13/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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People have had to be rescued from their homes tonight as flooding


The worst affected area was Hornsea, where at least 30


Three people had to be saved from a car in the town as high tides


and strong winds meant the sea overcame defences.


Much of our coastline had been warned to expect flooding with high


And it was Hornsea that came off worst.


Pets being rescued in Hornsea tonight -


trapped upstairs as flood water poured into homes.


They were upstairs, but still, they were petrified. Frozen, she has been


under the water. The little one. Just need to get them out to safety.


On the seafront, a grandmother and two children had to be


rescued from this car, moments before it sank.


He had broken down seafront, did not think it was that deep and it was


perhaps for or five feet deep where she entered the water. We got the


children out first and then the Leigh Day, three minutes later the


car assault, completely underwater. The tidal surge sent seawater


into around 30 here - waves crashed over the sea wall


and flooded nearby Seafront businesses were pounded


by the sheer force of nature. Staff who were working at this


amusement arcade described how the water took just 20 minutes to go


from a trickle at the front door to a torrent. The flooding here has


cost thousands of pounds worth of damage. You could not stop it even


running in. The Greens could not cope with that. It was running down


the Meanwood well. Mud is up to two or three feet. The front has been


covered. There has been a lot of internal damage to the machines, I


would imagine. Tried Kick It Out but it has come in


and around the back. That is it. Very sickening but you cannot do


much about it. It come straight down the road. I feel sorry for the


people. Residents here feel that


despite the advance warnings, the flooding in Hornsea took


authorities, and It was awful. Started going into


people's houses, helping older people and general people really.


Was it a case of everyone pulling Was it a case of everyone pulling


together? Yes, just trying to keep everyone save and if we could, get


them out. The worry now is for the next high


tide in the morning - rescuers fear if the wind doesn't


change direction, the flooding could be even worse,


though for many, the damage has Phillip Norton, BBC


Look North, Hornsea. People living all along the East


coast had been told to prepare for flooding with dozens of flood


warnings issued by Pumps, extra defences


and sandbags were used to try Some homes were evacuated in Hessle


and the Army were knocking For many it was a day of watching


and waiting nervously for high tide to pass,


as Linsey Smith reports. All is calm on the Hessle Foreshore


near Hull tonight. But this was one of nearly 30 places


warned about flooding. Earlier this evening,


some families were evacuated. Water came close to their homes -


before finally receeding. Really relieved. I think many glass


of wine is in order. Just to calm my nerves because it is a horrible


feeling, because you just do not know what will happen.


watched, and waited - but were thankful the temporary


Along the coast, those keen to take photographs ignored


the Environment Agency warnings to stay away.


This thrill-seeker surfed the waves for 40 minutes earlier.


In these conditions, the reason why I like it is because I am out there,


there are no buildings or cars, just me at one with the sea, where I feel


the safest, that is where I also feel the happiest.


Hull's tidal barrier was key to protecting thousands of home.


The East coast surge is being monitored and assessed


from a dedicated command centre in Lincoln.


This is an incredibly serious situation, that is why we have the


army, air support, police all working together but it is about


telling people that that support is there to be proportionate and we


need to make sure people take these risks seriously, but if you look


around, people are not panicking, they understand the risks and that


is the correct response. Tonight, the environment agency say


they are checking flood The more dangerous points have


passed but the warning Linsey SMith, BBC Look


North, South Ferriby. The Environment Agency has said


tonight that it believes the worst has passed and it doesn't expect


the situation to be as bad But dozens of flood warnings


do remain in place all along the East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire coast. This is the latest map showing


the places in red that The next high tide is tomorrow


morning between 5:34am For the very latest weather


and flooding information, listen Let us move ahead to the weekend


forecast. Some snow is on the way. Here is Keeley Donovan.


After today's weather, you will be pleased to know that


we've had the highest of the tides, the storm surge has now moved away


and the strong winds are beginning to ease.


A warning for ice, however, on untreated roads and pavements


into tomorrow and that's because we've had a fair few


showers today, mainly affecting coastal areas,


and we are expecting a widespread frost overnight.


So, very cold and frosty conditions, temperatures quite a few


degrees below freezing, particularly for inland spots.


So, some slippery, frosty surfaces into tomorrow and we will still see


that northerly wind feeding in a few wintry showers to the coast,


still quite brisk along the coast, but not as strong as today.


Everywhere else, dry and fine, plenty of sunshine but bitterly


cold, temperatures only getting up to around three or four degrees.


So, a very cold day to come tomorrow, but through tomorrow


evening more cloud developing from the West and actually,


on Sunday, it will develop into a milder day with temperatures


But a lot of cloud through Sunday with outbreaks of rain and drizzle.


Do send us your photos and videos of the tidal surge that we have


experienced up and down the Yorkshire coast today.


That's all from Look North tonight, we'll be back tomorrow afternoon


at 5:30pm for a full round-up of the day's news.


5-6 is the best we will have. It stays cold into the beginning of


next week as well stop Good evening, a cold, icy


night, but some others have other concerns. This was the scene earlier


today, huge waves crashing on to the shoreline at Whitley Bay. We still


have the peak of the high tide to come in other parts. This is the


flood line number. It's if you have any concerns. The worst of the wind


slowly comes -- subsiding. Wintry showers across the North of Scotland


and some filtering well inland across the Midlands, giving a light


dusting in some places. An icy night, temperatures widely close to


or below freezing, particularly where you have snow cover. Tomorrow


starts cold. A large chunk of the UK will have a fine, crisp,


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