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Good evening. Welcome to the Late Look North. The headlines tonight.


A third case of bird flu is identified in Lincolnshire


Ambulances in East Yorkshire will take longer to reach patients


unless they're in a life or death situation.


It will help in a little way, but it's not the answer,


There's anger as plans for a visitor centre for Spurn Point are passed,


And after a bitterly cold day, we are going to see


I'll be back later in the programme with all the details.


A third case of bird flu has been confirmed at a farm in Lincolnshire.


The Government says it's affecting a farm near Boston.


A three-kilometre protection zone has been put in around the farm


but officials say there is a very low risk to humans.


What more do we know about this latest outbreak in the county?


This is a third case of bird flu that has been confirmed in


Lincolnshire in the last six weeks. This evening DEFRA says the disease


has been found at a turkey rearing farm near Boston. It is estimated


the flock contains more than 19,000 birds. Some have already died the


rest will have to be cold. It is just ten days since an outbreak of


bird flu was confirmed at Low Farm near Louth. They're more than 6000


turkeys were infected. Another case was reported five miles from there


in December. I've spoken to DEFRA this evening and they say an


investigation is underway to determine the source of this latest


outbreak but Public Health England says the risk to people is very low.


We will continue to follow the story.


The Yorkshire Ambulance Service says paramedics will no longer have


to get to call-outs within eight minutes unless they're


The pilot scheme will see response times relaxed,


giving call handlers more time to assess patients over the phone


With 6,000 square miles to cover, the Yorkshire Ambulance Service


can struggle to get to patients in rural East Yorkshire within


the Government's target of eight minutes.


At times with devastating consequences.


We lost our father to a heart attack.


Me and my brother both had to try and save him,


while waiting over 40 minutes for an ambulance to attend.


Dad was struggling to breathe, clasping at his chest.


It's something I wouldn't want anybody to go through.


It's something I still look back on now and it's very distressing.


Photographer Iain Poole knows plenty about the anxious


He thinks allowing 999 operators more time to assess calls before


I think it's putting a lot of pressure on the call handlers


to ask even more questions again in a very high stress environment.


If they are still assessing you for that four-minute period


when usually an ambulance would already have been dispatched,


it's not a case of if we have another casualty or fatality,


Currently the most serious 999 calls are categorised as Red 1 or Red 2.


These require an ambulance to arrive within eight minutes.


Normally an ambulance is automatically despatched


60 seconds into a call but call handlers will now have up


to four minutes to assess the seriousness of the situation.


If someone is not breathing, choking or suffering a cardiac arrest,


the target will still be eight minutes, but no time frame has been


set for responding to people suffering from chest pains,


having a stroke, or suffering a major burn.


NHS managers say this change will prevent multiple ambulances


But the union that represents ambulance crew and call handlers


It will help in a little way, but it's not the answer,


Unless we can clear the beds in hospital,


when they do get to A, then they will just sit in A


Unless we can get community sorted they'll just sit in a hospital bed.


The whole chain needs to be looked at.


If deemed a success, this change to the way


Ambulance Services can respond to calls could be rolled


There'll be no investigation into potential police misconduct


in relation to the 1985 Bradford City fire disaster.


56 football fans died, including two Lincoln City supporters.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission says there is no


indication of potential misconduct by individual officers.


The councillor who was expelled from the Conservative Party


after posting an offensive tweet following the death of MP


Jo Cox says he has no intention of resigning.


Dominic Peacock has written to the chief executive


of East Riding Council saying he has received overwhelming


support from ward residents and he has described his


Last month a council committee said he should stand


Controversial plans for a visitor centre on land near to the Spurn


peninsula have been approved by East Riding Council.


It's the second time the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has


sought approval for its plans after its initial


There have been more than 700 objections from local residents


Our environment correspondent, Paul Murphy, reports.


There is actually level two and level three.


As opponents to the visitor centre emerged from the council's planning


meeting, it was clear the decision had not gone their way.


They believe this is the wrong building, in the wrong place,


and will cause great harm to a sensitive and unique habitat.


We love visitors, people are used to visitors


We don't think, sort of, they need any more facilities.


They will have to do a lot to encourage us


Nobody who is in their right mind wants it to happen.


We are all very sad that we are going to lose


For more than three years local residents and many people


from outside of this area have protested at the Trust's proposal.


There were more than 2,000 formal objections.


This is what the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust says their ?900,000 visitor


The Trust believes it will greatly enhance the experience of coming


to Spurn and that it is well-suited to a new generation of visitors


who want home comforts as well as wilderness.


We are delighted with the consent today made by the council.


We believe this gives Spurn a much brighter future.


We will ensure Spurn's many visitors have a safe,


an informative and enjoyable experience for many years to come.


It's claimed that more than 90% of the people living in Kilnsea


where the centre will be built object to it.


The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust now faces a big challenge to win


the hearts and minds of a community where there is a great deal


Despite winning on the night the Tigers couldn't


overcome a two-goal deficit against Manchester United this


evening to make it to Wembley but it was not to be.


How disappointed were fans tonight?


I think they were really happy. That's the first time Hull City have


beaten Manchester United since the 1974/75 season. Let me show you how


tonight's victory unfolded. First of all a penalty kick for Tom


Huddleston. He had a hand in what was the Manchester United equaliser


but then a quite brilliant piece of football. There was Niasse to


finish. That was some volley. That is why fans are optimistic about


what they saw. You know, it was a


silly goal they gave How impressed were


you by what you saw? Very, really. They deserved


that win. It was an improved


performance from them. It was a good game.


That's why they won. You will not believe it but these


two meet again in the Premier League next week. Before then it is the FA


Cup tie at Fulham. This team is certainly starting to play well for


its new manager, Marco Silva. Simon, its new manager, Marco Silva. Simon,


thank you very much indeed. Carol Vorderman has taken a petition


to Downing Street with almost 250,000 people demanding


a knighthood for the last Johnny Johnson, who was born


near Horncastle was part of the bombing crew that destroyed


some of the German dams He has been nominated for


a knighthood but wasn't recognised It's just an insult, really,


not only to him, but also to those with whom he fought,


and those who absolutely adore him. And, yet, for civil servants,


particularly the communications director for the former


Prime Minister to receive There's so much interest in that we


will continue to watch it. Now a look at the weather forecast


with Keeley Donovan. After a bitterly cold day today,


it won't eventually feel quite as cold tomorrow and perhaps some


brightness around as well. That is because clear spells


are spreading up from the south We still could get the odd


wintry flurry, the odd bit of frozen drizzle,


so with a frost overnight there could be a bit


of ice into tomorrow. A cold start, subzero temperatures


through the morning but temperatures A lot of dry weather,


some brightness around. We can't rule out the odd shower,


they could be wintry through the morning and even though


numerically it will be milder, not quite as cold as it has been today,


I still think it will feel really quite warm, particularly


through the morning. Temperatures on the rise


into the weekend. A wet start Saturday,


then an improvement. Look North is back


tomorrow at 6.25 as usual. roundabouts, higher temperatures but


some rain as well. Good evening. It's been dry so far


this January but as it draws to a close it looks like we will see some


rain at last. It's been an interesting today a bitterly cold in


Norfolk, way we kept the grey cloud all day and the grey cloud gave a


dusting of snow in places. This is a lovely picture sent in from Sutton


Coldfield. Rob Wales and much of Scotland it's been a beautiful day,


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