03/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The headlines from BBC Look North this Tuesday lunchtime.


The Army veteran facing a ?4,000 medical bill because the NHS


says he wasn't entitled to free treatment.


It's disgusting that they still think I am an overseas


Businessed report a boost in New Year's takings as foreign


visitors come to Hull for the City of Culture celebrations.


And a sweet start to the New Year - the children taking part


An Army veteran from Lincolnshire says he's disgusted after getting


a bill for more than ?4,000 from the NHS for treatment


Malcolm Roberts from Scotter says although he was born


and raised in the UK, an error by Doncaster Hospital Trust


means they think he's a health care tourist.


After serving his country in the Army for more than 22 years,


all over the world, including the Falklands, Malcolm Roberts


seen here on the right was hoping for a quiet retirement


in Lincolnshire but after receiving treatment for his Crohn's disease


at Doncaster Hospital, Malcolm received a bill for the last


I didn't think that being a UK resident, an Army veteran.


I've paid all my taxes and everything else,


that I would get a bill from the NHS for treatment to which I am


Malcolm says he sent proof of his UK citizenship to the NHS


and is now awaiting a response but after ringing the hospital


to discuss the bill, he says he was told it was correct


and he was to pay it by the middle of this month.


It's disgusting the way they have treated me and it's disgusting that


in spite of the information that I have given to them


that they still think I am an overseas visitor and have to pay.


Anybody who lives in the UK permanently is exempt


That includes migrant workers from Europe and full-time students.


Malcolm says he has plenty of support from his local Army


veterans breakfast club but he is concerned that for some


veterans and unexpected like his could cause severe stress.


Kate Sweeting, BBC Look North in Scotter in Lincolnshire.


The Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals trust have told us


that they stick to the Department of Health's guidelines to check


that patients are eligible for treatment in order to manage


They say patients receive letters asking them to prove their residency


and if these aren't responded to patients will get an invoice


A man who says he was abused by a wealthy Lincolnshire land owner


says he hopes his case will help others affected by


Police have reopened an investigation into Gordon Dawson.


The farmer from Dalby near Spilsby was found dead with gun shot


wounds in 2007 just hours after being confronted


A campaign's been launched for the last British


Friends of George "Johnny Johnson" who was born near Horncastle,


want him to be given a knighthood for his bravery


The Dambusters flew from RAF Scampton and are honoured


at the Bomber Command Centre near Lincoln.


Businesses in Hull city centre said they saw a boost in takings at the


City Of Culture event. Some hotels said they were busy than normal as


60,000 people saw the huge fireworks display on New Year's Day.


Hull was promised a bank on January one and the new City Of Culture


sparked plenty of media attention but not all the headlines were


positive. This morning many of the city's traders only had good news to


report. We have seen an increase in footfall, people visiting, the new


fruit market regeneration and we had people in this morning from Swansea


for the three days because of City Of Culture. It is the busiest we


have seen, it is really great. It has given the title three years ago


the local council said it expected event would bring a ?60 million


boost to the local economy. Traders here at the marina, things have got


off to a good start in 2017. Last night crowds continued to watch


moments of Hull's past projected onto the buildings. The popularity


of made in Hull. We did not need of made in Hull. We did not need


City Of Culture. It is telling the world what we have already known.


The secret is out. They can come and share it with us, it is no longer


just ours, we are sharing it with the world. The interest in the


installations which are here until Saturday is benefiting local


business. The feedback last night, and they have done the walk. We have


people who are coming back with relatives at the weekend. It is all


just, it is fantastic. It is wonderful. It is hoped the title


would make Hull a prime visitor destination. Organisers say more


than 60,000 people have been to see what the city has two offer.


30 areas of England, including towns in Lincolnshire,


are to get Government funding to help build new homes


Ministers say work will begin on thousands of properties this year


and they'll be sold to first-time buyers aged between 23 and 40


The first of the homes are expected to go on sale next year.


Dozens of school children in East Yorkshire have taken


part in the centuries old tradition of scrambling.


Shop keepers throw sweets and coins in to the street which local


The annual event is thought to date back to the 1700s.


A shoulder of mutton, a crown to spend.


A traditional rhyme that shopkeepers reward with sweet and coins.


It's a ritual repeated up-and-down Driffield High Street.


They throw money and sweets and we just grab it.


I've got loads of sweets and it's been really fun.


A shoulder of mutton, and a crown to spend.


It is thought to have started in the 1800s,


It's all about the community, it's all about shopkeepers giving


back to the community for local spend.


I think it's absolutely wonderful, we should keep it going,


It's special to Driffield and Driffield is a special town.


We have been here for 25 years and over the 25 years they have


The sweets on offer may have changed a bit over the years


but the enthusiasm for the annual scramble is as great as ever.


Katy Austin, BBC Look North, in Driffield.


Now a look at the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


The main story being there is a lot of dry weather about but there


will also be a lot of cloud around as well.


Here is the satellite picture from earlier.


You can see all the cloud across the UK, always


We are in the best place to get some brightness.


Do not be surprised if the sun doesn't come out every now


The breeze will be moderate from the west.


Quiet conditions but crucially it will be dry.


Temperatures about average for the time of year,


getting up to around six or seven degrees.


Through this evening and overnight, we are going to see milder air


pushing from the north, not as cold as last night.


Still a lot of cloud overnight producing a few showers especially


for the coast later and it is along the coast which will really


become windy overnight, strong and gusty winds developing


for tomorrow and as you can see temperatures down


Still some cloud around but it will develop into a lovely


day, plenty of sunshine, just the odd shower clipping


the coast and it really will feel raw along the coastline


with a strong and gusty breeze coming down from the north-west.


Temperatures five or six degrees. Plenty of sunshine.


A frost to start the day on Thursday and really quite cold but below


freezing in quite few rural spots, plenty of sunshine once again.


That is it. Peter will be back at 6:30pm. Have a good afternoon and we


will see you soon. Goodbye. Panorama investigates


the deadly terrorist attack and should British tourists


have been warned about the risks? Three seasons of extreme survival


for the animals of Yellowstone.


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