24/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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Claims a one large for Lincoilnshire could save the area millions...


But there's criticism from District Council leaders.


Is this a logo seems me. -- it is the County Council acting like a


rogue council it seems to me. More banks are to be


closed in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as people do more


of their banking online. And it's boom time for local toy


companies, but there's still concern Falkirk could be a problem for some


of us tonight. Join me later to find out where. -- folder. -- folder. --


fog. There's anger tonight to a move


which could scrap the seven district councils AND the County Council


in Lincolnshire and merge them The leader of Lincolnshire County


Council wants to hold a referendum on the proposal -


which he claims would save 150 More from our Political


Editor Tim Iredale. There are currently seven district


councils covering Lincolnshire plus the county council,


so is it time to merge The leader of Lincolnshire


County Council wants I think the reason we are doing


it is because we keep having these conversations all the time


about the difficult financial situation all councils


are in and having to find ways of saving money, which means


difficult decisions. This is a way you can save a good


amount of money without affecting At present the district councils


provide localised services such as bin collections,


housing and planning. The county council is responsible


for big budget services such The idea of abolishing district


councils in Lincolnshire is likely You know, it is the county council


acting like a rogue council, it seems to me because it is not


the way we have been We have done it on a


collaborative basis. This is a unilateral move


by the county council. I think it's the start


of their campaign for what they have sought for a long time,


which is a county unitary Lincolnshire County Council


is highlighting other areas which have abolished their district


councils in favour of It's estimated that Cornwall


saved ?16 million a year. Durham made ?21 million


of annual savings. And it's estimated that


Lincolnshire would save around North Hykeham is part


of the North Kesteven district so how do people here feel


about having all their services delivered by one so-called


super council for the I think you would have less say


in what goes on locally You know, I think the smaller


councils are more geared up to the smaller districts,


sort of thing. If we want the council


tax down, yes. If the proposal is approved


by the county council next month, then a referendum would take place


in May on the same day However, the result wouldn't be


binding and any final decision on scrapping Lincolnshire's district


councils would rest Tim Iredale, BBC


Look North, Lincoln. A man from Hull, whose wife


was killed in a terror attack in Tunisia, has described the moment


he tried to save her by pulling her Jim Windass' wife Claire


was shot when a gunman Jim Windass' wife Claire was shot


when a gunman attacked He told an inquest today


that the travel company they booked with had not made them aware of any


security risks or travel advice A man has been jailed for life


for murdering a woman in Skegness. Casey Scott stabbed and strangled


Lenuta Haidemac last summer The judge ordered that he serve


at least 19 years in prison. More banks are to close


in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. HSBC says it's closing 10%


of its banks across the country this year including branches


in Horncastle, Brigg and Hedon, as more people


turn to online banking. Today's closures are part of our


national trend. In the last four years HBC has close 25% of its


banks. In Horncastle, Thorne,


Headon, and Brigg. Last week Yorkshire


bank announced it would close 39 branches


across the UK including As a good place to be. My husband


goes at least twice a week. It is not just personal banking and many


businesses will rely on banks being available so they can sort out their


tails. They still need a bank to walk into if they need anything. But


HSBC says few people are using branches and a statement says that


more than 90% of interactions with our customers are through digital


channels. An increase of 80% -- from 80% last year. We will have fewer


but better branches with more empowered frankly the Nightline


colleagues using a greater range of technology to support our customers


need. The post office and I sedate you no longer have two visitor bank


to do transactions which can do that through them as well. Whether it be


in a supermarket or configure Storer stand-alone post office every single


one of those will have cash services available to make sure everybody in


the country can take money out our make a positive check the balance.


We can't be certain when these branches will close but it is likely


to be before the end of the year. Campaigners say this is more about


to sweep Richard money but about the to sweep Richard money but about the


future of the high Street. -- campaigners say this is more than


we'd choose to put your money. Manufacturers and distributors


of children's toys in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say they've seen


huge surge in demand Figures released today show


the industry grew over the last year, with sales reaching


a record ?3.5 billion. This week hundreds of companies,


including many from our area will be showing off their latest products


at the Toy Fair in London as our Business Correspondent


Leanne Brown reports. It's a chance for toy makers to show


off their latest designs. The fair in London is the UK's only


dedicated trade show and Lincolnshire firm,


Plum Products, will be showcasing We have got some examples here


of a new range that we are looking An example here is


a mud pie kitchen. It starts life quite open and some


of the scribbles and sketches you can see around us here,


we literally could go through 50/60 sketches and end up


with perhaps two out of those. The company was responsible


for the trampoline in the John Lewis Christmas advert,


which they say had It changed the landscape


significantly. I think it very much put trampolines


on kids' Christmas present lists. We saw a halo effect across all our


resellers and sold many, many more times the volume


than we would ever Figures released today show


that toy sales in the UK increased by 6.3% last year -


making the market value rise But despite growth in the industry


61% of toy makers are concerned about Brexit and today


the Supreme Court ruled that can't This company in Brigg markets


and sells wooden toys from Germany. They say they might have to modify


and change in the future. Wooden toys have become very popular


now, especially because people For us, the biggest


problem with Brexit Will there be a free trade


agreement straight away, All those things affect


business dramatically. The industry faces a difficult


year ahead but companies are confident their innovation can


keep children interested. A petition to knight


the last surviving member of the Dambusters has reached more


than 200,000 signatures. Veteran Jonny Johnson was a bomb


aimer in the World War Two raid. He was not named in the new


year's honours list. It prompted TV presenter


Carol Vorderman to start an online petition, calling for him to be


knighted for his charity work. That will be handed in the next


couple of days. Lincoln City have lost the chance


to go seven points clear at the top It's only their second league defeat


since the start of October. Let's get a look at the weather -


here's Keeley with the forecast. Falkirk could be a problem tonight


and we start with a warning for southern parts of Lincolnshire. --


faggot. -- Fog. Temperatures will remain around freezing. It will be a


real grey day for parts of language and we will get part of darkness for


a time. It will always be coolest before the south-east you are. It is


Thursday are very chilly day ended with cold air blowing up from the


coast and temperatures struggling on Thursday and rising through the


weekend. The latest on the fog in the morning and traffic reports on


BBC Radio Humberside and the language on the ear when you wake.


-- on here. For all of us, it'll get colder and


then milder again come the weekend. This shot taken earlier by a weather


watcher in East Anglia. The fog becoming extensive over the next few


hours in many south-eastern parts of


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