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Good evening. Welcome to the Late Look North.


Returning to full pay - the steel workers who took a wage


We have had massive sacrifices and I don't just mean in the paper did


someone was to ask me, what's it worth it? Yes, it was it.


And the MPs from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who say


they WON'T try to stop Britain leaving the EU.


The coldest day of the winter season so far. Join me for the updated


forecast. It's a gamble that has


paid off for hundreds Last year, they agreed to take a pay


cut to try to secure the long term Today, the site's new owners,


British Steel, said the company is now not only in profit -


but said that wages will be restored and more


jobs will be created. Our Business Correspondent


Leanne Brown reports. It was a misty, murky start,


but there was nothing gloomy about today for workers


at British Steel. It was a gamble for the unions


to agree a pay cut but it paid off. So, the sacrifice from the workforce


has been massive. Has it been worth it? Certainly it's been worth it.


There's pride in wearing the British still no go, there's pride in


working for British Steel. Everybody made sacrifices but everybody is


upbeat about the success now of British Steel in the whole


community. It's their cost saving measures


and contracts like this one - providing steel for accommodation


at Hinckley Point power station in Somerset that's helping


to turn things around. They're also making rail track


for projects in Algeria and Italy. commercial organisation. We have


been splitting it so we have the rail business, the work business,


the deconstruction dash-mac the construction business. The more


bridges, buildings you build, we should be there.


There's been concern about the future


of the Scunthorpe steel works for some time.


In October 2015, owners TATA announced 900 job losses.


In April 2016, UK-based investment firm Greybull Capital began


negotiations to take over the company with a promise to invest


Then in June they officially took over, naming


And today came announcements of positive financial results,


with plans to reverse pay cuts and create more jobs.


With trainee and admin roles available, the company


They do have some admin jobs going, so, yes, they've got customer


service representatives, so coming from a customer service background,


that could be quite good for me. I'm studying full-time in mechanical


engineering, so I'm looking for a practical way of putting that in and


developing skills. Hopefully I can get an apprenticeship next year.


The company still has a long way to go but it's a promising start


Paul McBean is from the Community Union -


and was instrumental in persuading steelworkers to accept the pay cut


Since June the 1st, nearly every day is a good day and today is


specially, because obviously we are back in profit compared to where we


have been. It's good news. Can you remember the day in October 2015


when things looked so grim standing outside Tata Steel. Less than 18


months later, can you believe we are where we are? There was a lot of


sacrifice put in by the workforce, a lot of negotiation to get where we


are, but yes, I'm thrilled. You were the one who asked them to take a pay


cut. What was the reaction? Obviously it had never been done


before and they weren't sure where we would end up, but I think they


are happy now. It must have been difficult. It was a very difficult


negotiation and difficult for me personally. It had never been done


before. It was a leap of faith in you. A big leap of faith. A tense


atmosphere at the time. Did they think it was worth going with? I


persuaded them that it was worth going with act so it was on me


really. Why are we where we are now? Why has it gone so right? It's


British still doing something right that Tata Steel wasn't? We can make


decisions at a local level, so if the market changes or something


cover those markets. We don't need cover those markets. We don't need


it to go up to the top end down again. We can make that decision


straightaway. As the Brexit still? Not at all. There good points and


bad points to it. We will deal with whatever comes our way. We have been


hearing about these jobs in foreign hearing about these jobs in foreign


parts. Will there be more of those coming now? As we are, we have taken


and 350 two 400 people into British Steel since June the 1st, set our


jobs are going up as well. When do you get a pay rise again? June the


1st. I wish you well. An ambulance on a 999 call has


crashed in Lincolnshire, The ambulance, which had it's blue


lights on at the time, crashed with two cars on the A607 near


Waddington earlier this afternoon. The police are appealing


for witnesses. We understand it was passing a


series of cars when one of these cars has turned right and there has


been a collision between the ambulance and the car. What I really


appeal for is any witnesses who saw that, any of the cars in the queue,


to come forward so we can see what they have to say about what


happened. Senior health officials say


they can give people in Lincolnshire much better care -


but only if big changes are made. A small group of protesters


were outside a meeting in Sleaford this morning where all proposals


were being looked at - including centralising maternity


services in Lincoln. I have actually been in and asked if


we could go in and the answer was a point-blank know. It is a closed


meeting and they are discussing the options for our health care which


concerns me, you know, that they are not actually allowing us to listen


in on what those options may or may not be.


Labour MPs from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire say


they won't try to stop Britain leaving the European Union,


even though they had all campaigned to stay in the EU in the run up


Today, the Prime Minister pledged to set-out the government's plans


More from our Political Editor Tim Iredale.


Will British workers will enjoy the same rights


That question has played a big part in the debate over Brexit.


The government says workers will be protected -


Talking down my friend the member for Grimsby's bill to protect


European workers' rights that have been attained in this country. That


is the real agenda of the Tory party.


That's a reference to a bill proposed by the Great Grimsby MP


Melanie Onn who wants ensure things like paid maternity leave


and protection for agency and part-time workers are guaranteed


Here's what voters in her constituency have


I've had maternity leave, we have flexible working hours. I can't see


that they're just going to go heavy-handed and wipe it all out.


It's definitely important to be It's definitely important to be


awarded, especially when you've got children as well. You need firm


flexibility. I voted for Brexit. I'd like to see a full, hard Brexit.


All five Labour MPs in our area say they will vote


to trigger Article 50 - that's the mechanism


that will formally lead to Britain leaving the EU.


But they want certain guarantees from the government.


I don't want to see people worse off.


And that my bottom line on this really. So I will be looking to hold


the government to account to make sure they get the very best deal


possible for the people who live in the whole north.


Conservatives say there's no question


of British workers being worse off after Brexit.


So far, it's been good. We are the fastest-growing economy in the G-7,


people have more money in their pocket with increasing wages and we


need to enact our departure from the European union. But we don't need is


the Labour Party playing politics with this like they do and so many


other topics. The highest court in the land -


the Supreme Court - has said parliament must


rubber stamp the result of last year's referendum,


but none of our MPs look set to vote Tim Iredale, BBC Look


North, Westminster. The Prince of Wales


and The Duchess of Cornwall Clarence House has confirmed Charles


and Camilla's tour will take place Let's take a look at the weather -


here's Paul with the forecast. Some very cold air on its way up


from the near continent. Tomorrow looks raw with grey overcast skies,


perhaps some wet snowflakes are possible, but all change over the


weekend. Milder Atlantic air gets in with a bit of rain to come through


on Saturday, Sunday looks a nice day, but Atlantic winds coming in


from the West. Overnight, frost, drizzle and snow in places. Lowest


temperatures around minus two. As for tomorrow, it's an overcast, raw


date with a significant wind-chill as the wind continues to be fresh


from the south-east. A bit of drizzle in places. Temperatures


around one Celsius. That is the forecast.


Look North is back at 6.25am tomorrow.


There will be more local news, sport and weather. We hope you can join us


in the morning. Thank you for watching.


take a look at the Outlook towards the weekend.


Good evening. If you think it was cold today, for many it will be


colder still tomorrow. Cold even when we have the sunshine today.


This was one of the wonderful weather watcher pictures we had sent


in from Cornwall. It contrasts with a cloudy and foggy eastern half of


the country, and a bank of cloud. Still foggy, but it is starting to


lift. It is being pushed north and west, this bank of cloud. That will


continue through the night. We will still have some fog sitting on the


hills. Even with the cloud, it will be a cold night, with temperatures


away from the far north and west falling to freezing. In the


countryside, well below freezing. And on the wind and it will feel


better, it already feels better. Giving us some freezing drizzle and


snow as well. Although the fog will not be as extensive as recent


nights, it will still be


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