25/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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And Theresa May has said she will publish her Brexit plan for the


The headlines from BBC Look North this Wednesday lunchtime.


Hundreds of steel workers who took a pay cut to save their jobs


are told their gamble paid off as fortunes improve.


And more than ?100,000 could be spent on a machine to blast chewing


I've literally walked round for two minutes and found nearly 100 pieces


of chewing gum on the ground here in Queen Victoria Square.


A gamble by hundreds of Scunthorpe steel workers to take a pay cut last


year to help secure their jobs for the future has paid off


The new owners of the huge works say they have taken on new staff


since last June and will soon reverse the 3% pay cut


Our business correspondent, Leanne Brown, is at the plant.


Leanne, steel had a gloomy future, what's changed?


I remember standing here a year ago when the company was up for sale and


there was talk of job losses. The new owners British Steel say in the


last seven months they've managed to get the company in a strong


financial position. They say it is all down to the turnaround plan


which is for cost savings and also to gain significant contracts with


long-term and new customers. Things like this, the Hinkley point power


station in Somerset. They have a contract that to supply steel for


the accommodation blocks and providing Railtrack in Algeria and


Italy. The company's executive chairman is say they are building on


the British Steel brand. We thought that was just


one central commercial organisation and it was just


one approach, yes. As you know we have been


splitting it inbetween the four major products,


the rail business, the rough The more bridges, the more


skyscrapers, or whatever, What about that pay cut that workers


took? Workers agreed to take that 3% pay cut and unions say that will be


reinstated in June and the decision was a gamble that paid off.


There is pride in the British Steel logo.


There is pride working for British Steel.


Everybody is in an upbeat mood and I don't just mean on


the works, in the town, in the communities, everybody's


upbeat about the success story of British Steel.


British Steel is also to take on some new trainees. More details of


the jobs available are at a jobs fair this afternoon. I do have to


say it is still a difficult time ahead for them. They say they need


help and support from the Government to continue their financial growth.


Thank you very much. The Church of England is defending


the Rector of Boston after she described the town


as murderous and divided. The Reverend Alyson Buxton,


seen here with Princess Anne, is in charge at the town's main


church, the Boston Stump. Her comments in an email


have been made public. Her bosses say she works very hard


to celebrate and serve The Prince of Wales


and the Duchess of Cornwall Clarence House has confirmed Charles


and Camilla's tour will take place They'll see the newly


renovated Ferens Art Gallery, as well as Holy Trinity Church


and The Deep aquarium. The decision to close


Grimsby's ice rink will have North East Lincolnshire Council said


the 1970s skating rink But opposition councillors


have demanded a rethink. Local ice hockey clubs have


protested against the closure. Senior health officials say they can


give people in Lincolnshire much better care but only if big


changes are made. A small group of protesters


were outside a meeting in Sleaford this morning where all proposals


were being looked at, including centralising maternity


services in Lincoln. I have actually been in and asked


if we could go in and They are discussing the options


for our health care, You know, they're not actually


allowing us to listen in on what those options may


or may not be. More than ?100,000 could be spent


on a machine to remove chewing gum The Hull Daily Mail reports that


a number of gum removal methods are being trialled by


the City Council. Millions of pounds have been spent


repaving the city centre, but it's already dotted


with sticky gum. They've spent millions on trying


to make Hull City centre more attractive with new paving


and street furniture. But efforts are being blighted


by an old problem - chewing gum. Look down and you'll see sticky


white and grey splodges dotted I can't believe we have spent


all that money and it's like that. It spoils all the good work that


everybody has put into it, There are bins close by, rather


than spitting it on the floor,, To see how bad the problem is I'm


going to do a very unscientific scout around and count the number


of chewing gum pieces on the ground As I said, not a scientific approach


but I've literally walked around for two minutes and found nearly 100


pieces of chewing gum on the ground And what about the cost


of clearing it up? The regeneration of the city centre


is costing ?25 million. The average price of


a piece of gum is 3p. But every time it ends up


on the floor it costs around ?1.50, Normal street cleaning


doesn't shift it. So Hull City Council is trialling


new machines in the hope But it's reported it


could cost a six-figure sum. The Hull City coach says


he and his entire team will visit Ryan Mason in hospital in London


at the weekend as the player continues his recovery


from a fractured skull. The midfielder was


injured during the game Ahead of their EFL Cup semifinal


match with Manchester United, head coach Marco Silva refused to be


drawn on whether Burnley had bid ?10 million


for Robert Snodgrass. He said the team was


focusing on other things. At this moment, the most important


we need to support the player, support his family is the most


important at this moment. Of course, it is not an easy moment


for us, like a team but you need to be strong, to be together and to


keep together all the players and support Ryan is the most


important at this moment. Now a look at the weather forecast


with Abbie Dewhurst. It is quite a cloudy picture


across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, still a fair bit


of fog lingering in the far We will take a quick look


at the pressure chart because it shows we're going to see a squeeze


on these isobars over The wind direction will swing


round and feed in some very cold air from the south


and the near continent. This evening, sorry this afternoon


will start to see the cloud slowly Still some sunshine and brightness


to be enjoyed for the far Here it is actually feeling


quite mild, temperatures Elsewhere under all this fog and low


cloud feeling cold with temperatures only getting up to three or four


Celsius. Then this cloud will continue


to track up towards the north this evening and overnight we will feed


in some very cold air, so you can see as the map turns blue, there


is a widespread frost developing. It is going to be a very cold,


frosty start and temperatures will be right down in the minus figures


and that southerly breeze We will start the day tomorrow


on a very cold note, take care for your morning commute


it is going to be Temperatures will really struggle


at around zero for much of the day. Factor in that wind-chill


and it will feel sub zero. It will feel like temperatures


are down at minus five, minus six but things will turn


a little less cold thankfully on Friday as we make our way


towards the weekend but it is going to be quite a cloudy day,


an unsettled one on Saturday Yes make sure you wrap up warm


tomorrow. That is all. Look North is back at 630. Peter will have a full


round-up of the day's news. Goodbye.


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