12/05/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)

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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Patients are being told to stay away from accident and emergency units


in Lincolnshire after the county's hospitals were hit by an attack


Many appointments scheduled for the weekend have been cancelled and


internet and emails are down across the NHS throughout the country.


Our reporter, Jake Zuckerman, sent this report from


This afternoon hospitals across England began reporting


problems with their IT systems and it quickly became clear


that this was a major cyber attack of the sort that we have seen affect


public bodies in the past and that amongst the organisations affected


The United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, the Lincolnshire


Partnership Foundation Trust, which deals with mental health


issues, and Lincolnshire Community Health Services are all affected


Meanwhile, North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Trust


are asking patients to avoid A at their hospitals because of


the cyber attack which they say is affecting them as well.


And Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust say they've detected


computer malware in their system but they say it's not had


that are affected and then those all of the files on the computers


Once it's on your computer it fires up your e-mail,


it sends a copy of itself to all your contacts.


They click on the link, they are now infected.


All routine activities here at Lincoln County Hospital


have been suspended today and over the weekend and I spoke to one


patient who was so close to going into surgery


when his operation was cancelled that he still had a drip


Inconvenient, very frustrating for my fellow patients


The nurses are absolutely fabulous and the doctors but also I think


it's a heinous crime this, I think, because they're putting


We suspended routine activity as soon as we were aware


of the issue because we obviously needed to focus on the urgent


and emergency patients and also to protect patient safety


We took that action and we are suspending all routine


At the moment the hospital just don't know how long it's


going to take until they can get their systems up and running


again and we just don't know how long this is going to go on for.


Jake Zuckerman, BBC Look North, Lincoln.


A court has been told that a woman from East Yorkshire was assaulted


with a hammer and had food withdrawn from her as a teenager


Deborah Harrison and her partner Jennifer Harrison,


who's in a wheelchair, both deny charges of assault


Deborah Harrison's daughter, who's now 20, claims


Today in court she told the couple's defence team that she was not


Plans for a new prison in East Yorkshire have been submitted.


If given the go-ahead the new prison will be built on land next


to the high-security Full Sutton jail, near Pocklington.


The ?91 million building would hold 1,000 adult male prisoners.


The East Riding of Yorkshire Council's planning committee


The number of children and teenagers who're being referred to mental


health services in the East Riding is now at record levels


and charities believe exam pressures are partly to blame.


Many teenagers say the new A-level courses, where subjects are examined


at the end of two years, are adding to their anxiety and stress.


Here's our health correspondent, Vicky Johnson.


With exams looming, conversation among these students


I used flash cards last year but I've not made any.


A-levels have changed this year with results depending on end


of course exams and students say this is adding to their stress.


There's a massive amount of things to remember for the subjects.


Especially when you've got to remember two years of work.


I do put pressure on myself but other than that it's my


upbringing because my family really takes pride in education.


We don't help those young people by removing the challenges.


We need to help children to overcome the challenges so that


when they take examinations and they are end of two-year test,


they can overcome those hurdles like children do all over the world.


Wyke College in Hull offers drop-in sessions and regular counselling


I'm like, I shouldn't be sleeping, I should be doing this.


I have got that to do, I have got this to do and this needs


There have been a lot of incidents of panic attacks around the college.


All of our first aid staff are trained to help


within the immediacy of panic attacks.


Certainly the presentation within the counselling room is much


This is reflected in new figures published today from the NSPCC


which says it's delivered 137 online counselling sessions to children


in the Yorkshire and Humber area in the past two years.


12 to 15-year-olds were most likely to be counselled about stress


but the biggest rise, up 21%, was among 16


Papyrus, the charity which offers help to young


people at risk of suicide, say they too have noticed an


Probably overall we are getting about 30% more calls and texts


and e-mails and I think that just reflects the increase in people that


Referrals to children and adolescent mental health


services in East Yorkshire are higher than ever.


Up almost 40% on last year and counsellors believe


many of these are connected to exam stress.


In Rugby League, both our teams were in action in the Challenge Cup.


Hull Kingston Rovers went to Salford with the hope


of continuing their impressive Championship form.


After holding the lead for all of the first half


But Hull FC had a successful start to the start of their


Now a look at the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


Some much-needed rain for the garden over the next few days but the good


news is most of it is going to fall overnight, Saturday into Sunday


and a lot of the weekend looks dry and bright.


It will be broken to allow some clear spells and a mild night


to come with temperatures staying in double figures for many of us.


Tomorrow morning a fairly cloudy start.


The odd shower is possible through the morning


and into the early part of the afternoon but most


places dry for the day and increasingly it will get bright


through the afternoon with increasing amounts of sunshine.


Temperatures getting up to around 17 or 18 degrees.


Some much-needed rain for the gardens overnight into Sunday.


Sunday starting off dry and fine with some sunshine.


One or two showers knocking around, just watch out for those but most


places dry and then unsettled to start next week.


That is it from me and the late team. Look North is back tomorrow


evening at 6:15 p.m.. Goodbye.