.


Targeted by thieves in the early hours, this cashpoint in the small


village of Thorngumbald is the latest to be


It's very irritating because this is a community store.


Obviously, we are going to have to turn people away today,


Police have now confirmed that the JCB was stolen


Staff at the shop say CCTV shows the vehicle being driven


into the side of the wall at least four times, smashing


But it's not the first time this has happened.


In East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, thieves have taken eight cash


They tend to target rural areas, often in the early hours.


We work closely in all our communities to speak with vulnerable


premises to give them the protection we can.


You can't put a police officer in every small village with a


As much as we would love to, we can't.


Does that mean they will forever be a target?


I've come here to use the cashpoint as usual because it is a handy.


Obviously someone has been there before.


It has happened at plenty of other places, I suppose they had to come


here sooner or later. With the JCB returned to the farmer,


now the work begins to make this building structurally safe,


so it can reopen and serve Tonight, the Police and Crime


Commissioner say they are concerned this is yet another ATM theft in the


Humberside Police force area and he wants reassurances from police


officers this type of crime can be minimised. A 22-year-old man has


been arrested and the cash machine has been recovered from a field.


Unfortunately for the village, they have lost their only cash machines


and they don't know when the store will reopen either.


Peter Bleksley is a former Met Police officer and expert


I asked him if these rural shops with cash machines are rich


Generally speaking, they are vulnerable to attack.


And as long as you have large amounts of cash


sitting around unattended, then that will always be


Are these people professional and organised?


Invariably, recent criminal history has shown the people involved


in these types of crimes are career criminals.


They don't go to work everyday and have a legitimate job.


They sit around hatching plots, deciding how they can steal


these kinds, seeing how they can steal this money.


One e-mail says, crooks are laughing at the place, why not put a tracker


in the machine? Well, of course, the security


company is responsible for these machines and will not declare


exactly what security You can do the overt things


like putting in bollards to stop But there are other security


measures that have to remain secret. So you are saying they could be


tracked and we don't know? But the security companies


are trying to play their cards very So what can be done to reduce these


thefts? The obvious thing is to put bollards


around, so that forklift trucks cannot drive up and simply take them


out of the wall. The police, of course,


tend to know who these people are, And recent history has shown


they have been able to catch people actually in the act or very soon


after they have committed the crime. Briefly, if you run a convenience


store, and many people who do run them will be watching tonight, in a


rural area, would you be concerned? I would speak to the machine


operator, ensure that all possible security measures are in place,


that the CCTV is working, that the area is well lit,


and liaise with the local police See what other measures they will


tell you you can put in place. But carry on with business,


do not be deterred, do not Good to talk to you tonight, thank


you for your time. We want to hear from


you on this story. many of these thefts there have been


across our area. What more can be done to stop


the cash machines being stolen? You can contact us in


the following ways. Maybe you run a store, why do think


there are 70 thefts? Do you think there are tracker machines inside?


We will have more before we finish at 7pm.


Business leaders say they'll fight plans to guarantee workers'


The Government has confirmed that some egg producers in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire could temporarily lose their free-range status


There have been three confirmed outbreaks of bird


Defra has announced today that in some areas restrictions


on the housing of birds will be eased for the first time


since December, but in high-risk areas which include areas along


the coast, farmers will be required to keep birds indoors.


Our environment correspondent Paul Murphy is with me now.


Well, for some farmers in these new restriction


will have a big impact on their incomes as they will no


longer be able to market their eggs as free-range.


Now, the new restictions are all about stopping the spread


We've had three outbreaks in our area so far.


The first one was at a turkey farm near Louth


on December 16th where 5,000 birds were culled.


The second outbreak, also at a turkey farm, occured two


The latest bird flu outbreak in our area was two weeks ago in Boston,


After the first outbreak in December, the Government ordered


all farmers and smallholders to keep poultry indoors.


That order runs out at the end of this month.


But it will remain in place for so-called high-risk areas.


In our area, this will include farms on the coast,


around the Humber and the Wash and Fenland areas.


This is because these are places favoured by wild birds


which are believed to contribute to the spread of avian flu.


And so farms in this areas must keep their birds indoors, and can't


The Government says it's done for good reason.


They will not any more be able to label their eggs as free-range.


The Government won't be able to give them any


help, but I'm hopeful that


people will recognise that these are free-range flocks.


They are being housed for a good reason for disease control


and understand that these are still eggs produced from flocks


Well, there'll be fewer free-range eggs on the market


and some fear a shortage, and the possibility they'll become


more expensive to buy if you're determined to have one.


Police have named the two teenagers who died in a crash


16-year-old Selby girl Levi Dickinson and 17-year-old


Rhogan Jones from Goole were passengers in a car


that crashed into a tree on Barnhill Lane.


The driver, a 19-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of death


He's now been released on bail pending further enquiries.


Typhoon aircrafts - including one from RAF


Coningsby in Lincolnshire - were scrambled to monitor


two Russian Blackjack bombers this morning.


The Russian aircrafts were said to have flown an arc around


It's the latest sign of Russian military activity near the UK.


Home bargains has been fined after a charge bought from the shop


exploded. Harlem Magistrates' Court imposed a fine of ?22,000.


Campaigners fighting to save a heart unit used by sick children


in Lincolnshire have delivered a petition with more


than 120,000 signatures to Downing Street.


NHS England wants to close the department at Glenfield Hospital


in Leicester because it says standards aren't being met.


Critics say that'll leave patients facing longer trips for treatment.


There is absolutely no reason on God's Earth to close this unit


because it is a centre of excellence, it has the best outcomes


for children probably in the entire country,


The after-care is amazing, the care while you're there is amazing.


And I just think it would be a travesty if


It's been confirmed East Riding council tax


rates will be increasing for the next year.


Councillors have approved a 4.99% rise in rates.


This will come into effect from April.


3% of the extra funding will be used for adult social care.


And the council says there'll still be a shortfall of ?10 million


An attempt by Grimsby's MP to ringfence the EU laws that


protect workers' rights faces opposition from business leaders.


The Federation Of Small Businesses says the Government should scrap


some of the laws set by Brussels when Britain leaves the EU.


Labour's Melanie Onn has introduced a bill calling on ministers


to safeguard workers' rights after Brexit.


More from our political editor Tim Iredale.


Many of our ancestors worked long hours in dangerous conditions.


Health and safety legislation was virtually nonexistent.


Nowadays, numerous laws exist to protect workers from exploitation.


But some claim workers' rights may not be guaranteed after Brexit.


However good intentions Theresa May may have


in enshrining the current rights, we can't be sure what will


There was some certainty about how the EU operated.


Therefore it is more difficult to get rid of.


Among the many EU laws designed to protect workers include working


time regulations that mean that employees cannot be forced to work


Staff must also be given regular time off, and rest breaks,


Agency workers are given the same basic rights as permanent staff


after they had been in the same job for at least 12 weeks.


None of our MPs in the region have opposed the Brexit


proposals in Parliament but Great Grimsby's Melanie Onn has


introduced her own bill calling for EU working regulations to be


I accept the British people voted for Brexit but I urge the Government


to hear they did not vote for more insecure contracts,


less safe workplaces or anything less than they have by way


Ministers have consistently denied claims workers' rights


But some bosses argue the Government should not automatically adopt every


single EU employment law when we leave the EU.


A lot of these directives are well intentioned.


It is not like we are trying to diminish workers' rights.


We want to make it easier to employ people.


We really want to reduce the barriers taking on new people.


So, expect a fierce debate over the coming months over which EU laws


should be kept after we leave the EU in 2019.


You might also have a view on this story.


Should workers' rights be protected after we leave the EU?


Perhaps you run a business and think there is too much


Please get in touch. That story will run and run.


A replica's made of one of the most important planes in the country.


It is within a few millimetres of the original model. If you put an


engine in it I do think it will fly. That looks great.


Tonight's photograph is of Barton on Humber. Talking of dim... Thank you


for that! If you are in at lunchtime, several


people have been in touch. Nick says you're at fit today looks like a


dodgy used car sales man. Do you put my weather forecasting


skills in the same bracket as a used car salesman?


I can see some e-mails coming in, used cars salesman are a wonderful


bunch of people. Let us look at the headline for


tomorrow. It is cold, some wintry showers as you have seen today.


Light sleet and rain with a little slow in places.


Of interest, this disturbance on Saturday which will bring prolonged


showers from the North Sea. It could be juiced some snow.


Let us have a look at the details. There was no cloud on the satellite


picture, but if we run the sequence overnight, it is cloudy, there will


be a scattering of winter showers in places.


Where you catch a shower, the air will be cold enough to produce ice,


temperatures in the countryside at freezing point. In urban areas, just


above freezing. A cold night nonetheless. Here are


the times of sunrise. Another cloudy, great, cold day,


with a further scattering of showers, rain, sleet, a little light


snow in places, perhaps leading to temporary accumulations more


especially over the hills. That moves to the north-east.


Temperatures close to three Celsius. 37 Fahrenheit. Looking further


ahead, into Saturday, as I mentioned earlier, those showers becoming more


frequent, a little bit heavier, some snow perhaps. Mainly sleet and light


rain at lower levels. On Sunday, further showers, mainly


rain and sleet. Next week, less cold, mostly dry, a lot of cloud.


That is the forecast. If you are a That is the forecast. If you are a


send Jaco plates, please send them send Jaco plates, please send them


to him. Isn't it a bit more Saturday night


Fever? What you think about that? -- send your complaints.


See you tomorrow. The fortunes of Hull City have


shown a sharp improvement since the new head coach Marco Silva


took over last month. The Tigers have won half


of their matches since One the reasons behind the improved


results is said to be changes City's captain Curtis Davies


revealed that they have been banned Our sports reporter


Simon Clark has more. Not since the days of the mesmeric


Brazilian Giovanni in 2008 has Marco Silva has only been in Hull


for over a month but the changes he has introduced have brought seven


Premiership points out The media are provided


with these delicious bacon sure they will pass muster


with Marco Silva. He had taken a close interest


in the players' diets. Silva is not the first Premiership


boss to use food as an incentive. Manchester City boss


Pep Guardiola has banned pizza. Leaders Chelsea can no


longer enjoy ketchup, But his compatriot Claudio Ranieri


was happy for his Leicester players to have an occasional pizza en route


to last season's title. Of course I try to pay attention


to all the situation because the football,


it is important to all the team, not only what they do


in training, it is important It is important to pay attention


to all the situation. Diet is a part of that


attention to detail. It is all the things that


are important, not only diet. He is encouraging them to have


fresh fruit instead. But I don't think players will mind


too much if they are Alfred N'Diaye who scored on debut


arrived after the pudding ban. He says Silva is the man


to improve his game. If Marco's magic continues,


there'll be scenes like this It's been a big week for the UK


City Of Culture as Hull Kofi Smiles looks ahead to the next


week and there is plenty going on, The latest in Hull's


public art installation at the Tidal Surge Barrier is just


calling for you to get involved. Art Link are pleased to announce


their first exhibition of 2017 with a National Portrait Gallery


featured artist Tanya Raabe Webber. Along with the exhibition,


it is a week of live drawing workshops from the 13th -


18th February, exploring the themes From 10-14 February,


the University Of Hull's to a cyber film festival screening


some of the best dystopic sci-fi films such as Her,


2001 A Space Odyssey and Ex Machina. Also at Middleton Hall on the 16th


February, celebrated baritone Roderick Williams will be performing


Schubert's Winterreise Go wild from the 11 February to 27


April with the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year which comes


Beverley Art Gallery on loan Hold on to your taste buds


because on February 16, Masterchef judge Jay Rayner will be


at the Pocklington Arts Centre performing his one-man


show based on his book, Humber Mencap has set


this week's challenge, Step outside, give old life


new meaning by turning it It's supposed to be the Humber


Bridge but it went a bit wrong. And you can see lots more from Kofi,


including his interview with the playwright Richard Bean,


online at: bbc.co.uk/hull2017. A full-size model of one of the most


important aeroplanes in the country The original Gypsy Moth was flown


by Hull aviator Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo


from England to Australia in 1930. After six months' work,


the replica two-seater plane is now going on display


in the city's railway station. Jill Archbold is at


there for us tonight. In 1930, a 19-day solo flight,


from England to Australia brought It was worthwhile doing anything


to come back and find so much warm as has been shown me


since my return. Her Gipsy Moth biplane was nicknamed


after her father's business. The original has been


in London's Science Museum for decades and, after efforts


to bring it back to Hull failed, inmates in the city's prison set out


on a journey to build their own. We applied on the Internet


and bought some models. When they arrived, we thought


we will make it a little bit bigger Then we went to a half-size model


and then we thought, damn it, The biplane was built from scratch


in the prison's workshop where inmates usually


learn basic skills. What I've seen over the last few


months are prisoners actively engaged, literally running to work,


which you do not often see. The challenge for us will be


what is the next project. But could this replica of Jason


recreate Amy Johnson's It is within a few millimetres


of the original model. If you did put an engine inside,


I do believe it would fly. The Gipsy Moth model will be


hung from the ceiling A visual reminder for visitor


of Hull's flying heroine. It is only fitting it will be lifted


up this evening and hoisted from the ceiling where it will stay for the


rest of 2017. A fantastic story, I didn't even


know the prison was making that until earlier today. The gypsy moth


is being put into the railway station. I will certainly go a long


and have a look at it. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. New figures show the worst ever


waiting times in A departments. A man's been arrested after a cash


machine was ripped from the side Staying cloudy and cold with further


scattered wintry showers. Eight cash machine thefts from


premises in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in the last 12 months,


a big response on this story. Rick says, why can't we do the same as in


the US and fit a device in the cash machine which impregnates the


banknotes with a dive when the machine is disturbed in a violent


manner, making ram raiding pointless.


Mark says the answer to catch and deter these criminals, just install


a simple GPS tracking device similar to those used in vehicles, inside


the cashpoint machine. Are the facts and police missing something? Our


expert who used to be in the Metropolitan Police said it is


possible they are in there but the banks do not give away their


techniques. John says, far machine equipment --


farm machinery should not be left out in fields which can be easily


stolen, it must be in the interests of the farmers.


Bruce says it is easy to solve this problem, build a four foot wall


constructed of concrete and still some distance each side of the cash


machine along the edge of the footpath.


Chris says, we have been hit three times and due to that we have lost


our own the bank. If we had CCTV we may have had our much needed back.


Diane says, why not put the cash machine inside the store, people


would get used to using it only during a shop opening session.


Thank you for those. Join us again after


the Ten O'clock News. OK, everyone, have you got


your bamboo sticks? If you just paint


what you want to paint, I've turned around,


my painting washes away. ..and take on


The Big Painting Challenge. Remember, you're not painting


a pond. Before I met you,


I was a civilised woman.