23/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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The headlines from BBC Look North this Monday lunchtime.


It's been announced some of the world's biggest pop acts


will perform at a music festival in East Yorkshire


It's a great opportunity for young people to have


their first taste of a great music festival and then, on top of that,


it continues to advertise the city and the region.


And Hull City's Ryan Mason remains in a serious condition


after suffering a serious head injury in the game against Chelsea.


50,000 music fans are coming to East Yorkshire in May


with Radio One's Big Weekend announcing that Burton


Constable Hall near Hull will be its venue for 2017.


Our Hull 2017 reporter, Kofi Smiles, reports.


It's the biggest free ticketed event in Europe.


BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend attracts headline acts and music lovers


from around the world and just before eight o'clock this morning


After years of rumours, Radio 1's flagship event will be


coming to Burton Constable Hall in May as part of the


City Of Culture celebrations with headliners announced, Little Mix,


We are just thrilled at the opportunity.


In the '60s there was some all-night rock concerts put on by my dad.


It's an historic house but it's a very, very live place.


It's a great opportunity for young people throughout the region


to have their first taste, or another taste a the great music


festival and on top of that it continues to advertise the city


and the region as a great place to come and visit.


Right now I'm stood in the exact location where Kings of Leon


and Little Mix will be performing on the main stage


and in the background you can see Burton Constable Hall standing tall


and proud where organisers say this was the only location that was big


enough locally to cater for the 50,000 people that will be


We are going to be using roughly 50 acres of this and then we have


got the main grounds, the riding school block and then


Planning on where the fencing is going to be, where the roadway


is going to be because there is a big roadway to go ub.


That's going to take about eight days to put into place.


There is four months to get Burton Constable ready.


The all-important ticket information is still to be announced along


with more acts but it is another top event coming to


He's also helped to organise music events at Burton Constable.


How important is this event in terms of putting Hull


It is fabulous for the area. It is fabulous for Bolton Constable Hall


and Hull. It is such a good venue. It is a venue that has recently been


refurbished, it is perfect. This is a big festival, can they handle


that? It is the done thing these days. Lots of stately homes have


festivals. For the last 11 years I have been posting it at Leeds


Festival. Bramham Park is similar in structure. That has worked really


well. It is double the distance outside Leeds as that Constable is


from Hull. What kind of music can we expect? It will be new music which


is what BBC Introducing specialise in. Then Kings of Leon will pull a


big crowd. There will be a lot of other acts yet to be announced. I


know... What about local bands? I represent BBC Introducing and that


is what we do. Nothing has been announced yet. If people go to our


Facebook page we will make announcements about anything we know


as soon as we have it. Thank you for joining us.


Hull City midfield player Ryan Mason remains in a stable condition


in hospital after suffering a serious injury yesterday.


Mason suffered a fractured skull in a collision with opponent


Gary Cahill during the Tigers' defeat at Chelsea.


Here's our sports reporter, Simon Clark.


This is the moment in the first half when Ryan Mason suffered


The referee, Neil Swarbrick recognised the seriousness instantly


It was eight minutes before Mason was stretchered


from the field and taken to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington.


Well, thankfully incidents like this on the football field are relatively


uncommon and after confirming that Ryan Mason fractured his skull last


night, Hull City have offered a further bulletin


They say Ryan Mason has been visited by the club doctor.


He has been speaking about the incident, he will be


monitored by the hospital staff in the coming days and his family


say they have been overwhelmed by the support they have had.


The severity of the injury is not common in football and this


was the reaction of one former professional on Match Of The Day.


I think they realised straightaway how bad this was and our thoughts


It's a terrible thing to see on a football pitch.


Of course Gary Cahill was just innocent in going for the ball.


It was a sickening challenge and let's hope he gets back on that


Since Mason was carried from the field, the football world


has taken to social media to express concern.


Former team-mate Gareth Bale said get well soon, mate, our thoughts


We would like to send our best wishes to Ryan Mason


And Tigers team-mate Curtis Davies added,


thinking of you Ryan Mason, get well soon, mate.


Last night Gary Cahill, the Chelsea player involved


in the collision visited the hospital and spoke to members


The Government's announced it's going to spend


?160 million across Yorkshire and the Humber


Flood defences around the Humber will be strengthened


meaning more sites can be used to build houses,


Parts of Bridlington, Goole and Grimsby will


And you plan to deal with traffic congestion will go before Boston


councillors later. Ill try and improve traffic flow over the next


ten years. ?10 million has been invested in the town.


Lincolnshire County Council say they could save ?150 million over


five years if they were to become a unitary authority.


They intend to put the option to a public referendum


The County Council leader says it would be more


We have confusions over the roads, the county council contains the


road, the district councils sweeps it. The public do not care. We work


as best we can together, county and district councils. What would we


save? We would not need a Chief Executive, eight Management teams,


lots of things. Now a look at the weather


forecast with Paul Hudson. Well, yet again it looks


as though it is going to be a predominantly dry week


across East Yorkshire There will be fog issues,


some fog patches slow to clear this afternoon but many of us seeing


bright, or sunny spells. Our old friend the area of high


pressure dominating our weather Now we have got some


thick fog patches still Some may persist all afternoon,


elsewhere it is dry with some sunshine but it does feel cold


out of doors. We are looking at highs


of four or five Celsius. The prospects as we head


through the course of the evening Variable cloud, thicker cloud


might bring the odd spot They'll be fog at


first this evening. It may clear for a time


before redeveloping later. There will be ice and frost


and lowest temperatures down Tuesday, a familiar start


to the day with fog, really quite slow to clear in some


places but many of us will become bright and stay


dry with some sunshine, Tuesday's highest temperatures


struggling around four Celsius, Wednesday looks dry


with some sunshine. A really cold, wind developing


Thursday and Friday, particularly Thursday,


a lot of cloud, as well. Highs of two degrees,


much brigher on Friday. Thank you, Paul. That brings you up


to date this lunchtime. Make sure you join us for much more at 6:30pm.


Thank you for watching. Goodbye. a free five-a-side tournament


that's for everyone. For more information,


go to the Get Inspired website. If they have a fear of water,


God help them. To break someone physically... Agh!


..is not a problem. Nectar of the gods, I'm telling you.


Thank you, Colonel. He's definitely battling


some demons. If they have a fear of water,


God help them.


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