23/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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Welcome to the late Look North, the headlines tonight:


The teenager killed by a dangerous driver...


Tonight there are calls for tougher jail sentences.


And the Government promises ?160 million to boost jobs,


build homes and support businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber.


Let's be absolutely clear, the money we are getting for Yorkshire and the


Humber is significantly more than in London will get out of this pot of


cash. A warning in place for a fog getting dents in places. Join me for


the updated forecast. -- quite dense in places.


There are calls for tougher sentences for motorists convicted


of dangerous driving after a the death of a teenager


Jessica Danby was as riding her moped, when she was hit by a car


The driver, who was trying to overtake a lorry in thick fog


at the time, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and sentenced


But Jessica's mother says that's not enough.


Our correspondent, Vicky Johnson has more.


She was a very bubbly, very bubbly character.


Jess Danby's mum and step-dad try to remember the good


There's a big hole missing, and it's never going to get replaced.


Remember when I was in reception we had show and tell?


Jess was an aspiring actress and had just completed her first show reel.


It might have taken her a little while, but she'd have done it.


I know for a fact she would have done it.


If she wanted to do anything in life, she did it.


It was a foggy morning much like today when Jess


was making her way to her job in Boston along the A52.


She was wearing a high vis jacket and had her moped lights were on.


But then Philip Paddington Wheatcroft crashed head


on into her in dense fog, after overtaking


He'd admitted causing death by dangerous driving


At the end of the day he's killed somebody,


it's as bad as manslaughter in my eyes.


He's gone out and he made that decision to overtake,


when he knew he couldn't see, and it's dangerous, and he should be


At present in the UK, death by dangerous driving has


The Government is currently looking to increase this to life.


In 2015, the average length of sentence given


A judge has had to take into account the background of the driver,


has he got a previous record, what he does for a living,


And then he has to look at the victim statement,


what are the consequences of the death on the


And he has to put all of that into a balance.


The family say everyone must take more responsibility


I know people go to jail regularly and they still commit the same


offences, and it's just a lack of concentration, for a single


It's 15 months since Jess was killed.


Her family say a two year jail sentence is simply not enough


Vicky Johnson, BBC Look North, Donnington.


?160 million of funding is going to be given


to the Yorkshire and Humber region to create jobs, build homes


The Government says the money, which was announced today,


will go some way towards easing the gap between the north


and south and help boost the economy in the north.


The Humber region is getting nearly ?28 million in total.


In Hull - ?3.5 million is being spent


in total on flood defences and redeveloping the city centre.


Improving the defences means that there'll be more sites where more


houses can be built and private companies will want to build things


Andrew Percy has said there are also plans to 'unlock' Grimsby town


centre - to encourage more economic growth in that area.


Let's be absolutely clear, the money we are getting for Yorkshire and


Humber is less than London will get out of the pot. We are doing well


but there's always more to be done to close that North - South divide.


Meanwhle, the East Riding of Yorkshire is sharing ?24


million with York and North Yorkshire.


In Goole, ?2.4 million is going to be spent


creating a new terminal, where the railway, sea, road


and waterway networks can all meet, with the idea of making the town


While ?3.5 million has been set aside for developing


But what about other places on the south bank


Well, Andrew Percy says there'll be an announcement about that


Lord Haskins is the Chair of the Humber Local Enterprise


partnership which will be responsible for the money.


I asked him if this was a win win situation for our area.


I think we've done really well compared with the rest


of the country, the Humber, that's a good thing.


We got much more than we expected to get.


And yet a lot of people say Manchester and the Northwest,


there's this East- West divide?


I don't think it's a completely West-East divide, I think you might


say that leads didn't do as well as Manchester,


but I think the Humber did every bit as well.


You said today 15 years from now Hull will be a thriving city.


I've lived here for 50 years, and I think there's been more


progress in the last five or six years than in the previous 40.


I think that Hull's building, the economy is building,


there's good investment coming in, a lot of self-confidence


in the town, the City of Culture is helping.


Goole is doing well, the East Riding always does well.


Yes, you think Goole need a renaissance?


Goole, what we'd like there is more better paid jobs.


A lot of jobs there, but not enough of the well-paid jobs.


Indeed, that is true in Hull as well.


Yes, you say that Hull will be the most attractive city


If you're watching tonight and you've not got a job,


It isn't, but unemployment is low in Hull, unemployment is as low


as it's been for years at the moment.


The quality of the jobs may not be what we want.


There are a lot of part-time workers, we would like to see more


Our job is to improve the quality of the jobs come and to do that,


we have to improve the quality of the skills of the people here.


Just finally, what can we do in Grimsby to sort things out there?


Just keep doing what we've been trying to do.


There are signs, in Grimsby, The government are going to invest


in the next few years, and I hope that we could


Offshore wind is helping Grimsby as well.


It always seems good news, Lord Haskins, thank


Lord Haskins the Chair of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership


Lincolnshire County Council say they could save ?150 million


over five years, if they were to become


They intend to put the option to a public referendum


The County Council leader says it would be more


We have confusions over the roads, the County Council


maintains the roads, the District Council sweeps it.


So there's all this confusion, and frankly the public


We work as best we can together, County and District


You say what would we save, you would save, you wouldn't


need a chief executive, you wouldn't need eight management


teams, you wouldn't need eight of all sorts of things.


A leading surgeon says Hull City's medical team probably saved the life


of midfielder Ryan Mason. The player fractured his skull


during yesterday's game at Chelsea Although he is now conscious


and speaking it's thought a full recovery from the injury


could take many weeks. I think what we are seeing


is the result of changes in the process of recognising when


an injury or potential If it had been ignored,


if he'd been allowed to sort of stagger up and carry on,


possibly a worse outcome One of the biggest free music


festivals in Europe is to be 50,000 fans are expected


at Burton Constable near Hull for the Radio One


Big Weekend in May. It's coming to the area as part


of City of Culture celebrations. Acts such as Kings of Leon


and little Mix have I think it's going to be really,


really influential, because obviously a lot of big artists are


coming and people who see them in the media would like to be a part of


that. It will bring a lot of trade to the village. The city of culture


is brilliant, it's brought business in, people have come to see what


Yorkshire is all about. Predominantly dry as high pressure


dominates. A warning in place the mist and fog, some could be quite


dense. High-pressure hanging on but we will drag some cold air in from


the near continent on Thursday. Temperatures might not be higher


than two Celsius. A mixed bag tonight. When the cloud breaks there


will be mist and fog. Watch out for ice and frost. Temperatures down to


minus two degrees. As for tomorrow, a grey star in many places. That fog


slowly lifting and breaking. It could take quite a while, though.


Elsewhere it is bright with some sunny spells developing. Top


temperatures for - five Celsius. Widespread fog again on Tuesday


night and Wednesday morning. That is the forecast.


For the weekend we will have dry weather with sunny spells and it


will be a little bit weather with sunny spells and it


will be a little bit milder. Good evening. We are continuing to


see huge righty in the weather. Getting the detail right is proving


to be a challenge. This was in Pembrokeshire and other parts of the


UK were gloomy throughout the day. The fog is thickening up right now.


Particularly pool on the M5 in south-west England. Very foggy


across parts of the West Country. This fog is tending to spread its


way further


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