26/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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The headlines from BBC Look North this Thursday lunchtime.


East Yorkshire ambulances are given longer to reach patients


Plans for a new Spurn Point visitor centre will be considered again


And a new, faster lifeboat is on its way to Skegness


It's a step change in technology, a step change in safety


The Yorkshire Ambulance Service says paramedics will no longer get


to call-outs within their eight minute target unless


The National Audit Office has warned that some ambulance trusts


are unable to cope with demand for their services and it's hoped


Call handlers will be given more time to assess individual cases


before deciding whether to send an ambulance or not.


Our correspondent, Leanne Brown, is here.


If you find yourself having to call 999 and ambulance will automatically


the dispatched within 60 seconds and calls classed as very serious will


need to be responded to in eight minutes but NHS managers say because


of this system several ambulances often get sent to the same address


and some get stood down en route once it becomes apparent then not


needed. Under this pilot call handlers would have up to four


minutes to assess the situation and they would be no time frame for when


the ambulance might arrive it is -- if it is not life threatening, these


are like Burns, if you are suffering from chest pains. If someone is not


breathing or having a heart attack and ambulance was still be


dispatched straightaway. It is no secret ambulances across England


have been struggling with their response times. You get here


represent paramedics and the call handlers say this will help a little


bit but it is not the answer as there are major problems across the


service. It will help in the little way,


but it's not the answer. You can't look at the Ambulance


Service in isolation. Even if we quicken the service up,


and they get to A quicker, unless we make sure that A can


receive the patients, they are just going to sit in the back


of the ambulances at A Unless we can clear


the beds in the hospital, when they do get in A,


they will just sit in A Unless we can get the community


sorted, they will sit So the whole chain


needs to be looked at. This is also being tested by the


South Westerns Ambulance Service and West Midland Ambulance Service.


If it's seen as a success it will be rolled out across the country.


There will be no investigation into potential police misconduct


in relation to the 1985 Bradford City fire disaster.


56 football fans died, including two Lincoln City supporters.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission says there is no


indication of potential misconduct by individual police officers.


It's after West Yorkshire Police voluntarily referred


Controversial proposals for a visitor centre on land


near to the Spurn peninsula are being discussed


by East Riding Council later this afternoon.


It's the second time the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has


sought approval for its plans after its initial


There have been more than 700 objections from local residents


Here's our environment correspondent, Paul Murphy.


It is more than three years since Yorkshire Wildlife Trust first


mooted plans for a visitor centre on land to the south of Kilnsea.


It's hoped the ?900,000 project will open up the area to more


visitors and interpret and explain this unique landscape.


But the Spurn visitor centre proposal has met


with strong local opposition, concerns that it will have


a detrimental impact on the local environment,


suggestions that using existing buildings for the centre


East Riding Council has already rejected an application


by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, that was last summer.


Councillors were concerned about flood risk to the proposed


centre and also the visual impact it might have in an area renowned


This afternoon councillors are considering a second application


but many local people have criticised that too, claiming it's


A councillor who was expelled from the Conservative Party


after posting an offensive tweet following the death of MP


Jo Cox says he has no intention of resigning.


Dominic Peacock has written to the chief executive


of East Riding Council saying that he has received overwhelming


support from ward residents and has described his critics


Last month a council committee said he should stand


Hull City can make it to only their second major


cup final if they beat Manchester United tonight.


They'll face Southampton in the EFL Cup if they overcome a two-goal


deficit from the first leg of the semifinal.


City head coach Marco Silva admits it will be difficult.


They scored the last goal, I think, in the last five minutes


because if they come with 1-0 it is different for them, sure.


It's a strong team, a fantastic coach.


Sure we have problems but we will try to put


A brand new lifeboat is on its way to Skegness after tests


It's faster, more agile and can travel further to rescues


than the 26-year-old vessel it's replacing.


In the first of two special reports, Phillip Norton looks at how


a ?1.5 million donation from a lifeboat family brought


It has been a saviour on the seas around Skegness for more than 25


years. I have rescued 195 people and the lives of 38 was saved because of


this vessel. A brand-new lifeboat will arrive here on Saturday, thanks


to a Skegness family. For almost 160 years descendants of the family


served continuously with the lifeboat here. That continuous


service ended in 1984 when one of the family retired. But when he died


in 2011, he left money for the lifeboat and along with a donation


from his cousin, April, the family has gifted ?1.5 million. It was a


surprise, really. We were gathered in the crew room and April was in


their and nobody knew what was going on. She announced there is a legacy


being left to secure the future of funding for the station here in


Skegness and introduced this new lifeboat. This is the purpose-built


lifeboat manufacturing centre in Poole. Wet every year six brand-new


shunning class lifeboats are born. The latest being the -- the new


Skegness lifeboat which was constructed here. They are very


fast, very manoeuvrable for the crew. Getting alongside a casualty,


getting close to any precarious edges. It is welcome knowing that


the brave volunteers in the background willing to get into one


of these. Here she is emerging from the freezing fog, the new Skegness


lifeboat. The family connection will help save lives for many years to


come. Phillip Norton, the BC Look North,. You can see the second


report from Philip tomorrow. Now a look at the weather


forecast with Paul Hudson. The coldest winter day


of the season so far. At least it is generally dry and


there is a big change on the way. You can see on Saturday the wind


coming from the south-west, that sets the scene for a much


milder week next week. It is certainly not


mild at the moment. Temperatures in Lincoln, for


example, are still only minus one.. That cloud could be thick enough


for one or two light snow flurries but essentially it is dry and just


look at these top temperatures, one Celsius, that is 34 Fahrenheit,


with a significant wind-chill if you add in the effect


of the south-east breeze. As we head through this


evening and overnight, we will get take a few cloud breaks


coming from the south-east. They may well be later in the night,


the cloud fills back in again, the risk of one or two light wintry


showers and a widespread frost. Another grey day to come tomorrow,


a few wet wintry at first. There might be some bright sunny


intervals but essentially it looks like another cloudy one with a bit


of rain towards the end of the day Eventually a little milder


although still feeling cold, Friday night looks wet,


Saturday morning, that overnight rain soon clearing then


it is brighter. Sunday looks mostly dry, much milder


as we had into next week. Thank you. That brings you up to


date this lunchtime. We will have more view tonight at 6:30pm. Have a


lovely afternoon. Goodbye. TV: He's not your father.


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