09/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hello, good evening. The headlines from as this Monday night. Cancelled


operations as our hospitals buckle under the winter pressures. We are


up to 99% for which doesn't leave a lot of room for patients to come in.


Tonight the call for all Humberside Police officers to be given Taser


is, but campaigners say it is not right. I believe all front-line


officers should have access to a Taser. This represents a fundamental


change in the way that we are policed. And be unusable wintry


spell of weather Jamie later with the updated forecast. -- join me


later with the updated forecast. Dozens of operations have been


postponed and hundreds of appointments cancelled


after hospital bosses in Hull admitted they are


running out of beds. Fewer than five emergency beds


are unfilled in the whole of East Yorkshire where there's been


a big rise in the number of very ill people are being


admitted to hospital. It's a similar story in Lincolnshire


where the ambulance service says When a new 24 bed ward was lifted


into place at Hull Royal Infirmary it was promised extra beds


would help to ease winter pressures. But, nearly two years since it


opened, ambulances queue outside a hospital which continues


to struggle to find This year we have had to cancel some


operations and that's regretable. The doctors, nurses and other staff


in the hospital have been working really,


really hard to try and keep things going, but we have to look


after our acutely unwell patients There are 416 emergency beds at Hull


Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill. Almost all of them are


being used right now. There are another 382 beds used


by patients recovering from surgery, but 90% of these


are full and that's why hospital bosses have had to postpone routine


operations to free up beds and consultants for patients that


need emergency care. And there's pressure too


on services in Lincolnshire. The East Midlands Ambulance Service


says it's been its busiest ever New Year and Union leaders say


hospital staff are struggling. We did ask our members today what do


they think would help the situation and do we need more nurses,


and the response we got was we need more of everything,


we need more of everything But this afternoon the Health


Secretary told the House of Commons work is already underway to dissuade


people from using A unnecessarily. NHS England and NHS Improvement


will continue to explore ways to ensure that at least some


of the patients who do not need to be in our A can be given good


alternative options. And for the second time,


one Lincolnshire MP has called for a radical change to the way


the NHS is funded. I just wonder whether we don't need


to start an honest discussion with the people about how


we are going to devote more resources to health in this country,


perhaps through social insurance models or even, God forbid,


and I know people would agree with this, charging people who don't


turn up for appointments. The Government says "distressed"


health trusts will be able to take In busy hospitals like Hull such


action has already been taken. Jill is outside the Hull


Royal Infirmary tonight. What are health bosses


telling people tonight? The trust which runs this hospital


says it had to cancel around 60 operations last week in order to


give its staff some breathing room so that they could cope with an


influx of acutely unwell patients, and that decision, the trust said,


was regrettable but it's only made in scenarios where it's deemed safe


to postpone an operation. The message from the health trust here


and echoed nationally by NHS England is that people who do become unwell


should think very carefully about where they access health care and


that people who come to hospitals like the one behind me and I'll


should only be here if their condition is serious or


life-threatening. The Humberside Police Federation


is calling for all front line It's being claimed the use


of Tasers, which use an electric shock to instantly immobilise


an offender, is less The union which represents


officers also claims they help keep their members


and the public safe. A whole range of incidents,


so from violent domestic incidents in the home to people out


on the streets carrying weapons. We go out to protect


the public every day, 24/7, so I am calling for the introduction


of Tasers to all front-line officers to adequately protect themselves


and members of the public from dealing with these


sort of incidents. That what was the chairman of the


Humberside Police Federation. Iain Gould is a solicitor


who specialises in claims Tonight I asked him


whether he agreed with the Humberside Police Federation


that all officers should No, I think this represents


a fundamental change in the way I don't think it's necessary


and I think what we should be looking at is more officers


on the beat rather than simply Why are you against something


that the police themselves, themselves they will keep the public


safe and keep the police safe. Well, I don't necessarily


agree with that. I think that in my experience


when an officer has a Taser gun it's I think that when an officer


confront a situation he should be using first and foremost his


best efforts to disarm If somebody is not doing anything


wrong to prompt it than a Taser Maybe not, but unfortunately my


experience there are too many times when a Taser has been deployed


in inappropriate circumstances, causing unnecessary pain


and discomfort to the individual concerned and I think in that


situation that is only going to damage the reputation


of the police and the confidence In many cases they are pulled


and they are there as a deterrent, not necessarily fired,


but as soon as they brought out You could argue that giving each


and every officer a gun I just don't think it's necessary


in this day and age. As I say, I think we live in a less


violent society and our police force Don't say about more police officers


because I except that you said that, Well, I don't have a problem


with certain officers being deployed with Taser guns but they should be


deployed to specially trained officers and in my experience


there are too many officers out there who lack the proper


temperament to carry such a weapon. That a criticism of


the police, isn't it? It is a criticism of the police


and it is a criticism of the training of those officers


because unfortunately in my experience there are too many


officers who seem to feel the use of the Taser is no different


from laying your hands on an individual when in reality


they are a dangerous weapon and that's recognised by the police


and the IPCC themselves. Hull is the most popular


tourist attraction in 340,000 people have visited Hull


in the first week of it becoming City of Culture to see things


like the giant wind turbine And the city and it's


attractions are being talked The Norwegian people,


when I mention Hull, they say very positive


things about it. They know the colour of the T-shirts


for the football team and they know about it being famous


for its fishing as well, so in Norway people have been


very positive about Hull One of Hull's biggest


tourist attractions The Deep is looking for someone


to look after the day-to-day Whoever takes over will


get a ?100,000 salary. Hull City will play Fulham


in the next round of the FA Cup. While Lincoln City could also


face a Championship side The Imps got Brighton


at Sincil Bank in tonight's draw. They still have to beat Ipswich


though to get there after the two Obviously, Brighton,


top of the championship. obviously we've got to get past


a very good Ipswich team so we're not getting too carried away


here but we enjoyed the draw. I think we'll be looking


forward to playing Brighton if we can beat Ipswich,


I think we'll fancy We were hoping for


Manchester United or It's all right, could be


better, we could have got an Arsenal or Man U way, that


would've been nice, but, you know, we're just enjoy the


ride at the minute. Let us get the forecast for Tuesday


with the details from Paul. Good evening. A cold snap on the way


the second half of the week. It will be windy with snow showers towards


Thursday and Friday for some of us. This is what is happening. A broad


westerly at the moment with the airflow coming down from the north


or the north-west. It brings a scattering of sleet and snow showers


are quite a few areas. It is mostly fine and we will have the odd shower


coming in from the West. We will have the lowest temperatures tonight


or three or 4 degrees. Tomorrow it is a fairly dry and bright morning


with sunshine around and I suspect cloud may increase later in the day.


It could be thick enough to produce some spots of rain but for most of


us it is fine and we will have the top temperatures of eight. The main


feature of the weather is the very strong west or south west wind.


Wednesday doesn't look too bad but it is much colder on Thursday and


Friday with a cold wind and sunshine and scattered sleet and snow


showers. When you wake in the morning don't forget the BBC local


radio stations are on the air. Don't forget Park Street Bridge in


Hull is closed to traffic for the next three months which could cause


you some problems in the morning. Radio Humberside will have all


precipitation we get will be of a wintry nation and Thursday is one we


have to watch out for. The wintry nation and Thursday is one we


have to watch out for. The weekend outlook, it stays chilly with a


northerly wind and possibly frosty nights. The national weather


forecast now. Wet and windy weather across the


western side of Scotland. Blood-pressure is in charge of the


weather, lots of isobars and it remains windy overnight across


northern and western parts of Scotland. It will blow a gale here.


That is the north-west quadrant of the UK, that is where we expect most


of the overnight rain. Within north-westerly breeze it is chilly


and by the end of the night it is three or 4 degrees in major towns


and cities, rural spots lower than that, and a risk of icy patches in


some places. Across the eastern side of Scotland not much rain, more on


the west, still breezy but not as windy as it is now. Northern Ireland


will be fairly cloudy with some rain in the morning, not much in northern


England but some in the Pennines, but for the it will be