11/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening, welcome to the late Look North.


The headlines tonight: A review finds missed opportunities


to protect a four-year-old who died after being given


A councillor is told to step down over an offensive Facebook post.


Now others are told to get training to stop it happening again.


Well, it's been a very windy day with news of more


North East Lincolnshire Council has admitted that it missed


opportunities to protect a four-year-old girl who died


after being forced to take drugs by her mother.


Poppy Widdison collapsed at her home in Grimsby in June 2013.


Last month, her mother and ex-partner were found


guilty of child cruelty after feeding her sedatives


because they considered her to be an inconvenience


Now a review has found that not enough people knew about the state


Laura Foster has been following the case.


Three and a half years ago, Poppy was found at her home


What caused her death is still not known but tests showed Poppy had


ingested a cocktail of drugs for up to six months before her death,


including heroin, sedatives, methadone and ketamine.


Last month, Poppy's mother, Michala Pyke, and Pyke's ex-partner,


John Rytting, were found guilty of child cruelty after feeding


Poppy illicit drugs at Rytting's home in Grimsby.


Poppy's grandmother spoke outside court.


She was just beautiful, she really was.


You couldn't wish for a better little girl.


Today, the Serious Case Review into Poppy's death has been released.


These happen whenever a child has died and it's thought there's some


This report criticises services designed to protect


Poppy and help her mother with her drug use.


It uses phrases like "ineffective", "lacked clarity and focus",


saying there was a "disregard for the entrenched


Proper assessments weren't carried out, putting Poppy at "serious risk


"of harm" and that professionals were often "misled"


Rytting's drug abuse was known about but no-one knew Pyke


and Rytting were in a relationship and that Poppy lived


Despite the evidence, no-one knew what Poppy's life


was like or the harm and risk she was exposed to every day.


Dr Peter Sidebotham says Serious Case Reviews mean lessons


can be learned from what happened but there are no guarantees


something similar won't happen again.


Some children do get harmed by their parents,


and that will continue to be the case.


There's no way that we can accurately predict which children


might be subject to the most extreme forms of abuse or neglect


and therefore we have to constantly carry this difficult balance


between supporting families, not wanting to intervene too much,


and yet, at the same time, recognising where there are risks.


Tonight, the charity the NSPCC has called the review deeply worrying


and says that effective oversight and improved intervention may have


Meanwhile, Pyke and Rytting are both due to be sentenced next week.


Last month, the judge told them to expect


substantial prison sentences for their very serious crimes.


Poppy's family on her father's side are still combing


through this report, trying to understand what happened


and how so many people could have let down this little girl.


A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder over


the death of a man who was hit by a vehicle and left to die


The body of 23-year-old Chase Tate was found on the A1104 near Alford


Police called it a suspected hit-and-run.


The Environment Agency says it's closely monitoring the situation


on the east coast with fears high tides and strong winds


A flood warning was put in place for the north bank of the Humber


tonight but it was rescinded as the tide subsided.


Precautions are also being taken by the emergency


Jill Archbold is live on the banks of the Humber Estuary for us.


An earlier flood warning over the high tide at around 5


o'clock has been removed but there are still worries around


this area on the north bank of the Humber over


The Environment Agency is considering issuing


another flood warning, which means flooding


is possible around tomorrow's high tide at 5:47am.


They say the combination of a high tide and strong winds could cause


waves to overtop defences at Hessle Foreshore.


They'll decide on that overnight as forecasts get more predictable.


Precautions are also being taken along the Lincolnshire Coast,


where flood defences have been checked and tidal gates have been


closed ahead of another high tide on Friday morning.


Emergency services say they are monitoring the situation


but they're not expecting anything like the high tide of 2013,


when more than 1,000 homes on both sides of the Humber were flooded.


For the latest flooding information, visit the Environment Agency


website, which is on the screen now, or keep listening to your local


Plans to recover millions of barrels of oil in North Lincolnshire


have been rejected by the local authority.


Egdon Resources had wanted to create a single well in Wressle.


Today, there were cheers from the public as councillors


voted against the idea, saying they'd insufficient


It was quite a shock because I thought it would go


the other way and obviously I'm absolutely delighted


We just give our heartfelt thanks to the planning committee for making


a sane decision on behalf of local communities and the


The concerns that they expressed were clearly those about the impact


on the local infrastructure and particularly the impact


on the watercourses locally, particularly the one that


would impact on British Steel, which is a major employer for us


Councillors in Beverley have been told to have social media training


after one of them made offensive comments online about


At a meeting, the town council called for Dominic Peacock to step


He's already been thrown out of the Conservative Party


and cautioned by police but Councillor Peacock wants to stay


Matt Hodkinson is a social media expert.


I asked him if Twitter and Facebook are a trap


I don't think this is a new phenomenon.


Many, many high-profile individuals have found themselves falling foul


of the global reach now that potentially people can reach


I don't think it should come as any surprise to anybody


I mean, the mayor of Beverley says, after this incident,


he wants councillors to undertake training.


Do they need training or just to use plain common sense and decency?


It would be ideal to use common sense.


I think we all have a fuel gauge on common sense.


Some of us are half full or better off but some are running


Perhaps training is a good idea but actually I'd be wary of anybody


that is giving training on how to use social media because there


But might training have stopped this councillor making these remarks?


Knowing how to use these platforms is one thing,


knowing the etiquette and best practice, but actually can


we really change people's behaviours and beliefs?


It seems to me that, in this particular case anyway,


it came down to someone's personal held views as much as anything else,


and can we change that with social media policy or training?


Are there some types of people in public life who just shouldn't be


trusted to post on Twitter or Facebook full stop?


I think we are kind of bordering on censorship there in terms


of choosing who should and shouldn't be able to use these platforms.


Let's not forget that, in this case, yes, we've seen


a very negative outcome, a very negative instance


of the use of social media, but it has so many positive aspects


The potential to do good is there and who is anybody


to choose who should and shouldn't be part of that?


And just very briefly, finally, if you are in the public


eye or for anyone else, for that matter, the golden rule


The golden rule is never tweet drunk but, of course,


I think a better rule is possibly to count to ten,


read back what you've typed before you hit that tweet or send


button and really think about the possible ramifications


Mr Hodkinson, thank you very much indeed.


Well, it's going to be a windy night.


Bright and cold for most but that could just be a little bit of rain


or snow in the far south of our region later.


We'll have to watch this system here, which will just push rain


or snow into the far south of Lincolnshire.


Look at the number of isobars on the chart.


Storm force winds in coastal areas possible and there could be some


rain or snow to come as well so the Environment Agency


are watching the situation for Friday morning fairly closely.


The weather conditions, then, for the rest of the night


It's windy with temperatures at around 1 or 2 Celsius.


The forecast for tomorrow has a lot of bright and cold weather


until later in the day when this area of rain pushes into the far


south and potentially turns into sleet and snow


start to the weekend. Time for the national weather prospects if you


are on the move. Good evening, a lot going on with


the weather in the next few days, numerous weather warnings in for so


buried in mind if you have travel plans. Lots of isobars on the chart


overnight which means it will be windy for all. The strongest winds


in Scotland, lots of wintry showers with snow getting down to


increasingly low levels and some wintry showers in Northern Ireland


and northern England. A cold night for Northern England, particularly


in more rural spots, frosty and I see for some and some of the snow


really blowing around over higher ground in Scotland. Strong wind and


further snow to take us into tomorrow. It may well make for some


tricky travelling conditions. The forecast for tomorrow in the


southern half of the UK's quite tricky. We have got mild air bumping


into colder air. The boundary between the two, it will be an ugly


mix of rain, sleet and snow developing. Mild air comes in behind


the weather front but the rain ahead of that will be mixing with the cold


air. Details are a bit elusive even