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Good evening. Welcome to the late Look North.


The council spending thousands to clean up after travellers,


but still can't provide a site for them to stay on.


I think there definitely ought to be site where they could go.


Because the police complained even if they had the manpower


to move them, there's nowhere to move them to.


I think the sooner they get a site the better.


The Council Estate in Hull that's become a piece of art


And the quiet conditions look set to continue.


Some fog in south Lincolnshire at the moment.


A council says it's having to spend thousands of pounds each year


clearing up after travellers, but admits it still can't find


Authorities have a legal duty to provide temporary stopping places


but despite looking at more than 1200 sites North East


Lincolnshire Council says it hasn't got anywhere suitable.


Some of the 300 tonnes of rubbish it's claimed was left by a group


Then they just dumped their rubbish mainly in that corner at the finish.


In 2015, farmer Brian Holden from Tetney near Grimsby,


was facing a ?10,000 bill to clean up this field after 30 caravans


I didn't sleep at night, I was always worried


about what was going to happen and how I was going


Part of the problem, Brian says, is there are currently no designated


sites for travellers in East Lindsey or North East Lincolnshire.


I think there definitely ought to be a site where they could go


because the police complained even if they had the manpower


to move them, there is nowhere to move them to.


The sooner they get a site, the better.


In the last four years, unauthorised traveller


sites have been set up 80 times in North East Lincolnshire.


The council says it cost it more than ?43,000 to clear them up.


The council is now looking to find designated temporary pitches,


but after looking at more than 1200 possible locations to build them,


At a meeting this afternoon North East Lancashire


council agreed that it may have defined smaller fields


rather than a large one to satisfy its legal requirement


of providing designated stopover sites for the travelling community.


If it does not fulfill that legal requirement,


The travelling community also says it has a moral obligation,


which at the moment it's not fulfilling.


All local councils need to address the fact that gypsies and travellers


There are laws in place saying we must be


included when provision for housing is made.


There's been a lot of hard work done on this over the last few years


and of course when we actually do identify a site that we want to take


forwards, it has to go through the planning


process and there will be a full public consultation.


The council will now resume its search for suitable sites,


and while the travelling community says it needs to


be better consulted, landowners like Brian say they need


Ben Chastney is from a Travellers organisation.


I asked for his response to the failure to set up a permanent


site for travellers in North East Lincolnshire.


I think we would put a question back to the council of how this


I think most of your viewers, listeners, settler community,


would really question when looking at so many sites,


how they could possibly have come back with an answer of zero.


That not one of them is possibly appropropriate.


And I think we could put a question back of how that


But can you see why the council are in a difficult position?


Because, like it or not, many people will be unhappy


Now, that might be unpalatable to say, but do


In some cases, but that's precisely why we need to have more sensible


approaches that is more open and honest with everyone involved


in the conversation and it doesn't seem the council have involved


either the settler community and certainly not the gypsy


and traveller community in this process.


So it's not suprising that the misinformation


But when you see the damage which is done to land,


like that in Tetney, can you see why some people don't


That for us is exactly the reason why we need to change policy.


The current process that goes on of cycle of eviction,


cycle of eviction, it isn't working for anyone.


Are you saying to me, given your own land,


you would look after it better than you will otherwise?


I'm not actually a member of the traveller community myself,


and I don't want to speak for everyone, but it's fair to say


virtually all members of the travelling community,


if it's their land or someone else's land, most want to look


It's those instances where it doesn't happen,


it's because there is no negotiation, no formal process.


Is the answer to my question, yes, I am right, that


you would look after your own land or they would look after their own


land designated for them better than they would of somewhere


Even if it's not always about ownership.


Even if there's a form of negotiation, say it's owned


by the council for example, if there is an incentive


and an agreement between for good behaviour in exchange for services,


then of course people are going to treat that with respect


and it's going to avoid some of the problems that both


the community and those living in houses, settled community,


You put your message across very strongly.


A man has appeared in court accused of murdering a fellow


patient at a mental health unit in Scunthorpe.


60-year-old Robert McNeil died at the Great Oaks


26-year-old Jamie Reed was remanded in custody until Friday when he'll


The trust that runs the site says it'll hold an inquiry


into what happened and cooperate fully with the police.


A man who was treated in hospital following an arson attack


The 67-year-old's home on Stanage Walk in the town


A postmortem Examination will now take place.


A 13-year-old has been released on police bail.


Two men have been told to spend 16 years each in prison for their role


in smuggling millions of pounds worth of drugs into the UK


Edward Tron from Gateshead and Mark Quilliam from Liverpool


Tron's wife Susan was also jailed for nine months


Been involved in a crime which has demanded trust from them


in their job and they've abused that trust, and they've exposed that


vulnerability at the border, which we've clamped down


on and that's been backed by the court today.


16 years for the two main people involved, I think,


is a serios custodial sentence and it should send


a message out to other people who are maybe like minded.


Yorkshire Bank Branches in Hull and Goole are to close.


They are among 39 branches which are shutting


The company says it's taken the decision to reflect the way


Thousands of turkeys have been destroyed at a farm in Lincolnshire


The case at the farm at Fulstow near Louth


A protection zone has been placed around the farm and investigations


are continuing to see what caused the outbreak.


A Council Estate in Hull has been turned into a piece of art as part


Flats on Great Thornton Street in the city have used filters to put


on a light show which can be seen for miles around.


Blocks of flats transformed into a riot of colour.


It's been done by putting coloured filters over the outside lights


and it's created an art installation that's all about communication.


This project is really to connect the people living on the blocks


with the rest of the city, but also between themselves.


Not only did residents get to choose their own colours,


but some have got to know each other in the process.


We've worked as tenants to choose our own colours


to actually meet tenants who are in the blocks,


At first I was quite surprised cos I didn't


think we'd be involved, it's just a block


But it was really nice, yeah, I was quite pleased.


There's a little bit of stigma about this area,


but I think it helps to clear it all up and say that it's a good


place to be in and it's a good place to live.


Katy Austin with that report and she is out close


What do people there make of being part of the City


Well, residents here are glad to be showing


Some people here say they didn't think the city of culture


would be aimed at them, but the whole idea of this


The project, which is called I Want To Communicate With You


was officially launched today, and its colours will remain up


It's one of dozens of community projects


And it looks set to be rolled out to other areas.


It is on Great Thornton Street all year.


High pressure in charge, predominantly quiet conditions.


There will be some mist and fog first thing in South Lincolnshire.


Elsewhere, apart from a bit of drizzle, should be


Hopefully over the weekend, high pressure in charge,


a subtle change of wind direction may well start


to introduce some breaks, especially as we head


If you're travelling across South Lincolnshire,


And, once again, the lowest temperatures with perhaps


a touch of ground frost, will be down over South Lincolnshire


Tomorrow, the fog in South Lincolnshire will lift


Looks as though, apart from a bit of drizzle first thing,


it's dry but quite cloudy, with top temperatures,


highest in East Yorkshire, around eight degrees Celsius.


That's all from us. We'll back tomorrow at 6.25.


next few days, no great changes over the next few days, more sunshine on


the way. Despite high-pressure sitting across


the country so only slow changes in the weather, we have had a


the country so only slow changes in the weather, we have had a variety


of different weathers, for example this beautiful sunset in Southampton


which was shared by a Weather Watcher, but grey and misty in Derby


thanks to an awful lot of cloud around and very little deviation by


day or night from the rather grey routine.


That is because we have


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