16/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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Kier Starmer as well. Join me now on BBC Two. That's Newsnight with Evan.


The headlines tonight: A funding crisis in the health service.


Now a Lincolnshire MP says patients should be charged


We could look at paying to see your GP. We could look at paying for your


accommodation in hospitals. Fears people could be forced


to leave their homes because of damage caused


by Friday's tidal surge. I don't think we've


got long at all now. If we have another bad day,


we will have to go. A very quiet week


to come weather-wise. Join me for that updated


week-ahead forecast. The MP for Gainsborough,


Sir Edward Leigh, says some patients in our area are falling victim


to an NHS postcode lottery. He says the government should


consider charging patients His comments come as some health


managers across Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire admit they're


having to restrict access to some procedures to ensure the NHS gets


good value for money. Our health correspondent,


Vicky Johnson, has the story. It's called the National Health


Service but there are growing concerns that access can depend


on where you live. We do have a postcode lottery


and we should fight our corner in places like Hull and Lincolnshire


and say we deserve just as good Bradley Marshall, from Bridlington,


has benefited from this He's one of less than 1,000 patients


who've had their proton therapy treatment in the US funded


by the NHS. The funding is vital


for children everywhere. Without it, they are


left with nothing. Bradley's treatment for a spinal


tumour cost more than ?100,000. But now even run-of-the-mill


procedures have to be agreed Clinical Commissioning Groups,


or CCGs, control health budgets. In the East Riding some procedures


are already restricted, Patients are required to lose weight


and give up smoking before getting operations like hip


and knee replacements. Cosmetic surgery and sterilisation


reversal operations are not now routinely commissioned


and are instead considered It is a National Service


with local variation based Demographically populations


vary significantly. It is important we commission


and respond to the needs of that Ten thousand more patients


are admitted to hospital every day, compared to ten years ago,


and this is coming at Some believe it's time to talk again


about how we fund this. We could look at paying to go


and see your GP and then it We could look at paying


for your accommodation in hospitals and a suggestion we should talk


about how we are getting more There's little doubt that the NHS


is straining under the weight of our growing demands,


but the debate of how best to support this much cherished


institution goes on. Earlier, I spoke to the Hull


East MP, Karl Turner, and asked him if he agreed


with Sir Edward Leigh on charging. This is the same old Tory story -


the private good and public bad. They always undermine our NHS


and underfund it in order to justify its eventual


privatisation, which is what But this government put more money


into the NHS than Labour were planning to do,


had you won the election. The NHS would be harder


up than it is now. Simon Stevens disagrees with that,


the guy in charge of the NHS. I think this is probably


a deflection from the Tories because they don't want to talk


about what's really happening in the NHS, they don't


want to talk about the fact that British Red Cross are describing it


as a humanitarian crisis. A two-year-old child is suspended


between two plastic chairs for four hours because there is no bed


for that little boy. I just want to keep


on the point of charging. Do you agree with charging people


if they don't turn up for a GP I don't agree with charging


in the NHS for any reason, So I can make an appointment,


not turn up at my doctor Sir Edward Leigh might be able


to afford to pay for a GP appointment and the Secretary


of State for Health can I think he's flogged


a business in the last couple of days for ?15 million,


so billionaires can afford it, but people in my constituency


probably very often can't afford to pay for GP appointments on top


of what they've already paid in tax. "I would rather pay an extra


penny or two on my income But the reality is this -


people already pay for the NHS in their National Insurance


and taxes. What the government haven't done


is funded it quite enough. They are desperate to undermine


the NHS in order to eventually They will not get away


with it because the public won't allow them to do that,


but they'd love to do that. What about someone who's


having bariatric surgery or a hip replacement -


should they lose some weight first to help the NHS and help themselves


and help the after-care? The clinicians are the ones who have


to decide whether it's safe to operate on somebody who is obese


and whether it's safe to do so. Final question - your


message to Edward Leigh I think he can afford to pay


for private treatment in the NHS but people in my constituency can't


and they shouldn't have to anyway because they've already paid


for it in their taxes. Mr Turner, thank


you very much indeed. People living in a village


on the East Yorkshire coast say Bird flu has been concerned in


Lincolnshire. A protection zone has been put in around Farmborough.


Officials say there is a very low risk to humans.


People living in a village on the East Yorkshire coast say


they may have to leave their homes because last week's tidal surge has


Some residents in Skipsea say the storm's taken up to four feet


East Riding of Yorkshire Council say it has engineers


Our environment correspondent, Paul Murphy, reports.


Residents have spent this morning fixing fences and clearing debris.


Friday's tidal surge saw waves breaking over


the end of their gardens and showering their homes with rocks


I was stood at the window watching it and it came right up, right over,


broke that man's fence next door and a few more further on.


And you've told me that stones from the waves


There was little stones, they were hitting my window.


I thought my window was going to come through.


This was the scene on Friday as huge waves carved big chunks out


This is already the fastest eroding coastline in Europe.


Residents here talk about the nine-metre rule -


the distance between their homes and the cliff edge.


Once it is breached, it's their understanding


that the local authority will ask them to leave their homes.


It's pretty clear that Friday night's tidal surge has brought


Mandy believes this is probably her last winter living


She lost more than a metre of her garden in just two


If we have another bad day, we'll have to go.


Because we haven't even got nine metres at the moment now.


We're having to take the conservatory down so that we've


A resident here for 25 years, she says no one appears to be


concerned about defending this coast from the sea.


There is money available and I know there is,


I mean, if they can spend 400 million on the palace,


if she's going to let her land go, she's going to have no land to rule.


But we want our house protected with a sea defence.


Surveyors have spent the day assessing precisely how


But it's clear that some of those living here may need to think


carefully about whether it is safe to continue living life


Paul Murphy, BBC Look North, Skipsea.


Northern Gas networks says it's still looking into why thousands


of people were left without gas in Withernsea over the weekend.


The gas went off at around 6pm on Saturday and stayed off


A ?2 million entertainment venue in Skegness is being demolished just


Grand Central, which included a nightclub, bar and office space,


was built in 2011 but shut its doors last year.


It'll be replaced by a new complex which will include a tenpin bowling


A quiet week to come across all parts of East


Mostly dry, cloudy, very light winds.


This is the chart for Thursday but higher pressure will dominate


throughout the week and into next weekend.


Bit of drizzle in places at the moment with the exception


Clearer skies may well lead to a touch of ground frost elsewhere.


No problems with temperatures coming in at 3 or 4 Celsius.


For tomorrow, then, the best chance of any brightness again


It should stay largely dry, just a small chance of catching


We will see top temperatures around 6 Celsius.


Wednesday through to Friday, dry, quite cloudy, bit


perhaps a little milder. If you like the mild weather,


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