04/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The headlines from BBC Look North this Wednesday lunchtime.


The number of people being caught out by postal and online


scams is on the rise, targeting the vulnerable


He is now in the state where every day he is out at the


front of the house, three or four times,


After just three months in charge, Hull City


sack their head coach, Mike Phelan.


And they're being reintroduced in some parts of Britain


but would beavers thrive in the East Yorkshire town


The number of people in Lincolnshire known to have fallen for postal


and internet scams has risen by almost half in the past year.


More than 2,000 people have become victims and there are warnings


that they risk losing their savings and even their homes.


Trading Standards say it's becoming a huge problem especially


Our political reporter, Sharon Edwards, has more.


Bogus lotteries, fake psychics Kate Cifildi from


Spalding says her father is in the grip of scammers.


You fill in an order form and you send them money.


Then they tell you that you are going to go into a draw.


He is now in the state where every day he is out at the


front of the house, three or four times waiting for the postman.


The gentleman in receipt of this mail


has been known to get up to 40 letters per week.


He like many others has found himself on a list


being passed between fraudsters, a list of people particularly


vulnerable and it just results in more and more mail.


Over the past year Trading Standards in


Lincolnshire has been working to a list of 1,500 identified


But during that time the list has grown to more than 2000.


That includes those targeted over the Internet and telephone.


Some are spending up to ?700 a month.


But they say these figures are the tip of the iceberg


and are visiting victims to try and get them to stop.


Ultimately, people can end up without any money,


without their home, in care and it does happen in Lincolnshire.


This man's mother, also living in Lincolnshire,


has been scanned and he is calling for a bigger police response.


The police have got to accept that this is a major crime.


Each ?15, ?20, ?30 cheque is a tiny amount of money in the police's


Actually when you add all this lot together


this is happening at an industrial scale.


It's organised crime. It is serious, organised crime.


9.4 billion going out of the country.


That's going towards trafficking, towards drugs, towards terrorism.


These scams are orchestrated by gangs of criminals often working


abroad but the individual impact is huge.


Sharon Edwards, BBC Look North, Spalding.


They're at the bottom of the Premier League,


haven't won a game in their last seven and now they're


Last night Hull City sacked Mike Phelan, after just


Our sports reporter, Matt Dean, is outside Hull City's training


ground at Cottingham. Matt, what have the club had to say?


Nothing today and nobody has been available to comment including Mike


Phelan since the club issued a three line statement at 10pm confirming


his exit from the club. His sacking does mark a dramatic turnaround. You


may remember at the start of September he was named manager of


the month after winning his first three games in charge but that the


mask of field issues with guarding ownership of the club. Performances


have picked up in the last few games of the reason the club greatest ever


captain is a bit surprised to see his sacking today.


They have made a decision on results and it is a results business.


I think he had the backing of the changing room,


which is always a plus. The lads liked him.


Morale was pretty good even though they have been


It's a difficult one to take, really, for all the fans.


Ultimately, he has been sacked and you have got to move forward.


Who will be the new man in charge of the club? Reports in Greece and


Portugal say Marco Silver is likely to replace Mike Phelan. He did win


the equivalent of the FA Cup in his native Portugal. No one is making


any comment. Back to you in the studio.


An order to house poultry indoors has been extended


It came into force last month following an outbreak of bird flu


Thousands of turkeys either died, or had to be culled,


after the disease was found at Austen Fen Farm.


Centuries ago they were a common site in the British


countryside but the beaver was hunted to extinction.


Now it's being reintroduced in parts of Scotland,


But could it ever return to Yorkshire and to the town


which gets its name from the furry mammal - Beverley.


Our environment correspondent, Paul Murphy, has been to investigate.


New projects in Devon and Scotland have reintroduced this


The beaver was once a familiar sight on the lakes and rivers


of East Yorkshire, thriving in their thousands


By the 16th century they had been hunted to extinction,


This was a commercial fish farm, it had 90 ponds across the site.


East Yorkshire wildlife expert Jon Traill has his doubts


that the creature would survive if it was returned to the county


East Yorkshire, indeed, did have beavers but you need


When they were here, we are talking a long, long time ago.


The landscape of East Yorkshire was vastly different to today.


The big thing that would be a limiting factor


for beavers in East Yorkshire is the lack of woodland.


This wooded corner called Burton Bushes is all that is left


of a woodland that once surrounded Beverley.


The trees were used for shipbuilding and for housing and so the beaver


lost its habitat, even here in the town which


Beverley-based historian Barbara English says hunting


also played a big part in the beavers' demise.


All through the Middle Ages they used some sort


of special scent glands stuff that they got from beavers.


They used it for medicine and later on for cosmetics and also beaver


fur was very desirable because it was desirable a large


The reintroduced beaver continues to thrive in parts of the country


But after a 500-year absence, it's return


Works from some of the world's most prominent artists are on display


at the University of Hull as part of the City Of Culture year.


Lines Of Thought, in partnership with the British Museum,


will feature 70 drawings spanning 500 years.


The exhibition can be seen free of charge until the end of February.


Now a look at the weather forecast with Abbie Dewhurst.


Well, plenty of sunshine in the forecast this afternoon


but despite the sunshine it is still feeling


If we take a quick look at the pressure chart you can


see our weather is widely dominated by high pressure but there is this


low and that is pulling round some gusty winds that will


That will take the edge off the temperatures, even more.


The feel factor for today probably more like three or four Celsius,


even though the temperatures are going to stay five or six.


There is a risk, even though it is a largely dry picture


that we could just see a couple of showers clip that East Coast


and there is also a chance they could turn wintry


as we make our way through this evening and overnight.


The winds will start to ease and we will see a widespread frost


We do have a warning out, mainly just for the very,


very far East Coast because here we could continue to see


one or two quite heavy wintry showers overnight.


Elsewhere, we are still going to see temperatures hovering around zero,


It's going to be a very, very cold frosty start


to the day tomorrow. Allow yourself time to defrost your car.


Even though there will be plenty of nice wintry sunshine,


temperatures will not climb much above three or four Celsius.


There is a chance in sheltered spots that the frost and ice could linger


for much of the day. All change on Thursday, sorry on Friday as we make


Things are going to turn much milder and much more unsettled as well.


That is it from the lunchtime team. Peter is back at 6:30pm with your


next update. Have a very good afternoon. Goodbye.


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