24/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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The headlines from BBC Look North this Tuesday lunchtime.


Plans for just one large Lincolnshire-wide council


are defended following criticism by district leaders.


This is a way you can save a good amount of money without affecting


And toy makers from our region say sales are up as they take part


With Brexit everyone expected demand would go down.


In actual fact, it's gone up by between 5% and 6%.


Lincoln's city council leader has accused the county council of acting


"rogue" over a proposed shake-up of local government in the area.


The leader of Lincolnshire County Council wants to hold a referendum


on whether the seven district councils should be replaced


Martin Hill claims the move would save ?150 million,


More from our political editor, Tim Iredale.


There are seven district councils covering Lincolnshire


plus the county council, so is it time to merge


The leader of Lincolnshire County Council wants


I think the reason we are doing it is because we keep having these


conversations all the time about the difficult financial


situation all councils are in and having to find ways


of saving money, which means difficult decisions.


This is a way you can save a good amount of money without affecting


At present the district council's provide localised services


such as bin collections, housing and planning.


The county council is responsible for big budget services such


The idea of abolishing district councils in Lincolnshire


You know, it is the county council acting like a rogue council,


it seems to me because it is not the way we have been


We have done it on a collaborative basis.


This is a unilateral move by the county council.


I think it's the start of their campaign for what they have


sought for a long time, which is a county unitary


North Hykeham is part of the North Kesteven district


so how do people here feel about having all their services


delivered by one so-called super council for the


I think you would have less say in what goes on locally


You know, I think the smaller councils are more geared up


to the smaller districts, sort of thing.


If we want the council tax down, yes.


If the proposal is approved by the county council next month,


then a referendum would take place in May on the same day


However, the result wouldn't be binding and any final decision


on scrapping Lincolnshire's district councils would rest


Tim Iredale, BBC Look North, Lincoln.


A man has been jailed for life for murdering a woman in Skegness.


Casey Scott stabbed and strangled Lenuta Haidemac last summer


The judge ordered that he serve at least 19 years in prison.


Campaigners fighting to stop beagles being bred for animal experiments


at a site in East Yorkshire have lost their fight.


A judge has denied protesters leave to appeal the decision


to allow B Universal to expand their site at Grimston.


Cruelty Free International say they're disappointed by the ruling.


Manufacturers and distributors of children's toys in our area


say they've seen huge demand over the last year.


Figures released today show the industry grew with sales


Hundred of companies will be showing off their latest products


at the Toy Fair in London today, hoping to drum up even more trade


Our business correspondent, Leanne Brown, reports.


It's a chance for toy makers to show of their latest designs.


The fair in London is the UK's only dedicated trade show


and Lincolnshire firm, Plum Products, will be showcasing


We have got some examples here of a new range that we are looking


An example here is a mud pie kitchen.


It starts life quite open and some of the scribbles and sketches


you can see around us here, we literally could go


through 50/60 sketches and end up with perhaps two out of those.


The company was responsible for the trampoline in


the John Lewis Christmas advert, which they say had


It changed the landscape significantly.


I think it very much put trampolines on kids' Christmas present lists.


We saw a halo effect across all our resellers and sold many,


many more times the volume than we would ever


But despite record growth there is concern over


This company in Brigg market sells wooden toys from Germany.


Wooden toys have become very popular now, especially because people


For us, the biggest problem with Brexit


Will there be a free trade agreement straight away,


All those things affect business dramatically.


The industry faces a difficult year ahead but companies


are confident their innovation can keep children interested.


You've been getting in touch with us about jail sentences for motorists


Jessica Danby died after her moped was hit by a car trying


The driver pleaded guilty to dangerous driving


and was sentenced to two years in jail.


Jessica's mother says that's not enough.


Lincoln City fans have been queuing since the early hours


of this morning for FA Cup fourth round tickets.


Hundreds of supporters have spent the last few hours waiting


for tickets for Saturday's game against Brighton.


Until some legends brought a little fire, kept everyone warm.


You know, to get tickets for this game is a pretty big deal.


We are going up, mate, we are going up.


Lincoln City are in National League action at Barrow tonight.


A win for Danny Cowley's side will take them seven points clear


Now a look at the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


Hello, a pleasant crisp winter's afternoon to come. A lot of dry


weather about. Plenty of sunshine. It did not start off that way, we


had plenty of fog but as you see it has now cleared. We will have dry


and bright weather this afternoon with a good deal of sunshine. This


evening we might see some mysterious we develop. Afternoon temperature is


about average, five, 6 degrees are high. This evening, we will see fog


anywhere could get some of that. It will tend to lift overnight but


around southern parts of Lincolnshire, dense fog will develop


overnight and here is where it will stay coldest. Anywhere in the


countryside we could get back to freezing. A warning for fog first


thing. Further north we will start on the bright note but then tidal


spread, particularly across southern parts of Lincolnshire a great day


developing. Looking further ahead on Thursday, a cold day, we start to


draw southerly winds which mean warmer conditions but the continent


around France is cold and we will start to see temperatures climbing


into the weekend and more cloud. Now on Look North tonight we'll be


looking at the Korean dialect expert who's created a handy guide


to being understood in Hull. He says he's made the video to mark


the City Of Culture year. It is very funny, do have a look if


of views online. It is very funny, do have a look if


you have got a chance but you can see more at 6:30pm. Until then have


a lovely afternoon, thank you for watching. Buy buy.


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