10/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Welcome to the late Look North, the headlines tonight.


The government is warned it must properly fund care homes as ANOTHER


A complete change of environment is going to have a


I'm not even certain if she would survive that.


This man was brutally attacked on a night out -


now drinkers in Hull are told they can't be trusted


I had a white T-shirt on at the time, it was absolutely


covered, and I just you know, I just couldn't believe it.


There is a risk of deals in some places. I will be back with the


weather run the programme. -- gales. Care homes will continue to shut


down unless they are properly That is the warning tonight


as ANOTHER of our homes says Families of people at


Molescroft Court near Beverley have It's the fifth home in our area


to announce it's closing The owners blame underfunding


and higher wages. Care homes are supposed


to look after people - but they're struggling


to look after themselves. Today the announcement ANOTHER one


in our area will close. Twice a week Chris Walsh makes


the short drive to Molescroft Court to see her Mum who has advanced


alzeihmers - by March 85-year-old Mabs will have to be


looked after elsewhere - news her family says


is distressing... If it gets close to the date when


they want to close she will end up in and care and there are some


pretty bad ones out there. I don't think she has much longer to live.


Any tension has got left I want to be comfortable. I'm -- any time she


has got left. 23 other residents


will also be affected - Roseberry Care Centres which owns


the care home in Beverley says the buildings aren't fit for purpose


and the business is losing money. Research carried out by the BBC last


year found that more than a quarter of care homes in the UK


are in danger of going out of business within three years -


it found 5000 homes could close because they carry too much debt


and don't make enough profit to cover loan repayments -


on average care homes make just over 'S thought some residents and staff


may be transferred to a new care home currently being


built in Beverley - may be transferred


to a new care home currently being built in Beverley -


but Chris argues this I can't check it out because it is


not in existence yet. The story of Mabs having


to leave the place she lives is not an usual one -


and it's a situation other families are likely to face as care homes


struggle to provide care whilst Mike Padgham runs a care


home in Scarborough. Earlier I asked him why so many care


homes are closing or in trouble. It's the amount of money that people


can afford to pay for care and that is based on the money available to


local authorities. Today two thirds of the cost of a care home goes on


staff wages so you can see things are being and staff working in care


homes need to be paid more than the minimum national wage some people in


care have higher needs so that adds extra pressure. Has the living wage


shaken the foundations of care homes? I think it has. We have been


saying that it is a challenge for us. That is not to say staff don't


deserve the living wage but basically local authorities and what


they can afford have not kept up with fit and successive governments


have failed to address social care properly. Something needs to happen


because it adds excess strain on the NHS. You could say that care homes


in the past that had cheap labour and gotten away with it. It is no


doubt that a lot of providers could doubt that a lot of providers could


have paid more. The vast majority want to pay a rewarding salary to


the workers because as time has gone on people in care homes now are much


higher dependent than they used to be so the issue is to help the NHS


and help people in social care. Care and help people in social care. Care


homes need to pay more to do that. But they have not been rewarding


them, they have been playing Lord wages. -- they have been paying low


wages. I think care homes are willing to pay more but are


struggling to make ends meet out because there is no doubt care homes


are closing because they cannot provide the services that the state


requires. What would you say to the social care Minister? I would like


him to come and see what it is like trying to provide care in the front


line and see the real issues facing us. We want to pay staff more and


provide a good service and raise standards but need some help.


The family of a man knocked down and left to die on the side


of a Lincolnshire road have appealed for the driver responsible to come


Chase Tate was walking on the A1104 near Alford early


on Saturday morning when he was hit by a vehicle that didn't stop.


This morning police were checking verges in the area looking for clues


that would help them identify the vehicle involved.


We're doing a lot of work with CCTV looking to narrow the vehicles


between vehicles that tour this they passed along the road and the final


vehicle that reported him lying in the road to us.


50 men and women who guard the doors at city centre pubs


and clubs in Hull are calling for late night venues to ban


They claim there has been an increase in


But the pub trade has said making people drink


There are graphic pictures of injuries from the start of this


15 stitches, bruises on his face, nerve damage and a permanent scar.


That's what Iain Spivey was left after he was glassed on a night out


I had a white T-shirt on at the time, it was absolutely


covered, and I just you know, I just couldn't believe it.


I didn't really know what had happened.


He's a model, and his injury's made it difficult


Some people think it's only a little scar, but you hear stories of people


getting hit in the head, and sometimes it proves fatal.


On a Friday night people come here to have a drink that these drinks


often come in glass bottles. That is why one group was to see them


banned. A bottle is basically


a baton, which is a weapon. If we stop them from taking knives


and guns into a venue, why do we let them go to the bar


and pick up a bottle, drink out of it, and then it can be


used in exactly the same way. Police say it is rare that people


are hit with glasses, At this bar they say they don't have


problems with glassing. On a Friday night people come


here because it's hard to find plastic


versions of some glasses and it's It is a shame to punish


such a large number use these glasses properly because


of a small minority of people. Humberside Police agrees that glass


attacks are very rare in Hull - but over the past eight years it's


been handing out plastic cups There is a risk of


deals in some places. I think that the police need to do


more and venues need to do more and ultimately we might look at


sanctions but we're a long way from that.


Ultimately whether we'll see fewer glasses in the city centre,


depends on the behaviour of those holding them.


The coastguard helicopter for our area is flying again


after the whole search and rescue fleet was grounded earlier


The helicopter based at Humberside Airport carries out


Tests were needed on all Sikorsky S92 aircraft world wide.


Hull City have lost in the first leg of their EFL semi


The Tigers conceded twice in the second half to lose 2-0.


The second leg in Hull is in two weeks' time.


Lincoln City's cup replay with Ipswich town is to be broadcast


a replay against the Championship side with a 2-all draw last


The winners will face Championship leaders Brighton.


Tomorrow doesn't look too bad at all but tonight we have the risk of


deals. --Gales. Some patchy rain overnight and gales developing.


Quite mild night with temperatures of six or 7 degrees. Wendy started


tomorrow but essentially are dry start. -- a windy start. Numerically


tempter is not bad. It will feel chilly and really get cold up from


Thursday onwards. I will be back tomorrow night at usual at half past


six. Join me then if you can. weekend as well. For more on that


snow situation, over to Jay Wynne now.


Quite a lot going on over the next few days. The strong north-westerly


wind will drag some really cold Arctic air across our shores full


stop that will be with us for the next few days. And there will be


some wintry weather and