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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines from us this Thursday night:


The circus in a cemetery - furious reaction over plans to hold


an outdoor performance in a graveyard.


It makes me physically sick. There is no such thing as doing this


respectfully. You are violating a sacred ground.


Unacceptable - the European Union issues a final warning to Hull


Campaigners start a petition to get speed cameras on the Humber Bridge.


And the man who came home to find his locks changed


and front door damaged, after police wrongly broke


It just doesn't seem right. I was ?470 out of pocket for something


nothing to do with me. And I will have all the weather details later.


There's been furious reaction to the announcement that a cemetery


in Hull will be used as the venue for an outdoor circus.


The Depart production has been given permission to perform


at Hull's General cemetery in May, as part of City of


But the relative of somebody buried in a neighbouring graveyard has told


Look North the circus - which claims to offer "haunting


sights and sounds" and has performers dressed like ghosts


In a moment I'll speak to one of the organisers but first


Hull's General Cemetery, a site of historical significance,


a place perhaps for contemplation and soon to be a performance area


Depart is an internationally acclaimed performance described


as a spell-binding and immersive show where circus artists


dance above the heads of a roaming audience.


I think this is totally abhorrent because what they are doing,


they're coming here, they're swinging through


They're performing what is tantamount to a circus act and to me


This cemetery has been closed for over 40 years but for Johnathan,


who has family buried in the adjacent graveyard,


using this site as a performance space is disrespectful.


There is no such thing as doing this respectfully because you are


There is a special monument to the 1800 people who died from cholera in


1849. That historical significance is one of the reasons why this


performance has been brought here, to open up a forgotten part of the


city. This is a site specific piece that


has been made from the cemetery So therefore its very basis


is that it is incredibly respectful to the place and if you go online


and see some of the trailers and some of the comments


from the people who saw it in London, that absolutely


underlines that. Hull's event in May


has already sold out. It would seem this is one piece of


art that is going to divide opinion. Earlier I spoke to Beki Bateson,


one of the producers of the event. I asked her whether she was


expecting the choice of a cemetery Not particularly, but I think you


can understand why it would be. But I think that the piece itself


celebrates life and death. It is exceptionally respectful of the


species and the lives of people who are they. And it is a celebration of


life and death. And it's a beautiful magical performance piece. Why can't


you do this in a park? Why does it have to be over some pupils loved


ones? It's not over them. It's in the space of a cemetery, often near


places of nature and there are pathways and delves. There are trees


that the performers hang from an performed within. I think the point


is that it is about resonating with the stories and the lives of the


people in the cemetery. It has Hacked Off a lot of people. I am


disgusted. This is nothing short of contemptible. Let the dead rest in


peace. Many others similar to that. What you say to those people? It's


not circus like you imagine it. Its people hanging in trees, dressing


ghostly outfits. It's magical, beautiful and respectful. I would


encourage people to go and see it for themselves. It would look just


as good and a park, well away from where people are resting in peace. I


don't think it would. The skate around the cemetery and the fact you


are in that particular place is the thing that causes the resonance and


the connection with the theme of the peace. When we did it in London, the


guy who worked in Tower Hamlets cemetery where we performed that, he


has worked there for 14 years, he was brought to tears by how moving


it was. Are people here being oversensitive and not getting into


this City of Culture spirit? I don't think they are. If I saw the word


cemetery next to circus at the jump to conclusions. But I implore people


this is a magical move in meditation of the movements between life and


death. It is very respectful and has been made in conjunction with the


cemetery. We worked closely with them. Thank you.


Should there be entertainment in a cemetery?


Is it appropriate, or is it disrespecting the dead?


Perhaps you have relatives buried in the General Cemetery in the city?


How would you feel if it took place where your loved ones are buried?


The mother of a Hull man who was murdered by a serial killer


in London hopes a new BBC documentary will keep pressure


on those looking into the police investigation into his death.


Police in London insisted Anthony Walgate's died from a drugs


overdose before his killer went on to poison three other


men who were dumped in this London graveyard.


Stephen Port has been jailed for the murders but his victims'


families want to know why police refused to investigate


You found him dead in the street, he hasn't been beaten up,


he hasn't been stabbed, he hasn't been shot or anything.


They refused to ever investigate it from the very beginning.


And the BBC Three documentary, "How Police Missed the Grindr


Killer" is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.


A 29-year-old woman has died after the car


she was in crashed into a parked car transporter in Grimsby.


It happened just before half nine last night on Peaks Lane.


The woman, who was a front seat passenger, was pronounced dead


The driver of the car suffered leg injuries.


The Government has been told it could be taken to a European court


unless air quality levels are improved in Hull.


The city is on a list of areas that breach pollution limits.


It's a problem which is linked to around 40,000 early deaths every


year across the UK - with fumes from diesel engines said


More from our Political Editor Tim Iredale.


It may sound alarming, but we're told vehicle emissions


are sending some people to an early grave.


Hull is one of 16 parts of the UK highlighted


for "persistent breaches" of nitrogen dioxide levels.


The A63 Castle Street is one of the problem areas.


Taxi driver Dave says politicians have been sending our mixe messages.


A few years ago, people were talked into buying diesel cars. People


jumped on the bandwagon. I don't feel guilty. We were forced into a


situation to buy one. Now they are saying it is bad.


I don't recommend a congestion charge, but the situation is drastic


enough for us to consider something like that. Vehicles need to get off


the streets, so we need something like free public transport.


The government could be hauled before the European Court


of Justice over air quality levels, but is that such a threat


Leaving the EU brings up some concern. We are calling for a UK


clean air act to enshrine the right to Brive clean air in domestic law.


The Government says environmental laws will not be


weakened after Brexit, but it's clear that in many of our


cities air quality levels need to improve in order to save lives.


Earlier I spoke to Doctor Jo Barnes from the University of the West


of England who is a specialist in air pollution.


I started by asking her how badly a road like the A63


It can be significantly bad for those people who have existing


respiratory conditions and cardiovascular conditions. Those are


particular health concerns. That may also affect people living in areas


of high social deprivation, the elderly, children, they are


vulnerable groups. Do you think we have made a mistake with diesel


cars? There was this drive to buy them. Would you now have them taken


off the road? DS, I think we need to go back on that policy and undo that


incentive scheme which increased diesel vehicles on our road. We also


need to have a scrappage scheme to do that, we need to incentivise the


public to give up diesel vehicles, having been incentivised to pick


them up in the first place. How could hard our people afford higher


taxes and buying a new car, when many of these people bought them in


good faith, thinking they were the right thing to do? The government


needs to come up with a policy to help people do that. And incentive


scheme that is affordable for all sectors of society. It is for the


government to work out. Will this pollution contribute to the worrying


figures for early death in Hol? Yes, it will contribute to people who


have existing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and making


those worse. Not just exacerbating existing conditions, but actually


creating new conditions as well. We talk about numbers of deaths, but we


also need to look at the ill-health, not just the mortality figures. I


can hear diesel drivers shouting at the television. What would you say


to them? I'm afraid to say they are the most polluting vehicles we have


on the road, even the cleanest ones are dirty. We need to be thinking


about public health and I'm afraid we do need to be thinking about


getting rid of those vehicles. Thank you.


Still ahead tonight: The campaign to get speed cameras


on the Humber Bridge - those behind it say


And the man who came home to find his locks changed


and front door damaged, after police wrongly broke


The photograph tonight is St Marys Church in Barton-upon-Humber. Thank


you for that. Are you in a good mood? Always. The producer has said


that your top makes you look like you are in your pyjamas. Thank you.


Maybe he could contribute towards a new spring wardrobe. I think it is


nice. My grandmother doesn't like you talking about my clothes! Let's


move on to the forecast. A mild few days on the way. Tomorrow, dry and


my old with some sunshine, particularly through the course of


the morning. You can see on this chart, the yellow hues are warmer


air and it milder. Monday, it might be that temperatures get into the


mid teens. Exceptionally warm for the time of year. More cloud has


developed over the last few hours over parts of Lincolnshire. Most


places are dry. Were looking at largely dry conditions through this


evening and overnight. A lot of cloud around. Particularly over


parts of Lincolnshire. Temperature is always higher where we have more


cloud around at 7 degrees. We start date with always more cloud in the


south-west. Most of us will see some bright or possibly sunny spells


through the day, especially over East Yorkshire. Generally more cloud


through the afternoon. Not as breezy as it has been. Feeling mild.


Looking further ahead, it won't be completely dry, but it looks like


most of the rain will be overnight on Saturday. Breezy weekend, mild,


at times cloudy, then mild weather looking set to continue next week. I


think Jack the producer is wrong. Apparently one viewer even thought


you looked good when you went down the sewer for country file. I've


been cut from Friday's episode. On the Monday- Thursday! -- only.


Some drivers who use the Humber Bridge say speed cameras


need to be put up to stop other motorists travelling too fast.


The limit at the moment is 50 miles per hour.


Campaigners say cameras would cut the number


Our correspondent Leanne Brown reports.


With the Humber Estuary down bellow, many people find driving over


the Humber Bridge daunting - - and campaigners say speeding


I drove from Hull to Brigg to see what motorists there thought


If you don't speed, you don't get caught. That's my opinion. Some


people do speed over. I think it would be a good idea. No objection.


Good idea. Is a problem, this will solve it.


On my way back I decided to see if people stuck to the limit.


I have set my cruise control to 50 mph. Cars are overtaking me.


For a new speed camera to be installed there needs to have been


at least three serious or fatal crashes on the stretch of road


But the Humber Bridge Board say in the last year there have been


Of course, there are many reasons why an accident might


But when it does lanes have to be closed and it can cause huge delays.


Obviously the bridge is heavily used, particularly in rush hour. If


it is closed, the nearest diversion is 30 miles around. I have some


concerns about cameras because they can lead to drivers suddenly


breaking and celebrating after they get past the camera.


The Humber Bridge Board and the police couldn't


But they are meeting tomorrow to discuss if cameras


Should there be speed cameras on the Humber Bridge?


A man from Grimsby says he's been forced to pay hundreds of pounds


to fix his front door after police officers wrongly forced


their way into his home while he was on holiday.


Humberside Police says officers acted in good faith to an emergency


call and have offered to pay off some of the damage


Michael Staples says that's not good enough.


Last September, Michael spent two weeks unwinding in the Cotswolds.


But that relaxed feeling disappeared when they came home and couldn't


to force their way into the house, after a woman dialled


It's not known where the call came from.


When they told me that, I had some feeling towards their predicament,


thinking, if it was my mother who cold 999 in my house and collapsed


during that nobody tried to get her, then I would be pleased they did


what the dead. The police had to break in a second time because the


new set of keys didn't work with the new lock. The door was badly damaged


and had to be replaced. Michael said Humberside Police owes him ?450.


The force did offer to pay him just under half that money -


?200 in what's called an exgratia payment.


I thought the offer was to risible and I said I would not accept it.


But Michael says that's not good enough - and he still doesn't


understand why they broke into his house in the first place.


Jonathan at the start of the programme and Michael in the


previous story got in touch with us, so tonight we told their stories. If


you have a story for us, get in touch.


Thanks for all the responses on the litter problem


Hull's year of City of Culture continues and there are new events


Here's this week's round up of what's on -


and if you have children over half term you might get some ideas.


We are soaring through February as the second city of culture


Here are three recommendations for some family fun.


Hull scrapstore are running an educational craft workshop


Swerby Hall have a whole week worth of activities lined up


And Simon Callow joins a new look London Chamber Ensemble


Back To Ours kicks off from 22nd - 26 February.


The first of three festivals over various locations in Hull.


Gigs from the Pigeon Detectives, comedy shows and screenings of films


Celebrate the life Basil Kirkton, from 17-19 February.


He was one of the most prolific minds in experimental


music and this festival, Mind on the Run, is all about him.


This gives music lovers an opportunity to immerse themselves


into his intriguing life and hear some of the music he created


and performed by some of today's musical innovators.


Running until 21 March at the Street Life Museum,


the fabulous felines exhibition is devoted to Edwardian theatre


performer and postcard artist, Violet Roberts.


Hull Children's University are challenging you to draw


It can be from memory or by going to see it.


Just make sure you upload it using the hashtag challengehull.


And if you want to see more about Basil Kirchin,


and more from Kofi, go to our City of Culture website


Yesterday we met Gladys Waite from Skegness -


she is 105 and we were invited along to her birthday party.


Well, while we were there she read us a poem that


she had written herself about her life in Lincolnshire.


"Yellow-bellied I'm proud to be, to live in a county next to the sea.


"When people tell me it's dull and flat...


"it makes me cross, it's not all like that!


"The sunset skies, each flower and tree.


"Lincoln Cathedral on the hill stands high.


"Tattershall Castle, Crowland Abbey, reach for the sky.


"We are really quite a happy lot, contented with the life we've got.


"Living at peace 'twixt world and sea.


"Is there anywhere else you'd rather be?"


That's just a bit of Gladys' poem - if you want to hear it all then go


Just go to Facebook and search for BBC Look North.


I watched it this afternoon and it's great. Thanks to her.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines:


There are fears for the future of thousands of jobs


at Vauxhall's UK plants - crisis talks are held


There's angry reaction to plans for a circus at a cemetery in Hull -


one man writes to the authorities, calling it "abhorrent"


Tomorrow's weather: A dry day in general, with the best of any


sunshine towards the east coast during the morning.


It'll be another mild day with a maximum temperature of 11 degrees.


I think the planned circus performance in the cemetery is


appallingly bad taste. Cemetery is not the kind of place for this type


of entertainment. There are various performance


artists in Grantham during the festival last year, I don't remember


hearing any objections. Regarding circus in the cemetery,


the word cemetery means sleeping place, it is a space of sanctity,


not a circus tent or a place of theatre.


Why can't people show some decorum? Cemeteries are not for


entertainment. I would pay money to see this show in the cemetery in


Hol. It looks tasteful. Once again, the do-gooders want to spoil things


for everyone. A lot of people commenting on that. Thank you. Join


me for the late news.