15/03/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The headlines from us this Wednesday night.


The family battling the rare brain disease that


killed their mother - four out of seven of her


When you tell them about Huntington's they don't know what it


is. It is not very nice to have to describe to people.


After hospitals lose more than 100 patient referrals,


there are claims health bosses tried to keep their mistake quiet.


They had been aware of some of these problems since May and June of 2016


and clearly that is too long a period of time for patients to be


unaware of this issue. The East Yorkshire tennis player


Kyle Edmund is threatened with rape and murder on Facebook,


after losing to Novac Djokovic. The threats were utterly vile but


sadly all too common in this day and age. They are often made by gamblers


who have lost money on the outcome of the match.


And the actor Colin McFarlane takes on Lincolnshire County Council over


Josh Beasley from Bridlington was ten when his mum died


Anne Beasley had Huntington's Disease and it destroyed her brain.


Her death brought with it a devastating realisation


for the family that all of her seven children had a 50-50


Last year Josh - who is now 19 - tested positive for Huntington's -


as have three of his brothers and sisters.


He's now trying to raise money for research into the disease.


This is me who has been tested positive, Matthew has


When Josh's mum had her seven children she didn't know she had


She died aged just 48 and had genetically passed the disease on.


Two children are clear, one is still to be tested and four,


What I remember, it was when her movement was shaking.


It is awful, there's not enough awareness for it, there is no cure.


When you tell people, they do not know what it is.


It is not nice to have to describe to people that it takes


Huntington's disease is an inherited disorder that causes the death


The damage to the brain leads to a gradual physical


Each person whose parent has Huntington's disease


has a 50-50 chance of inheriting the faulty gene responsible.


Everyone who inherits the faulty gene will, at some stage,


develop the disease - usually between the


A lot of these young people are growing up in a family


where they have a parent parent with the illness so


they're watching something that may happen to them the feature, which is


obviously quite a frightening prospect.


You can either curl up into a ball or you can just


That's what I'm trying to do and raise awareness for the disease.


She says the family try to support each other.


When I got my results it was such a relief,


the straightaway after that


That's the only thing you can do but it's always


Somebody is always having a difficult time and have all got to


try and pull through from each other.


But it is really difficult because there's so many with it.


And Josh is trying to get on with his life.


He starts university next year and is fundraising


Earlier I spoke to Josh, and I started by asking


when he found out his mother had the disease.


All my life she's had the symptoms of Huntingdon's.


So I've only really known her since she had the symptoms.


I've not known her before she before she


How did you cope with losing your mum at the age of


Obviously it's an awful thing to have to go through for anyone but


I've got a big family and we're close and good friends.


You have to be 18 to get your genetic test.


I was the mindset of getting tested straightaway just for peace of mind.


Did you think that you would end up being positive?


It's 50-50, so it could go either way but it just


thought I would like the peace of mind to know


How have you dealt with knowing that you have


Obviously it's an awful thing to have to be told that one


day you will suffer something like that


but I have a close family and


It has made it easier with the fundraising


But nobody gives you any sort of time frame?


It could be a couple of years down the line at 20 or 40


There's no saying when it will be, just one day


So you need to live your life to the full?


Does it affect you on a daily basis?


Obviously everyone has their bad days and it's


the same with this, you have days when you think about it more than


Some days you just put it to the back of your mind.


I know you're doing some fantastic fundraising.


You have a big event coming up on the 3rd of June.


I'm organising a charity event in Bridlington


Will hopefully get the music down there and just raise some money for


I wish you well for the third as well.


The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that it has received files


from eleven police forces, including Lincolnshire,


in relation to 2015 General Election campaign expenses.


Last year the Lincoln MP Karl McCartney said he had handed


over the details of his expenses to the force.


The inquiries centre on the Conservative Party's national


The CPS will now decide if any charges should be brought.


Mr McCartney says he's done nothing wrong.


Network Rail says cancellations and delays to Hull services this


morning were because of deliberate damage to cables.


The company say track-side cable was placed across the tracks


at Hessle East Junction and then a train ran it.


Hull has been given ?5 million of extra money to help more


Yorkshire Cancer Research says the city has a higher than average


The funding will help diagnose cancer earlier.


Hospital bosses in North Lincolnshire have been accused


of hiding the fact they'd lost around one hundred


The delay has meant some people may have had to wait months


for urgent medical treatment because they were never put


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson reports.


When Alison 's dad David had problems with his eye he was


referred by his optician is an urgent case to Scunthorpe hospital.


That was last April and he has still heard nothing. Yesterday the pain


was so bad that Allison taken straight to hospital. They said


yesterday was an ulcer behind his eye that could affect his brain. I'm


not happy. I am upset to my dad is upset. He is a portly man and he has


had to go into hospital which has devastated him today. -- poorly man.


His Chevelle is one of several that have gone missing since North


Lincolnshire adopted a new system last year. The chairman was invited


to the scrutiny committee this morning. Two of those cases were


cancer queries and they are in ongoing treatment. Patients are


overseen by the GP or dentist and optician. If more specialist care is


needed they are referred to a consultant at the hospital. The


hospital is then supposed to get in touch with the patient and give them


an appointment and take over the care. That is where the problem has


happened. The details of at least 100 patients have been lost and


never referred. Health bosses were first alerted to the problem last


May when this surgery realised more than 50 of the patients had not been


referred on. Is there no way a flagging this up? It has also been a


puzzle how you can track your parcel to Amazon but you cannot track your


patient through the MHS. Managers have chosen not to let other


potential patients until now. It sounds like a Disney more about


saving face than protecting patients. I am sorry and we have


apologised to the public that this has raised its head is a problem. It


generally hasn't been about saving face and it has been about being


trying to get a definitive answer to a problem with patients who were not


registered and have got the patient they deserve. The trust deals with


around 90,000 patient referrals per year and most go without a hitch. As


Allison Parks had dads hospital bag it has emerged that at least another


50 patients have today contacted the hospital 's helpline about their Mr


referrals. -- they're missed referrals.


The woman who helped make this information public


is Councillor Holly Mumby-Croft, who leads the North Linolnshire


We saw her briefly in Vicky's report.


I asked her why we were only finding out about these


Clearly the trust made mention today in the health scrutiny meeting


that they had been aware some of these


problems since May/June 2016 and clearly that is too long


a period of time for patients to be unaware of this issue.


When did you know and would you consider yourself the


I was made aware several days before the 6th of


I was fully briefed at that point and my


media release would happen on the 6th of March.


When that didn't happen I began immediately to ask


I then took the decision on the Wednesday, that


would be two days after that, to invoke


legislation to require the


chief executive of the Northern Lincs and Goole Hospital


Trust and chief officer of the commissioning group


-- clinical commissioning group to attend scrutiny because I was


sufficiently concerned that this needs to be discussed and patience


needed to be represented and that will important questions need to be


asked of these people and that that needed to be in a public


Were it not for you forcing that I am then maybe they wouldn't have


It is very serious. I am not in a position to comment on when or if


the trust would have made this public. That clearly we as a health


scrutiny panel took this very seriously, we took it seriously


enough that for the first time we invoked the legislation and required


their attendance. If the trust knows about something like this so serious


possibly going back a year and they don't do anything about it until you


as a whistle-blower forced their hand, what trust can people have in


the trust? Clearly people's trust and concern will be damaged at this


point. I think that it's logical assumption. It is our job as a


health scrutiny panel to really strengthen the voice of our


residents and our patients and to do everything we can to work with the


trust and understand what has happened and get those reassurances


that it can never, ever happen to patients again and to continue to be


the voice of patients and hold the trust to account.


You have heard the story. If you have been affected by this and maybe


have been waiting for an appointment, what do you think of


how this is being handled by their health bosses and the trust? What


experience have you had? Have they already been in touch? Have you had


any indication that you're one of the people who has not had a


referral? Still ahead tonight:


The East Yorkshire tennis player Kyle Edmund is threatened with rape


and murder on Facebook, And the actor Colin McFarlane takes


on Lincolnshire County Council over Phil Elridge took this photo


of Woodhall Spa at Pet Wood Hotel. He really is off all this week and I


gather you are doing his radio show this week. He is a skiver. I think


maybe the award has gone to his head. Nobody is complaining. Nice to


have you here. We got up to 16 degrees and quite a few spots in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. At the changes for tomorrow. It will


not be as warm as the. More applied around. Not a bad day. Things will


turn unsettled for Friday and the weekend. High has dominated our


weather but lots of these areas of low pressure. Lots of France heading


our way for Friday. Isa buyers tightly packed so some blustery


conditions as well. It has been lovely out there, barely a cloud in


the sky which helped attempt just get up to the mid teens. It will be


a fine evening with long clear spells and remaining dry and fine


overnight. We might see a little more cloud creep towards the end of


the night. Temperatures falling back to around 7 degrees are a degrees. A


light breeze. The sun will rise at around quarter past six in the


morning and set at seven minutes past six in the evening. We will


start the day was spells of sunshine and through the morning we will have


the best of the sunny spells. Gradually throughout the day we will


see a bit more cloud. Tomorrow will be a little more cloudy and breezy


and more cool as well. The rain from the North will stay to the north of


us until tomorrow evening and then will be very light and patchy when


it arrives. 16 degrees today. It will be cooler tomorrow at around 11


degrees 12 degrees. A cool start of the day with the touch of frost and


places on Friday. A windy day developing with Wayne for the


afternoon. Not a complete wash-out for the weekend. There will be some


spells of wet and windy weather and really quite blustery throughout.


The tennis player Kyle Edmund has revealed he's been threatened


with murder and rape in messages on social media.


The 46th ranked player in the world - who is from East Yorkshire -


highlighted the posts on his Facebook page


after being knocked out of a tournament in California.


Commentators says it has become common for sport stars


Sarah Walton has more on this, and just a warning there is some


Kyle Edmund is seen as one of tennis's up and coming stars.


But world number two Novak Djokovic proved to be too much


for him at the weekend, and he was knocked out


But in the hours that followed his defeat,


Kyle says he received abusive messages on Facebook.


The posts include threats of violent murder and rape


as well as derogatory remarks about his appearance.


And commentators say other British players have been


The threats made against Kyle Edmund were utterly vile but sadly all too


They are often made by gamblers who have lost money


Johanna Konta has spoken about it in the past,


She has talked about the death threats, she has received


and the threats made against her own family.


Sadly, for women, it's often far worse than it is for men,


as was the case here with Kyle Edmund.


Many threats contain a hint of sexual violence.


Even Wimbledon winner Andy Murray has described abuse he received


online as vile and no longer uses Twitter on a regular basis.


The Lawn Tennis Association, the sport's governing body


"Professional players are responsible for reporting acts


of online bullying to the respective social media outlets.


But online threats are illegal and those targeted can


The Crown Prosecution Service recognises is a very serious


criminal offence. Last year severe penalties were increased. The


maximum sentence has gone up and is now in excess of two years. The last


year so there has been a tenfold increase of police prosecuting


exactly the of abuse. Kyle told Look North this morning


that he won't comment any further as he has no time to spend


on negative issues. He's now focusing on his next


tournament in Miami People living at the Humberston


Fitties chalet park near Cleethorpes say they're being kept in the dark


over council plans This afternoon North East


Lincolnshire Council agreed to start negotiations


with an unnamed bidder. But chalet owners, who put


forward their own community bid, Lincolnshire County Council has been


told it must reconsider its decision to switch off streetlights overnight


to save money. I have been speaking to the Hollywood actor Colin


McFarlane and the crystal responsible to -- councillor


responsible for the switch. Last year - people in Lincoln


started to see their streetlights being switched off -


at night... Then after a campaign


by local residents - the lights were kept


on until midnight. Across Lincolnshire -


42,000 street lights are now switched off at night -


with 1,000 permanently switched off...It's designed


to save the County Council But it's not switched-off


the criticism...Right across the county -


where the lights have been adjusted People have been saying they are


concerned about safety, particularly people walking alone during those


times. Possibly about increased crime. Some have cited Windows in


vehicles being smashed. Not everyone is


against the changes - but campaigners hope


the County Council The actor Colin McFarlane what a


rethink on this from lecture County Council. Richard Davies is the


councillor responsible for the switch. -- Lincolnshire. I asked the


councillor if they put the lights back on what else would have to go.


We would have less money to spend on filling potholes and taking care of


the elderly and issues around schools and education would go. The


fact is we talk to the public of Lincolnshire on a regular basis and


we have 77 councillors covering the whole county and this is not the top


priority for the people of Lincolnshire. Colin, you would


rather see these other things cut? You don't need to cut other things,


you just need to have a conversation with the public and that is not


happening. That is what I would like to see happening and a lot of other


bodies would like to see happening. We need to sit around a table and


work this out. Have you had a conversation? We have been having


this conversation for many years. We started this project over two years


ago and has units rolled out to the vast majority of the county and by


the end of the month the project will be completed. I don't think the


council will actually top. Cardiff County Council had a 18 month pilot


and then made a decision. There has been nothing like that and


Lincolnshire. We have been piloting this Lincolnshire for nearly 20


years. One of the reasons we can't convert light is a lot of them are


very high efficiency. The harsh reality is I am not sure we need to


start discussing temperature. I think I can make all the points I


want to make so I am writing an article about this. I would love to


come back and have a proper conversation. I think you're making


a lot of mistakes Lincolnshire and I will come back another chat with


you. The police have not seen an increase in crime in some areas it


is in original action in burglary crime. -- has seen a reduction.


There's not been a drop in crime and less people are going out. There is


actually an increase in burglaries. It is the fear of crime and the


Chief Constable has just been appointed came out and said I


understand that this at the of crime in Lincoln and you need to lobby the


council. I'm here to lobby the council and be the voice for those


people who are unafraid to go out. It is disingenuous to say there has


been an increase in crime and that is not of their reflection


nationally. For you to come onto mainstream national media for you to


say there is increasing crime because of this is not fair and is


the kind of scaremongering we do not need healing Lincolnshire. There has


not been an increase in crime. It is not fair. There is a fear of crime


and that is just as valid as crime itself. But you have just said there


is an increasing crime and that is not true, Colin. However you want to


look at the statistics. You're scaring people and the people of


Lincolnshire are a better than sound bite politics and skiers. -- and


scaring them. Technology is developing and there is no national


policy so councils up and down the country are all doing different


things and frankly wasting a lot of money. Thank you, gentlemen. A


lively debate. We are very keen for you views on this about having


streetlights of light and having them done and are turned off


altogether. If you want to comment we will have some comments tomorrow


night. Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Chancellor Phillip Hammond makes


a U-turn on his budget plan to raise After Goole, Scunthorpe


and Grimsby hospitals lose more than 100 patient referrals,


there are claims health bosses tried Tomorrow's weather: Bright


and sunny spells at first. But the cloud will come


in from the northwest throughout the day -


still mainly dry for most of it. Top temperatures in the afternoon


will get up to around 12 Celsius. On this once to patient referrals


being lost. Paul says he was told his referral in neurology and had


been lost and it was only when he rang up his GP that I find out.


Diane says surely patient's relatives should chase up


appointments as the NHS is very busy. Pam says there is no trust and


I I think they believe people will die and therefore bring down the


list. Another correspondent says I'm sure many people waiting must have


tried to chase what was going on a fobbed off with excuses or even told


not to try as there is no time? Thank you very much for watching.


See you later on.