19/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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me now on BBC Two. That's Newsnight with Emily in


Washington. A rise in crime across


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, with violent crime in the Humberside


area up by a quarter. People are trying to


help us where they can, but you feel that they are limited


with what they can do Farmers say they want the Government


to let them know how they're going to make up


for lost EU subsidies. We need to make sure from the


Government that we know where we are common at we know where were going


and the we're going to invest in our businesses. And the weather is on a


continuum of the next few days, we might season sunshine. -- the


weather is going to continue over the next few days, we might see some


sunshine. There's been a sharp rise in crime


in the Humberside Police force area. which is the same as the national


increase, but there's also been The Police and Crime Commissioner


wants to put more police on the streets to deal


with the problem. The climb on top of him. You can see


whether footmarks. That fact they climb on top of here.


James is pretty much at the end of his tether.


Gangs of youths aged from 11 years old have made his


His CCTV system being the focus of their attention,


one boy can be seen trying to break the camera while his friend captures


Another night, two youths try their best


This petty crime is damaging his business.


We know another of regular customers and users for a long time


are telling us they are too afraid to come in now.


Businesses all along this parade have been targetted.


James certainly isn't surprised that crime figures are up.


Number will run a number of launderettes across the city.


Even last year, we have seen a spike in instances from


petty crime and vandalism to serious theft and damage.


So, you would say on the ground, yeah, we are feeling it.


The police are trying to help is where they can, but you feel that


they are limited with what they can do.


The Humberside force has seen the highest


rise in crime levels, figures have risen


in North Lincolnshire, Hull and the East Riding.


Only North East Lincolnsihre has seen a fall of 4%.


There's been a 2% rise in crime in the Lincolnshire force area.


The biggest increases in the Humberside force region


were in violent crime, a rise of 26%, this has been


blamed partly on the way the figures are collated.


Violent crime now includes offences committed over the internet.


There has been a significant drop in drugs offences both


in the Humberside force area and Lincolnshire.


I don't think anyone should be scared by numbers on a


Where people should feel rightly concerned is what their


experiencing in their day-to-day life.


One that for the time being they feel they are stuck with.


Caroline Bilton, BBC Look North, Hull.


Keith Hunter is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside.


I asked him why there's been a big increase in violent crime.


Violent crime is one of those where recording


Even in that area, there is an upwards trend and so I am


concerned about anything which affects the


people who live in this area and crime is.


People won't feel that who are watching.


Even you don't see this as a success, why?


Drug offences are generally found by police officers


when they are investigating drugs or other offences.


If the number of recorded drug offences goes down, it is


because the police's attention is on other things.


There is a growing fashion these days by some senior police officers


and Home Office people to be sniffy at the public wanting more boots


on the ground, saying it is old-fashioned.


The public tell me all of the time that they want to see


The thing is that people feel with a gut reaction that


crime is there on the streets at the moment.


What do you say to those people tonight?


I'm trying represent them to get Humberside Police focusing on the


issues that actually affect them in their


A couple who fed drugs to a four year old child


because she was inconveniencing their relationship have been


Poppy Widdison from Grimsby died in 2013.


Today, a judge told her mother Michaela Pyke and her ex partner


John Ritting that they weren't fit to be parents.


A court has heard that a Hornsea man accused of murdering a woman


who replaced him as a stable hand hoped that "he might get his job


60-year-old Fiona Southwell was stabbed 19 times


Today the stepmother of 22-year-old Daniel Edwards told the jury


that she told him not to "talk like that about a woman


Daniel Edwards denies murder and the case continues.


Farmers in Lincolnshire say they want the Government to make


clear how EU subsidies will be replaced once we leave


Ministers say that they will support agriculture, but there's concern


Some farmers say they may be forced to turn to charity


Last year, Richard planned to expand the pig sheds, on his small mixed


?10,000 in EU subsidy didn't arrive on time in December 2015,


We kept getting letters saying it will be paid in January or February.


We got a partial payment and then another partial payment


Unnecessary because we had not had our payment.


Only a hand-out from a charity stopped richer from getting


Tens of thousands of farmers experienced


year,just when the price they could get for


The RABI charity in Lincolnshire gave out more than ?91,941


to farmers last year, a big rise.


Last year was the pinnacle of a few bad years, I think.


Everything was just coming together to create a


time where people were really struggling.


The Prime Minister's Brexit speech on Tuesday did not shed any more


light on whether EU subsidies will continue after 2020.


The NFU in Lincolnshire says clarity is needed on this and other


Farming businessess plan a long way ahead.


Investing in machinery, very expensive machinery.


We need to make sure that with the Government we


know where we are, what is coming and we can invest in our businesses


and make sure the industry goes forward and we can go forward in a


Most subsidies in the latest round of payments have


Richard is still catching up on his bills from


Here's hoping that after Brexit, it will still be


Just how reliant are farmers on EU subsidies at the moment?


We're talking about the largest EU farming subsidy; basic payments.


More than 80,000 of our farms get it.


Its calculated depending on the size and type of farm.


There are conditions attached, with the idea of promoting


environmentally friendly agriculture.


Farmers don't want to have to rely on it, but many do,


especially in years like 2016 when prices were really low,


so they might be losing money producing some things.


Farming requires planning years ahead so the NFU hopes to hear more


on the government's thinking on the post-Brexit future


Some are also welcoming this as an opportunity to review how


It's been revealed that the blade sculpture which is sited


in Hull City Centre as part of City of Culture Celebrations doesn't have


Officials have confirmed the story which appeared


They will now apply for approval to the council to leave


A plane which flew missions from Lincolnshire in the cold war


and the Falklands War is to be put into storage.


The Vulcan has been housed at Robin Hood Airport,


but public tours of the plane will now stop as the lease has


The quiet weather looks set to continue over the next few days.


Next over the southern parts of Lincolnshire. Mist or and murk


overnight. It will be cooler. Right on the boundary of the really cool,


clear air. A touch of frost in southern parts of Lincolnshire. Mist


or fog elsewhere. Cloudy temperatures. Bid of cloudy


temperatures. The cloud will be nibbled away from the south. We


should season sunshine across Lincolnshire. Always that bit more


cloud. The club breaks in the north for some temperatures in the north


getting up to about 7 degrees. Quiet weather will continue into the week.


A bit drizzly on Saturday. That is it for us. Thank you for


watching. We'll be back tomorrow morning. Join me then if you can.


looks as though we can, a bit more cloud on Sunday. Now the national


picture. Good evening, it will gradually get


colder in the UK in the next few days, something we don't have to


worry about in Australia at this time of year. Of course it's the


Australian tennis open at the moment and there's a big storm moving


through Melbourne at the moment. Hopefully it will have cleared


through by the time of Andy Murray's match. We have high withers and


light winds and some interesting contrasts despite things being very


slow moving, with the sunshine to the south of the weather zone but


stuck underneath the weather zone, it's been another miserably grey


day. No doubt quite dreary with some patches of drizzle. This is how it


looked in Staffordshire, under the weather front. In the sunshine,


despite the


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