22/01/2017 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


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The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership says that "driver error"


caused by "excessive speed" is the most probable cause


for the majority of incidents, where lorries have come off the A15


Last week saw two lorries come off the road in the same area,


on subsequent days, and they follow many similar incidents in 2016.


It's led to more questions about the suitability of the road,


Two lorries coming off the same stretch of the A15 one day after.


On Tuesday, this lorry crashed into a ditch


The day after, this lorry, came off the road, managing to stay upright,


but still causing road closures and delays so the


They're similar to the incidents that happened at the beginning


of last year, including a two lorry smash in January, then an overturned


lorry and a transporter, both coming off the road on the 25th


I've spoken to six separate haulage companies to get their take on why


they think this is happening on this stretch of road.


Some say this carriageway simply isn't wide enough.


I've had a couple of wing mirrors get knocked off by lorries that


are just slightly oversized and they've felt the pulling


as you pull into the side, so they've swung back out and it


If you meet another lorry, you just hope you don't clatter each other.


I just feel that the road is not fit for purpose, really.


We don't have these incidents further down,


It is very difficult to keep the lorry nice and straight on those


Only incidents causing death or serious injury are fully


investigated by the Police and Lincolnshire Road Safety


Partnership, so accidents like these will have little record,


but police believe driver error, compounded by excessive speed


If they, as hauliers, recognise that stretch of road to be


dangerous at that speed, then those hauliers


and drivers need to slow down to an appropriate speed and,


Lincolnshire County Council say once the assessments are complete,


they will see if any structural improvements or traffic management


The Northern Powerhouse Minister Andrew Percy has called on people


to get behind the new US President Donald Trump.


Mr Trump has been criticised by some politicians in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire over the language he's used towards women


But Andrew Percy, who represents Brigg and Goole, says he can


understand why many Americans voted for President Trump.


Actually scrape beneath the surface of some the things he's been saying


and why and you do get to see, just as in here, actually,


that there's a great divide and a lot of people


and they have legitimate concerns, those people who voted for Trump


-- and we shouldn't poo-poo them just because we happen to think


Hull City's Ryan Mason has been taken to hospital after suffering


a head injury in today's game against Chelsea.


He was carried off on a stretcher wearing an oxygen mask


after receiving eight minutes of treatment.


Diego Costa scored the first for the Premier League leaders.


Then with around ten minutes to go, Gary Cahill sealed the win.


It means Hull City remain in the relegation zone.


Three baby seals that washed up on Lincolnshire's


beaches are being cared for by a sanctuary in Skegness.


The common seal and two grey seal pups became separated


from their mothers during last week's tidal surge.


Now they're being looked after until they're strong enough


It's a crucial point in particularly the grey seals' lives.


They're just sort of leaving the mums at this time of year.


Not quite prepared for life in the big sea out there.


When you get a big storm surge like that, it can be something that


We think they deserve a second chance in the wild.


When you find them all weak and just a bag of bones on the beach,


it is very hard not to try to help, so that's what we do.


And with the weather forecast, here's Owain Wyn Evans.


It's going to be a cold night yet again across


Those temperatures dipping close to freezing if not below freezing.


It will be largely dry, maybe just the odd spot of drizzle


across parts of Lincolnshire and I think one thing we have


to look out for tomorrow morning are some pretty dense


We'll see some frost as well, so slippery surfaces are possible.


However, look at the afternoon, it's looking a lot better.


Highs of 5 or 6 Celsius, so it's going to be a cold one.


A settled story over the next few days.


We'll be back in Breakfast tomorrow morning from 6.25am.


Until then, have a very good evening.


Good evening. If you are dreading the trudge back to work in the


morning I'm not going to help matters. There is the prospect of


nasty, freezing fog over the next couple of days. Quite localised but


tricky out there on the roads. Disruption possible. Check out your


BBC local radio station, go online for the latest updates where you


are. The fog thickening up as I subpoenaing, particularly across


southern parts of the UK. There are warnings in force with some patches


of fog elsewhere, too. A cold one, needless to say. Some places already


well below


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