15/03/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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people over the age of 65 are getting married these days.


The headlines tonight: After hospitals lose more


than a hundred patient referrals, it's revealed health bosses tried


They had been aware of some of these problems since June 2016 and clearly


that is too long a period of time or patience to be unaware of this


issue. Kyle Edmund is threatened with rape


and murder on Facebook, The threats were utterly vile but


sadly all too common in this day and age. They are often made by gamblers


who have lost money on the outcome of a match. And after today's


lovely, sunny conditions, we're looking at some changes. I will be


back later in the programme for the forecast for the rest of the week


and the weekend as well. It's emerged today that NHS


bosses who run Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Goole Hospitals knew


for months about missing patient referrals, but only


finally admitted it to the public when they were forced


to by a local council. The mistake has meant more


than 100 people waiting to see a consultant -


some for cancer - were never And today the trust which runs


the hospitals acknowledged Health Correspondent,


Vicky Johnson, reports. When Alison's dad David had problems


with his eye, he was referred by his optician


is an urgent case to That was last April and he has


still heard nothing. Yesterday the pain was


so bad that Allison taken They said yesterday


that it was an ulcer behind his He is a poorly man and he has had


to go into hospital, which has His referral is one of several that


have gone missing since North Lincolnshire adopted


a new system last year. The chairman was invited


to the scrutiny committee this This is not happening in every


single trust in the country, is it? Two of those cases were cancer


queries and they are in Patients are overseen


by the GP or dentist or If more specialist care is needed


they are referred to a The hospital is then


supposed to get in touch with the patient and give them


an appointment and take over the That's where the problem


has happened. The details of at least 100


patients have been lost and Health bosses were first


alerted to the problem last May when this surgery realised more


than 50 of the patients had not been Managers have chosen


not to alert other It sounds like it has been more


about saving face than protecting I am sorry and we have apologised


to the public that this It genuinely hasn't


been about saving face and it has been


about being trying to get a definitive answer


to a difficult problem and ensure


patients who were not registered They should not have to be dragged


in front of a panel to admit that there is an issue.


The trust deals with around 90,000 patient referrals per


As Allison packs her dad's hospital bag


it has emerged that at least another 50 patients


hospital's helpline about their missed referrals.


Today the extraordinary details of how this NHS mistake became


It took a legal move by the North Linolnshire Council


Health Scrutiny Committee to force the hospital trust to go public


with the information which they'd kept private for months.


Councillor Holly Mumby-Croft leads that Scrutiny Committee.


She told me how she asked the hospitals to make a public


I was made aware several days before the 6th of


I was fully briefed at that point and my


media release would happen on the 6th of March.


When that didn't happen, I began immediately to ask


I then took the decision on the Wednesday, that


would be two days after that, to invoke


legislation to require the


chief executive of the Northern Lincs and Goole Hospital


Trust and chief officer of the clinical commissioning group


sufficiently concerned that this needs to be discussed and patients


needed to be represented and that important questions need to be


asked of these people and that that needed to be in a public


Were it not for you forcing their arm then maybe they wouldn't have


I am not in a position to comment on when or if


the trust would have made this public.


But clearly we as a health scrutiny panel took this very


seriously, we took it seriously enough that for the first time we


invoked the legislation and required their attendance.


If a trust knows about something like this so serious


possibly going back a year and they don't


do anything about it until you


as a whistle-blower forced their hand,


what trust can people have in


Clearly people's trust and concern will be damaged at this


If there are any developments on that story, we will let you know.


Hull has been given ?5 million of extra charity money


Cancer Research Yorkshire has targeted the city as it has a higher


than average death rate from the disease.


The funding will help diagnose cancer earlier.


The Government has been challenged over the case of an East Yorkshire


farmer facing a ?30,000 pound legal bill.


Kenneth Hugill was recently found not guilty of grievous bodily


harm at Hull Crown Court after shooting a trespasser


Mr Hugill's case was today raised in the House of Lords.


How can we reconcile the presumption of innocence and an acquittal with


the fact that claiming legal costs incurred to maintain innocence is no


longer normally possible? Responding for the Government,


Lord Keen said Mr Hugill had been eligible for legal aid,


but declined it. Had he accepted the offer of legal


aid, he would have been required to make a relatively modest


contribution. He would have been able to recover that contribution


upon being acquitted. However, the individual inquest decided not to


accept the offer of legal aid instead instructed lawyers privately


and in no circumstances he was not eligible for recovery of costs. Of


course, all of these matters will be subject to the review, which is to


be completed by April 20 18. Those exchanges in the House of Lords.


The East Yorkshire tennis player Kyle Edmund has revealed he's been


threatened with murder and rape in messages on social media.


The 46th ranked player in the world, who is from Beverley,


highlighted the posts on his Facebook page


after being knocked out of a tournament in California.


This report from Sarah Walton has some disturbing language.


Kyle Edmund is seen as one of tennis's up and coming stars.


But world number two Novak Djokovic proved to be too much


for him at the weekend, and he was knocked out


But in the hours that followed his defeat,


Kyle says he received abusive messages on Facebook.


The posts include threats of violent murder and rape


as well as derogatory remarks about his appearance.


And commentators say other British players have been


The threats made against Kyle Edmund were utterly vile but sadly all too


They are often made by gamblers who have lost money


Johanna Konta has spoken about it in the past,


She has talked about the death threats she has received


and the threats made against her own family.


Sadly, for women, it's often far worse than it is for men,


as was the case here with Kyle Edmund.


Many threats contain a hint of sexual violence.


Even Wimbledon winner Andy Murray has described abuse he received


online as vile and no longer uses Twitter on a regular basis.


The Lawn Tennis Association, the sport's governing body


"Professional players are responsible for reporting acts


of online bullying to the respective social media outlets.


But online threats are illegal and those targeted can


The Crown Prosecution Service recognises is a very serious


Last year severe penalties were increased.


The maximum sentence has gone up and is


Over the last year so there has been a tenfold


increase of police prosecuting exactly the of abuse.


Kyle told Look North this morning that he won't comment any further


as he has no time to spend on negative issues.


He's now focusing on his next tournament in Miami


Now the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


Hello there. Good evening. It was glorious today. Temperatures reach


16 Celsius across many parts. Although we have seen a little bit


of most developed in some spots. A fine night, a dry night with clear


spells, although that could be more cloud later in the night as


temperatures fall back to 7-8dC. For tomorrow, the best of the sunshine


will be in the morning. Not quite as nice overall tomorrow. We will see


cloud increasing, the breeze picking up and it will not be as mild as it


has been but it will stay dry. The remote not affect us until after


dark and even when it does it will be light and patchy. We live in


Celsius. A windy day on Friday with the risk of rain through the


afternoon. And I'm settled for the weekend. And that is it from us.


Thank you for watching tonight. We are back tomorrow. Goodbye.


been. The outlook, rain around, if it stays dry I will be surprised.


Here is Nick with the national headlines.


For large parts of Wales and England there was blue sky and warmth.


Warmest day of the year, a clumsy way of saying the UK had the highest


temperature of the year so far. There have been big contrasts. Some


of that misty, murky weather to the south-west is advancing across other


parts of England and Wales through the night. Ahead of that, where we


have clear spells, central and eastern England there could be fog


patches developing, outbreaks of rain to north-west Scotland feeding