27/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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Theresa May is preparing to meet Donald


The headlines from BBC Look North this Friday lunchtime.


A man from East Yorkshire claims a care crisis


forced his father in law, who had dementia, to move homes four


While we cannot ever prove it, we honestly believe that the moves


that he had to undergo affected him and made his condition worse.


And we're with the Skegness crew training on board


A family from East Yorkshire say a crisis in the care


system meant their father, who had dementia, had to move


care homes four times in the last year of his life.


A number of privately run residential homes in the area have


More from our political reporter, Sarah Sanderson.


Pat Maguire has spoken out after he and his family chose


to find residential care in Beverley in East Yorkshire for his


But because of issues surrounding closures and suitability,


his father-in-law had to be moved four times after initially settling


While we cannot ever prove it, we honestly believe that the moves


that he had to undergo affected him and made his condition worse.


Yes, they give money to local authorities but it's the Government


through taxation that ought to be caring, just as we expect them to do


for small children, the young, we ought to be providing the same


level of care from Government for the elderly.


Funding issues have been blamed for a number of care homes


Earlier this month Jeremy Corbyn said a Labour Government would take


failing private care homes into public ownership in order


to maintain social care protection but the Conservative MP for Beverley


and Holderness said that is not the answer.


The Government is absolutely committed to getting this right.


Look on the ground in Beverley, despite the current problems


in the next few weeks we are going to see new places


coming forward and over the next years I expect to see a much


improved situation and the Government is playing


In a statement the Department of Health says that...


For those, meanwhile, who are dealing with current adult


social care problems, that long-term solution


And there will be coverage about care on this


Guests include the Hull North MP Diana Johnson and


Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers. That's on BBC One from 11 am.


Investigators are examining whether a fire at a semi-demolished


Fire fighters were sent to the Grand Central building


on the seafront during the early hours of this morning.


Crews were here from around about half three, four


They have managed to extinguish most the fire but that but the problem


The plan of action at the moment is to cordon off, keep the public


away from the building, safe, and we can carry


on the damping down process which we'll probably continue


Planners have recommended that a proposal for a controversial


new waste processing plant in Lincoln be turned down.


There've been protests against it and Lincolnshire County Council says


the plans by waste firm Veolia will have an unacceptable


Plans for big changes to Hull's busiest road


The proposal for the A63 includes sinking the main road into a deep


cutting at the Mytongate junction to improve the flow of traffic.


There'll also be a footbridge between the city centre


Because the design is sinking the road seven metres in very,


very poor ground conditions, we are quite rightly concerned


with the history of schemes that have failed in the past but we've


spent an awful lot of time with the contractors carrying out


very detailed ground investigations and that has


The crew of the new Skegness lifeboat say it's like swapping


The Shannon Class lifeboat will arrive at her new home


But before they began the journey to Lincolnshire,


Phillip Norton joined the crew on the south coast as they trained


It is nine o'clock in the morning at the headquarters in Poole. Amid


thick fog, the Skegness lifeboat crew are hiding out on their


brand-new boat. We're going to come out, outside the harbour area and we


will do some routine exercises, some drills. While visibility down to a


few metres, he has a new piece of kit to help in these conditions. The


radar, the pictures are amazing. There are six screens on board.


Anyone of us link in to the radar page. Rather than having one set of


eyes on, we can have as many as what is needed on the raider itself. This


lifeboat will replace the Mersey class lifeboat based at Skegness


since 1990. It has been paid for thanks to a ?1.5 million donation.


This new lifeboat is much faster. It is 25 not out on the sea as opposed


to 15 knots. It has an increased range, an extra 70 miles on rescues


and is much quicker and easier to launch from the station. As we head


further out, there is a problem. There is a fire on board. It is a


training scenario but time to put well rehearsed drills to the test.


We are using the equipment, trading on here before we use it. With new


engines rather than propellers, it is a far cry from the hours of


rowing other lifeboatmen enjoyed in years gone by. This lifeboat is


another world. It is like going from a Ford Escort to a Ferrari. He had a


photograph when he was three, stood with a collecting box collecting for


the lifeboats and he has been doing it now years passed on. His legacy


lives with us. Today it is continuing the journey up the east


Coast with the crew. She will arrive at her new home in Skegness


tomorrow. Phillip Norton, BBC Look North.


Hull City recorded their first win over Manchester United


since the 1970s but it wasn't enough to see them through to


The Tigers won 2-1 but lost the tie 3-2 on aggregate.


Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley has praised the club's fans ahead


of their FA Cup fourth round tie against Brighton tomorrow.


Hundreds queued for tickets this week.


I think what the Cup run has been able to do,


it's been able to raise the profile of the club and may be bring


the club to the forefront of people's minds and


I mean, people queueing through the night for the last tickets.


Now a look at the weather forecast with Keeley Donovan.


It's not going to be as cold through the weekend.


This afternoon is still chilly, not as bitingly cold as yesterday


and I'm afraid there is going to be a lot of cloud around.


We did have some sunshine, some breaks in the cloud but as you can


see from the satellite picture, a lot of clouds out


I'm not saying we will not get any brightness but for most


of us a lot of cloud, a bit of mist, it might feel damp


and cold but I do not think there will be any rain to speak


Temperatures are a few degrees above freezing


Three or four degrees but perhaps not quite that bone chilling


This evening and then continuing overnight, a lot of cloud.


There'll be spells of rain and drizzle, first from the south


All of that cloud means it will not be as cold as last night.


Temperatures falling back to around two or three degrees.


Tomorrow, we will have a cloudy start.


There will be outbreaks of rain and the rain will gradually clear


away but it will take some time to cheer up.


It will not be until late in the day that we get some of those cloud


breaks but an improvement through the day and it


Temperatures getting up to around six or seven degrees.


A bit of uncertainty about Sunday but it will start


off on a decent note, going downhill with some


rain or drizzle through the middle part of the day.


Some wet weather to come on Sunday, mild and unsettled


That is it. Have a very good afternoon. Goodbye.


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