06/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Farmers in Lincolnshire say they're having to take the law


into their own hands, to try to stop hare-coursing.


They say violent criminal gangs are trespassing on their land


almost daily to take part in the illegal blood sport.


Our correspondent Paul Murphy has this report, which contains images


Chasing and killing hares with dogs has been banned


But you would not know it from looking at social media -


it's awash with footage of those who continue to break the law.


What's changing, though, is the level of violence hare


coursers mete out to those who try to stop them.


They came at me because my vehicle was blocking their exit


and immediately started to throw rocks at me with me in the vehicle


and hammered the side of my vehicle so they could get past and escape.


These hare coursers escaped, leaving their vehicle behind,


but came back later to set it alight, possibly to destroy any


These actions are creating fear in this community.


This woman would only talk if we did not show her face.


They have become aggressive, nasty, uncontrollable and intimidating.


There are people who are afraid to leave their own home.


I've spoken to several farmers here on the Lincolnshire Fens today


and although a lot of them have very strong opinions, none of them wanted


to appear on camera, or to be identified,


and that is simply because they are afraid,


they are afraid of the consequences for them and for their families,


the reprisals that could come from the hare coursers.


We know as a police service, we have got up our game and make


best use of our resources, but the farming community


It needs to keep itself safe and it needs to assist proactively


But hare coursing posts on social media make a mockery of the law.


In fact, some coursers take a thrill from being chased themselves.


The vehicle in pursuit is being driven by a land owner.


It's thought the injured hare in the foot well was being taken


away because it might have been used as evidence.


This farmer says he is done with relying on the police.


He is making police-style stingers to puncture the tyres


They would kill us if they could, that sort of thing.


In a police force where resources are stretched, these criminal


gangs know they currently have the upper hand.


It's estimated more than 150,000 people have been to events


in Hull in the first days of City of Culture.


A giant light and sound show called Made In Hull has drawn visitors


to the city centre every night this week.


Organisers say they're delighted with how it's been received.


I've come all the way from Nottingham to see it,


cos I used to come from Hull, and my mum was into theatre things


in Hull and I know she'd be so proud of the city tonight.


I'd heard about it, but I'm gobsmacked.


A petition to get the last British dambuster a knighthood has been


Lincolnshire-born George "Johnny" Johnson was part of 617 squadron


which was formed at RAF Scampton near Lincoln in 1943.


The campaign surrounding a knight hood for George "Johnny"


Johnson, the last remaining British Dambuster, continues


to gather momentum like a bouncing bomb itself, with campaigns


complaining that he's been snubbed from this year's honours list.


But what evidence is there to show he could have been snubbed,


and is it that simple to be awarded a knighthood for being the last


It was Wing Commander Guy Gibson who led the Dambusters raid.


He was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1943 and died


Aviation Engineer Barnes Wallis, the inventor of the bouncing bomb,


did receive a knighthood for work and services to his country in 1968,


Johnny Johnson aimed and dropped the bombs and was one of 34 awarded


the distinguished flying medal for his part in the raids.


The rules state you have to be active in the areas


for which you're being nominated so strictly speaking,


Johnny's achievements with regards to the Dambusters happened many,


many years ago, but he is still active within the communtiy


and doing charity work, so it depends how strictly


the Cabinet Office want to enforce that rule.


The time frame from nomination to award can take up to two years,


campaigner Paul Walmsley, who we spoke to on Tuesday,


officially nominated Mr Johnson in November 2015,


an application that doesn't expire until June.


But it didn't make this New Year's list So, as ambassador


for the RAF Air Cadets, Carol Vordeman, who's


also met Johnny Johnson, has also submitted an application


and started a petition which has gained over


Not only was he part of 617 squadron, he has worked


tirelessly for children and charities ever since.


He's one of the most charming people you could hope to meet


and if anybody has given public service to this country,


I shall ask with humility, Your Majesty, if I can dedicate it


to the 55,573 air crews that gave their lives for their countries


during the war, and that is the way I think it should go.


Now the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


A lot of usable weather to get out and about,


but it will be fairly cloudy and settled because high


The best chance of brightness will be tomorrow.


At the moment, a lot of cloud, producing some patchy rain


and drizzle, a grey night to come, but not an especially cold


temperatures around four or five Celsius.


Tomorrow might get off to a grey note, but I'm hopeful we should see


bright and sunny spells spreading down from the north,


more likely across northern parts, so at times I think it will be


overcast, temperatures at seven or eight Celsius.


A similar day on Sunday, fairly cloudy conditions,


That's it from me. We're back tomorrow evening at 5:30pm. Bye-bye.


Good evening. The weather has been turning milder and also cloudier


through the course of the day.