11/05/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's Newsnight with Emily. Here on BBC


The headlines from BBC Look North this Thursday night.


She walked her daughter to school and vanished.


Police appeal to Polish people for help.


The fight to save a Hull mural - campaigners say they won't give up


The oldest surviving public record - the Domesday Book, on display


And the gardeners amongst you will be pleased to know there is some


rain in the forecast. I will be back later with the details.


Police are looking for a mum from Hull who dropped her daughter


off at school last month and disappeared without a trace.


Officers say they're appealing to the Polish community to help


find Renata Antczak, who they think may be overseas.


To make that appeal, they approached us to ask


that we run our report with Polish subtitles.


Renata Antczak has been missing for more than two weeks now,


and the police are calling on Hull's Polish-speaking


And they've asked officers in Poland to investigate any possibility


The 49-year-old lawyer was last seen on the 25th of April having dropped


off her youngest daughter at Hull's Broadacre Primary School.


She then returned to her home at Beamsley Way in Kingswood,


which her husband said she left on foot at around 1pm.


Police say that they "have no indication of where


she was going at that time", but that she was apparently


We've done quite a bit of investigation both in the Hull area


and across in Poland, where she's originally from.


Within the UK, we've done relevant searches,


are helping us check addresses in Poland that she's linked to.


So far at this stage there's no indication where she might be.


Is there any suggestion this could be suspicious?


There's nothing at all at this stage which indicates anything


But with her husband and two daughters growing increasingly


concerned for Renata's safety, Humberside Police are now appealing


directly to Hull's Polish community to help them find her -


more than two weeks on since her disappearance.


A memorial service to mark the anniversary of the Bradford City


fire has been attended by hundreds of people.


54 Bradford fans and two Lincoln City supporters


died in the disaster at Valley Parade in 1985.


This morning, relatives of those who died joined fans and the mayors


of both cities in Bradford for the service.


Every election campaign, all the political parties set


out their promises to the public in a manifesto.


None of them have been published yet,


This, though, is yours - the five things that you told us


It involves foreign aid, the NHS, immigration,


Tim Iredale has been seeing what people in Brigg make of it.


Roll up, roll up to the People's Manifesto!


A place where people always seem to have strong opinions.


So what do voters here think about our people's manifesto?


Scrap foreign aid, should be scrap foreign aid?


I don't know about stopping it altogether, I think


we should concentrate on more in our own country.


I think it is virtually on its knees.


It needs something doing to it, either a major overhaul,


injection of cash, something because we are going to end up


Should we have quick Brexit to control immigration?


Instead of being a trading bloc, it became a political


And this thing about controlling immigration, I don't think


we should say no immigration, I think we should say let's have


Do we need a fairer deal for pensioners?


A lot of pensioners are on their own and they don't see people and a lot


of them struggle to have the heating on in the winter.


A lot of people complain about care homes closing down,


the cost of them, people having to sell their houses...


More than 2,000 people have put their name to a petition calling


Campaigners want this mural - The Three Ships - on the side


of the now empty BHS building, to get listed status.


Even though the Department for Culture declared last year


that it wasn't a good enough example of post-war public art.


I asked Leigh Bird from the Hull Heritage Action Group


Well, I think there are a number of reasons.


First and foremost, it is not a shop front.


It is the largest mural in England and it is not


only the mural outside, there's also the mural


Is it because it has been done by Alan Boyson,


the artist, or is it because you think it beautiful?


He did a lot of artworks post-war but I think aesthetically,


it is a beautiful piece but it also ties in to our history


as a city after the war and our fishing heritage, too.


A lot of people love it, they have signed this petition.


A lot of people think it is an eyesore and couldn't care less.


Bob here on the Hull Daily Mail website, "The people wanted listing


are typical of folks living in the past.


It is an eyesore, blotting the landscape."


I think the mural is a real marmite thing.


And clearly, we are on the love side.


Everybody is entitled to their opinion but in a lot


of people are speaking out about how much they love it, not just


because of its aesthetics, but it's important to the city


and is links as a landmark and as an important...


What was your reaction to the Department of Culture


who rejected your application for listed status?


I think it is surprising, because only last year they cited


that they were going to take special care of post-war public


And this is a prime example of one of those things.


In a word, can it be saved? Yes or no?


Absolutely. And we are fighting for that.


Leigh, very good to talk to you. Thank you for coming in.


We would be keen to know what you think.


The oldest surviving public record - the Domesday Book -


It's the first time that the priceless book documenting


medieval Britain has ever gone on display outside London.


It has to be kept in a vault under strict climate controls.


But our culture correspondent Anne-Marie Tasker has


Even if you know nothing about history, you have probably


More than 900 years old and listing towns and villages still here today,


Britain's earliest public record is being prepared


It gives us a unique window on English society both before


We can see the incredible changes that the Norman conquest


It is an important document, difficult to overstate its important


The Domesday Book was compiled from 1085 to 1086.


It is a survey of the country ordered by King


Its two million words list the taxable value of the land,


livestock and building in his new kingdom.


This is one of the pages from Lincolnshire, painting


a picture of life in the county more than 900 years ago.


To see the book out of its protective case is incredibly rare.


The noise you may be able to hear if the temperature


and humidity control, ensuring this priceless document


It will not crumble into pieces in front of our eyes,


although there are reports of parchment that does almost


But having it under control conditions mean that we prolong


The Domesday Book will go on show in the state-of-the-art Magna Carta


vault inside the castle built for William the Conqueror himself.


It's really significant for Lincoln Castle, the city


It has never been outside London on public display.


This is a one-off occasion, an unmissable events to witness


The Domesday Book's visit is part of commemorations


of the Battle of Lincoln Fair, 800 years ago this month.


A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Britain's earliest and best


Anne-Marie Tasker, BBC Look North at the National Archives in London.


And the Domesday Book will be at the castle in Lincoln


at the end of this month over the Bank Holiday weekend.


And then for a couple of months afterwards. Let's get the forecast


for Friday and the weekend. The for Friday and the weekend. The


details from Keeley. Some rain in the forecast, over the


next few days. The most useful rain will be Saturday night into Sunday.


Cloud continuing to thicken and spill in from the south. It will not


be as cold as last night. There will be more cloud around tomorrow, still


some bright, sunny spells. A few some bright, sunny spells. A few


midfield to the day. A few showers, hit and miss. -- a humid feel.


Temperatures similar today. Sunshine and showers for Sunday.


We are back in the morning on BBC One with summaries in Breakfast at


6:25am. We want to see the economy


work for everybody, not Now the weather.


, yes a humid dead. We have had photographs of the