11/05/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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and on BBC One, we now join so it's goodbye from me -


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Two weeks ago, this mother dropped her daughter at school -


Police appeal to Polish people for help.


Her husband is obviously concerned. We are concerned about her safety,


we don't know where she is. The politicians have theirs -


but here's yours. We reveal what your priorities


are for the General Election. The caravan park where neighbours


have to tell each other when they shower to stop


the water running out. We are trying to work out different


times when less people are using the shower or washing machine.


The oldest surviving public record - the Domesday book.


On display for the first time outside London.


The deer rampage down a busy town centre.


We had 19 degrees in Lincoln today. A risk of showers tomorrow, join me


for the detailed forecast. Over the next few days, the main


political parties will be launching Four weeks today voting will be


underway in the general election. You have been telling us


what pledges you want to hear Kate Sweeting is here


and she has been looking We've had hundreds of suggestions


from you and we've read them all. But here is your people's manifesto,


a list of the five most Number one: Scrap foreign aid,


that's the money we spend to help The government sent ?13 billion


pounds abroad in the last year - Lots of you wanted to see this


stopped or reduced and the money spent elsewhere -


that was the view of Eric from Hull There are greater things at home for


it to be spent on. I am not convinced that the money sent abroad


is spent on the right things. The second most common suggestion


was More funding for the NHS - lots of you suggested that


could come from things Number three was a quick Brexit


to control immigration. That was the view of Mark


in Beverley who sent us this mobile We need to get Brexit sorted first


as no party can get anything sorted first until it is sorted and


exceeding the public demands of curbing immigration.


Next was a fairer deal for all pensioners -


Pat from Woodall Spa got in touch about this.


Many women born in the 19 50s and have got no -- had no advance notice


of the change in their pension age. Any finally you wanted


better social care - so more support for the disabled


and elderly in particular. We heard from Maddie Jobson, who's


mother was verbally abused in care. It's terrible to think of all these


people who have worked hard and paid into the system, fighting for basic


care. We'll now put these points


to the candidates campaigning for your votes, to see


where they stand on these issues. Over the next few days, the main


political parties will be launching We've already had a taster


of Labour's election manifesto Our political editor Tim Iredale has


been in Brigg for us today and he put our People's Manifesto


to voters in the North A place where people always seem


to have strong opinions. So what do voters here think


about our people's manifesto? Scrap foreign aid, should


be scrap foreign aid? I don't know about stopping


it altogether, I think we should concentrate on more


in our own country. I think it is virtually


on its knees. It needs something doing to it,


either a major overhaul, injection of cash, something


because we are going to end up Should we have quick Brexit


to control immigration? Instead of being a trading bloc,


it became a political And this thing about controlling


immigration, I don't think we should say no immigration,


I think we should say less Do we need a fairer


deal for pensioners? A lot of pensioners are on their own


and they don't see people and a lot of them struggle to have the heating


on in the winter. A lot of people complain about care


homes, the cost of them, people We've heard what some voters


in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire care about in this election


and we now know the candidates Yes, we do. If you are at home


saying I could be an MP, I could be in Westminster and sit in the House


of Commons and possibly become the new Prime Minister, you're too late


for this election at least. Because nominations have now closed ahead of


the general election on June the 8th. That means we will know exactly


how many candidates are standing in each constituency and, crucially,


who will be standing. We hope to be getting to know those candidates


better over the coming weeks. I would always argue that elections


are about the people, not the politicians. That is why the


People's Manifesto is so important. We hope to be holding all the


candidates and party leaders to account because if they come to our


patch and say that they hope to cut immigration or put more money into


the NHS, we will be asking them how they intend to do that, where they


will get the extra money. An interesting few weeks ahead. Don't


forget you can get full up-to-date coverage of the general election on


the BBC election website. Tim, thank you very much indeed. If


you have a story tonight related to the People's Manifesto pledges, or


perhaps a view about the NHS or Brexit, get in touch with us now.


Police are looking for a mum from Hull who dropped her daughter


off at school last month and then disappeared without a trace.


Officers say they're appealing to the Polish community to help


find Renata Antczak, who they think may be overseas.


They ask us to put Polish subtitles on the following report.


Renata Antczak has been missing for more than two weeks now,


and the police are calling on Hull's Polish-speaking


And they've asked officers in Poland to investigate any possibility


The 49-year-old lawyer was last seen on the 25th of April having dropped


off her youngest daughter at Hull's Broadacre Primary School


She then returned to her home at Beamsley Way in Kingswood,


which her husband said she left on foot at around one


Police say that they "have no indication of where


she was going at that time", but that she was apparently


We've done quite a big investigation both in the Hull area


and across in Poland where she's originally from.


Within the UK we've done relevant searches, and the Polish authorities


are helping us check addresses in Poland that she's linked to.


So far at this stage there's no indication where she might be.


Is there any suggestion this could be suspicious?


There's nothing at all at this stage which indicates anything


daughters growing increasingly concerned for Renata's safety,


Humberside Police are now appealing directly to Hull's Polish community


to help them find her - more than two weeks


It goes without saying that we will follow that story and if there are


any developments, we will let you know.


There has been a memorial about the people who died in the fire at


Bradford. Members of a cricket club near Hull


say they're devastated after a suspected arson attack


destroyed their pavilion The lawn mowers owned


by the Skirlaugh club were saved, but the main wooden building


and hundreds of pounds' worth of cricket equipment was destroyed,


just a few weeks into the season. It's also just a few days before


the annual "party in the park" is due to take place


on the playing fields. Well, we were shattered,


absolutely shattered, because we have had one or two


little bits of arson with kids at the back,


but when I came last night it was absolutely ablaze,


flames flying up in the air. Ten helmets ruined and about ten


bats, and you're talking about ?140, ?180 a bat, all that's gone,


and the pads, and it People living on a chalet park


in East Yorkshire say their water pressure has been little more


than a dribble for six months. And that's the pressure


we have to work with. Matthew and his wife Michelle have


had this problem for months. They can't rely on the water supply


- which means their shower, boiler, sinks and toilet work for only some


of the time. Matt goes to the shops and buys that


every other day because there just isn't the water there,


whether it's drinking Sometimes it works, sometimes it


doesn't. And it affects the neighbours, as well.


Next door, Jack is taking matters into his own hands.


He fills up the water tank for his caravan


So he knows he can have a shower when the water cuts out.


One minute you got what are coming through, the next minute you have


But they are not doing anything about it.


Yorkshire Water says the problem isn't with them -


the water pressure's fine until it gets to the caravan site.


So residents have been asking the company that


runs the site to fix it - without success.


How bad does it need to get before we get a response? We are all trying


to work out different times when less people are using the shower or


washing machine. You couldn't dream of washing your car or water in your


garden. There is in the water pressure and if there is, it is


detrimental to the next person along the line.


us that the problem has existed at the site for many years before


Tingdene were not initially aware of the water pressure issue,


however, having been made aware of the issue we have instructed


a number of independent experts to monitor the infrastructure system


Once their investigations have been concluded,


we will be presented with various options to rectify any


In the meantime, residents - who have been complaining


about the issue for more than six months - say their


You may want to comment as well, a shallow part where you are. Here's


the e-mail address. The Domesday Book -


is going on show in Lincoln - the first time it's ever been


displayed outside London. The priceless book has to be


kept in a vault under But our culture correspondent


Anne-Marie Tasker has been The Domesday book lists early towns.


It is coming to Lincoln. It gives us a unique window on English society


both before the Norman conquest and after. We can see the incredible


changes that the Norman conquest wart on English society. It is an


important document, difficult to overstate its important in


understanding medieval England. It is a survey of the country ordered


by King William the Congress. Its 2 million words list the taxable value


of the land, livestock and building in his new Kingdom. This is one of


the pictures about Lincolnshire, painting a picture of the County 900


years ago. To see the book out of its protective case is incredibly


rare. The noise you maybe able to hear if the temperature and humidity


control, ensuring this priceless document not disintegrate. It will


not crumble in front of our eyes, although parchment can spontaneously


degrade. But having it under control conditions mean that we prolong its


life for as long as possible. The Domesday book will go on show in the


state-of-the-art Magna Carta vault inside the castle built for winning


the contract himself. It's really significant for Lincoln Castle and


the County of Lincolnshire. It has never been outside London on public


display. This is a one-off occasion, and unmissable events to witness.


King William's Domesday book. The visit is part of commemorations of


the Battle of Lincoln fair, 800 years ago this month. A


once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Britain's earliest and best known


public record. I'm surprised she was allowed to


touch it without those gloves they normally wear! If you want to see


it, it goes on display at the end of this month, over the bank holiday


month. Weekend. The deer rampaging down a busy


North East Lincolnshire street. It's unbelievable, because as not


everyday you see like that! I wondered where you came from. I went


stairs to rerun the video and there was! -- I went upstairs.


Listeria news coming up in a moment. The nice's photograph. -- Lewis dear


news. The nice's photograph. Recently, there have been a few


e-mails on the same lines, what is wrong, Paul Hudson four nights a


week! They have noticed you have stepped up your workload!


I am exhausted, doing a four-day week. I must place in golf tomorrow


to make up. This came from Tim, in Redding.


What is it doing watching in Redding?


And the CNET programme, it's rubbish! -- have you seen their


programme, it's rubbish. Let's look at the headlines for the


next 24 hours. There will be more cloud around. A risk of showers.


Many of us are wanting rain in the garden. There is the risk of a


shower, but scattered. Low-pressure drifting up from the near continent.


Saturday night, this may bring a short spell of rain to East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Sunday a day of sunny spells and scattered


showers. We have had temperatures of 90 degrees in Lincoln today. We are


seeing more cloud now pushing up from the south. There are one or two


macro showers pushing up. It will remain fine and dry and bright this


evening. Generally overnight, these are the temperatures. The sun rises


at these times in the mornings and here are your high water times.


There will be some bright or sunny spells around tomorrow. Generally


speaking, we will notice more in the way of cloud. Fit enough to produce


showers at any time but particularly later on. They could be heavy with


the odd clap of thunder. Really hit and miss features. In the meantime,


quite humid air from the near continent. A little fresher on


Saturday when it is bright with sunshine. A short spell of rain on


Saturday night. Sunday looks like a day of scattered showers. Mostly dry


on Monday. That is the forecast. If your hair a sign you forgot to


brush its? I went to the hairdressers on


Saturday and I should ask for my money back.


Good night! See you tomorrow. If you're driving around the streets


of North East Lincolnshire you're being warned to be careful


of wild deer. As one woman drove down


Humberston Avenue in Grimsby last night, a deer went


through the windscreen of her car Another one was spotted running down


Freeman Street in the town, from where our environment


correspondent Paul Murphy The question is, why is this


happening? This time of year, there were a lot of dear wandering around,


young deer especially. It is believed that building work on the


outskirts of Grimsby called her -- could have displaced a whole herd of


deer. They are going into urban areas including Freeman Street where


a deer was caught on social media. To the bemusement and surprise of


people in the local pub who must have wondered if there was something


in the beer. It was quite shocking, unbelievable when we saw the video.


I thought it was funny. At first, I fall back on the real, I thought


somebody had dressed up, like a prank. I first saw it on Facebook


and I couldn't believe my eyes. Would you say, anyone is welcome! I


went upstairs to rewind the video and there it was, I couldn't believe


it! It is pretty sobering to think that on average, every year, around


74,000 deer die on the UK's roads. There are 450 deer- related road


accidents and several people are killed. So the warning from the


authorities generally and for this part of North East Lincolnshire at


the moment, is for motorists to take extra care particularly later night


and early in the morning when these road here are particularly active.


-- when these deer are particularly active.


The former chairman of Hull KR and one of Hull's


best known solicitors, Max Gold - has died aged 72.


Max was also a leading member of the city's Jewish community -


he's seen here in March this year, at an event celebrating


Tributes have been paid after he passed away


He was always out there to bring people together and he did


it in his three areas, both in being a sports person,


as a rugby player himself, and both with utilising his skills


as a lawyer, as a solicitor, and more importantly


for the Jewish community, he was the pillar of our community.


Remembering Max Gold, who has died at the age of 72.


Hull's new central fire station has been officially opened this morning.


Humberside Fire and Rescue say the site on Spring Street is much


better suited to the needs of a modern service.


It replaces the original Central Station, beside Hull New Theatre,


We go to a much more diverse number of calls.


Pleasingly, the number of fires and those type of emergencies


But as people in Hull know, we are now working closely with our


partners in the Ambulance Service and the health sector to give a much


And it's these facilities that allow those sort of things to happen.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch after we spoke about two speed


cameras in Lincolnshire which have generated more money than any


As always on a Thursday, with details of what you can do


in the UK City of Culture, Here's Kofi Smiles.


This is the historic week that Hull's Holy Trinity Church


Everyone is invited to an open-air ceremony here at Trinity Square


Meanwhile, just around the corner, the high street is going to be


turned into a medieval market for international Hanse Day.


It's also an amazing week for cinema.


All this weekend, the Doc 'n' Roll Festival, in partnership


with Hull Independent Cinema brings you the best in under the radar


On Monday, 1980s classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off


On Tuesday, there is a chance to see the Oscar-nominated documentary


and next Thursday, Pride in Hull presents The Handmaiden handmaiden


by legendary Korean director Park Chan-Wook.


If you are a fan of dance, do not miss Transgressions, this weekend.


There are several performances all around the city centre


And Challenge Hull want us to play musical statues.


Post your epic freeze-frames to social media using


I could have done the lying on the pavement with my legs in the air,


but I was busy! And if you want to see more


from this year so far, Let's get a recap of the national


and regional headlines. Public ownership of the railways and


Royal Mail, Jeremy Corbyn spells out Labour's offered to the electorate.


The mother not seen since dropping off her daughter at school two weeks


ago. Police appealed to the Polish community for help.


Showers later on tomorrow, top temperatures getting up to 18


Celsius. Comments on the manifesto, all I ask


is that our rules are ours and not run by another European country.


We have to improve funding for education to make the most of new


opportunities arising from technology and enable investment in


our services. Just stop the women of -- foreigners


does -- just stop the people with criminal records coming in.


The priority is to secure the economy and make sure there is no


exodus of the financial services because this could be detrimental.


Thank you for all of these coming in. Not just now, but all that have


come in for the manifesto. Join me later on for more on the stories and


also the campaign to save the mural on the BHS building. Goodbye for