27/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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There are calls tonight for care homes to be run by the Government


after a dementia sufferer from East Yorkshire


was forced to move four times in the last year of his life.


Pat Maguire from Beverley says his father-in-law's condition


worsened significantly because of the moves.


A number of privately run residential homes in the area have


closed in the last year and now Mr Maguire says adult social care


More from our political reporter, Sarah Sanderson.


Pat Maguire has spoken out after he and his family chose


to find residential care in Beverley in East Yorkshire for his


But because of issues surrounding closures and suitability,


his father-in-law had to be moved four times after initially settling


While we can't ever prove it, we honestly believe that the moves


that he had to undergo affected him and made his condition worse.


Yes, they give money to local authorities


but it's the Government, through taxation, that ought to be


caring, just as we expect them to do for small children,


the young, we ought to be providing the same level of care


Funding issues have been blamed for a number of care homes


And earlier this month, Jeremy Corbyn said a Labour


Government would take failing private care homes into public


ownership in order to maintain social care protection.


But the Conservative MP for Beverley and Holderness says


The Government's absolutely committed to getting this right.


If you look on the ground in Beverley, despite the current


problems, in the next few weeks we're going to see new places coming


forward and over the next years I expect to see a much improved


situation and the Government is playing its part in doing that.


In a statement, the Department of Health says...


Meanwhile, for those who are dealing with current adult


social care problems, that long-term solution


Government officials have begun the process of culling of almost


20,000 turkeys after bird flu was found on farm in Lincolnshire.


A three-kilometre exclusion zone is in place around a farm close


It's the third case of bird flu to be identified


in the county, after two cases were confirmed near Louth.


DEFRA are investigating the cause of the latest outbreak.


Investigators are examining whether a fire at a semi-demolished


Fire fighters were sent to the Grand Central building


on the seafront during the early hours of this morning.


Plans to improve one of Hull's busiest roads have gone on display.


The proposal for the A63 includes sinking the main road into a deep


cutting to improve the flow of traffic around the city.


There'll also be a footbridge between the city centre


Because the design is sinking the road seven metres in very,


very poor ground conditions, we are quite rightly concerned


with the history of schemes that have failed in the past but we've


spent an awful lot of time with the contractors carrying out


very detailed ground investigations and that has


A dog rescued from a designer puppy farm has given birth to four puppies


Ruby, who's a chihuahua cross, was kept in squalid conditions,


with no health check ups with 48 other dogs for breeding.


Designer cross breeds can earn criminals up to ?300 a time.


Healthy and friendly, these puppies were saved


Their mum, Ruby, was rescued from a puppy factory.


If they had been born there, they would have had no health checks


and the breeders would have seen them as breeding machines.


People get them and they come here and say I've got Jackahuahua


and you're thinking you've got a cross breed dog.


They don't see them as that, they market them as being


Most of the time, you are getting a puppy that has never seen a vet,


It's never been flead, never been wormed.


Nothing, you've got no medical history at all,


until you take it to your own vet and then they say there's all these


Designer breeds like Pugs have become very popular.


So puppies, like Topaz, who look a bit like Pugs,


The Kennel Club estimates that up to 1.5 million


sold by dealers in 2014 and these are likely to have


Nearly half the people who bought a puppy that year did not


Those dogs bought from pet shops, or the internet, are four times


more likely to suffer from the potentially


The problem is really, puppy farming is enabled


This is puppies sold away from their mums.


And, remember, the majority of puppy farms are legal, they're licensed.


The majority of people selling without their mum


As long as this chain continues, puppy farming is enabled


These dogs now all have homes to go to and have been


People who buy a puppy from a seller off the internet take the risk


that they may have come from a puppy farm like Ruby did.


Victoria Holland, BBC Look North, Hull.


West Ham have completed the signing of Hull midfielder Robert Snodgrass


The Scotland player has signed a three-and-a-half-year


He's been one of Hull's key players so far scoring


Now a look at the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


After a bitterly cold week it's set to get much less cold over


the weekend but with that some cloud and rain, much more


So through this evening and overnight, further spells


of rain and drizzle, a lot of cloud holding temperatures


up higher than they have been over the last few days,


down to two or three degrees and all of this is much milder air


which will continue to affect us through tomorrow.


Through the morning cloudy with outbreaks of rain and drizzle.


A slow improvement through tomorrow, drier conditions gradually


developing, the rain becoming more light, patchy and tending to peter


out through the day but I don't think we'll get very much


brightness, I think we'll have to wait until after dark for these


On Sunday, a fine start to the day, clouding over, the risk of rain.


That is all from the lake deemed this evening. Look North is back at


5:20pm. I hope you can join us then. For now, have a lovely evening.


Goodbye. Good evening. Not many would argue


that January hasn't been dry, but today, many of us had our first


significant rain for some time, because the transition is on from


cold, Continental dry air to milder Atlantic air, but the transition is


a slow one. So we have had ice today, and freezing fog, in northern


England. We had a little sunshine as well in Norfolk, but we still have


the cold air around and about in the north. All this rain you can see,


which is giving is a wet day in some areas, 10-15 millimetres of rain has


fallen, as it comes north there could be some winter it issues. Snow


already falling over Scotland, possibly over northern England,


possibly some sleet over lower areas and fog. Not particularly nice, and


some icy conditions to contend with late in the night across Northern


Ireland, as the rain clears away. Again, a word of warning there could


be some ice around in the morning if


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